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Fish Tank Room Escape Walkthrough

Fish Tank Room Escape

Fish Tank Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a fish tank room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the fish tank room. Have a fun game play!

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Fish Tank Room Escape Video Walkthrough
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Hi Players,
Try to finish this escape game as fast as possible. And post your clear walkthrough for the game.The player who posting the first clear walkthrough will be published with their name in our games2rule website’s walthrough page. Good luck and have fun!
Games2rule Team

LOL one lemon already for the fish and now looking for the hot chips... Probably need tartare sauce and some salt as well not to mention the deep fryer....

switch behind teddy, knife on tea table. you can also move the tabletop

I pushed all the buttons corresponding to tv (only one the tanks, which are connected), but nothing happens

Do it like the numbers gives you 4 digit code Casual, I also got another code from wall panel but nowhere to put em in. Im wondering about the 6 fishbowls puzzle also..

pop! use it below tv

You move the book as well Casual? LOL

yes, but nothing seems to happen. also trying to cut several things (chairs, sofa, teddy), but nothing so far...

another code on sofa tank appeared suddenly

Also lower right drawer opens under TV but nothing I can do...

thanks Leroy! take the plant

Yep Casual but that one makes me wonder cos of arrow upper left (code is reversible)

plant in tea tank giiiiiiiiiiveees: yup, another code...

Finally managed to take red branch from drawer... Pixelly....

place lemon on table and cut it

Hmmmm cut lemon on table and now have half a lemon LOL VERY pixelly

things/places not used yet: basin, picture, book & big fish tank. probably 2 more codes needed

tried leaf code on 6 fishbowl puzzle but????

maybe order from TV involved?

A code I from the sink. And out.

what do you mean with leaf code? the code in the tank where we placed the plant?

OK fish pieces come from the 6 fishbowls... I just got one from the middle bottom bowl...

Leroy, dod you take the lemon from the bowl on the table?

Yep casual

Yep Antonia and I cut it in half as well LOL

code from wall frame tank worked for me on bottom center bowl

But did you squeezed half of it?

Which pixel Antonia? LOL

LOL Antonia Nvm I just squeezed it


are you talking about the lemon in inventory or the one on the table?
and what to do with the codes which have double-digits?

In fact the game is not so puxelly.

Lemon in inventory.. squeeze it where you cut the lemon

got it, thanks!
but what to do now with the codes where are some numbers twice (e.g. 5443)?

The one that remains on the is useless, the other one- in the inventory.
Double/tripple digits, for the first number siwtch it on, then switch it off, for the second switch it on again etc.

LOL gotcha Antonia (stupid idea doing that with the bowls)

don't get it. for example for "5443": 1st I pushed 5, 4, 4 again and 3. tried that on every bowl, but nothing happend. the only code that worked was 5169 on bottom center bowl...

3 pieces of fish now...

how do you get a code from sink?

i don't get it leroy

push on then off for each number (maybe a bug with game?)

for the sink/basin: you can stop the fish

how you get code in sink

to repeat a digit - you push it 3 times - and don't forgrt to enter

Casual, in this case you have to push 4 three times- on, off, on.

@Casual I'm also not getting double digit ones to work...

I didn't enter.

For sink code- look at the 3 fish in the big tank, and freez the fish in the sink in the same order.

got it now. thanks. out too

I cant use 4443 in any way??? Help us Antonia!

ok, another explanation for "5447": press 5, 5 again, 4, 4 again, 4, 4 again and 7...

Antonia Oh LOL gotcha now... TY

stopping fish on sink IN ORDER ! gave the code but i was just lucky :D

What you mean? It works, but I forgot on which one. 4- five times then 3

last number - left sofa cushion - not sure if I used knife or not

@Leroy: 4443 is top center bowl

nothing with teh book? :(

@LNS: you did slice the lemon, right?! ;)

and out!

and nothing with the darn book - a purple herring?

No knife for the cushon, just click on it.

yes sliced lemon - squeezed it too

@LNS: just because you weren't sure if you used the knife...

why did nothing happen with cushion before - swear i tried that?

casual - imeant use it on the sofa or not! ty anyway

LNS, I'm sure that it was my first code, maybe you have just not found the exact pixel.

normally, for cushion, you just have to click it. without the knife...

thanks for help...

i only opened 3 bowls still cant get to open the other 3

Hi all..I don't understand how to put a plant in the tank that you can open up between the sofas

Zoe, did you take the plant (red tea leaves)?

i cant open my bowl on upper left, lower left, and lower right?

Antonia, no. I don't know where the tea leaves are.

its in the drawer under tv Zoe

I can't get any drawer to open under the tv. I push the 2,6,5,7,8, like the tv says and nothing happens

Zoe after opening panel below TV click lower right drawer... red leaves in there (I found it pixelly to take)

Zoe, the order is: move the bear aside at flip the swich, go to the TV and note the code for the drawers below. Remember the nos. not the order. Go to the drawers below and click on the respective drawers 1-2-3 (first row)etc. Open the mifle drawer (5) and see the code, open the 6 or 9 , I don't remember ad you'll find the red plant.

Antonia - yay - that worked for me! Now I only need one more fish piece. Thanks!

Actually, that was two codes, so now I'm out!

Zoe works out as an X from tv clue

Leroy - I finally figured that out. I was going by the order of the numbers being highlighted, rather than in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 order. You're right - it ends up being an X.

Is anyone around that can explain *what* order to click the fish in the sink? I have clicked those fish so many times in so many different orders, that I am sick of looking at fish at this point.

POP, once again. I got the sink code. Thanks to all for hints and clues! =)

What about the top left bowl?? stuck over here... got all codes except for that one.. :(

what's with the book btw??

anyone around??

Pooja:- take the lemon and place on table (the one with the fruit bowl) looks like a fish tank, cut with knife, click on lemon in tank and last code appears.

Sorry for the code take the lemon in inventory and put it in tank.

Finally did it!


codes are 5169,1788,5447,5443,4443 and 6323

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