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Mystery Shack Mystery Walkthrough

Mystery Shack Mystery

Mystery Shack Mystery is another point and click room escape game. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Looks funny...
LOL, I chose Mabel - she's wearing 8 kinds of perfumes...!

See... I can join you in this game @ premiere because you helped me escape the other one LOL ;-)

Just loading...

Haha it does look good :D

Placed 2 bulbs and can now open/ see trapdoor. Have shrunken head, key, strange coins, a bulb left, a note and Shmebulok.. who is completely useless LOL

POP used the other bulb when I left the attic :)

Well, after listening to all the not very nice (but funny) comments of my brother (as nothing worked), I changed the character (by restarting the game) & suddenly there's the electric lamp on the table...

Got a t-rex tooth from under chair cushion and another from setting the time on the owl clock :)

I am playing the girl... but keep getting interrupted while I am at work! Lol as you do...

LOL, playing simoultaneously 2 games, 1 with girl & the other with boy...!
Btw: when you choose girl, the electric lamp is above drawers (didn't see it before... tried to put battery in the old-fashionned one LOL)

Another tooth from kitchen, clicking on the coat hanging on chair (by the right arrow)

Pulled the rope in the living room, and a statue head fell down lol. Still need 2 more teeth.
I might try the boy one after, is it different then? :D

So I have the two shrunken head statue things and there is a picture in the attic of them. But not sure what I need to do with them...

The games are a bit different, whether you choose boy or girl.
As you play as girl, Jo.C,
I will do the
- no owl clock note
- tooth-1 from aircon

You need to find 5 teeth & put it on T-rex skull below aquarium

I am the girl and i put the two heads on the stands above aquarium to get last tooth.

OHHHH put the two heads ABOVE the fish tank (was trying to put them in there)... need one more tooth now

- use heads above fishtank to unlock drawer for tooth-2

(very helpful, this hint ? button...!)

In new room there is a corkscrew under carpet and i used coins on vending machine.

B- tooth-3 under armchair cushion (right of aquarium)

Yes I should of looked at the picture closer! You can see they are on the bricks above fish tank LOL

B- tooth-4 & magnet from Bluejeans on chair, right of girl
B- use magnet on TV antenna for tooth-5
B- put all 5 teeth in T-rex mouth for gift shop key

Got an eye and an icecream stick and in the leftmost room i unlocked the glass cb below the rune stones. Put green gem there, missing two.

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Ah ha, it is VERY useful this ? button lol.

LOL, used key of good fortune (from drawer in attic) in gift shop on oracle eye box for very interesting auguries...!

B- used coins from attic drawer on vending machine for green trianglea shape
B- corkscrew in CB (diving helmet)

PHEW... just to let you know, if you accidently click out of the game like I just done, it automatically saves lol :D

Great dancing fish LOL!
& you can change runes on stone...

B- use corkscrew on eyeball jar for eye EEEW...

Need the second eyeball !

B- set runes like on the right stone to unlock CB for shape slots, missing diamond & circle...

Give icecream to unicorn for a key.

B- put eye in skull left of exit door for red DIAMOND & olmec KEY

Key opens mask below jar for yellow gem

And out !

B- put key in head under cash point for yellow CIRCLE

B- put all shapes in CB under rune stones for escape KEY (under floor plank) & OUT - great game!

Will play the girl part, too, as I see in comments, that it's a bit different, indeed (no new games & while waiting for a new SD game LOL).

Did you get the key from putting the eye in the skull? I only got the red diamond...

you can find SECRET CODES in the game, but forbidden 403 error for postcard creator link...

Yep Jo.C,
but I played as boy (game is a bit different)...!

I found following codes so far (boy):
dinosaur, emerald, eyeballs, spacecraft, furry fish...

Ermmm what do I do when I find the 3 diamonds lol, it looks like I can put the in the glass display case but can't open it...

G- key for head under cash point is from grizzlycorn head above cash point (use icecream)
G- set runes on stone above CB like on the right one (ditto boy)

Finally out lol... thanks (again) premiere. Had tried that, but typically only worked once you told me :)

And out again... this time as the boy lol :D

Nice game..play this another cool minibomb escape game

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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