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Lisa Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough

Lisa Simpson Saw Game

Lisa Simpson Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. The evil Pigsaw is back and will force Lisa to play his twisted game! Good luck and have fun!

Play Lisa Simpson Saw Game
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I'm stuck with Apu at the moment? What about waking him up?

This is going to be a nightmare to play it together. I've collected 18 (!!) items so far and I've just been in 4 rooms!

Marco, I've tried to wake Apu up with the alarm clock, but we need to make it louder.

I stuck with lady gaga! played her song but she said i had to train more! any ideas?

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@kemue23: just too much to tell all... :-)

so big dialogue...

Can the magnetic gun stick the metal head to the statue

match box, oil from kitchen...
dog from dining room...
piggi bank, roller skates, doll, perfume, musical notes and bag from lisa's bed room...

The only little progress:

SPOILERTalk to the scottish man by the school, go right, see the saw, go back, tell the scotsman about the saw, then you can have the ladder. And talk to skinner in front of the school and show him the picture where he is in a bird costume. You'll get a dollar from that.SPOILER

scissors, slingshot, fan, hammer, picture from bart's room...

how to make the alarm clock stronger

I'm stuck, I have no idea how to wake Apu up, the alarm clock isn't working and I guess I need to buy the glue to put the statue head up. I aslo don't know how to get the pig down, all I can do is put the pillow on the ground. I can't sing for gaga or use my sax anywhere

ok I ma,aged to get some glasses for the professor, I talked to milhouse and used the dog to lick him for the glasses

Give the alarm clock to the professor.

i am stuck
any update

got a tape from the girl by using perfume

You can get a martian costume by giving c3pos statue to the comic shop owner

ok I got the pig down.

First I woke apu up, gave him a dollar and got some ice cream which I gave to Ralph, he then gave me his balloon which I filled with oil, I then threw it on the pig and it fell on the pillow

At the cemetery: Put pillow on the ground. Use oil on balloon (that you get from ralph) and use that on the pig. Then you can enter.

in the cemetary I got 25 cents, used it on the caddy machine. Then I used the candy on the potion and on the sling shot, but no clue where to use it yet. I still don't know how to sing to gaga

give the doll to terri and sherri.

given the ice cream to the tired boy..in turn got a water baloon..what next

wht to do with thst boy outside the house ?

Alina: Put some oil in the balloon and use it on the pig.

Raasti: talk to him and ask him for his glasses, he'll ask you for a kiss and use the dog (quickly) on him

Play the sax on the beach in front of the tombstone to see the ghost of bleeding gum

Guys where did u get the potion to put in the candy

then you can play well for gaga and get some money from her

@ aridza ...i cant ask him abt glasses ..there is no option in talk for it ..

ok you first need to talk to the professor and ask about his glasses, you also need to try to take his gun on the table, and then you can get the glasses from the boy.

I'm stuck inside the toy store, I can't get passed the dog

the ghost did play for me three times..but when i tried playing near gaga, its not working.. adriza help

rasti go to the first room, mills is there..you talk to him, he asks you to kiss.. use the dog on him and then u get the glasses

nevermind I passed the dog

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@aridza: HOW!?!?!

how to put the status head

ask the ghost to help you learn how to plya some pop music, then you'll be able to play for gaga well (you probably need to have played for her badly once)

you have to use the super glue you get from apu's shop. go up the ladder, apply the glue to the head, and attach it quickly.

I thought I got it for the dog but I didn't, I can use the alien helmet on the dog but it gets out, I can put the glue on the helmet but it still doesn't work

I got it. You have to apply the glue and use it on the dog REALLY fast.

thx crazed4now, I guess I wasn't fast enough

Glad I could help. ^^
Any luck with the jack in the box? I know it's got something to do with the girl doll, but I can't figure out what the game wants me to do to it...

and what about the clown? I'm guessing we need to combine the dynamite with the doll and light it but it's not working for me

I can put the roller blades on the doll but can't attach the dynamite

Well, I used the hammer on the piggy bank and got the 50 cents to get the balloon, but that's not helping me much right now.
I need sleep before class though, so you're on your own until the others catch up. Good luck!

got it, put the roller blades on then the backpack,then dynamite, light it, close fast and put it on the cross fast

How zo get past the Joker

I have no idea, all I can grab is the flashlight, I'm pretty sure it need to be combine with the batman doll somehow but so far nothing is working for me, I also have a robot let (that can be open), a balloon, a fan to which I can cut the cable and put it back together and the gun

how do I get past the marsian in the toyshop?

pop did it - use the gun real fast

You can look at the batman doll and take the bat sign off, the robot belongs to window in front of joker room but somethings missing. i thought flashlight in robot head and batsign in front. But it isn't working

how do i wake APU??? the clock is not loud enough!!

how to put the robot in front of that window???

My game froze... Not sure if I'll try again. Good luck to you all. Bye

R.M. you need to give glasses to the lab.man then he will fix the clock

take the clock to the professor after you got the glasses for him, he'll make the clock louder

maybe we need batteries for the flashlight, what is that green thing in the joker room?

How do I solve the quiz??? its an awful long dialogue

I still haven't used the fan and the balloon

that's where we are stuck swissmiss, all we can do is zoom on the batman doll, get the bat off it and put it on the flashlight, then we can't use it anywhere

use flashlight with batsign and then use with the window.
Robot with nitroglycerin and then window

Put the batman symbol on the torch and shine the torch through the window.

ahh I see - ty aridza
one can also open the head of the robot!

great find skunk!!!

thanks siobhan - and the nitrogl. goes into the robot

leave the boy alone and place robot at cross for next room

I got chucky and itchy and scratchy

pick up block and attach to balloon - place it on cross closer to the line

Stuck with krusty doll can't move him.
fan on left mark, ballon with wooden block on right mark, stone with slingshot for the balloon but krusty is not in the right place

I need another ball for slingshot - how to defy chucky

stuck there too

Hey, how do you get past the martian? i've got the suit on but don't know what to do next.

i'm finally through

the ball is in the room with chucky swiss miss, it's on the machine, on the left side

use gun on ceiling fan, and then use slingshot to shoot the ballon

where do you put the musical score on the tombstone. Can't get ghost to appear?

how do you get the ball from chucky?

@davies you have to combine the music score and the sax to play

davies you have got to take the music sheet and move it to the sax

how skunk??

you have to badly in front of lady gaga first, then play jazz song in front of the grave

what's the prob aridza?

Use the gun on the ceiling fan.

can anyone help me with the martian please?

eliking I think you have to shoot him real fast

Go in the room and click the helmet when it is on the ground

any help how to get past chucky for the ball

you need to cut the cable of the fan swiss, then use the cable on the machine, connect it to the lever (while unplugged) then plug it back in, go to the left side of the machine to pick up the ball, chucky will wake up and push you then he'll get electrocuted by the lever, don't forget to get the cable back and reattach it to the fan with the tape

you have to wair the martian costume to do so

I replayed and I'm stuck now where eliking is... Swiss Miss said that you have to use the gun quickly. The magnetizing gun? Doesn't work for me. Help please.

@swissmiss that's what i've been trying...

@skunk - thank you! :)

@eliking: did you get rid of the martian? So is it the magnetizing gun? I'm wearing the costume already. Anything else to do with the costume before wearing it?

use repaired fan on left cross mark
combine ballon and wooden block and use tmen on right cross mark
then use gun on ceiling fan und slingshot with stone on ballon aridza

aridza - thanks - what a complicated way `!

escapism - sorry - thats what I thought I did:)

escapism, don't use the gun just click on the helmet on the ground

thanks skunk and swissmiss

I got it Skunk and I'm out!

@Swiss Miss: Just the plain costume and then shooting the martian with the magnetizing gun? Doesn't work for me, maybe I'm just too slow. :-(

im out too, good luck to the rest

Ahhh, ok, thanks skunk!! No shooting!!!

and out as well - luckily the math was not so difficult

sorry Escapism !

No problem, swiss miss... :-)

But I'm having a constant problem with the game, been stuck for a while (the game freezes, not helpful for the quick actions), and now the game started new by itself! That's it for me.


i can't play the game, it says File not found

Firefox can't find the file at http://www.inkagames.com/flash_games/lisa_simpson_saw_game_.html.

am I the only one with this problem?

it works in internet explorer...

Please, where is the fan that I need to cut the cable off?

Pop! I overlooked the fan a million times! (Found it in Bart's room).

Do you help me ??? I need code the door . I have the numer : 1*7 , 6-4 , 5*1 , 9-2 (Homer , Maggie , Marge , Bart). If somebody writting the code I will happy.

Do you help me ??? I need code the door . I have the numer : 1*7 , 6-4 , 5*1 , 9-2 (Homer , Maggie , Marge , Bart). If somebody writting the code I will happy.

How to play the sax in front of the tombstone, its not working

Pop! I overlooked the fan a million times! (Found it in Bart's room).


Use the sheet music from Lisa's room on the sax whilst in front of the grave


Look at the tablet on the floor, it gives the order of which goes first

Oh, and it is + or - not *

how to get rid of the sleeping dog?


Put glue on the dome that you got from the alien and very quickly put it over the dog (glue only works for a very short time and then it dries, so you gotta be quick)

how do you take the stone from chuck?

i'm all alone here, aren't i?

Oh yay! I love these, trying to catch up!


Aridza gave a good explanation earlier. It is quite complicated but you have to cut the cable of the fan, put the wire end over the lever then plug it in. When you go to take the stone, Chuckie gets fried. Unplug the wire and remove it and put it back on the fan

How do you put the oil from the kitchen on the balloon to get the pig down?

I can't ask the ghost to teach me pop music for gaga??

you just combine the oil with the balloon.

and it is the water balloon you got from kid after giving him ice-cream - not the balloon you bought

nevermind.. you don't use the oil on the red balloon that you got from the clown, you use it on the balloon you get from the hot boy after giving him an ice cream

Any help for how to get passed the quiz part??

I already flew my balloon without Krusty being in the right spot. What do I do?

just started, and wow, a gazillion things to pick up in just the first few minutes alone.

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I started the balloon with the little guy first and can't take it back to electrocute the child. Does that mean the game is over for me?


- unfortunately, NO SAVE option available...! :-/
- START: teleporter MAP in inventory
(after leaving a place on map & going back, you'll be teleported to the same scene you left)
- don't miss to get thru all talking options & fails for funny stuff
(fail on purpose to reveal some HINTS...!)
- final code SOLUTION at the bottom

- SAXOPHONE on couch (living room)
- go left
- bottle of OIL on counter (kitchen)
- MATCHBOX on floor (kitchen)
- go right
- SANTA'S little helper (dog) behind most left chair (dining room)
- go down in HALL
- go
- BACKPACK bottom left on floor
- musical SCORE on music stand
- PERFUME on dresser
(use it on yourself for info:
«this scent is pretty strong, although it lasts only 10 seconds»...!)
- PILLOW & DOLL on bed
- ALARM CLOCK & PIGGY bank on night table
- exit room & go right to
- SLINGSHOT bottom left
- SCISSORS bottom left on floor
- FAN left of shelf
- C3PO action FIGURE in top shelf
- HAMMER in bottom shelf
- PICTURE from frame on night table
- go back downstairs & down
- talk to MILHOUSE (LOL!)
- teleport to

- try to buy CANDY: smash piggy bank with hammer for 50 CENTS, but
- candy DISPENSER only takes 25 cents...
- talk to LADY GAGA (haha!)
- enter mart
- note on shelves: flashlight, super glue, insulating tape...
(you should pay APU, before taking anything...)
- try to wake up Apu with talk (mouth) & alarm clock - no way...
- exit mart
- teleport to

- talk to BUMBLEBEE MAN (balloon seller, 3rd option)
- buy a BALLOON with the 50 cents you have from smashed piggy bank
- talk to principal SKINNER (3. option)
- offer him a deal by showing him the picture
(Skinner in a bird costume LOL)
- deal OK: get 1 DOLLAR
- go left
- talk to one of the twins (2nd option)
- offer them a deal (doll against torn musical store)
- deal OK (cut-scene)
- go 2x right
- try to take ladder - no way...
- talk to WILLY (2nd option)
- go right
- note Willy's saw (cut-scene)...
- note also metal head on crates...
- don't touch head or go further or mess with the guys
(or try it to see, what will happen...! ;-P), but go back to
- talk to Willy again (3rd option)
- watch CUT-SCENE
- now you can take LADDER
- go right & tak METAL HEAD
- go right
- talk to RALPH (2nd & 3rd option)
- go right
- don't go further or mess with FRANCINE
(or better do it - step between the red lines on ground to see, what will happen...! ;-P)
- USE perfume (on yourself)
- quickly go to the right side (behind red line on ground)
- take DUCT TAPE
- USE perfume again
(you may wait till USE option is available again...!)
- quickly go back (behind red line on ground) & to Ralph
- teleport to

- enter store
- talk to SALESMAN (2nd option)
- offer him a deal (C3PO action figure against Martian COSTUME)
- deal OK
- teleport to

- enter lab
- try to take stuff left on middle sideboard - no way...
- talk to Professor FRINK (3rd option)
- teleport to

- talk to Milhouse (2nd option)
- 2 SECONDS: quickly use Santa's as kissing substitute (eeew LOL!) for GLASSES
- teleport back to

- give Milhouse's glasses to Prof. Frink
- now you can take Anti-Mutant FORMULA & magnetizing GUN on sideboard
- give alarm clock to Professor for an AMPLIFIED one (cut-scene)
- teleport to

- put torn musical score parts together & use duct tape to fix them for Lady Gaga's TUNE «The Edge of Glory»
- use Edge-tune on saxophone & play it to Lady Gaga, but fail...
(use score on sax)
- enter mart
- use amplified alarm clock at Apu (cut-scene)
- talk to Apu (1st option)
- give him 1 dollar for an ICECREAM (cut-scene)
- exit mart
- teleport to

- give icecream to Ralph to cool him down
- talk to him again (2. option)
- get empty BALLOON
- teleport to

WT Part 2


- note statue without head...
- talk to MAYOR QUILBY (3rd option)
- try to put head on statue: Oops! ;-D
(use ladder on statue, climb ladder & put head on statue)
- step down ladder & teleport to

- talk to PIG on top of gate (LOL!)
- talk to CLETUS the DOORMAN (3rd & 2nd option)
- put pillow on first plate at left side (under pig)
- put oil in empty balloon
- throw balloon filled with oil at pig called Leopold 8-D (cut-scene)
- talk to doorman again (3rd option)
- enter cemetery
- take 25 CENTS in grass right of tomb
- play Jazz tune «Sax on the Beach» to reveal GHOST of Bleeding Gumps Murphy
(use score on sax)
- talk to ghost (3rd option)
(don't miss the other options! 8-D)
- now you can play Pop tunes, too...! (cut-scene)
- teleport to

- play Lady Gaga's tune again (cut-scene) for 20 DOLLARS
- buy a CANDY with your 25 cents
- enter mart
- teleport to

- LOOK at glue (apply & attach before 3 seconds...!)
- climb up ladder
- GRAB glue & put in on metal head
- (3 seconds:) quickly put head on statue
(when you're too slow, glue will dry & you have to repeat procedure)
- step down ladder
- talk to Mayor again (2nd or 3rd option) for KEY to the City
(3rd option, if you didn't talk all options before...)
- teleport to

WT Part 3

This comment has been removed by the author.


- try to open DOOR (fist): it's locked...
- open door with key
- note ALIEN inside...
- USE Martian costume to disguise yourself
- enter building

- when Alien puts its HELMET on, quickly grab it
(you may click it several times...)
- take DOLL
- LOOK at doll & take BATMAN SYMBOL ;-D
- go right

- choose either 2. trick or 1. treat
- Oops! You need to use some science to defeat PUMPKIN...

- put Anti-Mutant formula on candy
- load slingshot with candy
- go right

- choose 1. TREAT
- 5 SECONDS: quickly shoot Anti-Mutant candy using slingshot at Pumpkin
- Abracadabra! Now it's a common pumpkin (mwahahahahah!)
- take girl DOLL & DYNAMITE (bottom right)
- go right

- better not messing with the DOG...
- GRAB glue & put it on helmet
- (3 seconds:) quickly put helmet over dog
- take MATCH top right of dog
- go right: Oops! ;-P
- LOOK at girl doll & put rollerblades & backpack on it
- put dynamite in backpack
- light match on matchbox & light dynamite
- quickly put doll on CROSS on floor
- watch CUT-SCENE (mwahahahahah!)
- go right

- take ROBOT behind box
- go right

- Oops! Project sth that scares JOKER... (long convo)
(fail more than once for funny stuff ;-D)

- put Batman symbol on flashlight
- use Bat-flashlight on little window left of passage
- watch CUT-SCENE LOL!
- go right

- take NITROGLYCERINE on floor under right (Joker's) wall escape ;-D
- go right

- try to take stone on LINE - oops!
Set an ingenious trap:
- cut PLUG of fan with scissors
- use plug on LEVER
- only now plug in plug in ;-D machine OUTLET
- try to take stone again: CUT-SCENE
- finally get STONE
- plug out plug & take it BACK! (lever)
- go right

- Oops again!

- LOOK at robot & open it (head)
- put nitro in head
- put robot on CROSS on floor
- watch CUT-SCENE
- go right

- take wooden BLOCK (bottom right)
- go right

- fix fan: put plug back at fan & fix it with insulating tape
- put fixed fan on LEFT CROSS on floor (turn it on - automatically ;-D)
- put wooden block on balloon
- put balloon with block on RIGHT CROSS on floor (cut-scene)
- load slingshot with stone
- use magnetizing gun on ceiling fan
- 3 SECONDS: quickly shoot with loaded slingshot at balloon
- block will fall down on ceiling fan switch
- Krusty doll is K.O.
- go right

- watch CUT-SCENE
3 MINUTES to solve final CODE:
- take PLATE on floor in front
- look at POSTER under TV for HINT (symbols for maths)
- do the maths above each Simpson family member as per poster hint
- put obtained 4 numbers in order as per plate hint
- put in CODE in KEYPAD right of closed passage
(click left ENTER/OK sign at the end)
- watch OUTRO




- changes each new game, therefore
- dot = plus (addition)
- triangle = minus (substraction)
- order of calculations (Bart-Marge-Maggie-Homer)
Family at wall:
3+5 / 9-4 / 7+2 / 5-3 =
- in order:


Waow premiere ! thanks a lot for WT, very very useful because I was stuck :)

This was a *really* cute and funny game, up until I had to try to glue the statue's head back on! I've done it in about 1.5 seconds about a dozen times, and it still falls off. Not fun.

Funny thing is, I was getting frustrated with how long it's been taking Lisa to walk anywhere, and then *I* have to be faster than fast to continue. Could we make it at least *five* seconds, guys??

I guess I'll watch a video walkthrough to see the rest of the game... Sigh.

I can't put glue on the helmet to put over the dog. My cursor starts moving on its own and when I eventually pick up the glue, it won't let me use it then pick up the helmet. I'm having to give up and this is the second time I've played with the same thing happening :(

painful game...inconsistent controls and slow dialog. definitely a time-waster.

Nice game , had trouble with acting fast enough !
Thank you premiere for the excellent WT , needed help a couple of times LOL

je ne comprend pas comment il faut faire pour liberer homer marge...

were do you get the balloon from premiere

This comment has been removed by the author.

how do get the pieces of the notes together the one sherri and terri tore

oh and how do you het into the toy shop

where is ralph help

How do you work out the code

How do you work out the code

How do you get the bottle of oil inside the balloon?

is chucky the robot your talking about premiere ? please help me premiere or someone else gmail me at lizziduffy09@gmail.com please put it of what its for and whos it from please thanks

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