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May 30, 2018

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Escape from Mr. Y's Room 1+ Walkthrough

Escape from Mr. Y's Room 1+

[REPLAY] Tesshie - Escape from Mr.Y's Room 1+ is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e. In this game, you are trapped in a dining room and you need to escape from there by finding and using items and by solving several puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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lets check it out

Stuck looking for tool to make holes for boat.

Need clue for number/shape puzzle. Have tube, battery, wood, saw (used), lever (used), four color bottles (used), matches, candle, nail, syringe, and SD.

Tesshi-Eeeeeeh!!! (screaming in a very high tone pitch. Did I mention that I'm a fan?)

well you guys have a lot, just have stick, battery, yellow bottle and syringe :( and no clues at all lol

You can make the little birdies cry...

Anyone solved the blue box? I've stuck on it for almost half an hour...

Thaznks jack, just found it myself lol, have sd candle and screw now

Stuck on the blue box as well. Can help up to that point.

missing clubs number

Going in with you now!

Clubs number is behind "ART TREE" painting.

stuck as hell, didnt find other bottles, matches, lever saw wood... damn

thanks twassel, but i cant get it down

How to bend the metal tube?

for the shapes box you need all 4 bottles, then count the shapes
I try to open the drill for insert the battery

Adding up the number of shapes doesn't help.


Sabine, I have the bottles, but please explain "count the shapes".

Ignace, make the birdies "tear" (cry), and notice what happens to the letters.

ops... the drill don't need a battery

if you pour the bottles in the container and they are empty, you can see shapes at the bottles... count the squares, circles a.s.o... then put the numbers of them in the shapes box

And out, easy one.

And out!

Guys, how did you bend the tube?

I thought the octagon on the red bottle was a circle. D'oh!!!

Can't find the happy coin. hint on hippo, "clock" but don't get it

Urban, use the battery.

POP, this is where you use the battery :)

bent the tube with the battery...
I have the final key... now searching for the happy coin =)

Happy coin is in blue box, but still don't get the code. thought about 1345 1445 0145 0245 but no

thx again, now missing one more bottle lol

and I found the happy coin... an easy Tesshi-e this time... but cute as always

@drisana: CB with three dials, use mirrored CLOCK clue (180 degrees different than the first hint)

happy coin isn't in blue box @Drisana... it's in the safe with the liquid container... you have to open it with the clock time upside down

Thx, got it and out ;)

how do I get the picture down. Can't find a clue.

@evans: the name of the picture -> crying birds give clue (you have to open birds CB)

Grrreat game!! Nearly out on my own, just saw the hint for the birds, the rest was pretty much straight forward.

Out, easy one . is not a helpful comment for those of us stuck. clue behind painting does not help either if you can't get it down. Please, we lame ducks need a little more help.

Feeling stupid. Missing a whole lot of things. If someone could give me a hint where the diamonds number is? Thanks!

Could someone pls write a Quickthrough? Would be very gentle! I'm stuck aswell and don't know what I can do anymore.

@evans: click on the ducks until they cry.. then the box opens... the letters are in the corners now... click the corners of the picture according the letters on this box... and use the two words below the picture as your hint

Thanks Urban. finally got picture down. have found clue on back of card but can't get # for green bottle.

@meritneith - diamond number is behind left couch cushion.

@meritneith: the diamond number is behind the left cushion on the sofa

@Sabine: Thank you! Feeling very stupid now... I had seen it before but didn't notice it down. Urg.

@evans: use all 4 numbers from diamond, heart, spade and club as on the hint on the card... two numbers x two numbers... I don't remember the order, but its obvious

i can`t find the saw. Where is it???

YW @meredith... don't feel stupid, that happens also to me, if I don't write it down immediately ;-)

wow, I feel useless today. I cannot figure out how to get bottle off stand with credit card.

@heiky: I'm not sure if I remember right, but isn't the saw in the wooden statue on the shelf? the colors you get after you poured the 4 bottles in the container...

And thank you Twin2!

Duh, I was adding 2 #s first and them X. Still can't find saw.

Evans use the hint on the card.
spades clubs (74) x (times) diamond heart (52) = ????

where is 4th bottle?

@evans: have you read my comment?
I still have my numbers:

where's the lever???

i am missing the 4th bottle too...

which bottle are you searching for? do you have the yellow one from behind the plant?

I have yellow, blue and green

I have yellow, cyan and green

Can someone spoil the three dial white cupboard?

Well, I'm looking for the red bottle, the lever and the matches.


SP2O9I5LER, think clockwise

or maybe the red one from behind the small door? you get the key from the poured blue bottle...

meitneith, I need all those too.

What goes into the hole behind the picture?

the matches you get after you filled all 4 bottles in the container... and the lever is also behind that small door

ok... I've told you now where to find the red bottle, lever and matches... the lever is for that whole behind the pic @hairbone

Haha, I took a closer look at the yellow and the cyan bottle, found nothing and didn't thought there could be a hint by looking at the last bottle! Thank you again. Or should I thank you after getting out, I think I will need more help on this blond day.

Good grief, it was as simple as not knowing there was a key in the blue bottle.
Out now. thanks for all the help.

How do we get the lucky coin? Clue on hippo, but I get nowhere trying to follow it...

Hi, I can't figure out how to open the safe with the dials, I read to mirror the clock but still can't get it, can I have some help please?

@meritneith: I'm sure you'll get it all now, I guess there are also helpful hints above for the last steps... at least I hope so, because I have to hurry up... my little boy wants to get picked up from school ;-)

@aridza: you only have to mirror it for the happy coin... at first you have to put it in according to the clock... hour at 2, minute at 9 and second at 5

Nevermind I just saw the spoiler, I swear I tried that many times and didn't do anything until now

POP! clue orientation is a clue!

Finally out! Thank you all and especially Sabine!

im going inn ...let see when i stuck..

ok im stuck ...hav 3 bottels ,bent rod,wood piece,candle syringe ,screw ..hippo still hanging ..small hint will be appreciated key from bottle

just not getting it, please post spoiler for happy coin

Happy coin spoiler:

As far as I can remember: H:08, M:15, S:55

how to cut wood ?

WT please !

Where's the battery, please? I can't find it anywhere...

@raast: I think you did get the knife/saw for the wood when opening the 4 colors safe.

@Sonia: batterie is on back of clock.

Oh, I finally found it! Silly me...

I can't even figure out how to find cyan bottle! Help please! (Prefer a hint, not a spoiler). I have syringe, battery, screwdriver, yellow and green bottles (both empty), screw, candle, board, and metal tube (bent).

i got out without any help but without happy coin ....but im still happy (lot of T in a sentence LOL

Oh, and I have the card, have it inserted already (that's why I forgot to mention it in first post!)

@Andrea: the cyan bottle is secured to a device. You need a number for it. For the number you need the four symbols (spades, heart etc.). Then you need the maths for the number. Have you examined your card properly?

OH DUH, thank you! Didn't look at the card, and forgot I had seen that bottle :) Also forgot where I had seen the heart number!

@Andrea: :-) I'm happy that I could help...

how do i put a hole in the boat?

@DPotts: with a drill, it was in the blue safe

no wonder.. i need to open that still. i should drink some coffee......

Tesshi-e the definition of fun.Best escape games ever!

cant sombody make a WT please ?

its written we have to wait with a complete WT until 21st november...
but there are so many hints and spoilers... read through and you'll get all

How to light the match

How to light the match

Tjo, that was a fierce one. Without all the clues from everyone here, I would never have escaped. Tesshi is back and on form :)

You can only light it once all the parts are put together. Just pull the matchbox onto the candle

Maybe I'm stupid, but I understand the clu not for the painting

After you've made the birds cry, the letters move away from each other


Those are now the 'names' of the corners of the picture (T top left, R top right etc)

How do you get the hippo down? I opened the cupboard and it says it is too small to get into

Ok, I think I am going to need the boat to get the hippo down. Trying to find some water. thought I could get it out of the vase but no luck

Pop.. to get water, put handle in spot behind painting

To get hippo down, you have to make the boat first.

Thanks RCA !!

hi all :-) how can i coil the metal bar? i didn't read it.

To coil the wire, open it and use the battery you got from the clock on it (don't forget to take the battery back)

THX Momma!!!!!!

hi all :-) how can i coil the metal bar? i didn't read it.

Out with no help, and got the happy coin!! Great game if I can do that.

I absolutely love TESSHI-e games , and now my day will be happy with the happy coin :) Thanks Mild escapes for the great games you bring us all

use the battery to bend the tub.

please heal with de picture y cant fall down!!!

Use the tear configuration to spell out ART TREE for the picture T is top left

yes but please tellme exactly de numbers and the order

You have to open the crying birds for the order. Click on all three birds to make them cry.

@ unknown



so ART TREE is

bottom rite ,top rite ,top left ,top left ,top rite,bottom left ,bottom left

For you Unknown :-)



@ unknown just make the birds cry with tears will giv you hint for pic

tancks!!!!!!!!! out

       Anonymous  11/16/12, 1:49 PM  

I escaped with the happy coin and I didn't need help (I think it's the first time it happens for me in a Mild Escape game).

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Wow, this was pretty easy!

how to make boat? Cut wood with saw. Made two holes with drill. Can't place candle or bent wire... What am I doing wrong?

Okay now put screw first, then candle then wire. Still won't light with match?

Oh, syringe has gas? Put that then match. Tricky

How do I open the coloured squares wooden thing??

Duh. nevermind - it was the order of the colours in the glass whatsit inside the safe when you poured the bottles in.

Syringe is used to get water from the thin cupboard. Turn lever to get water, fill syringe, use on "boat".

5 stars as always - thanks Tesshi-e!

WT (thanks to all the contributors):

- Get metal tube from flower pot.
- Solve TEAR puzzle by making all three birds cry. Obtain SD. Combine letter clue with painting name to solve painting clue. Spoiler. Get board and green liquid.
- Notice the time on the clock (and take out the battery behind it), then open the CB in the order of hour(H), minute(M) and second(S). Spoiler. Get card beneath the cylinder.
- Get yellow liquid from behind plant pot and syringe behind sofa cushion.
- Obtain screw and candle from drawer.
- Combine clue from card with numbers from symbols. Insert card into device, then enter the answer to get blue liquid.
- Pour blue liquid (along with others if you want to) into the cylinder, then find spade key inside the bottle. Use key to open door beside CB, then get red liquid and lever.
- Pour all liquid into cylinder to get answer for color puzzle, obtain saw (plus matches from beneath the cylinder again).
- Check out all the shapes found on each bottle (click on the bottles to get accurate hints), then enter the answer on shapes puzzle to get drill.
- Insert lever into hole behind painting, then activate it. Fill syringe with water.
- Starting with the board, follow the instructions in the book to make a Pon Pon Ship. Combine tube with battery to bend it.
- Place completed ship on water, then wait for it to burn the rope. Get hippo on the floor, collect heart key and escape for normal end.
- To get coin end, look at the hippo again. Something is written, which gives hints to get happy coin. Spoiler. SCOUNDREL you! :P

You were well aware of the fact that they all have spoilt us up to the top of our heads in the thought of using batteries in devices, then using batteries in other devices, so sometimes carrying 1 or 2 batteries all around the whole area to get some puzzles solved.

BUT...THIS WAS SNEAKY. Bloody heck.

*Using* a battery just like you would use a round piece of thin wood.

You may crack laughing now at everybody who was desperately trying to find a pair of pliers or so...(me too, for sure...)

Weird game idea, and weird music (lol).
Keep that up, it was great fun.

Always a pleasure.
Thank you Tesshi for these outstanding games!

caught this one from the random section

had to play in Chrome, as in my favourite browser FF, game never finishes to load (dunno exactly why...)

thx for all your creations, Tesshi ☺
& thx Shunko for the WT

This was absolutely lovely!!! Thank you TESSHI-e.

You have to see the hint on the hippo before the clock numbers will work for the happy coin. Turn the clock 180 degrees, don't mirror.

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