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Spongebob Saw Game Walkthrough

Spongebob Saw Game

Spongebob Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by InkaGames. The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Gary, and Spongebob will have to rescue him before it's too late. Good luck and have fun!

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Lotta new games today

Finally out of the house

good so far - struck trying to open the flying dutchman's chest, get the dollar from plankton's lab, and trying to do anything with the jellyfish...

got it - gosh, 1st time through, game was buggy and prevented something...

oh! i luv these games... going in!

i think it is a REPLAY...

whats the code for the bathroom closet??

code - use oil on sink then turn the water on

got out of house now what?

what do i do now?

hi mak, did u find the teleport map outside the house?

how do you make the medallion fit?

yup i did find the teleportation map

I can't get into the chest in the ship.


spoiler for jelly fish and dollar bill~~


i am stuck on the medallion too

I used the rubber gloves on battery from plankton's lab, and then recharged the battery with the jellyfish.

oh my god,hey try talking to vicky

after the batteries died

i need to reflect Neptune's beam too, on Pigsaw Island.
i put the shell on the shield, and i think i need something else too, but i gtg now.
have fun!

use flashlight in the ship basement

put shell and crown on shield

what now?what should i give to the boat man?

give the boatman the doubloon.to get the doubloon use cowbar from squidwards storage on the boat steering

IM stuck on the puzzle of the star night goddes rainmaker and lightning

YAY i got it

oh wow a live inka going in

Hmm according to note should be lightning, moon sun rain but won't work what am I missing??

i'm stuck there too marc

@Kevaus, don't bother with the clous just click them in order.....

do you mean cloud ??

red, pink, blue, green from the top going clockwise for the gems

It's Moon, Sun, Rain, Lightning

ty papas !

Everyone is obviously very far ahead of me. I used the balloon 'arms' to get past the guard at Pigshaw's and have combined the two notes but am unable to work out how to open the door

lightning, sun, moon, rain for me.

overthinking it is just using the numbers that are green'd out from smallest to largest

How to get past Neptune? Nothing seems to work, have got the crown and shell on shield but cant put gems on it. Help please

give spogebob the shield b4 u go in

Must be a bug, Spongebob doesnt seem to want my shield. Is there anything else I need to do to the shield other than put the shell & crown on it. Dont really want to have to start again :-(

can't seem to get the sun moon lightning thing right... my note says "then I summoned the rain maker right after I addressed the electric force not before I calmed the night goddess and the luminous star" have tried a lot of options, but nothing seems to work...

@warf25 you have to click on the shield as soon as you enter

Mine was the same note and I got sun, lightening, moon, rain (moon and rain may have been the other way around though)

HA! Thanks Amy, swear I tried that before and it didnt work, couldnt have been fast enough

The gems are also different for each one. Just look at the pocket watch you picked up at the entrance and it gives the colours.

Currently stuck trying to get past the big guy. I put the wrecking ball through but nothing else seems to want to go onto that hook

@RSA Momma Cyndi: You can put the anchor on the hook as well, but doesn't seem to make any difference

and the anchor is possible on the hook too.. but can't seem to do anything with it

THere is a lever in the room!!! :)

aah, thanks Rudi, I don't have an anchor so I obviously need to go look for one - I'm sure that prop-arm must be used here but maybe after the anchor?

The anchor was in the office of the Krusty Krab

First the wrecking ball, then the anchor!

Ran right into the anchor :)

Damn everything from my inventory is gone, except SD. Well I'm not playing it again.... Inka games were never buggy until now....

And out!

What a fickle snail :)
That was a lot of fun

For the last step: don't use the arm before you assemble something else!

Well I am very far behind by the looks of it... The main things I think I need to do are 1- Find key to go into Squidwards. 2- Open chest on the ship. 3- Need a helmet to get into Sandys dome. 4- Get the snail back lol... Anyone have any clues for me please?? :)

Oh hang on... Just tried Patricks home again and I can go in now lol :)

There we go... Give Patrick the doll and he gives you the key to squidwards! Moving on...

Now I can't get into pigsaws castle... I have a piece of paper with three marks on it which I guess are to do with the door

Still can't get into the castle! What am I missing??

A HA! Found the other note in Squidwards house! LOL how did I miss that!

Hi Jo! Just starting, found a snail shell and a mermaidman in the house, cannot do anything else. how to go outside the house?

Hi faltu... I am still not out myself lol. Where are you up to now?

In the house, cannot find oil.

I need a key to pigsaws door...

Hi guys, I'm stuck at the paper, I got;
Then I summoned the luminous star right after I addressed the rain maker not before I calmed the night goddess and the electric force.

I've tried moon, thunder, rain and sun, didn't work so I tried thunder moon rain and sun but still nothing, I tried a bunch of other combinasions but none worked, could someone help please?

Hi all, playing to and hope my comments stay.
Let's see if I can help.

Comments don't stay :(

Pop found it.

The oil was in the kitchen I think and you need the screwdriver to get it I believe. I will wait for you and you can tell me how to open this locked door I am stuck at LOL

nevermind I was tying too hard, just had to follow the oder on the paper and not think about making sens of what comes first, so mine is sun, rain, moon and thunder

Jo I am far behind.. you will escape yourself just use pop lol.

Hi aridza. Maybe try: Sun, rain, moon and lightning

For me, I pressed the sun where it said star

Sorry I was too late helping @ aridza and faltu! :)

There is a harpoon (or something) on the lounge wall. If you twist it, a hook appears on the floor. You have to tilt the fish by clicking on the anchor and then open its mouth using the other anchor. That will give you the door key

and I'm out, I'll stick around for a bit if you guys need help

I done a bit of work, now back! I need help finding the key to pigsaws door in the castle please :D

POP got it... replace the gear and chain next to the door and it will lift up hatch to reveal key

On the last bit now, can use the props arm to press the plankton guys button... But reading above it seems I have to assemble something else first

Yes you have to assemble the hook with something else in your inventory to you've already used to protect yourself from the electricity

How to open the chest in ship, I've used the flashlight at the basement, but cannot do anything there.

use the flashlight on the hanging.

Faltu- After using flashlight put the coin into his hands (on the wall) and that will open chest

Aridza, thanks! Just noticed you have to add the gloves to the hook, not the hook to the gloves lol :)

Finally out!! LOL only took me a few hours (doing other bits as well mind you).

Erm was not expecting a message like that @ Inbal, not sure what to say about it?

I've already lost my coin to the boatman, and used the flashlight.

There should be a medallion coin with a pirate on it.

Thank you RSA, but I don't have that one, can you remember where to find that one.

I am totally stuck in the house. All I have is the action figure and everything is locked in my own house! LOL

It was on the ground somewhere, it may have been in front of one of the houses - sorry.

Jenn, downstairs twist a picture, that'll bring a hook in the floor.

Faltu, the coin was outside Sandys tree dome :)

Got it, thanks RSA and JO.

You ok faltu? I have left the game open in case you need more help lol

Buggy game, i lost all my stuff after getting threw pigsaw door ....

I am at the room with plankton, thanks JO.

Sorry to hear that Jerome, someone else mentioned that it happened to them as well.

Faltu, either you are out or you are asleep on the seafloor lol

Ohhh there you are!! So nearly out then :D

Out now, thanks for all the help.

Lol Jo, my bad habbit not to refresh very often :)

Brilliant! Today is one of the rare occasions I've finished one of these without peeping on here once! Sorry to hear some people experienced bugs, I know how annoying that can be, but the game went smoothly for me.


Twist the harpoon on the wall to the right of the kitchen entrance
Click left anchor on the giant anchovy on the wall
Click right anchor
Get shell

Use shell on chest
Get sock, karate glove and screwdriver

Use screwdriver on the stove
Get oil

Take action figure
Use oil on sink tap and turn tap on
Look at mirror for code
Use code on bathroom cupboard for door key

Take the teleporter map from right of house

Take cog on floor

Take clue paper from behind left pillar
Speak to Squidward

Mr Krabs office
Talk to Mr Krabs
Take shell from by the bottom of the fan

Go inside and talk to Vicky and ask for the dollar
Take the battery

Take the rubber gloves from the left of the house
Check the pink shell

Combine the rubber gloves and the battery and get the big jellyfish to charge it

Replace the battery and get the dollar

‘speak’ to the house and Patrick will open for you
Speak to Patrick and give him the doll that you got from Spongebob’s bath to get the key


Living room
Take the clue note from the left of the counter
Take the flashlight from the counter top

Take broken bike, crowbar and wrench


Give Mr Krabs the dollar
Take the anchor and the fan
“look’ at the fan and use the screwdriver to remove the blades
‘look’ at the bike and use the wrench to remove the front wheel and replace it with the fan blades
Give the bike to Squidward
Take the bowl

Take the medallion

Speak to the citizen
Go up the rope

Take acorn shaped metal plate
Go left

Wheel deck
Give the Dutchman the sock
Use the crowbar to get the golden doubloon from the wheel
Go right twice

Rear deck
Take the metal plugs
Go down

Below decks
Take the shield behind the barrel and the metal wheel in front of it
Use the flashlight on the hanging piece of paper – a figure should appear on the wall
Use the medallion that you got from Sandy’s house on the figure on the wall
Go upstairs and right

Captain’s quarters
Get 4 gems, a note and a crown shaped plate

Combine the metal wheel from the below decks on the flying Dutchman with the acorn shaped metal from the first deck of the flying Dutchman
Put that on the door – still can’t open
Put the metal plugs that were just outside the captain’s quarters of the flying Dutchman onto the door – should open now
Use the fishbowl you got from the Krusty Krab and go inside
Talk to Sandy
Give her the karate gloves and take the balloons that she drops

Speak to the boatman and give him the gold doubloon you got from the wheel of the Flying Dutchman

Take the watch on the left of the door
Note the snail clue on the right
Blow up the balloons and talk to the guard then use the balloon arms
Combine the two paper clues (one from the restaurant in the Krusty Krab and the other from Squidward’s house) Look at what numbers are under the green’d out part. Using the clue from the snail sign next to the door, put the code into the keypad – door should open
‘look’ at the shield and put the gold crown shaped plate and the pink shell onto it

As soon as you enter click on the shield that you just assembled, take the star and go forward

Gem Room
Take the wrecking ball
Look at the watch you picked up outside
Place the gems in the same order as they appear on the watch – the door should open

Star Room
Move forward until you see a missing star shape. Put the star you picked up in Neptune’s room in and the lights go on and the door opens

Elements Room
Take the gaff hook
Look at the clue you got from the captain’s treasure trunk and light up the symbols in the order that they appear on the note – don’t over think it

Gear Room
Take the large gear and put it on the left most side attach the belt if it came lose and push the button on the right side of the door
Take the key
Attach the small gear you found outside the Krusty Krab to the most right side that you can (under the bar across the door), take the belt and put it so that it is attached to the small gear. Push the button on the right of the door again and use the key

Computer Room
Take the ‘props arm’
Do the puzzle on the computer so that all of the squares are over the clown faces

Winch Room
Look through the small window on the left of the opposite door
Place the wrecking ball that you got from the gem room onto the hook and pull the lever on the left side of the door you entered from
Pull the lever again to get the hook back and put the anchor you got from Mr Krabs’ office onto it
Pull the lever one last time to send it to the other room
Go right twice

Evil Plankton Room
Combine the rubber gloves and the hook from the elements room
Use the props arm on the button in the front of the plankton spaceship then quickly use the glove/hook combination on the wires at the top

WOW well done RSA!! :)

Lost all my inventory after clicking on monitor. Awesome!

Hi Jo.C
I've been very diligently avoiding work this afternoon :) Nice to have something that makes you look busy when you aren't

Played in Chrome (twice) and didn't have any problems. It is rare for an Inka game to have bugs but it happens. Sad to hear as it was a nice game

LOL, I know what you mean... I think that sometimes, as long as my boss hears the keyboard going, he thinks i'm working ;)

Oh and I also played in Chrome and had no problems :)

Played in Chrome and I lost all my inventory after playing the monitor game.

What are the two parts to the shield?

great game as always , i enjoyed very much
thank you inkagames
and thank you RSA for the great WT !!

Then I summoned the lightning force
right after I adressed the night goddness
not before I calmed the rain maker
and the luminous star

I can't seem to find the rubber gloves..

how can i put code in keypad at the entrance

still can't open that damn door

What is the password for the cabient in the bathroom? Can anyone please tell me!

how to walkthrough fro the house

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