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Adventures of Valentin Walkthrough

Adventures of Valentin

Adventures Of Valentin - The Valiant Viking is another point and click adventure game developed by Abroy. Princess Estelle has been abducted by the Evil Wizard Valentin, the puny little Viking sets off on the quest to rescue her. An utter disappointment at wielding any sort of weapon, Valentin should rely on his brains rather than brawn to succeed in this task. Good luck and have fun!

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Hmmm this is different lol, i released the donkey, woke the woodcutter up and he runs after it. Filled bucket with water, used axe to get a branch from trees. Put fire out and got charcoal (which I put on his face). Use stick to ring bell, now inside :D

So far kind of different but cute.

Once inside use the flower colours to unlock the puzzle.. (they are in rows, so look at the three colours at the back for top row...etc).

Good luck everybody, it's probably one of the biggest point and clicks online so grab a sandwich before starting;)

I seem to be stuck on the third scene. Can't seem to get the lever in place.

Thanks @ Abroy! Love it so far, and thanks for the warning that it is a big game. If that is the case, I better continue later though lol...

Good luck all :D

There is a door at the top I missed.

I got as far as collecting the key and torch from behind curtain, lighting the unlit torch. Going up the ladder and getting axe, oil and opening chest with key (think the lever was in there). Use the axe to destroy the ladder after you. Then light the dark room, you can see a slot where the lit torch goes. Insert lever, use oil then got stuck. The hint says something about the tapestry hanging around... Sorry I can't stay, but looking forward to coming back later! :)

Picked up ax and bucket and now, I cannot do anything, but be told that he doesn't want to bother with the forest.

Oh yeah sorry, open the door then light the dark room lol ;)

The inventory is at the bottom right of screen (little bag). You need to click that to use the objects :)

The need to choose an item every time is a bit annoying...other than that, cute!

What do I do with the oil can please? I got caught and have to start that screen again...already had the guard trapped.....lol

nokra, the oil goes on the lever so you can move it i think :)

I agree nokra. I think I'm finished with this game. There's far too much "open this menu, close this menu, click this item, go back to the game."

The animation style is cool and the game probably would have been cool, but it's not worth the trouble to keep fiddling with the complicated inventory system.

is there a glitch? 3rd scene - got the second key - moved crates -I think - found a square key - got caught - but it said I had found a sq key - retry - 2 of the crates have gone and no key - any ideas?

Got it...Hadn't read the earlier post from @Jo.C...thanks....
The lever can only be put in after going to other side of it...then use the oil and the gate opens....

I put the rope on the bell, but can't climb down...smashed the left guard with a stone...nothing in inventory...nothing moves or changes except the gate...stuck!
The hint that says "the blades always appear in the same order" does not help....lol


you have to press the levers above you in the order.

However i can't figure out how to use the spear.

I got the levers!!!!...I have a spear, I have the top gate closed...I can't find any way to ring the stupid bell with the rope or spear or anything...and if I happen to accidentally press the darn levers ...I have to do it again....lolol

Did you ring the bell??? please tell me how! lol

Same here, Amir - blades stopped but can't ring the bell with the attached rope and don't know where to use spear...

I'm ready to impale myself on the spear and end it all for good!!!! lolol

Also tried to leave the top gate open, but that doesn't change anything

I am done!!! Tried to kill the guard with the spear....still got caught...stupid game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol nokra - maybe I join you ;-)

well i got as far as smashing the brick on the guards head, put the rope on the bell,pulled the switch on the upper level,came down to lower level,got key,opened door, worked the puzzle,picked up the spear and now im stuck...cannot ring the bell and cant do anything with apear

omg....how do you ring the friggen bell????!!!!

P.S. The game autosaves. If out of ideas take a break and return later;)

I cant figure out the spear!!

seems none of us can

ok, i got to the conclusion that this game is not prepered well...good luck all.

stuck with y'all.....can't do anything with the spear, so far

I enabled walkthrough, if you don't want to lose a progress with refreshing just add "-walkthrough" to the address in different broswer.

Maybe there is a glitch in the game??

thank you Abroy, checking it out :D

Still cant figure out spear...Help please : (

Watched the walkthrough and I am unable to move after the blades are stopped. Must be a glitch going to clear cookies and try again'

well i went and put away the dishes and clean the dirty ones....was so hopeful i would come back to an answer to ringing the bell and the spear :(

one problem might be I don't have the blades that move, they don't show like in the walkthrough...just a black space I can't enter. only hot spot is on the rope and chests. will restart the game to see if the blades show this time....and ty so much for the walkthrough, Abroy

I have no blades either...

i dont either....guess i will try restarting also...good luck all

Cleared cache restarted and still no blades shown and cant do anything after turning blades off. Had enough for now.

Blade issue is being fixed right now. Sorry for the trouble the file will be uploaded in 10 minutes. I'll give you alert once done.

Apologizes again!

k, started new game (amazing how you can whiz through when you know the solutions already, lol), and still no blades

sweet!....thanks again Abroy, will come back in a few

Thanks Abroy...Will check back in ten..


Will be keeping an eye on your posts here.

Thanks for the patience.

okey dokey....going back in!!

blades are showing after unlocking door....thanks for the fix, Abroy....moving right along ;D

LOL...no wonder I gave up....lolo...and that I was soooo confused by the "blades hint"!!!!!

lol took me a while to figure out what to do with the crab in 6, fun game, love the felt-like art

Do I have to start over??? Is it really worth it??? lol Thanks so much, @abroy for fixing it!!! lol
Here i go.......

welcome back nokra...it's pretty easy after that, so far at least, going into 7

Cant figure out the clock hands...

same, I spoke to soon, thought break for tea would be at 1:15, guess not, lol

For the clock hands look at the coloured shapes above the door. For example, blue is a triangle so blue on 3.

Okay...I like this...but inventory/item usage is tedious...and if you forget a step...you cannot move back... or reset...you just have to get caught to begin level again...Having fun nonetheless....lol

k got the time, bells rang, h

I am not having any luck. Messed up the combination after freeing the thief and now cant get caught or reset the combination....

hit x to close the puzzle out, it comes back like it was

oops now it's not going back to the original numbers, hmmm

Thank you Thrynn I tried but it didn't work...

roman numerals on pillar, thought that would be a clue, turning to 7 1 2 not working either

Anyone know what the original numbers were?

Yea!!!I'm through the "blades" level!!!...lol...now, don't laugh at how slowly I move...I take lots of breaks! lolol

wt shows 6 1 9 1 5 4, stopped it there

ok thanks : )

gotta go get some lunch, good luck!

ok i loved the last abroy game adventure game i played although it was buggy,i am stuck in the third scene . lit the torch , got the key . opened the box for the lever, went through the door and lit the lamp, now i can not get rid of the gaurd,do i pul the one above the crate too, it will not let me

Abroy enable the video walkthrough, but you need to collect the ax, hit the ladder, collect the oil can, open the crate, push the crate, pull the lever, then the guard is trapped.

FYI, I've restarted this game many times, hate it when a game beats me lol, and I'm still major stuck on 7. went to the wt....do not understand how Abroy came up with the numbers he did, and when I restart, using the numbers in the wt will not work for me....on the first on the left number 6 he clicks 3 times....second on left 2 times, last one on right, he lands on number 4...so totally do not understand.....sigh


You are correct in arriving at 7-1-2. I presume this is on the basis of roman numerals on the pillar combined with the thief’s note. But this is for only one section of the lock. For the other section you need to observe that there is a huge mirror facing the pillar with the roman numerals. Now I guess you will be able to figure out the solution

The roman numerals are:
XI = 11
III = 3
VI = 6

And the thief's note says to subract 2 so you get;

Huge mirror is a hint so mirror the roman numerals and you get;

IX = 9
III = 3
IV = 4

And minus 2 is


At scene 9, the arrows are very tricky.
Rotate the whole sequence (not one by one) 180 degrees.

@ Abroy....completely forgo about the mirror clue, ty....and thanks small-tool for the added info.....* rolls up sleeves *....going back in

Finally out lol... thanks for the video walkthrough, wouldn't have managed to do some bits if it wasn't for that! Great game though, I really enjoyed it :D

Is there a clou for the maze? #drivesusnuts

Yes, please post clues for maze ! Abroy ??? Anyone ? Am having difficulty following walkthrough on this part and would greatly appreciate a hint or two !

For the maze I think it was where the paintings are you go and how many paintings is what lever to click. But not sure anymore, sorry :(

@small-tool: It's okay, thanks for trying to help :) I wish Abroy would pop in with the logic behind the maze though because I'm just not getting it. I understand that the pictures are a clue but not sure how :(

Anyone else with a hint ? Please ?

Copied the solution from walkthrough. It worked this time but blindly following directions isn't very fun. I STILL do not understand the logic of the maze and honestly, I think Abroy dropped the ball on this one :(

Small-tool is right for the maze... For example, if the paintings are above the first door you need to walk through that one, and if there are 3 paintings above you click the 3rd switch... Etc :)

okay, I've officially given up....this game was a lot of fun, made me think a bunch but tediousness of trying to figure out the maze, plot the path, finally get all the lights lit and I still can't open the dang door....sigh...and having to go back and flip levers after you've already been there done that? I think this is the longest I've ever spent on an escape game and can't finish....y'all are way smarter than me lol

To Thrynn (hint):

The number of paintings indicate which switch to turn on i.e. 1, 2 or 3 (left switch is 1 middle is 2 and right switch is 3). The door above which the paintings hang is the one that you go through.

thanks again Abroy for all the help :D will try again

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