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Detarou Nandakana

[REPLAY] Detarou Nandakana is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Detarou. In this geniously weird game, you are trapped at a place with some very strange beings. Your aim is now to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles you will encounter on your way out of this nut house. There are 3 possible endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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I love these games but am TERRIBLE at them!

have a green ball and yellow ball

used colored numbers to get door open

sd from club clue

having trouble with arrow dials

got it and released a second armpit tickler dude! lol

make sure to save! I was torn into a hole and had to restart!

found cloth, got it wet, cleaned mark on wall for clue

got some sort of floating picture clue with colors.... not sure how to use it

seems u r not terrible at all jo ann !! :)

@Jo-Ann: for arrow dials, rotate numbers so they are in exact position and look at triangles/arrows. blue number in other room (use clubs hint from 1st room)

grrr my flash plug in crashed....just when I was saving. Not sure it saved

nope have to restart from the beginning


Hello guys!! :D
I'm in!

back to where I was before

have floating picture with color code. Not sure how to make that into which corners to push

still haven't solved the nose puzzle either

nose puzzle? do you mean the corner (from cleaned wall)? remember, it's upside down

stuck now with ladder, green and yellow ball, screwdriver and a paper (with heart clue)

also have piece of paper with 8-heart= arrow

what is this place, anyway? a nuthouse?

i' the terrible one actually !! the clue in the drawer isnt working for the club symbol puzzle !!!

@Casual, the nose puzzle in the first room in the vase. you can push the nostrils. Just don't know the order

where did you find the ladder?

Trying to work out arrows/numbers code..

@E-addict this is what worked twice for me



@E-Addict: just switch your left/right combo. had the same problems...

Got it xD

I think ladder came from picture (use clue from room with white/black puzzle and combine it with numbers)

can't figure it out how to use the colors on the picture

@Casual, does the ladder go to the left of the brown door? There is a hotspot up to the vent there

Got ladder, SD, blue and yellow gems, paper (8-heart= arrow)

Jo-Ann turn numbers to their right position and use arrows

Use ladder brown door room (look left)
In a new room now

thanks @Jo-Ann! forgot to go left and right in that room.

Got red gem and need a color code..

Thank you @Nini! that is what I was missing! ladder now!

in vent now

Put gems in order and get color code for hidden room!

red ball in new room

placed the balls (hint from screen in 2nd room) and got color order for safe. have a key now

@nini, do you mean the red, yellow and green balls? what is the order?

Got nose code and drawer open..


Jo-Ann screen 2nd room

Going for Perfect End!

@Nini: where did you get the nose code? from door behind code panel? I have a card, but couldn't figure out the combination yet...

hmm, have the 8 color order, not working?

Casual use heart sides on card as code

@Jo-Ann: upper line was: SPgOyIgLbER

Hm... got new color order but w/ only 6 colors this time.. where to use it??

duh, of course. thanks Nini!

grrr, had two backwards! lol

Ha! Use it on pic and get final item!
Out w/ Perfect End!

and out

never did figure why you could see the two guys in space


Loved the painting reference... LOL

and out now, too with perfect end! very good game!

how did you get perfect end? mine was just end

where to use the color code ? n cant find out where's the clue for the nose ?

Jo-Ann see my posts 9/5/12 9:54 AM and 9:56 AM

yes, but where did you get the new color code?

Same place where u got the 8 colors order

did you have to put the card and number in the door first?

btw, new SD Asylum game out!

Nope Jo-Ann..
Well I'm goin now! See u

Ahhhh, wasn't putting the card and number in first! no wonder!

what do you do with the final item? tried stamping everywhere

NOSE CLUE PLEASE !! is it related to [ 8-heart ] note ?

how to use colors from hologram to open picture? where is ladder?

oh now i appreciate Edgar and small-tool a lot more !! damn it a lil help wont hurt guys .. out for now !

sorry, playing another game

nose clue is on door card (heart)

colors from hologram picture. use the colored numbers from the beginning and use the arrow to tell what corner it is in. Exxample blue number arrow points BR

ahh, thanks Jo anne, I should have tried that.

       Anonymous  9/5/12, 10:22 AM  

how do you work out number clue in the heart drawer?

@Brett, start with 8 and take away the lines shown in the drawer

first number is 3

final code? I have 3725 from drawer, need 5 digits!

POP, see my error...

OK, now I can't get perfect end. I have the new 6 colors, and the door is still open, but the picture is still open from first time I opened it. Where to use final 6 colors?


I got the item (a stamp) but no clue where to use it to get perfect end.

giving up, have errands to run

just go out with the stamp without any action.

       Anonymous  9/5/12, 10:54 AM  

where is the stamp

it happened to me too so get out of the door and replay it; load game again and this time the picture works
behind the picture

I got a paper, and lost (???) it on water... Got one end, still last place in inventory empty.

I hope someone will make a WT...I always get lost in these games, even with all the very good clues!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

That was tough, even with all the hints. Took a while before I realized you have to keep referring back to the colored numbers to figure out the puzzles.

Had to replay a 3rd time to try the panda end (left from picture)!

What was with the green cucumber creatures?

Hahahaha LOVE the ruined Jesus picture, how funny!! Can't stop laughing... Brilliant.

Anyway, slowly moving on :)

Stuck on the coloured dials... Can't get it right :(

Nevermind... needed a cup of tea. Come back and now and got it lol :)

JoC can you give me spoiler for dials ..i cant get them..

WOOOOW! Superb game, Taro! (author of Detarou games, "detarou" is only server name)

Top 3 of this series I've played in half a year (and I've played lots!)

Managed to solve Normal End without any help! (whohoo)
However, it took me AGES to get the idea of "thinking (photo-)negative" for the straight-and-corner-pieces puzzle. (I was almost getting desperate)

At least I remembered to SAVE the game instantly when I spotted that panda with the red button. Well, I had had a suspicion that something bad would happen next...looks I had been right. ;)

This comment has been removed by the author.

So sorry I missed you @ raasti, hope you got it in the end!

It is to do with the coloured numbers again, and the little arrows next to them. But they face the opposite way on the dials :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

NANDAKANA by TARO ("detarou")

And here we are again, in Taro's surreal world with guys sitting around all day, cringing, just to tell you "they're symbolizing a '6'".
Whilst the other is lying before you with crazy-looking glasses on, and you know "he is an '8'".
Ah, and man-bees/man-wasps joining the party too, of course. :)
Though some games of this series would rather have deserved the "so-so" rating, this one is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.
(Of course, this is just based on personal opinion.) So what are you waiting for to find out about how brilliant it is?

(PRE-HINT: In this game, you will use given clues multiple times in various locations. (Personally, I love that!))

The first you see when clicking START, is a cut-scene. Back out of this scene and go right.
You can see a tall cupboard and a guy in a beige sports dress performing a backbend. (Why they didn't allow that guy to participate
at this year's Olympic games is beyond me.) On his belly, he is balancing a small BOX. No sooner will you be able to open that box than you have
completed 80% of the game, so don't bother for now. Instead, open the CUPBOARD.

You note: ((**) will always refer to colored symbols you will collect through the game.)

- (**) in lower drawer: a "4" (upside down) with an arrow pointing SOUTH
- (**) in middle drawer: seemingly an "L" with an arrow pointing SOUTHEAST
(- in upper drawer: nothing of interest)

- (**) in upper section (right door): a "5" (upside down) with an arrow pointing NORTHEAST
- in upper section (left door): a GREEN MARBLE!

Go left twice.

You're facing another cupboard now. On the inside of the lower drawer, you notice a combination of what looks like broken CLUBS symbols as on a playing card.
It's obviously a combination of some kind. Note too that the one symbol is a mirror image of its counterpart.
(HINT: DO NOT waste your time on that NOSE yet! It's not as easy as that.)
Also, pick up the YELLOW MARBLE inside.
On the inside of the upper drawer, you find
(**) another symbol, that looks like an 'E' which has got an arrow pointing in SOUTHWEST direction.

On the right hand side, you notice a sideboard with a bulky vase on it that's decorated with a BLACK HEART.
Zoom inside the vase, and you find a NOSE of which you can click both of its NOSTRILS!
(HINT: Remember that every human being has a LEFT and a RIGHT nostril (or 'alar wing', in scientific terms) Get it what you are going to do in a while? :)).

Go left, and zoom on the PANEL WITH FOUR COLORS. It should not be t(°°) difficult for you to solve it. SOLUTION BELOW.
Unlock DOOR and head to next room...

LOL! You see a funny guy jumping around like a child playing hopscotch! But ignore him and instead go through the right door into a small room.
There is a tall column with two guys enclosed into (!) and a PANEL WITH A CLUB SYMBOL.
Solve the puzzle (solution below) and get the SCREWDRIVER (which, however, you can't use right now. I made you ignore the 5-KNOB CONSOLE
in the main room for a reason, because there was one needed number still missing. But now you can start solving this puzzle, since the guy's teeth have not only revealed the screwdriver, but also below:
(**) a BLUE '9' with an arrow pointing SOUTHEAST.
Also take a mental note of the PECULIAR ICON PICTURE that's left of the column.
(In case you're curious, you may also check out the part of this room that's to the left. There is a PANDA PEDESTAL with a red button. **WARNING** Before you mess about anything there, SAVE YOUR GAME!
But now back out of the room and head to the 5-KNOB CONSOLE. Turn the buttons in the correct directions and don't forget to press the wide one below once you think you got it right.
(HINT : Do you remember any symbols or whatever where you could see arrows like those on the buttons?)
(Solution below.)


Then look at the screen and note the SPECIALLY ARRANGED NUMBERS, which are too early too bother about right now.
Back out of the CONSOLE 2 times and this time go through the right door, and yet through another door, ignoring the weirdoes you see.
Enter the next room and pick up the HINT PAPER showing a strange clue '8 minus HEART = {RETURN SYMBOL}".
Go to the right of the three doors, enter the room, take a mental note of the HUGE DEVICE W/CLICKABLE ELEMENT PUZZLE and pick up the CLOTH on the way.
A cloth needs water to be of any purpose, doesn't it? So back out of this room, go through the door on the left, WET THE CLOTH by making use of the SMALL POOL OF WATER in this room.
Go ahead twice, and use WET CLOTH ON WORN-OFF DIAGRAM. You will get a CLUE! Remember where the diamond symbol is positioned, since it will be very important in a minute!
Back out of the room, and now let's check what's behind that MIDDLE DOOR.
Heading straightly to the door (apparently the exit door?), you notice a CODE PANEL that needs a SECURITY CARD.
The left part of the room is not of much interest, except for a CLOSED VENT.
(HINT 1: Don't you think it's a bit too high to reach with your hand?)
(HINT 2: Would you assume that they used spit to fix the GRATING to the vent? (ugh) Or glue? (Maybe in Japan, they actually do?!))
Go right twice, to the opposite part of the room. Nothing much to do here for now, BUT...
- that blue button is clickable
- the circles are receptacles for your marbles! (you've found 2 by now)
Now back out of the room, heading back into the room behind the right door and zooming on the puzzle that's attached to that huge device.
(HINT: THINK NEGATIVE! (as in photography))
(Solution below.)
Solving this not-too-easy puzzle rewards you with a HOLOGRAM WITH COLORED DOTS ABOVE. Get it?
Go south 3 times, then again through the left door (where you picked up the screwdriver some time ago).
Zoom on the picture, solve the puzzle and get the LADDER.
Back out of the room, head back to the other part of the building through the middle door (5 clicks NORTH in total), then go left and attach the LADDER.
Use your trusty SCREWDRIVER to remove the grating from the vent, go all the way through the vent, go right and inspect the PORTABLE SAFE.
Hmmm, those eight square buttons on there are clickable and can be given a different color each.
Anyways, back out for now, go right twice, and find a RED MARBLE behind those crates. Go left once and leave this warehouse through the VENT.
Go right twice. Now look at the diagram again. Now that you've got all your marbles (only meaning the red, green, and yellow things in your inventory, mind you!!!), you need to know how to arrange them in the correct way.
(HINT: The solution is to be found in a room where you had to turn knobs.)
(Solution below.)

Pressing the blue button in the center triggered a COLOR SEQUENCE which you have to remember.
(HINT: You can remember a pattern with 4 elements per row that looked quite the same not very long ago.)
(Solution below.)

Of course, the pattern was in the WAREHOUSE where you found that PORTABLE SAFE.
Putting in the correct color pattern rewards you with a KEY.
Now head all the way back to the first room, and unlock the BOX ON GUY'S BELLY with your hard-won KEY.
Whohoo, there was a SECURITY CARD in that box!
Give this card a more closer look by double-clicking it in your inventory.
Hmmm, there are strange symbols on it. But wait! Can you remember this symbol from somewhere? Somewhere VERY NEAR YOU?
(Solution below.)
Solving this puzzle (it was the NOSE WINGS of course) has now unlocked the SIDEBOARD DRAWER!
Open it, and look at the STRANGE SYMBOLS.
(HINT 1: The symbols are closely related to the CLUE PAPER you found quite at the beginning of the game.)
(HINT 2: The RETURN symbol on the clue paper might point to a KEYPAD?)
(Solution below.)

Indeed, HINT 2 almost gave it away: the RETURN symbol on the paper you found *does* point to a keypad. And it's the keypad in the room right from where you put the ladder.

So insert the security card (activating the keypad) and put in the code you found and...



Just go through door.


DO NOT go through door, but go right, and now look at those "blinkenlights" again:
The color combination has actually changed!
Note down the new combination and...
Go south 4 times, then back into room with the ICON PICTURE.
Translate new color code to directions to push on the picture, and ...

(Solution below.)

WARNING! Tons of solutions ahead. Don't read these if you want to think yourself. (provided that you can)


This puzzle, which is the first and easiest of the whole game, merely involves collecting the preliminary four (out of five) NUMBERS and putting them in correct order,
That's it! By now, you should have found:
- YELLOW '5' (cupboard, upper part)
- WHITE '4' (cupboard, inside one of the drawers)
- RED 'L' (other cupboard, inside drawer; will make a '7' when turned upside down)
- GREEN 'E' (other cupboard, inside drawer; will make a '3' when turned upside down)

Solution: 5 - 4 - 7 - 3

It is ridiculously easy to *overthink* this puzzle as you are NOT supposed to "correct" numbers to normal view that you spotted upside down in the first room.
So just remember what you saw: (note "clock" positions do not make much sense here since a NORTHEAST position would be 1:30, neither 1 nor 2)

- YELLOW '5' w/arrow pointing SOUTHWEST (pos. of clock hand @ half past 7)
- WHITE '4' w/arrow pointing NORTH (12 o'clock)
- RED '7' w/arrow pointing NORTHWEST (pos. of clock hand @ half past 10)
- GREEN '3' w/arrow pointing NORTHEAST (pos. of clock hand @ half past 1)

- BLUE '9' w/arrow pointing SOUTHEAST too (pos. of clock hand @ half past 4)

Enjoy the (usually funny) cut scene! :)


Be warned, this puzzle looks very easy, but there is one pitfall there, which you can get trapped in very easily.
(The author of this walkthrough, known as yours truly, got trapped, too.)

First of all, the remaining diagram from the (now partly wiped-off) emblem is UPSIDE DOWN, since the diamond is below the diagram, and
on the puzzle itself, it's on top. But yet, you can fall for the "negative" characteristic!
This means, that the elements you see in black ARE NOT TO BE HIGHLIGHTED.
Or the other way around, make everything in white that you did NOT see on the diagram. Compris?
So the solution is, if we number like this: (white elements in bold)


If you start with all black, you have to make in white:
C - D - 1 - 3 - 4 - G


For experienced 'escapers', this is just business-as-usual. Read the colors off the HOLOGRAM clue, left to right:
and remember the arrows attached to the numbers in the color corresponding to that on the hologram.

Copied from above solution (though simplified, since number values do no longer matter, nor does WHITE)
- YELLOW # w/arrow pointing SOUTHWEST / a.k.a. BOTTOM LEFT
- RED # w/arrow pointing NORTHWEST / a.k.a. UPPER LEFT
- GREEN # w/arrow pointing NORTHEAST / a.k.a. UPPER RIGHT
- BLUE # w/arrow pointing SOUTHEAST / a.k.a. BOTTOM RIGHT

So we get:
BL - UL - BL - UR - BR - UR

Warning! Solutions continued.



The solution is actually quite straightforward: remember those numbers on the monitor screen above the 5-KNOB CONSOLE?
They indicate:
'9' - center (blue button, nothing to do here)
'3' - top (the '3' you had found was green, so use green marble here)
'7' - bottom left (the '7' you had found was red, so use red marble here)
'5' - bottom right (the '5' you had found was yellow, so use yellow marble here)

And now press BLUE BUTTON!


The nose wings' puzzle is solved by using the HEART HALVES on the security card.
So this is L - R - L - L - R and you're done!


It's best that you use PEN & PAPER for this, as it's easy to make a mistake.
Remember that clue paper:

It can be interpreted as:
Digital 8 minus characters found inside sideboard drawer (with jug w/heart symbol standing on) = HEUREKA!
So you get:

'8' minus two digit bits on the left is a '3'
'8' minus two digit bits on the left, and minus center and bottom one is a '7'
'8' minus upper digit bit on the left, and minus lower digit bit on the right '2'
'8' minus top and bottom digit bit, and minus lower left digit bit is a '4'
'8' minus lower left and upper right bits '5'

= 3 7 2 4 5


At the very end of the game, the "blinkenlights" on the wall have changed.
They will give you the following color combination:

This "translates" to the directions to push on the picture, they are:

BR - UL - UR - UR - BR - BL

Get your stamp and end the game with the perfect ending!

This comment has been removed by the author.


So here's now how to get your trusty screwdriver:
Note the CLUBS SYMBOLS drawn inside the drawer bottom board and check which half of the symbol is shown.
Solution is:

R - R - L - R - L - R

NOTE: If you don't get the screwdriver first time, back out and try again. I can confirm that it does not always work first time.


"LOL! You see a funny guy jumping around like a child playing hopscotch! But ignore him and instead go through the right door into a small room."

This was obviously supposed to read LEFT door, of course.

thanks @ JOC & arbeitslooser for the walkthru...

       Anonymous  6/12/18, 11:59 PM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay

thx for all your creations, Taro ☺
& thx arby for the WT

Wow, that was definitely one of the real 5 star games, thanks, EG24, for linking it for replaying!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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