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Episode No. 006 Escape Walkthrough

Episode No. 006 Escape

Aries - Episode No. 006 Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

Play Episode No. 006 Escape

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great game!
solved the 4 codes on wall~
now to the hidden safe behind the chairs~

hmmm! I was going to bed!

slow loading!

I can only access 2 of the wall codes and solve one , where is the clue for the first puzzle?

1.Find all 4 shapes
2.10 cards with stands on the table
3.Wine bottle
5.Clock vs card with time 22:30+15:00

I keep getting stuck and can't back up from closeups...

Thanks for hints @Lottie

still need heart, cards on table, bridge, and don't know where to enter clock answer

and stuck where you are @Clee... turned star completely red but not right...

buggy? now my levers won't move in safe though they did before

no laura
I tried that before, you need to think about
22:30 to 10:30
15:00 to 3:00 on clock
and combine them on that red star thing

I have 2 done but first and last aren't just popping out for me ..I can access them all now that bridge with 822 doesn't ring a bell lol

POP heart was in very first scene... but don't know where to use shapes

anyone still here?

heart symbol in Welcome sign.

2--->4 shape (1st scene,above balloons,book,cake)
3--->wine bottle

okay thanks Lottie. seems buggy though... now I'm stuck at star, won't turn red, can't back out...

okay got red star.... but can't zoom on 2nd or 4th puzzle...

No fair I have them open now but didn't write them down and won't open, have to solve it again

Just click twice in any single spot and it´ll open again.

I guess you can't zoom on puzzle if you haven't seen clue...

Have the clue from clock (1to7) but don´t know where to use it.

no one else finding this buggy? now 2nd puzzle buttons won't click for me...

Is the small squares under the game window an inventory? lol
Can´t find a thing to pick it up!

have you find all shapes heart diamond spade and club, i think you need to see all 4 in order and then able to click on it

Is the clue to open the 2nd puzzle (from left) the candles on cake?

observe the colors of the buttons when you press them
then press the buttons according to the hint on one of the food tray

for 2nd puzzle on left I think you also have to see the shapes order clue on one of the food trays on table (near one of number cards)

I can't eve figure out the first one.....lol

oops, echo :-)

@Lottie, where is the bridge hint?

and what are table cards used for?


POP..there needed to be 4 red parts.....

@nokra, did you see clue with clock times?

you have to enter both times at the same time (not subtract them like I was trying at first)

and echo again :-)

has anyone else seen bridge clue? I'm assuming I haven't seen it cause can't zoom on 4th puzzle...

navigation a bit annoying...

WAYYYY too much math on this one.... and I LOVE math.... LOL

click the right side of the bridge


and i still stuck with the hidden safe behind the chairs!!!! despair...orz

Don´t understand the clue.
Tried click the buttons from 1 to 6 according to position of small trays with food pliers but didn´t work.

thanks @Lottie, got it...

@Roberto, which puzzle are you trying?

@Lottie, after solving 4 puzzles, where do I use the clues behind them? thx!

Ah! Opened the 2nd puzzle. Thanks. Now stuck again.

TY ..I POPped the 1st one....but, I can't zoom anything else but the panel with the levers and I have no idea what it is! lol

The switches are tricky.... make sure you orient them correctly, some are "flipped"

OK..... Spoiler worksheet ahead...........

72451 (count balloons)
cgyypgpyp??b (2nd ending?)
TLtrBLtlTR (reverse + re-orient)
08** **18

Dunno if it'll help :P

@nokra seems like you can't zoom puzzles until seeing the clues..

what the heck? I think I just figured out there are 2 sides to the table....lol...the navigation is very messy!

@GuruOne looks helpful if I can figure out your shorthand :-)

@nokra, yeah it's bad navigation... I wouldn't have found 2nd side of 'bridge' without Lottie's screenshot...

Water running!

don't understand the switch
please give more hints GuruOne ...

switches are the positions of small trays on the table.

Cannot insert numbers in numberpad on fountain?

much thanks !!!

Finally...I found the wine bottle! But ...the table and the tongs??? I don't have the energy! lolol and forget about the math hint from @guru!!!

Goodnight and good luck, guys!

bye @nokra! wise decision I think...

@Roberto, thanks! I can't insert numbers either... did you get it?

Not yet!

looks like we can buy some of these lovely items off to the right! (clicked on those thinking maybe it was clues lol)

what about the card on the chain in the water now? can't get it?

wish we could pick up some of those tongs... inventory seems quite useless...

following nokra's lead and calling it a night... Good luck guys!

Cant understand the language, any way to make it english?

btw what is that thing you get when clicking on tool icon (gear) at bottom??

Giving up as well!
That gear is to turn sound on and off.

There are two endings.

After open the door, get back to find a perfect badge. You will get a perfect end.

AAArrrrrr.....I still stuck at the switches...
can anyone give me a screenshot for that?
much thanks...OTZ

i have solved 4 puzzles on the wall what now?

You mean switches behind the chair?


\ \
\ /
/ \
\ \
/ /

the secret apparment under the puzzles supposed to be solved as spoons on table?

much thanks polly
stuck with this over 30 mins...

where is the clue for fountain numberpad

XieShan: Count ballons. Colour order from book.

thnx polly but how do i get the book

Hint to open cabinet lock for book is on table under plates. There are two piles of plates you can move.

after solving the fountain code i cant seem to access the glass door behind it, is it just me or its like this for everyone?

XieShan: you have to switch off the fountain.

i think my mind is hibernating today, cant figure out theglass door code now

XieShan: Did you see the math equation?

yea but cant figure out the values of circle and square

pentagon : 1+1+1 = 3
triangle : 8 x 4 - 3 = 29
square : multiple 5 square number tags on table (8x2x7x9x1) = 1008
triangle : add up 5 circle nbr tags on table (5+6+4+12+3) = 30




damn that was so simple i feel so dumb, thnx polly im out , says normal ending but dont want to try the otherone anyway, cant ready anything in that language

Special thanks @polly for the perfect badge!
(new color code that uses candles -- look under flowers)

And I couldn't have gotten that far without her earlier help on the switches and the book cabinet!


Thanks for the hints.

And remember...



This comment has been removed by the author.

good game except navigation... now I can't get back to exit door... before I had to click cake table to get there but now can't click it...

@laura - I had to turn the water back on to be able to get back to the cake table/exit door :)

okay, thanks @Twin2!

This would have been more fun if the navigation weren't so weird. And why did I have to keep turning the fountain on for that tiny bridge when I easily could have stepped over it?

Where is the clock hint?

       Anonymous  8/18/12, 8:41 AM  

What? No WT yet? (for such a phat game...!)
Well, at least a vid one, I found:
(hightlight link & click right to open it in a new tab)


(fullscreen option recommended...!)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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