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Deep Sleep

The Deep Sleep is a new point and click type room escape game developed by Scriptwelder. You are stuck inside a nightmare dream. Something lurks in the darkness... Something in the depths of your own mind wants to pull you even deeper. Someone will escape this dream for sure. The question is - who is that going to be? Good luck and have fun!

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Deep Sleep Walkthrough

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let's go

have a box that needs key, a rag that i wetted, piece of coal, and a flashlight with no batteries.

need a lever to turn off oven.

POP, used arm bone

got a 4 digit code in oven, don't know where to use.

got key in furnace too

I think I burnt my hands pretty bad on that furnace!

I have a box with keyhole, wet cloth, flashlight with no batteries, and my lucky piece of coal

used flashlight, went out window, used code, went farther, got axe, switched to type this and died while not playing game.

where did you find the code?

ok, didnt make me start from scratch...

POP found code on back wall (must clean first)

wooohooo picked up axe and ran like hell, shut door before critter got me.

by the way helps to adjust brightness in options.

used the code and it says unlocked already but door says locked?

headed upstairs, used axe in alcove, now outside of lighthouse

found a hook at the bottom of the stairs outside (stairs that don't reach the ground)

got a net outside, and went up and saw levers.. do we have to go catch that critter with net??

not sure where the axe is from...

Thanks for the hook! I attached it to net. gonna try and catch me a critter.

open door with code, then turn that lever. go forward until you see axe, take it and run back and close doors

when you used the code, did that door open? I can't get it to open. When I try to click where I typed the code, it says it is unlocked but when I click the door it says it is locked

POP got to click the lever over and over

net hangs from window in looking out window view.

ok, trap is set, but it wont let me free the monster, says "Im not touching that" LOL.

POP, climb up the net.

use key on box, put crystal in lighthouse, can turn light around.

up the net and have gold key,,.. for what?

also need to figure out what to do in the light house

forgot about the box! lol

still haven't used lucky piece of coal or gold statue

not sure if I used coal yet? Went down lighthouse, and AAIIEEEE?!?

ACKKKK went out of the light house after using the crystal and was killed!

ran back up and they killed me again!! where is the statue??

statue is in first room you need to use the flashlight in. on the bookshelf

OUT! Just had to get light on demon. never used coal and never saw a statue.

Maybe you will get a better end. It's hard not to spazz out in this game when getting chased LOL.

run up and start moving light to middle of room, then he disintegrates.

I tried again and am still dead. :(

finally sheesh

You can do it!! Don't overclick the light handle too fast, get it right in the middle.You can practice before going downstairs.

out but weird never used statue or coal

STEFANO!!!! if you get the reference *brofist*

Where is the oven? I'm stuck with arm bone, coal, wet rag, flashlight without batteries, and cube.

Is the oven the furnace? I can't seem to turn it off.

Finally got the bone to work as a lever. Took MANY tries and I would have given up if I didn't KNOW it was supposed to work there (read in walkthrough--use it at box to right of furnace)

Out too...great game!!

I'm going to give 5 stars, I think this author deserves it. Very well done (4 stars) + 1 star for the creepy atmosphere (I love these slightly scary ones, as you know)

Now up to the second ending.
Unless the coal and the status were red herrings, even this is possible.

*statuE even

This comment has been removed by the author.

i'm in lighthouse what i have to do

After finishing the game, having died like 19 times and finally being successfull, I have only 1 question... What the hell was that golden statue for? Never used it, and the coal?

lol good game :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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