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Escape From Kitchen Walkthrough

Escape From Kitchen

Games2world - Escape from kitchen is another point and click room escape game from Games2 World. In this game, you are locked in kitchen and you try to escape from kitchen by finding items. Good luck and have fun!

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thank you Edgar for a new game ....

key in a stove & flowers

use small key on left up cabinet to get orange pack

hav lot of things ...place blue bowl on the table in next scene

open flour pack in bowl ,it has key in it ..use on fridge to water bottle

put water in a bowl ,then oil ,salt ..whisk it

Made dough but where to roll it out?

orange box in blue bowl raasti

knead it ..then make flat bread with help of rolling pin ...

where to put the microwave ?? pizza's ready !! :D

What is that under the fridge?

plate of cheese in fridge

ok now have pizz base ...but where to place that microwave?

Hey, people, where did you flatten the dough?

yes same question wht is under fridge ?cant take it ..

noticed it granmaj !! cant take it though !!

on the same table ..on rite @ granmaj

take a chair and put it in the first room near the switches

Ah - missed the key in the left cb. Now I can make pizza.

lol havent managed to flatten it yet, or place the microwave ............

may be we need plug or cable for microwave

Aha! Pick up chair and place near sockets. How to flatten dough please?

Made the pizza, can't get into oven.

we can take chair ...place it near window ..put microwave on it

Oops! Mw exploded!

No worries, got it ...

ok im out but without pizza :(

It blew out the window. And - out!

did that liat .. still isnt working !!

Rolling pin in one of the cupboards, to flatten dough. can't remember which

Ooops, it's blown up!

How did you put the pizza in the oven?

And out. Making pizza has made me hungry now - must go and do dinner!

ok out !

@Gina. Have to plug in microwave, then open door, then u can put the pizza in.

@gina open it first .. pixel spot !

I can't find the pixel to open oven!

Oh, it was pixelhunting...but out! Thanks :)

NM, I didn't realize the microwave wasn't plugged in. LOL

Please anyone post the color code clue on halloween costume escape game.

It is in the middle drawer of that dresser, left side of print fabric thing, I think it was light blue, pink(peach) red, dark blue, green.

makes notes never cook a pizza in a microwave if thats wat happens lolololol

I can't put pizza dough on table to roll it - can anyone help?

Nevermind. Put the pizza pan on the table, then you can roll the dough.

Where is the pizza pan at?

nevermind I found it, I can't get the microwave open now... I don't like pixel hunting lol

... uh it wasn't turned on ... O^.^O

Very funny ending! Fun puzzle...

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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