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Squadfish - Prison Escape 2 Walkthrough

Squadfish - Prison Escape 2

Squadfish - Prison Escape 2 is an another new point click room escape developed by Squad Fish. In this game, you were trapped in the prison with out doing any violance. so one is there to help you. Find the inventory items and escape the prison. Good luck and have fun!

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ok, let's hope the bug is fixed

sorry for the interuption casual if you have any feedbacks please let us no. and the bug is fixed.

thanks @SquadFish! everything is fine. happens and at least you are here to fix it. other developers don't do that. so thanks again

already out! but that's just because I had the old version open and could figure out most of the clues. so, if anyone needs help...

Where do I use the burning stick?

@small-tool: bars above keyhole

Thansk Casual.
That was strange to do one digit of the code on the bar itself :)

hmmm...guys...please dont leave ;-) I can use some help .. I guess =))

Hello Small and Casual

so far have: bubblegum, plate, key, an open tile with a keyhole and some annoying sounds wich I gonna close now

found another keyhole under the clock

why the game loading taking soo longg?

lets see what to do with the half plate

?? was it the same key wich opens the other bigkeyhole? Or where did I find it? saw it in my inventory next from the bubblegum

hint: plate can only be used after another step before

@alkmar: the key next to bubble game is used at view with prison bars

@raasti, it is a slooooowwlyloadinggame game :))

that I did @casual, I got the paper with the code.

(paper looks like a tenalady.....)

where is key ?

@alkmar: alltogether there are 3 keys (including the exit key)

were to get the chewing gum

lol..I am stuck...havent played escapes for ages :D

@williams, chewing gum is ate the window with bars

@raasti: which key are you looking for? do you have the one behind clock?

@raasti, 1 key is behind the clock. use it at an open tile under the clock( you have to do clickerdeclick to find tis tile)

and the other key : I dont know from where it comes, but suddenly it was showing in the inventory next from the bubblegum.. lol

ok got 2 keys 1 bahind clock & other beside glass...

hint for bed and toilet?

@alkmar: that happenend to me as well. I just realized where I got it from, when I replayed.
2nd key: it's on the right side of room (hard too see)

@alkmar: click the toilet on the bottom, slightly right

Click the toilet away to get a saw.

and for bed: when you don't need an item anymore, it disappears from inventory. so check, which item is still in your inventory although you already used it

are you out, small-tool?

Thanks!!!! @casual and small!

Yep Casual.

where to use key next to bubble ?i hav saw ,bar ,half plate & stuck.....

Lol Casual, you should have known.
The last step is doing the code.
But I usually don't post out :)

got stick from bed..I destroyed the bed :P

any one out!!!

For both keys it's zooming on a wall and then clicking a brick.

took bar from window, mixed it with bubble gum and now I got 2 stones...lets make fire ? ..hehehe...

pff...stuck again with 2 stones, stick wich you can zoom in and the paper

I always play games in fullscreen and I just checked how it looks in normal resolution. it's almost impossible to see the 2nd key

thanxsmall tool but still stuck with half plate ,stone ,bed bar & code

@alkmar: did you use the plate?

Use the hammer on the plate and then use the plate on the bed.

oh ok i used plate on bed

@raasti: the next thing to do is use the plate. cut something

lol...why I clicked the game away???? grrr..yep..I took some from the bed with the plate... but I do have to restart :/

out thanx for help ....make fire ,used it on 2nd scene..

The stupid is: the game was actually very easy!!

Thanks for the help!! I needed it =)

I can't load the game : when it comes up to 100%, it restarts from 0% !

it always seemed to be easy .. n always after peeking on some hints around :D but sometimes not our fault .. i mean i clicked on toilet hundreds of times maybe but always missed the right spot !! so sometimes some peeking wont hurt !! :D

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Pixel hunt that starts with forcing me to click on sponsor ads, twice, before I can even start. Infinite one star.

I made the fire but cannot seem to get it to work anywhere. :(

click on dark square outside of cell above keyhole.

how do you make the fire?

This comment has been removed by the author.

- use saw from bottom of toilet on nearer bed holder for STICK
- use 1/2 plate (made with hammer) on bed for matress FILLER
- put filler on stick
- light stick with stones (get them with window bar - use saw - & gum from outside)

Hooray, I escape the spot!

Far to pixely this game. Especially the toilet and clock. Stuck looking for code and still have a key.

wish escaping a jail in real life was that easier lol...

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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