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Kal Escape 1

Kal Escape 1 aka Go Home 1 is another point and click type room escape game by Kaerubiyori. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun!

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Missing last bear I think from the 4 digit drawer, but have no idea what´s the code.

Roberto Im thinking code may come from flicking thru and putting together the red and blue things..

This is the code for 3 buttons box on shelf.

OH LOL Im totally lost...

I am not getting anything here. where did you get bears from?

LOL, the "bears" are frogs! Still stuck, got one only

Frogs? lol. Looks like bears!

That clue in lock draw???


means try...

have rope from present and two yellow #s 6 and 8, also arrow box now says S=E What on earth?

Sorry, actually they are frogs.

Use magnet on compass to get another frog.

I would use rope on magnet if I had a magnet. where is it?

I think the clue note on shelf means 2013 is the serpent year in chinese zodiac. So, something to do with clue in drawer (2025 - serpent year) and (1987 - rabbit year) and the clock.

Combine the key and rope to get magnet.

Sure read more carefully eh? Ok got magnet but can't figure out compass for frog.

follow the shelf positions on shelf from top to bottom and alst position from box on the table.


You find a 4th date Roberto?

If N=SE you have to put magnet on NW so the N in compass point to SE and so on...

I am completely lost with compass. S=E and how to move magnet?

found only 3.

finally got compass, thanks for help. I saw a yellow #6 on arrow box before we completed it and there is an 8 on 3 button box, do they figure into drawer code?

Just wondered cos I googled chinese zodiac and found symbols relating to the clock... ie snake is 6 and rabbit is 3 (or so it looks)

still stuck, tried adding all 3 numbers etc.

I am giving up for now. Will check later to see if anyone figured it out.

Stuck with the compass i just can't figure it out.

Anyone still playing?

Roberto, i am still playing.

what do you mean last fro box on table for the magnet. i placed on sw ne n sw then nothing ??

Hi roberto, I am here too, but stuck as the rest. Alas the navigation in this one is better than in the other one ('evation breakout'). You gave up?

hbear: there is a fifth hint on the box on the table (the one that gave the order for the three colored buttons)

Yeah I did! Terrible navigation and very har to find the spots.

lol that was my next question i didntget that one either. i guess i have to put all the clues togther will try again

Still stuck with the compass just can't figure it out.

hbear: look at robertos comment from 6:18. That box on the table gives the order of how to click the three colored buttons box.

@Feminin21: that was hard for me too, took me at least 6 attempts. It helped me to write down that red (not north) has to be set at SE, blue on SE and so on...

Foolow the positions in shelf from top to bottom.
N=SE means the N of compass needle should be pointing to SE, so, place the magnet in SW position of compass to the N of needle points to SE and so on. Last position is on box on the table.

Could please someone be so nice to post a walkthrough?

@BenzO: As far as I know, we are all stuck, and nobody is out...

I appreciate all of your help guys, but nothing makes sense anymore i think i have to pass on this one.

I found out that the 'clock' might not be clock, but the signs mean something like the chinese zodiacs, seems more to be like a calendar... But I might be totally wrong.

compass solution:

@Feminin: the magnet always attracks the blue half of the compass needle, which is the south half, so place the magnet on the opposite side of the compass to set North, and on the same side to set South, i.e. to set North (red) to SE place the magnet on NW, to place South (blue) on SE place the magnet on SE and so on...

...or have a look on robertos much better explanation in pictures... ;-)

@escapism thanks anyway but sayng that is the code for the box does not help me. i have been doing the vertice red blue on the screen then hit the yellow. this is evidently not the code.

For a better explanation what I mean with the 'clock' google this: China 24 cardinal directions

The signs are the same as in the clock.

Okay hbear, so here is the spoiler:

SPOILERr3b5r1b2r4y6SPOILER so click the colors in that order:


finally got color box lol

lol thanks escapism. I just needed to step away for a few minutes the coffee also helped

@hbear, caffeine, also always my big helper... LOL

And now back to the clock (even if it is utterly useless...): According to the chinese calender, which is also a compass, the pointers are between snake and horse (hours), and the minutes are between rabbit and tiger, just in case that this helps somebody. There are also degrees related to those positions, but it seems to me that it is more than 4 digits.

also horse is noon in solar time

on the other hand 2025 is the year of the snake and 1987 rabbit

Please...where is the string?

POP always works! lol it is in the middle pink cabinet!

I guess nobody got the cabinet open? I was so sure the box on the table made numbers!

       Anonymous  12/1/12, 9:47 AM  

After all that "beating around the bush",
isn't anyone going to post the solution to
the pink cabinet?

Bohhhh...this is NOT a game for me it seems.

I've just started...and when I discovered the "machine" on the table, I was pretty sure it forms digital numbers. And indeed, it WORKS! (though not in the game lol)
I was sure it forms a 3 5 8 4 . But I got nowhere with that...now I learn it's for a box that only needs red blue buttons pressed in a certain sequence.

Weird stuff...(and confusing)

POP nokra had the same thought before me. Great minds think alike :P

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finally crack the pw of cabinet after giving up many times and last try before bed
the note in the drawer gave us hint
トライ=寅亥= 211
can sleep well finally

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks Shushun...but...

how do we get from 1987 (rabbit) and 卯 to a "3"?

nevermind...got it...for some reason is SHIFTED by 1 (so like computer programmers counting first element as '0')

卯 is FOURTH sign. So if you count from 0, it's 0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. So "3"

巳 is SIXTH sign. So if you count from 0, it's 0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 4th, 5th. So "5"

Weird explanation, I know, but it works, so WTH :P

thanks shuchun

Think it'd be easier if you put aside the actual Chinese zodiac order, and just refer to the clock in game. 卯 = 3 o'clock, so we get 3; same goes with 巳 for 5.

Thank you Shuchun for the explanation. Still need to remember the many interpretations of "X". I enjoyed the puzzle; it served well as a brain-twister. =)

Ah that can be explained by "clock thinking" too? Thanks Shunko, I thought as much, but wasn't sure.

And my "0th" is the same as 12 o'clock. So the second in the numbering will be 1 o'clock. Makes sense to me. :)

       Anonymous  12/2/12, 2:06 AM  

How about the number 8 in the yellow button?

Also, is there a second end?

That caught my attention as well, but it could be the same with a few scenes that has nothing.
Tried looking for alternatives, nothing.
Searched the internet for hints of another ending, nothing.

Unless someone presents proof, pretty sure it's one ending only.


note that panel near the door requires 3 frog(bear) shapes
note the compass on the table
note the locked drawer in the table

turn right
open middle drawer of pink cabinet
open present and take key and string
note 4-digit code on top drawer
note click on the wall with symbols
look at the device on the table
click button of device to get the red and blue numbers (solution below)

turn right
note the hint in blue cabinet
note the arrow navigating to the previuos location
look at the green box on the middle shelf with red, blue and yellow buttons
use the clue from device to open it
take first frog(bear) key
combine string and key
use it on glass tube on the right shelf to get magnet

turn left
look at the device again and note a new hint

turn left
use the magnet and blue cabinet+new device hints on the compass (solution below)
get second frog(bear) key
open the drawer with the key to get a hint

turn right
explore the clock using table drawer hint
open top drawer of pink cabinet to get the third frog(bear) key (solution below)

turn left
insert keys to door panel

and OUT!!!

red and blue numbers - when you click device button each segment of each number appears one by one. it's 3red 5blue 1red 2blue 4red. means shelf box buttons should be presed in order RBRRB
compass and magnet - blue cabinet and new device hints say what compass arrow to navigate to what direction. you should place the magnet in a way to direct compass arrow in given order http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/5905/compassc.jpg (thanks to Roberto)
top drawer of pink cabinet - the hint from table drawer says "smthX2025X1987", where smth is 211, 2025 is the year of snake and has corresponding symbol on the clock at position 5, 1987 is the year of rabbit and has corresponding symbol on the clock at position 3. the result is 211*5*3=3165 (thanks to Shuchun)

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