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Fire Escape

Gotmail - Fire Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to search the room for items and some clues to find the way of escape. Good luck and have fun!

Note: You can use these details to login the game:

ID: escapetheroomgotmail@gmail.com
Pass: escaperoom

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Going in.
Wondering ... is this a new one all in Japanese?

S...l...o...w to load

So far, turned on a burner on the stove

Remote under coffee table -- no batteries, of course!

LOL Gotmail will get me again.... Not sure of age but copyright said 2005 IDAC??

hiya Puzzled! get the "ribbon" from the trash can and then break the clock to get the batteries. Put batteries in remote and then add ribbon (no idea why) and you can use the remote on the DVD/VCR player.
I might not make it through this game... late here.

Use the remote in weird places :P

you can also go into the next room (bedroom). I'm going to save and then go to sleep. I know from prior experience how persnickity these GotMail games can be when it comes to doing certain things in a certain order.
Enjoy! See you all in the morning on M. Skutnick's new game!

Had to step away briefly -- can't seem to break the clock? tried "ribbon" and bin --- Oh! the remote itself -- what karma!

Want to melt the ice in the freezer, btw

Hi/bye zoz! Sweet dreams.
Hello GuruOne

Can't close battery compartment, is that necessary?

ok, i really was going to quit but had to play juuuussst a bit longer, lol. after you get the grey box from under the bed, go back in the main room and one of the DVDs on the shelf is sticking out; there is a screwdriver in it. remove the bottom of the box to find... some, er, thing.


Can use SD as icepick but ya need to do something first :P

@Puzzled, to close compartment, use the ribbon you got from the trash bin. don't ask me why, it just worked.

thanks for the hint @Guru! The ice pick does need to be hot...

Thank you zoz! -- I was thinking of giving up ... playing behind now

Diary in bedroom highlights 2 of same days as on calendar

used icepick, but got nothing after the ice was gone. I still don't know what's in the base of the grey box. The calender clues in the brown book must relate to the zodiac signs as well as the calender. Still don't know how to use the wire (from the DVD player, I think?) or the trash bin.
I should have quit when i said I would earlier!

Use the "icepick" twice ;)

@zoz -- you must have done something else I didn't -- no DVD sticking out for me. Saw clothes and note by PC

Scan ze barcode

(gunna take a break and play ze other one for a while)

whoa, not sure what i just did, but I got the "aha!" music. I think I was clicking all around the remote with the wire (?) and I tried clicking the dates 11, etc. Anyway, I got the keypad from the remote.

@Puzzled, did you get the grey box from under the bed and flip it over to see the bottom side?

The wire from the tape player was how I got in the bedroom

Got gray box, but can't get it to flip over.

how do you get gray box from under the bed

POP - remote on gray box for a clue

so the keypad goes on the phone on the little table with two drawers. but I don't know what to do with it.

Then clue paper (has bar code on back) on card reader (I thought it was a pencil sharpener LOL) to get CD

@ Red Snapper, just click anywhere around the bed and you should get a view under it

nevermind, got it

What's the gray stuff in the gray box?

these confounded GotMail games! If I make progress, I usually am clueless as to why (like the clue paper on the bar code reader) and I usually get stuck because I didn't do things in the right order.
But, still, I play, because these games are a great challenge ;D

And why won't screwdriver work on the boards over the door ??

the clue beside the computer in the bedroom seems to be for the keypad once it's been placed on the phone. But, since I cannot read it, I think maybe I really should quit for the night.
Good luck @Puzzled and Red Snapper and Guru One and Leroy (if you're still here). And now, Goodnight for real.

I`ve got a wire, SD, garbage bin, and knife. Stuck.

For me, SD on remote for keypad

Oh and the brown diary

@Red Snapper -- where was the knife?
I still have gray box and brown book

Whoa, checked my garbage bin, and it is now filled with ice!

Knife was in the gray box after using the heated SD, Gray box is now unusable in inventory

Thanks! I'll see if I can find anything to cut (kids, don't try this at home!)

Can`t use knife anywhere. Can`t use garbage bin with ice anywhere. I think the next step is the clue for the keypad, which means stuck until someone translates

Did you ever put any water in the freezer?

No the tap won`t turn on for me. I think ice came from using the heated SD in the freezer, but I`m not sure

I don't have any ice.

Hmm .. I still don't have any ice.
Otherwise, I think you & zoz are right about the keypad being next. So far tried the dates. Is the symbol between the letters an asterisk?

Well I give up. Games that aren`t in English can be so frustrating!

I had to poke around in the freezer with the SD after getting the knife to end up with ice.

Melt the ice over the stove, then pour it on the blue wall in the 2nd room for a place to use the knife! :D

Good luck

Hi, Jetsanna! If you figure out how to get ice, let me know. I'm going to see if I can get a rough translation of the PC note. (tedious)

Yeah, I've been poking around in that freezer for like ten minutes.

Translation of pc note clue:
"Press everything on the left row. Press the two middle ones in the middle row, and for the last row, press the top and bottom:

The left column all press

The middle column two middle

The right column at the top and bottom

ok, honestly I was going to bed :o} but i just had to get up and try one more thing. If you face the closet, click on top of it and there is something there. I may have had to highlight the string to get it down, but you get a key.
the key is bent. attach the string to it and heat it over the stove. then click on it to straighten it out (I may have used the trash can with water and/or the freezer, cant really remember). Then the key will work on the closet, revealing two skeletons. there is a bracelet on the one on the left, and a card by the one on the right. The card takes you to a link and if you click around you get "OO/03/12".
the only thing active in my inventory is the knife now, but I couldn't cut off the bracelet. Still haven't used the keypad on the phone...

LOL -- if I'd been more patient, someone would beat me to it! Thanks @mhtyhr!
I got an exclamation in the comment, but not sure what it did

oh, and I don't think anyone has mentioned that you can zoom on the wire attaching the computer in the bedroom to the wall (to the right of the monitor)

This comment has been removed by the author.

@zoz WOW! for someone playing in her sleep! -- I think it was the SD that got the key

Feeling very inept: I can't combine wire with key and still no ice.

Lol @Puzzled, I probably play better in my sleep than awake. Has anyone got the keypad clue to do anything?

POP again. Used SD again in freezer, then use bin on freezer and have ice! YAY!

I think to get the ice, I first heated the SD over the stove, then clicked open the freezer; then, with the SD highlighted, I clicked around the place in the freezer where I previously chopped away the ice. Then I highlighted the trash bin and clicked around the same area. When I looked at the bin again, it had ice.

Then I melted it over the stove flame, poured it on the blue door/wall. My trash bin still had water, but it's darkened in inventory now, so I think I may have used it to cool the key off.

Hope that helps!

I think phone turns on PC for more Japanese ... some refer to dates on the calendar/diary and there are other dates as well.

@mhtyhr -- can you help us again, please?

I still have no ice either and now I no longer have an sd. Oh, well.

my extremely limited Japanese tells me that the "OO/03/12" clue is beneath the symbol for water and the first symbol beneath "11/24" in the brown book is also the symbol for water. This may relate to the zodiac chart by the door --- I really have no idea.

@Puzzled, EXCELLENT find on the phone - PC connection!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Jetsanna, try using the bin on the ice trays (be sure to look inside it -- it's only a few cubes in the bottom)

Still have a bent key :(

Do you somehow straighten the wire before it will attach?

Hi all,

Sorry, I was too engrossed playing.

You are right - pressing the right combo on phone pad turns on the PC.

Owner of the house is basically a serial killer!

No.3 on PC screen is a profile page.. describes all the various people that the person has encounterd.
Basically : Age in bracket. then _ 月(month) _ 日(date)

Soo.... ??/03/12 is the clue.. the answer is the year of birth of the person with the DOB

Hacked it.... 1989.... got bored :P

view key and click on wire.
highlight key and click on flame.
view key (now hot) and click on SD.
key should be straight, then click on water in can to cool.

I'm not sure if it's one of those :must do something before I can do somehtin else bit"

What I did:
turn on the stove.. try putting the key.. it tells me the key is too short so i'll get burn.
So I then attach the wire on the key, burn it again.. then use the SD to straighten it

you can cut the page off the wall calendar in the main room. not sure what purpose it serves, though.

fyi the 2 November signs are Scorpio and Sagittarius

@ladyofsinging and @mhthyr -- THANK YOU
On to find the skeletons!

Nothing. I even started over. No ice for me.

I can't cut the page from the calender and 1989 doesn't work as a code on the computer. My brains are beginning to leak out of my ears.

hey, the smoke above the exit door has gotten blacker!?!

Once you've entered the pass, go back to Folder[3] and click one of dem buttons.... LOL

Who knows which one? M?

@zoz, you have to solve the computer password and "read" the calendar first.

Sorry, I jsut managed to escape (BAD END!)

Basically, you find out after reading the diary (password hint : year of birth) that the person holding you there is a serial killer, so you decide taht you need to get some proof to show the police.

A few things you must do:
1. Go back to the Profile page (icon with no. 3 next to it), click the red button to print the profile. You are only able to print ONE, and I think the choice here will affect whether you get good/bad end)
fyi, I printed the one with (22) 3-12 and got bad end :D
After clicking the red button, you are asked to confirm if you want to print. Can't remember which button to press but it should say はい
2. Look at the diary again - this tells you you can also use it as proof
3. Cut the calendar

Dunno if there are more, but after this, I was able to inspect the skeleton closer, and get a hammer to pry open the wooden panel nailed to the door and escape.

So the letters must be bloodtypes? (A/O/AB) in file #3?

Sorry, that first line of my previous post should say "read JOURNAL" instead of "read calendar"

Got Bad End too, and not gunna replay.... BRING ON SUB 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No need to hack.
calendar is 2011
person with 03/12 birthdate was 22
2011-22 = 1989

wow, thanks @mhtyhr and GuruOne! I may be able to catch a few hours of sleep after all! I just knew I shouldn't start this game, but NOOOoooh! Had to do it. Thanks to @Puzzled especially for hanging in there 'til the bitter end!

I've gotta go catch a movie, but will be back later to work out how to get the good end ^^

So how do you know if it's bad or not? Building burning down, but I think I'm out? (I printed the AB type, not seeing any numeric clues.
Foolishly, didn't save game first.

This comment has been removed by the author.

hi guys, I still can't get the ice, I've clicked everywhere in the freezer with the SD and then put the can but I still don't have any, I even restarted the game because my SD dissapeared once I used it for the key. What's the exact stop to click with the SD? does it needs to be heated?

Replay -- you have to use remote to get the gray box! Didn't notice that first time.

aridza, I'm stuck with you trying to get the ice.

well that sucks if we can't get the ice to move on. and what can we do with the sink?

Well, I've had the same problem Jetsanna did -- SD disappeared after straightening key, but no ice.

@aridza -- I think it was heated, but on replay I couldn't get it to work -- you may have to look at sink first to decide you need to melt ice, but I'm not sure what else.

I'm off to bed, but after trying again for a good end (still got bad), it took a while for the ice. I poked around just under where the dispenser is, as if it were jammed, and then highlighted the bucket and clicked along there as well.

all the text comes up as boxes for me, so i knew i had it right when it gave one line of text instead of two.

good luck!

Stuck too, no ice in bin :(

Got it -- use knife on blue panel in bedroom
THEN you can get ice from freezer

Waow, thanks a lot Puzzledin :)

get the ice must to look at green wall

OK, when you get a bad end, you get a red screen saying "BAD END". I accidentally picked the right one the first time and got "FIN" on a black screen. I suspect it has to do with names of the girls and initials on the calendar.

Tried to do a walkthrough, but there are so many dependencies -- couldn't get the final password to work (after "reading" everything), went back around clicking just about everything in the apartment before it would work.

Okay, I managed to get a good end, finally!
Will be honest and said that I brute-forced it by trying every single possible name, so I still don't know why the answer is that person.
Attempting a guide of sort.. it won't be a full walkthrough with detailed instruction of where to find stuff but hopefully it will help some of you who still want to give this a go.

The key thing with this game is, you have to go through certain sequence to get things done. E.g you can get ice from fridge until you have actually see a need for some water, etc etc..
Those sort of things make it more interesting (or annoying, depending ^^)

So here goes!

- Look at calendar on wall. Note that the game is set in the year 2011
Also note the letters on calendar that looks like initials

- Take BLOODIED BANDAGE from the trash can

- And what the heck, take that TRASH CAN as well

- Take REMOTE CONTROL from table in front of sofa. You have to click a few times until you can take it

- Double click the remote control to view it, click to turn, open the cover, and of course, there are no batteries inside

- Click the clock. Note that there are batteries in there. Use remote to crack the glass of clock, and take BATTERIES.
(you must look at the battery-less remote control first before you can do this)

- Put battery in the remote..

- You've spoilt the battery cover when you used the remote to whack the clock.. so now you need to use the bloodied bandage to wrap around the remote to secure the batteries

- Use remote on vcr below tv. Click on the vcr that came out a few times, until you can get METAL WIRE

- Use metal wire to open locked door

- Go inside the bedroom

- Look at rows of blue books on bookshelf and take DIARY

- Open diary and have a look

- Look at note on computer table (the one with pink dots). It says "Password to operate:
-> Press everything on left line
-> Press middle two on middle line
-> Press top and bottom of right line"

- Look under the bed, and use remote to get GREY BOX

- Use remote control (such a handy tool) to knock on grey box, and take PIECE OF PAPER

- paper indicates there are stuff under the box. Turn over the paper to see barcode.

- Go back outside, use paper on the reader on shelf. (need to see barcode first)

- Look at bottom shelf, and take the DVD that popped up
Open dvd to get Screwdriver (SD)

- Use sd to pry the NUMBER PANEL off remote control

- Put number panel on phone.

- Press the buttons according to hint from note on computer table.
(The sequence doesn't matter, but after you press all the buttons, press the # key one more time to enter the code)
You have now turned on the computer in the room.

- Go into the room, turn on computer.

- Look at folder (1)新聞 (News). Make sure to click if you see any right arrow, to ensure that you see everything.
It describes the disappearance of two girls, one on 22 Nov and another one on 24 Nov

- Look at folder (2) Thoughts on killing
It describes this person's thought on killing their first two victims

- Look at folder (3) Profile
Scroll through all the various profiles of the people in the circle of friends

- Look at folder (4) Journal - it's password protected

- Look at grey box in inventory. Turn it over, and open with sd

- You see a box of clay. You can try poking it with the sd but it's not strong enough.

- Go to kitchen, turn on the stove and heat up the sd

- Use heated sd on clay in grey box to get CUTTER

- Go back to room. Click on top of closet to get BENT KEY using sd

- Click on wall next to closet that's of different colour.

- Use cutter on the differently colored wall. It will tell you the wall is too hard and need to be softened.
(This is necessary in order for you to get ice)

Guide thingy - Part 2

- Go to kitchen. Heat up the sd again

- Use sd on frosting inside freezer

- Use bucket to take ICE

- Heat bucket so ice melts and you get WATER

- Since you are here, try to heat bent key as well. It says that handle is too short and you'd get burn

- View bent key, and attach metal wire. (have to try to heat key first)

- Heat up key again

- Use sd to straighten heated key

- Put key in bucket to cool it down

- Go back to bedroom. Use water on wall

- Use cutter on the now damp wall.. See a door behind it

- Use key to open door

- Click somewhere near the right palm of skeleton on the left, and noted that the bracelet belongs to one of the missing girls

- Click orangy spot thingy next to the right skeleton to bring up another site.. In the site that opened up, click somewhere near bottom left side of tv to see the hint :

- Go back to the game.. Open profile again, and see that the last person's birthday is 12 March, and the person is 22 years old.
Since the calendar in living room indicates the current year is 2011, that means the person is born in 19__.
(Note: the code will only work if you have seen the calendar)

- Now open the journal, input the 4 digit passwords

- Remember to scroll through the entire journal

- 1st entry : 2010-11-22 : describes how the killer killed the first girl because she shares the same alphabet (i think it refers to the first letter of the name) as someone, and how by killing the girl, now the killer is the only person who shares the same alphabet

- 2nd entry : 2010-11-24 : describes how the killer killed the 2nd girl because she shares the same numbers (not sure what numbers they are refering to?) as someone, and how by killing the girl, the killer is the only one who shares number.
It's rather creepy coz the killer said they are a lot more calm than the first kill, and might have even enjoyed it

- 3rd entry : 2011-11-25 : describes how the killer has missed out the fact that that person (i.e you, who's trying to escape) also shares similar characteristic to that someone. So plan to kill you tomorrow.

- After reading this, you realise you need to look for proof that shows who the killer is.

- First proof : view the diary again, and realise that this can be use as proof because it records the appointment detail with the 2 girls

- Second proof : use cutter to take the Calendar as it has the dead girls' initials against the dates.

- Third proof : I think this is where the fork between good and bad end comes in. Before you print the profile of the killer, you must look at the zodiac charts near the door. Make sure to look at both sides of the charts.
After you've done that, go back to the room, open the (3) Profile section again, and scroll to the 3rd profile:
本田葵 (19)
Click the red button to print. In the screen that came out, click the blue button (はい) to confirm that you want to print it.
Take PRINT OUT from printer.

- Once you have collected all 3 proofs, open the closet where the skeletons are. Click somewhere near ankle of skeleton on right to pick up HAMMER

- Use hammer on main door to escape.

You get out of the mansion and passed the proof to the police. The following day, you received a call from police notifying you that the killer has been caught, and is indeed the person you have suspected.

Bad Ending:
If you print the profile of the wrong person, or if you print the profile without looking at the zodiac chart, you'd get a bad ending where police tells you that there isn't enough evidence, and the mansion where you were held has been burnt down, so not possible to get any more evidence.

Phone pad:
(Click where the O is)


(Remember to click the # key again at the end)

Computer password:
2011-22 = 1989

So with regards to the killer...
Basically, after reading the journal, we sort of figured out that the killer has to be one of the people in the circle.

The premise of the game is that the killer is obsessed with this SOMEONE, and can't stand it when they meet someone who shares some common traits with the someone.

So..... I can't figure it out because e.g I don't know the reading of those Kanji characters used for name, and don't know if the way the numbers were mentioned in the 2nd diary entry is refering to birthdates in particular or some other numbers.
So I just tried it one by one until I get the right one.

Personally, I like the game because I find it quite sensible. E.g they let us take things that we see lying around (which sort of makes sense, because that's what we'd probably do in rl?), but won't let us do random actions unless we have seen a need for it, which, again, make sense to me.
E.g when we see a clock, our first thought is not to take out the batteries :)

But, this game is probably not very enjoyable if you don't understand Japanese :)

Seeing that most of the questions were answered in mhtyhr's fine WT, will only do a filler here:

- The suspect and the motive behind the killing was explained correctly, so I'll skip that part.

- The names (with most probable pronunciation) according to the profile list:
1. 大谷 惠子 Ohtani Keiko
2. 水島 洋子 Mizushima Yohko
3. 本田 葵 Honda Takashi(*)
4. 国山 千春 Kuniyama Chiharu
5. 新見 夏美 Niimi Natsumi
6. 葉山 雄大 Hayama Takehiro(*)

* - I'm still having trouble confirming the names for these two (though the family names are mostly correct). Besides "Takehiro", 雄大 can also be read as "Yuuta" or "Katsuhiro". 葵 is usually read as "Aoi" (at least for me), but apparently "Takashi" also exists. Other ways to read remains unknown to me.

Motive behind killing #1: At first I thought "alphabet" refers to the initial letters for names, but there is no one else besides Keiko with the initials "O.K". Later I noticed that both Keiko and Takehiro are of A blood type.

Motive behind killing #2: The numbers are referring to birthdates, that is correct. The only thing is, the order of the numbers is of no importance. And I guess numbers other than the ones found in Takehiro's birthdate shouldn't be included.

Motive behind #3 attempt: First you need to know who you are in that list. Combining clues found in that diary plus the calendar, you will be the person with the initials "K.C", and that'd be Chiharu. The only common trait between Chiharu and Takehiro? Zodiac sign.

Now, why Takashi? First we take off innocent names from the list. Keiko and Yohko (who are your juniors BTW), no longer alive; you are Chiharu; Takehiro is the suspect's obsession. Now we are left with Takashi and Natsumi.

Frankly speaking, Natsumi has nothing in common with Takehiro according to the profile, so we can safely take off her name. That leaves us with Honda Takashi as the only suspect.

Trivia #1: The reason I put "Takashi" is to match the initials following motive #1. Her birthdate only contains 1 and 3, but at least she doesn't have numbers other than 1, 2 or 3.

Trivia #2: From the impression given by the names in the profile, seems like Takehiro is the only guy in that circle. Guess love is worth (someone) dying for.

Oh, and I'm not 100% sure about this, but to get the good ending, you need to look at all 3 evidences before going out. Just having them in your inventory isn't enough.

Below were my attempts:
1. Didn't look at the evidences, checked the zodiac signs. - Bad end.

2. Looked the the evidences, didn't check the zodiac signs. - Good end.

I might have clicked on the signs before starting to collect evidences though, so can't say for sure if it is a requirement for good end.

A really good game! 5 stars, hands down. @mhtyhr has it right, this is not a click fest game. It has reason.

@mhtyhr, what an epic WT! Seriously, it not only guides you through the game but explains why certain things are in the plot (like the bloody rag that must be used on the remote after batteries are put in). I am in awe of your expertise AND your mastery of the Japanese language!
And @Shunko Kuda, your additions are a great enhancement to the story!

Thank you to you both!

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