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Escape Game in Resorts - Phuket Walkthrough

Escape Game in Resorts - Phuket

Cabeza - Escape Game in Resorts Phuket is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Cabeza. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape Game in Resorts - Phuket

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Hm ... have a cloth, 2 colored boxes and a book that did open but not anymore. Kinda stuck now.

Stuck in the same place.

Got cloth from under the sofa, red box, black book, and a green box from the upper drawer (use hour from clock).

Obviously, we need a third box to place on the wall.

Also need 3-d and 5-d codes and a screwdriver.

That was not a book but something I took from the door.
The book is in the cb. Still stuck.

Yes well, it looks like a book! :) And yes, I have a hint from a book on the shelves.

Pop! Used that black thing on the page with Tom yum goong. Got a new hint.

Use paper from door on book from shelf for 5 digit code

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 11:44 AM  

- put transparent from door in book on shelf for 5 digit code, get KEY

The new hint was the 5-digit code for the lower drawer. Got a key.

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 11:45 AM  

- SD in drawer under computer in right room, open with key

key from drawer - use thing from the door on book

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 11:45 AM  

- unscrew panel between doors with SD for TUBE (open it), same as in book hint...

Use white paper on wall after using key from 5 digit code drawer. Gives clue for entering on wall.

use transparent on laptop monitor

Thx Valérie
In other room, found sd and opened panel.
According to the book we need to place something there.

Ok used key on small door, got in second room. Took the screwdriver in the drawer, used it in first room on the screws.

In second room, used the cloth on the Name Display on the wall, got the code to open the safe. Got a bottle of something. Placed that bottle in the device revealed behind the screws in first room.

Get screwdriver from drawer. Put sauce in chute for yellow book. Place all books on wall by sofa for symbols. Use symbols on clock to get 3 digit code for box on bookshelf

The bottle placed in the device got down, revealing a third box (this one yellow) and a box with 9 buttons.

I guess we need to use the computer to open that new box...

Bruteforced the order of the boxes on the wall.


       Anonymous  9/27/12, 11:50 AM  

- USB stick from square box (was under yellow brick in tube), HINT: use transparent on computer.

The boxes on wall revealed three thaï numbers. Combine them with the clock to get 3-digit code, open box and get the last key.

I'm out! But I still had the 9-button box in my inventory when I left... I guess I missed something.

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 11:52 AM  

- plug in USB stick (right side) to get colour order


Valérie you get the color order by placing usb stick in computer

Ah well, I bruteforced it! Oops!

The 9 button code came from placing the transparent on the computer screen

You cheat Valérie :D

Nice little escape game. It was hard to determine what some items were and it would be nice to have a changing cursor, but overall not too difficult.

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 11:55 AM  

- door key from 3-digit-box

McDonald also in Phuket...!

Nice little escape game. It was hard to determine what some items were and it would be nice to have a changing cursor, but overall not too difficult.

I got exit key without using the box and computer....

lol...now, I see.... I used @valerie's spoiler .....lol

liked that game ,no language probs and fairly easy to solve puzzles alone more pls

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 2:07 PM  

In the spirit of EGDALAQT:

- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- RED BRICK under couch cushion
- CLOTH left under couch

- HINT from clock (time)
- TRANSPARENT from door (under window)
- put transparent in book in shelf for HINT (number)
(note also HINT on next pages)
- take transparent BACK!

- unlock & open top drawer as per time hint for GREEN BRICK
- unlock & open bottom drawer as per number hint from book for KEY

- unlock right door with key
- open door & enter

- SD from desk drawer
- put transparent on computer screen for HINT (n & ff)
- use cloth on WRITING on righ wall for HINT (letters)
- open wall SAFE as per letter hint for BOTTLE

- unscrew wall PANEL between doors with SD
- take cover away to reveal TUBE (ditto in book)
- open tube door & put bottle in for YELLOW BRICK & button BOX

- open button box as per computer screen hint for USB-STICK
- put USB stick in computer (right side) for HINT on screen (colours)

- put bricks in wall slots left of window as per colour hint for HINT (signs)

- look again on clock, how to interpret signs (gives 3-digit CODE)
- unlock BOX in shelf as per sign hints for KEY
(click lid to open)
- unlock door with key
- click on door to get for a


☺ ☻ ☺



(from book)

- on wall:
name display
- cloth used, gives:

- on screen (after putting transparent):
- click buttons on box, where N in hint is (X):


(Thai signs)


Let's check this out...(Phuket is nothing Japanese, btw; it's a city in SE of Thailand :))

And out. (No help texts read on here, I swear.) Easy-peasy.

I needed a bit of help but I'm not sure I wanted to escape...lol.

Lived in Phuket for a few years and would gladly return. Even if I DID have to fly Thai Airways again.

Nam Pla, btw, is Thai fish sauce. One of the few things I don't like in Thai cooking...so I got the 'put it in the dumbwaiter' immediately, as I was trying to get rid of it. Anywhere...

And I've eaten at that McDonalds...when I got a craving for good old American junk food. (Not that Thai junk food isn't delicious too.)

P.S. @Premier

McDonalds are everywhere. Almost. I think they are missing in North Korea... there's one, I think in all of China - but even one is pretty impressive...

nice & easy game

BTW, forgot to say, thanks Megi :)

thanks premiere for the WT You know me cant finish a game without your help. Thanks again for being there for us. . Thanks all for the helpful hints..... I love these games, more so when there is a WT Thanks again

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