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Lucas Maze Escape Walkthrough

Lucas Maze Escape

InkaGames - Lucas Maze Escape is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inka Games. Lucas is trapped inside a maze and will have to defeat a dangerous ghost if he wants to gain his freedom back! Good luck and have fun!

Play Lucas Maze Escape

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I love InkGames


Stuck City with a Statue, Gem, Note, Web, Slingshot, note and pokemon ball that reacts to the gem for a short time

use pokemon ball (with gem) on bird then use ungry bird with slingshot on little window

Just figured that out. Now I am in a room with a well.

Rather quick game after you figure out what to do with the pokemon ball.

I love these, the short ones are great thing to play while waiting for the big ones.
I decided to write a walkthrough as no one else did...


Pick up and read the NOTE.
Go down.
Take the NET and the CORN COB from behind the smith.
Go left.
Pick up the GEAR from behind the tree.
Back to the smith and down.
Pick the BUTTON from the bunch of red flowers. Use the gear and button on the water cannon and PRESS it. Take the glowing GEM from the pot. Use it on pokeball.
Go up and left.
Use the pokeball an the crow. Than quickly use the net on it, while it's unconscious. Take the ANGRY BIRD and PACMAN Combine the bird with the slingshot in your inventory.
Go right.
Shoot the bird through the little window to get rid of the spiders.
Go right.
Pick up the TUMI.
Back to the smith. Talk to him about the bag of cement, than give him the tumi. Take the CEMENT.
GO 2X right.
Take the empty BUCKET.
Right again.
Take the little STONE and combine it with your slingshot. Pull the lever and than quickly click on the MYSTERIOUS STATUE in your inventory. When the spell wares off use your slinghshot on the big RED BUTTON above the entrace. Take the KEY.
Go left.
Use the key on the locked door. Enter.
Fill the bucket with WATER and take the PICTURE from the wall.
Go down twice.
Combine the cement with the full bucket and pour it into the area with spikes.
Go left.
Hang the picture on the NAIL right of the door. Use the pacman on the GOST when the timing starts.

You saved them... :)

zuzana, thanks for the WALKTHROUGH.

i like these maze ones better than the saw games because I don't have to click through all the dialogue.

Dammit! Lost all my inventory...again. Oh well guess this game won't get completed by me.

Bug: don't click on the statue after putting pac man on ghost at end, hung game....

Seriously? Again I am amazed at the high rating for complete nonsense. Kudos to those who have the patience to combine/use every weird combo to get things to work.

What is the corn cob for?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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