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Halloween Pumpkin Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Pumpkin Escape

Games2rule - Halloween Pumpkin Escape is another point and click room escape game from Games 2 Rule. In this escape game Halloween pumpkin unfortunately fallen into a big hole. There is no one near to help the pumpkin. So help the Halloween pumpkin to escape from the big hole by using some objects from there. You can escape step by step only. So don't miss the objects to collect before you go to further step otherwise you have to fall again into the previous step and collect the objects then play the same steps again. Finally the rescued pumpkin will goes to celebrate the 2012 happy Halloween festival. Good luck and have fun!

Play Halloween Pumpkin Escape
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have a lightning bug from 2nd scene, but now I'm stuck. strange game so far...

anyone else playing? stuck with a spearhead, bug and something that looks like a beak...

hi casual, click the pumpkeen, it opens

thanks @Shivani!

wierd game, i keep falling... lol

now its dozing

yep, I can't wake up either. I just can go down again. not sure what to do...

i digged a hole above dozing pumpkin, then the water woke him up

Hi there, poke left top where blueish dots are with stick. Water will come and wake pumpkin up.

Got mushroom.

@Pao: what did you use to dig? I just have spearhead, "beak" and liana

Casual, use liana on bottom floor on the stick on the right side.

thanks @Emmes!

have glowing \pumpkin but not sure what to do next other then fall again

pop just got a vine as I was falling?

starting up again

yes, i think i used the stick from first scene for water. then use spearhead for colored things top left. Pick up the silver stick-looking-thing in the middle. then take one of the colored things and combine with silver stick - you have a balloon! now i'm stuck on next scene...

have mushroom and all kinds of colored sticks now

jo-ann combine colored "stick" with silver stick :)

used balloon, now in next scene...

dug our rope... how to get to it?

oh no, I didn't pick up the mushroom. looks like I have to go down again :-(

lost my silver stick and when I click colored balloons, they pop up to be combined... is that if I fall again? or do I need to fall again

Can't find the coloured stick ! Have been poking the red/blue dots on the left for a while, nothing. Any hint ?

Got it, one up !

@Emmes: "colored sticks" are actually balloons

eat the "magic mushroom" and you can fly

stuck after digging out rope...

have sharp stick, 'heeler' thing, vine, brown stick, 3 balloons not blown up, and mushroom

and out after that. strange, but ok game.

Casual, I've tried to feed the mushroom but my pumpkin refuses... how did you do that?

@casual, how? my pumpkin doesn't seem to want to eat it

you have to jump on the third step to the right, feed the magic mushroom, then click the spiky things on the right. Out.

I meant: steps to the left, sorry.

just go up as far as possible and the feed the mushroom

Different game but nice !

thought I had clicked there before, guess not

out now thank you!

ok my pumpkin ate it but wont budge !! still have the pink balloon !!

i put firefly in the pumpkin ..cute

ok done! thanks a lot for the help!

@E-Addict: click on the right side after you fed the mushroom.
balloon is only used once. you have the others in case you fall down again...

ok out .. fun !!

now that was weird!

how to wake up pumpkin ...he is sleeping

thanx casual .. just out after posting it !!

@raasti: have you the stick from the ground (the one you got by using the liana)?
use that on the hole above the small leaves

i hav only mushroom ,stick with black flower ,vine ,smething like black stone ...

if you still got the vine, you have to go all the way down again and use vine there

ok thanx ..finally got the wooden stick

i can't even get the tutorial to work. picked up key from inventory, can't open cupboard or but key back. "skip button doesn't work.

only used 1 balloon not all of them ,anyhow finally out from the strange game ...

would have been better if items were labeled. didn't know white "stick" was actually string until i combined it with balloon.

Yep, out. Will stick around if someone needs help.

cant find place to dig for water...
any help?
do you dig with the silver stich that was in the middle of the screen?

All I have is a sharp stone, wings and some kind of feather on a stick that woke him up. Maybe that was the mushroom. No blue things and no way to dig a waterfall?

All I have is a sharp stone, wings and some kind of feather on a stick that woke him up. Maybe that was the mushroom. No blue things and no way to dig a waterfall?

all i have is a black thing no idea wat it is ,wat looks like bat wings and wat looks like pliers all from ist scene once pumpkin landed no idea wat to do now

not sure wat i did but got pumpkin to 2nd scene

got to bit where its sleeping have white pole but i dont get wat u supposed to do,ive prodded every where with the stick

this game sure needs a walk through,ive poked every thing i have from inventory on that hole above the pumpkin sleeping nothing happens

had to go to yahoo images to see wat a liana was here it called ivy no wonder i had no idea wat to do at a certain point.

ive poked stick on wall not enough water coming out to wake pumpkin up wat am i not doing

didnt notice he awake now have a mushroom.

omg and out,that was a pain to play.

How do I get out of first scene?


(in game things are not labelled so may be for some things idk exactly wht they are or may be you called them with other name ..)


on the left of pumpkin there is some sort of stick with black flower on it ..click pumpkin head with it

on the rite of pumpkin ...there is black stone

use stone on the rite side cave wall to get bat (on first up brown thing its the wing of bat )

click pumpkin & roots or some sort of rope on left & your pumpkin move up ..

then use bat on it to go up

take firefly ..open pumpkin head ..put firefly in it

click the pumpkin to go further but it will fall down (dont panic)

get the green vine now & use it on stick on the rite to get it

after taking green vine ,brown stick ..repeat same steps to go up

now you can go to next scene

take a white stick (which is actually string )

get mushroom from rite

wake up sleeping pumpkin by using brown stick above the pumpkin on hole ..water will flow out on pumpkin ..& awake the pumpkin

again use brown stick on the coloured dots on left (actually. .they are balloons )

open any one of them in new window & use white string to inflate it

give balloon to pumpkin & it will go up

next scene use black stone on stone at rite ..rope will go up

click pumpkin..& step on rite ..pumpkin will go up

when you reach to other scene again click pumpkin & steps on left it will move pumpkin

on third step give mushroom to pumpkin

now click on pumpkin & spiky things on rite to go up & atlast you will be out ....)

now i hav auditary hallucination..only wht i can hear is pumpkin..pumpkin ...;0

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The game is unique and fun, thanks for sharing information

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