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Coolescapers - Last Escape

Cool Escapers - Last Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Coolescapers. In this game, you are locked in a place and you try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone else here? So far found nothing.

I'm getting ready to give up on this one. Clock code isnt working on desk (I've tried everything). Cant figure out pi code, or either 4 digit code. No keys are found or anything for that matter.

So far I've been able to collect one "decorative stuff" (stick with blue ball on the end.) The 3-digit code cupboard with the clock picture on it has both regular and roman numeral options, but I haven't figured out what the correct answer is yet.

Just now joinin

I didnt even realize you can take that stick @gmm.

I've been trying to brute force the four digit color code, but nothing is working.

Still no luck on anything. Tried using stick every where...:/

I even tried lookin at the clock as if it was the unit circle from calculus... The poster on the wall has a red pi sign and the hour hand of th clock is also red. So I figured we had to input at least that part of the code in the form of radians. And 9 should equal 1pi radians. If you go around the unit circle twice you have to add 2pi each time. So I tried several combos using the hour hand as radians and the minute hand simply at the value it points to. I tried (1002,0102,3002,5002, etc..) Am I way off in thinking about the radian thing?...

       Anonymous  9/11/12, 7:36 PM  

Look at pink memos for 4 digit code

I'm not sure. Calculus went way over my head lol. That 3 digit clock code is driving me nuts. Clock says 9:10. Nothing in various digits and Roman numerals is working...

This comment has been removed by the author.

I've tried the pink memos according to placement of pins, placement of memos and alphabetically, but it's not working for me

Lol Meryl, I'm an engineering student so I LOVE math :) Here is a link to the radian thing I was talkin about. The 9 should match up to the 1pi radian at 180 degrees...


The combo is probably so simple, though, that we're all gonna slap ourselves when we figure it out haha

@Unknown! Thanks for that hint! I didnt try that! Now I have scissors and notebook with clues.

never mind -- wrong placement order...

lol @ AlpacaKay .

That seems way complicated. lol

Use scissors on first page of book to get yellow paper.

       Anonymous  9/11/12, 7:45 PM  

I am trying to figure out the order of picture "dots" to press but the green 3 to 9 and comma is confusing

Yeah I figured... But it was worth the effort I suppose haha. Anyone else have any clue how to solve clock?

There's a Roman Numeral hint in the notebook. But it doesnt mean anything to me. I'm trying to figure out a use for the yellow paper. lol

Dots I'm not getting either...

cut yellow paper into diamond then quarters then fold each piece

       Anonymous  9/11/12, 7:50 PM  

@Meryl - clever! Keep cutting yellow and fold pieces

lemme try this one...(PS: nice elevator music ;P)

pink memos -- use # of pins in top memos and then bottom memos

Made a pinwheel...

I think the roman numerals are clue for clock but still lost... And The numbers have to be hint for the pi poster but I ain't havin luck with that either

@gmm what did you do to make a pinwheel?

gmm -- how did you get the pinwheel together? I can't seem to get the pin to work

on, never mind again -- cut the blue thing off first

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I am lost on both the clock and the Pi pic.

I do love a challenge but this is ridiculous

Dang I really thought I had the pi pic figured out... I noticed the little quote mark comes before the 1 on the keyboard so I tried the numbers in order with the quote mark bein first, but no luck :(

I think I'm onto something with the Roman Numeral clue.

First row in book-3 and 12 difference 9
Second row in book 12 and 6 difference 6
Third row in book 10 and 2 difference 8

We have on clock 9 and 2 difference 7...

Next number could be difference 5?

I'm having a beer for the first time in months, so I'm a little buzzed -- and might not be much help LOL

Also thinking another stout might be just the thing

Nice Meryl, but I can't find any roman numeral combination of 4 numerals that subtract to 5.

OK seems I need to spill the beans :)

Got the Pi pic since 2 mins.

Combine the hint paper with the 9 in the middle AND THINK WHY THERE IS A COMMA assigned to one of the buttons.
This would be a point in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Neither can I..., I also tried adding and moving spaces on clock...Going by moving spaces on clock...

Going down the list red numbers:

3 to 12 = 9 spaces
12 to 10 = 2 spaces
10 to 9 = 1 space

Black numbers:

12 to 6= six spaces
6 to 2 = four spaces
2 to 2 = 0 spaces

Do you pause on that spot...? Still can't get it lol

HINT2 for pi pic. What is the alternate value of the 'Del' key on your keyboard? (numeric keypad) When used with numbers, this key has some special purpose. :)

I have a laptop without a numeric keypad, doesnt help :(

HINT3: A similar number is the Euler number e, which is 2.7182818...

And pi is ???

LOL, arbeitslooser! pi =pi what a novel idea!

Thanks for the sd!

For the clock code...look at the numbers in the book, and think about what letters they would spell on the clock face. Like the first number...the red hand points at 3, the black hand points at 12...it makes an L.

and the money!! which went away and left me with just a rubber band

Bah! I was only going 3 digits! Shame on me (I'm a teacher).

I like the way you help each other. Nice team!

Oh no wait! I tried 3,1459 and 31459, neither workin... do i need to go more digits?

MONEY!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Meryl: yeah, this game asks you to be a little more accurate about it ;) (heh heh loved this idea)

Alpacy: no, you missed one digit. Look closely.

nevermind... must have been hitting somethin wrong haha got it now. thanks guys

(and that is, somewhere in-between)

Cheryl, clock code isnt working. Unless I have it wrong...


One might think the rubber band would connect the two pulleys, but noooooo

@ meryl use a little imagination for 12 - 5 try I

well, that decoration stick could as well have fit snugly into those pulley disc holes, but no

For clock code, Look in the book. Completely ignore the placement of the hands on the clock. Imagine the hands were placed at each location in the book, starting with the top two roman numerals. You should then be able to draw an imaginariy line from where the hand is pointing, to the center, and then where the other hand is pointing. Should make letters.

Maybe your pinwheel is not ready yet.

I was thinking the pinwheel needs to fit in the red box near the window

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok hinting at it...The solution is identical to a known given name, a daughter from a rock singer, and a great actor, too.

Has anyone figured out the four-color number code?

I'm not getting the clock code at all...:(

Each part of the code is a letter... III and XII make an L shape, XII and VI make I, and X and II make V...

POP!!!!!! I had the answer written on a piece of paper, I was thinking that there was a # involved in there.

Ah yes, that four-color code on the small cabinet. This will *definitely* be the missing item we need for our pulley-in-the-making.

AH HA! White card disc goes on pinwheel!!!

Found something else, once you remove the screws, you can take the steel plate back and place it back inside the hole it covered. That gives a color clue.

wow. Thanks for clarifying Alpacy -- I missed the VI and only saw V

Perhaps I need one more pint of stout.....

Welcome Philomena :)

excellent find, gmm!

Think what do you need to make a pinwheel. You just need one more item. It´s not inside color cb.

And I have a bamboo stick now. Figure out how ;) it's easy, don't overthink :)

I'm very sorry, coolscapers, but nothing wlse will stick to my pinwheel

Would anyone else care for a pint?


I guess wind cannot be called an item.

okay, I have a screwdriver, a rubberband, a pinwheel (complete), two pulleys, and sissors and the metal plate from the wall
Anyone have anything else?

I have the same, but my pinwheel still says bamboo stick...

FINALLY a decent Coolscapers.... haha

Only the sound effects sucked this time :P

pinwheel = bamboo stick (cut blue thing off decorative thing), 4 folded pieces of paper and white dot.

Are you sure your pinwheel is complete? Don´t think so.

mine, too meryl

I have the same as you Philomena, and the notebook. Haven't a clue how to use the color clue from the steel plate.

You can take a pin off of the bulletin board! That completes the pinwheel!

s'cuse me a minute -- beagle's trying to get at the peanut butter

Folded pieces of paper?

None here...maybe they disappeared in error...

i think we need key to get wind...

I have a pin from the board

I've placed the pinwheel and green pulley on the red box...But blue pulley doesnt seem to go anywhere.

Placed blue pulley and rubber band.

Meryl, it does :) You have the correct thought going on..

Yay Meryl!! I had clicked every pin st the beginning of the game thinking we needed one, but i couldn't get any... Now I click and instantly get one... Strange haha

And OUT! :) Time for bed. That was fun!

And out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took me long enough!

Sorry Guru if you don´t like my games. But it´s simple. Don´t play them.
Your criticism is not constructive at all. You give no ideas and most of times all your help comes from hacking games.

Okay! Placed pinwheel, added pulleys and rubberband, got key, got another key and opened window. Now, to figure out the colored bird clue.

finally out

anyone need anything?

lol, Alpaca!

arbeitslooser -- did you cut the yellow piece of paper from the notebook?

Yay! Out, the rest is easy but the beginning was very puzzling... Haha I would write a walkthrough but it's late here and that's a ton of explaining that my brain can't exactly do right now lol. Will stick around to help though :)

I'm out as well! Thanks for the game Coolescapers!

cut it with sissors twice then fold each piece of paper, attach to bamboo stick add white dot and pin from board and voila!

And by the way, thanks Coolescapers!! Loved the game :)

very challenging game which I couldn't have completed without everyone's help!

is everyone out?

out. OUTSTANDING game!! Congratulations Coolescapers, that was a masterpiece!

Thanks for the pin hint...I knew we would not need any wind, because as a boy I made lots of these "devices" with a "rubber band engine".

That was hard getting started...but with all the great clues and spoilers....I did it! I actually figured out some stuff myself, too! lol
Great game! needs better star rating, people! It only has 3.5 now! I gave it a 5!!!!!

please hint for birds, I don't understand :(

Can't find a key to open window. :(
Tried to use the colors under the pi symbol to get digits for color safe without success -- don't see anything else to do.

Then suddenly, touched pinwheel again and it spun to reveal key!

@seb -- count cross bars on antennas under each bird

thanks a lot:)

@Coolescapers: 2 small bugs:
If you try to look at the black key, you see the notebook
If you try to look at the red key, you see the black key

LAST ESCAPE (until the next one)
Here we go again! The only door is locked and we have to find our way out

In front is a locked cupboard
To the right is a bulletin board and a cupboard with 2 locks(3 brown numbers, and 4 colored numbers)
Further right is a framed picture of pi
In the corner is a table with a strange red box and a window
The last wall has a clock on a cupboard with a lock
Note the pink clue: 2 up, 2 down

Lets go back to the bulletin board and look closer at the pink notes
While there, we take a THUMBTACK (from the "washing up" note)

We can now open the pink-clue lock to get SCISSORS and a NOTEBOOK
The notebook has a lot of clues
The roman numerals allows us to open the brown lock for 2 PULLEYs
The number rectangle clue is for the Pi picture giving us a SD and a SMALL DISK
Let's use the SD on the metal plate under the Pi picture
What have we here -- MONEY!
But what good is being rich if we're locked in a room with no facilities?
That RUBBER BAND may come in handy though!

Looking again at the notebook, we use the scissors on the yellow/red page to get a PAPER
We then use the scissors on the paper to get 4 triangle PAPERs
We fold each one (double-click to view, click the paper to fold, click the paper again to save)
We zoom on the clock and take the right most blue ball ("DECORATIVE STUFF")
We use scissors to get a BAMBOO STICK - add the folded papers, then the small disk, then the tack
Wow! We've made a pinwheel!
Now, we place the pinwheel on the red box in the corner
We now turn the box around and place the blue pulley behind the pinwheel and the green pulley on the box below and add the rubber band
Now we turn the contraption around and click the pinwheel to get a BLACK KEY

The black key opens the locker next to the door for a RED KEY
The red key opens the window -- looks like we're to high to jump out, but let's enjoy watching the birds for awhile

Using the bird clue, we can open the 4-color lock for a BLUE BOX

Now what? Everything is open except the exit door!

Going back to the Pi picture wall, we find we can pick up the metal plate
Zooming on the hole we stick the plate in, using it as a mirror to get a color code

Now we open the blue box to get the GOLDEN KEY
Key on door and we're out!

Pink-clue lock
Ignore the words and count the tacks on the pink notes

Brown-number lock
Note that the numbers include roman numerals I, V, C, X, L, D
The roman-numeral clues combined with the clock spell letters
Imagine the red/hour hand on III and the black/minute hand on XII
then red on XII and black on VI, then red on X and black on II

The diagram gives you values for the corner buttons and the center
Express pi to 5 decimals (the "," is the decimal point) and press the buttons accordingly

4-color number lock
Count the horizontal bars under each bird
Birds outside window are: red-green-blue-black
Numbers on the lock are: black-red-blue-green

Buttons on the box are: gray-orange-red-white-green-blue
Colors from plate are: blue-white-orange-green-gray-red

Thanks to all the live gamers who discovered and left the clues that enabled me to finish!

Thanks @PuzzledinCA. Both keys are in the same spots and they were jumping 1 frame ahead the frame it should go. It´s fixed.
Thanks all for playing.

Thank you the the WT, would never had gotten the pink notes since the clue showed different pins to count. Too bad that was the first puzzle :^(

Thanks @Puzzled! Great WT

Difficult game, would have been there for ever without help!
Many thanks to all!

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