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Two Blues Escape Walkthrough

Two Blues Escape

Two Blues Escape is another free online point and click room escape game from Tomatea. In this game you need to find items and clues to solve puzzle to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay!! Tomatea

Ooh yippee

Collecting tiles - and have a morse code sheet. Wonder what the anagram above the wheel is..

not loading for me.

Aha the anagram was easy and I have a battery

Now I'm stuck. And I have a 'you have no idea' popping up on a picture with no visible puzzle.

@Mary look at the winbottles in shelf and then cb with 4x4 grid


Wow Im too slow to be first in...

after finding book almost every puzzle can be solved...but i havent got the clues right :(

ok got screwdriver

Joining too.. Hi folks!

I think i saw the Left-right hint but can't make it out

hmmm opened steering wheel but dont know what for??

any1 hast a clue for the 4 Dials or the Blue letter word?

Where is SD?


4 dial - look at steering wheel

4 letter word - look at anagram

LOL Escapism in 25 words or less write a WT??

SORRY not SD COrkScrew

Also need 2nd battery I think for steering wheel

got SD from left/right clue after getting hook from 4 dials drawer

haha ty mhthyr obvious...:)

OK SD after input RL buttons

Hint: you can remove a hook first :)

aaarghhh it's annoying!
Got the SD after solving Left-right puzzle

Clue is from 4-dials drawer

use SD for telescope and use telescope on window for morse code - have SWEN after translating

I'm stuck!! Only have one battery and no idea how to solve the codes... Anyone?????

ok now to solve tile puzzle

got compass from 4-letter word puzzle and then used morse code clue on compass for key

out:) Nice as always ty tomatea

@Leroy: LOL that would be hard in this one, I'm a bit behind and struggling to catch up...

use key on drawer for other battery. place batteries on wheel for picture clue

place tiles on picture and get pen after solving tiles. Use pen with hook to get key from bottle and out!

Finally out!

Great game ^^

This comment has been removed by the author.

What is the 4-letter word?

Need help with corkscrew code.. Tried all water signs but nothing

@unknown 6:41: Hint 1: Look at the colors


Hint 2: Have you got the signs right? I've had one wrong and was stuck for a while SPOILERthemiddleonelookssimilartoanotheroneSPOILER

LOL You really want a 4 letter word Kees?

Unknown, use the watersigns, go back and open the drawer.


Look at the word above the steering wheel again! See the blue lights above some letters?


Dhaaaa!!!! Ty Escapism!! Had that one wrong...

KEES: Check the anagram, four letters code is there

Leroy, I want THE 4-letterword please (lol)

Thanks Escapism.

I'm out! Thanks.

@unknown & kees: you are welcome. ;-)

Unknown, I only knew what was the problem because I was stuck there too for a long while, had the middle one with 4 vertical strokes (the one looking like a m plus the little extra thing) instead 3 most of the time (one day I should learn the zodiac signs, and if only for those games...)

WOW, I think this was the best Tomatea so far.

can someone spoil left/right clue?

not working

POP - got it. Just omit the hook that you took out...duh

Zoe you can remove one of the hooks from the dial code box dan you will have the right clue.



This game was easy or i am getting smarter LOL!

Love Tomatea - thanks for the fun!

@Feminin21 - thanks!

if anyone here i cant get the dial puzzle ?where is the hint ?

look at steering wheel & you'll see 1-2-3-4 beads on rods for order.

i kno tts on wheel but the dials can be set only on 3,6,9 & 12 while the wheel show 2,5,7 ,10

thanx premiere ...duhh it is so obvious

not the single beads, but the wooden ones on the top-right-bottom-left rods.

which picture , the tiles dont go on either, and dont know if I have enought tiles, it doesnt #them. Saids one, but I know theres more then one. help please

you need totally 8 tiles - counter is in about item (click question mark top right in inventory of each item square).

nvm, I see it, I have 7 pictures, missing 1, help please cant find the last picture

& it's the picture that game comment tells you, that you have no clue yet (you need to remove the ship pic first to reach the tile puzzle).

Thanks premiere, just need the last one, i got the scope, 1 battery, hook.and compass

finally done that ...light tower hint is so difficult for me ....

@ sherry use telescope on window to see the hint for compass

raasti, I did, still cant make it out any hints

This comment has been removed by the author.

1) on top of wine shelf
2) on table
3) & 4) on shelves from top right of table
5) in puzzle CB
6) from R/L puzzle
7) from letter puzzle
8) from locked drawer (key in compass in inventory)

light tower showing you moorse code ..you hane to convert it in letters ..if you want spoiler then tell me

Tomatea - as always lovely game! Thanks so much!

to decipher morse code, you need hint paper from right picture right of shelf right of table (LOL!)

I'm not seeing the clue for the wine cabinet puzzle

@ granny recipe ..its from the book (water one )

POP got the wine cabinet from water signs in book

Game ended too soon. I love hanging out in these games with rich emmersive environments...great game!!

excellent game ! thanks Tomatea

I have the morris code picture, still dont understand. How to get the key from the scope, Im lost. Thats where my last tile is, I cant get the key. Maybe ill wait for a WT. just cant get it

raasti yes I want a spoiler thanks

what to do with hook?

How did I miss the lights above escaper?
thanks Tomatea - another great game!!

Not loading for me in FF or Safari :(

lighthouse is flashing:

... & .-- & . & -.

Decipher with hint paper & use letters on compass (letters can be only N-E-S-W = the four directions & that's NOT a spoiler...!)

you'll get another item from tile puzzle to use with hook & there's a key in the bottle with ship...!

What are these weird drawings behind the dials puzzle ? Is it supposed to make sense, somehow ?

premiere, thanks so much, that was a big help, I got the key ya

help again, I put the batteries in. got the 8 tiles, Still cant place them on what picture. Im still lost. I cant believe I cant finish it

close battery lid, then flashing lights on steering wheel = hint, which corners you have to click in which order on the picture left of wine shelf to reveal tile puzzle.

If anyone is still here, where do you place to 8 tiles to do the tile puzzle? I can't find where to place them. Thanks.

thank you premiere and raasti Im out thanks to the both of you. Let me tell you , that was a great game but a little tricky for me. Thanks again you are all great to be there when i need the help i was about to give up thanks

I have only 6 tiles and I don't understand the weird drawings hidden behind the dials puzzle.

Ahha! It took me forever, and it is not explained here, after you put the batteries in the steering wheel it will flash in a certain order. Find the picture that moves when you click the frame and click the corners in the steering wheel lights order. It will then pop open to reveal the crazy wire tile puzzle. It looks daunting but notice the edges, that will help a lot! Then it gives you the pen to attach to the hook to get the key in the bottle, viola!

This comment has been removed by the author.

those are HOOKS, take 3rd from left (if I remember well), you'll need it later & the others give hint for L/R puzzle.

Tiles go behind picture, which comes off wall with steering wheel puzzle.

I love Tomatea games. Thanks for making an intelligent game that looks so nice and makes sense :-)

Yay! I did it all by myself :D

Nice game! Thank you!

Thank you, Premiere !


- SAVE option available (game menu)
- for ABOUT ITEM, click circled small i top right in each inventory square, filled with an item
- first you need to see the hints before you can solve the puzzles
- after solving puzzle, click square button at the end
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

1) on top of wine shelf
2) on table
3) on upper shelf right of table
4) on lower shelf right of table
5) in puzzle CB
6) from R/L puzzle
7) from letter puzzle
8) from locked drawer

- hotspots in WINDOWS...
- wooden BEADS on steering WHEEL...
- glass BEADS top/bottom left/right on wheel...
- SYMBOL PUZZLE at centre of wheel (no clue yet)...
- movable letters above wheel...
- go left (ha!)

- wine BOTTLES on SHELVES as HINT (places)
- SYMBOL PUZZLE in centre of shelves & CORKSCREW...
- PICTURE PUZZLE left of shelf (no clue yet)...
- take PUZZLE TILE-1/8 on top of wine SHELF
- go left

- locked door (OMG! ;-P)
- open CB as per bottle hint
- take PUZZLE TILE-2/8 inside CB
- look in (blue) NOTEBOOK in CB for HINTS (sextant, horoscope signEs ;-D, ship name)
- note 3 PUZZLES in drawers & a locked one...
- solve top left DIAL PUZZLE as per steering wheel hint (wooden beads) for HOOKS
- take 3rd from left HOOK
- note DIRECTION of remained hooks as HINT (L/R)...
- solve bottom right L/R PUZZLE as per hook hint for PUZZLE TILE-3/8 & SCREWDRIVER
- go left

- take PUZZLE TILE-4/8 from table
- take PUZZLE TILE-5/8 from upper SHELF
- note KEY in BOTTLE (only hook doesn't work)...
- take PUZZLE TILE-6/8 from lower shelf
- use SD on SEXTANT as per book hint for TELESCOPE
- turn PICTURE right of shelf
- take PAPER with HINT (morse code)...

- look OUTSIDE with telescope for LIGHTHOUSE with HINT (flashing lights)...
(you may click REPLAY button...)
- rearrange letters above wheel as per book hint for BATTERY-1/2
- note above 4 letters: darker (blue) DOTS as HINT (letters)...
- solve symbol puzzle at wheel centre to open LID: ah, SLOTS for 2 batteries...
(you only can put in both together...!)

- solve (BLUE) symbol puzzle as per book hint for CORKSCREW

- solve bottom left LETTER PUZZLE as per letter hint above wheel for COMPASS BOX & PUZZLE TILE-7/8
- open compass box as per lighthouse & paper hints for CLOVER KEY
- open top right drawer with clover key for PUZZLE TILE-8/8 & BATTERY-2/2

- put batteries in steering wheel for HINT (flashing lights)...
(close lid first...! & to see hint again, click lid)

- move picture left of shelf as per light hint on wheel for TILE PUZZLE
- put all 8 tiles collected in puzzle
- solve tile puzzle for PEN
(adjusting golden border first may help...!)

- open ship bottle on shelf with corkscrew
- put hook on pen
(click NIB)
- grab STAR KEY with hook on pen

- open door with star key
(use key on keyhole)


☺ ☻ ☺

- right click to open link in new tab/window
- with aid for colour challenged folks

- grid (X=click):

(puzzle top left in CB)
North-South-East-West or
top-bottom-right-left or
12-6-3-9 o'clock or
0x-2x-1x-3x click
(different approaches for different tastes ;-D)

(after removing hook):

(above wheel)

(steering wheel)
- from left to right:
Y - air (spirals)
B - water (waves)
G - earth (globe)
R - fire (flames)
- click:
Y (start)

(wine shelf)
- water signs:
=> horizontal 69 - M with a tail bottom right - )-(
(me not thinking equivocally ;-P)
- click:


lighthouse is flashing in morse:
... / .-- / . / -.
- deciphered with morse paper:
(letters can be only N-E-S-W = the four directions...!)

- click corners:
top right, bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left



ADDENDUM for DIALS (solution):
- wooden beads on wheel:
1 top rod, 2 bottom rod, 3 right rod, 4 left rod

An Exquisite Game

Wow! Got out without a walkthrough! Love the Tomatea games! Smart, clever, logical, & fun!

Aha, so that's not my stupidity!

Can't load the game either.

And I'd rather even (!) do without a TomaTea game than use shitty IE.

I can't load the game either. At the point it should load, after the commercial, it keeps saying "This advertisement runs for 0 seconds"... And the small extra commercial within the advertisement / loadscreen for Google Chrome keeps rerunning from 10 to 0 seconds. The exact same thing happens with more games. Yaltzin, help please!

How should Yalçin the EG24 administrator help here? Note that the game is not run from EG24, but separately via the author's page. Which is why there can only be done something from author's side to "fix" the problem.

(Maybe the "fix" is just to use Flash Player 11, but it is so crashy, whilst v10 runs so perfectly)

The problem is the randomizer which seems to work a little erroneously by ALWAYS picking that f***ing "Brick Force" ad. Only one time I had something with Mario Bros. or similar, but I couldn't click the Play button either.

Faulty, badly-programmed stuff.

STUPID STUPID HOOK!!! That really threw me for a loop.

But that even that part was good of Tomatea. Makes that game more challenging. I'm just kicking myself....

Well, I can't get it to load either in FF, Safari or Opera. Given the problems I'm getting recently with FF, it looks like I have to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion (or Snow Leopard at the very least) to get the most recent version of FF which hopefully will fix the stability problems I've been getting. Maybe that will also get Chrome to work too...

Well, I can't get it to load either in FF, Safari or Opera. Given the problems I'm getting recently with FF, it looks like I have to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion (or Snow Leopard at the very least) to get the most recent version of FF which hopefully will fix the stability problems I've been getting. Maybe that will also get Chrome to work too...

A funny thing happened to me on my way to SD's beach condo...!!! I stumbled into a Tomatea game and of course I was hooked immediately...lol!!! Thank you Tomatea...logical and great fun, as always! I am happy to say I did not have to peek at the walkthrough...but I want to thank you @Premiere for writing your most excellent *Cheers-through* ;) Although I did not need a jump start this time, thank you for the many, many times you have helped me advance in a game!


After 2 months, the ugly problem either seems to be fixed or the ad provider realized his code was crappy.

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