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Dream Escape

Akarika - Dream Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Akarika. In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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WOW!!!!! I haven't played a new game from this creator in forever. He/she created the great Fake Room, Marine Room, etc

Ay but I have to step away for a bit. I hope you fellow escapers have more luck escaping than me.

The blue wall scroll is a hint for unlocking the bottom door. Inside is a handle. Use the handle to open the small door over the door next to the wall scrolls. Inside are two big rice balls. Put the rice balls on the wooden altar by the scrolls. Get an orange from the bowl on the table and put it on the rice balls to get a crystal. That's where I got stuck.

Will you be posting hints? I'm already stuck. lol

Got as far as you TB Tabby. I don't understand the boxes clues with with 1, 2, etc. I wonder if it has to do with letters and window and/or the letter box. I found two 1s, two 2s, a 3, and a 5. I have no idea what to do.

Maybe I only found one 1...

There's a 1 and a 1/1 ...

Oh, wait, the 1/1 is actually a 5, which means I have two 5 codes ... time for bed, I think!

use only letters pywr
remote: SPO32514ILER

Put the rice cakes and orange onto the offering tray (under scrolls) and get a ball of some sort.

MegiPoland--I'm dense and still don't get it. Why only those letters? And is there a 4 clue? Sorry I don't understand.

look at the window: happy new year - letters from left side

The letters that are left out. OK. But how does that relate to numbers? It's late and I've had wine...

I don't get the logic either, but you're good MegiPoland!

Trying to fight off the snake with the screwdriver but no luck.

Oh I see it now!!

letters are for the box
number is for remote

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hmmm.. have screwdriver. Removed panel inside closet. And now stuck...

Me too Jean-Michel. Waiting for MegiPoland to work it out for us. lol

I'm using those clues we got (1 column is all filled in etc.) but I don't think I found a 4 anywhere -- ?

Save us, MegiPoland! You're our only hope! ;)

You don't need it Marnie. You'll see when you get door open. Use missing letters to open letter box first.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I never saw a 4 Marnie. Clicked everywhere.

I don't see a place to enter anything else! Where to even use new clue?

At least the author left us a box of tissues to use while we weep with frustration.

I keep clicking that darn tissue box, hoping something will pop out!

We still have SD. Anywhere else to use it?

@ Prufrock - The panel inside the closet can be clicked to fill the squares in the grid. This is where I believe Marnie is asking about the 4, since there is a 4 in the grid. The question of course, is how to apply those numbers with the shaded squares we saw earlier to this grid.

What new clue did you find Prufrock?

Use the screwdriver to remove the panel behind the closet door. It reveals a 5x5 grid puzzle that I don't understand.

We can click the new thing. But I'm not sure what to do with it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm trying to fill grid with number/box clues. But what to do without a 4...

I can't get it to work.

What do you do with the ball?

@ Nokra - Give ball to doll in cupboard next to scrolls. You need the key from the snake to open cupboard.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Give it to the guy in the closet. Then keep accidentally opening the door and finding him still there, not doing anything.

oh...and what is that thing I got from the ac?

@ Nokra -- That thing is a horn. Give it to the doll in the middle cube to the right. He will charm the snake out of the vase.

Anyone find the 4 yet?

Hello. How is the four squares in the lower door? Thanks

Ohhhh...lol... is that a flute to charm the snake?!!! But, I don't have the sd...missing much here!

@ Nokra - You get the SD from the doll in the cupboard that you open with the key from the snake.

Helen--do you mean the letters? Use the letters missing from left side of window.

Helen, I'm not sure what 4 squares you're referring to. Can you describe what you're looking at?

@ Helen - The blue scroll is the hint for the 4 buttons on the lower cube door. Think large, medium, small.

I had forgotten about those 4 squares. Sorry!

TY for all the help, but I seem to be in a catch 22! lol I have a ball and a flute....I don't see what to do next !

Me too. Sorry, helen

@ Nokra - Give flute to doll in second cube down, right side. He will charm snake. Snake will give key. use key to open cupboard, give ball to doll. Get screwdriver.

This comment has been removed by the author.

nokra, give the flute to the elf on the 2nd shelf from top (click side of box for different view)

Dang! I must have clicked that closed shelf door a few dozen times! I really didn't think it was supposed to open! gave the doll the flute! lol

Flute goes on the little guy in the 2nd box from the top - click on the right side of the box to see this view

@ Helen -- Blue scroll is hanging on the wall next to the green scroll.

Helen, thre is a wall with green and blue scroll. The blue scroll has 4 "e" on it. Look at the size of the letters and change the squares to match small, medium or large.

Now...got sd! sure does make ya feel stupid when you miss a pixel! lol

Thanks to all, Now I saw the blue parchment with the letters of different sizes. sorry for my English

Can I get some help with the Happy New Year Hint. I see that the window on the left is missing letters but do i need to enter those letters into the 3x3 box with letters.

Oh good nokra! You can help us solve the grid puzzle. We're all stuck.

Jorge, click the missing letters on the box to highlight them.

I need to go to bed. Maybe someone will figure out final grid and I can finish in the morning.

Thanks for help!!

Ooops! I am sure to be of no help there....lol...I muddled through all along and this grid is making no sense either!

Good night Prufrock

nokra, did you happen to see the number 4 clue?

I'm clueless on the grid, so I'm giving up for now. Good luck everyone!

Thanks a ton Dru

My doll has a green ball in your left hand and does not want the green ball I have in the inventory

Sorry, @dru...I am looking for all the numbers again...and I can only locate the 1, 2, and 5! I don't remember where the 3 was and never saw a 4! grrr...lol
Didn't we have some clues that have disappeared????

3 is in the door view to the cupboard with the big elf. I don't recall any other clues, but my mind is dizzy from going around and around the room looking for the 4. lol

I go to sleep, tomorrow I will try to finish it, thanks for tracks. I do not find the track 4 and I have doubled the 2 and 5

Good night Helen

3 is by the bottom of the big door. 5 appears twice - next to closet and on easel. one of those should be a 4. but it makes no sense to me.

Well, from the spoiler of megi for the remote...the 4 is the last one in the grid we remove with the sd...then it disappears when we remove it! I replayed in another window...lol but, I still don't get the way it all fits on the red grid!

4 is, top to bottom, xxoxo

The 2 also appers twice. I'm at a total loss.

wow 1 star rating

Thanks nokra!

also, there are 2 values for 2....one is in the place where the doll plays the flute, the other is in bottom cubby!

so, good luck guys! I am giving up too! Thanks for the help!

SPOILER: hacked

There are 3 sol's, believe it or not... LOL




Maybe this dude shouuda stayed in retirement..... hehe

TY @guruone!!!! Now I can close it! lol

Jeez that last puzzle did not make sense. This is a uncharacteristically 2 star game from this creator.

Yes, Thank You GuruOne!!! I should have refreshed sooner!

Thanks GuruOne. Happy Hacking New Year to you.

this game is pretty good, until last puzzle, it is quite unuasual with Loom, maybe we missed a clue ? did somebody found an explanation ?
at first there was a 31/12 mention on the reverse side on which 1/1 and number 5 clue are written
it looks like it has something to do with a year calendar

Strange game from this author.
The graphics are not so good like his other games.
and there´s a glitch skipping part of paper clue from top cb after you place things on stool.
And I can´t understand how/where you have found those numbers for remote.
Not counting last puzzle...

numbers for remote are from the 1 to 5 clues (match the squares with the grid in left cupboard)

Thanks but I found 2 numbers 1, 2 numbers 5, 1 number 1 and 1 number 2. Never found number 4.

I'm glad I didn't stay up all night trying to finish that one!

There is a paper clue in top cupboard where rice balls were, Guru1, I have no idea what you were spoiling with all the 000and 111's. I just give up. Not a good game.

All those chains of blocks seem to be to explain to us how they work - "this is a five" and "this is also a five" and so on. Then when you see the paper that's screwed to the wall, you now know how to read it and figure out the numbers.

The happy new year puzzle I finally understood - letters don't repeat. If there's only one Y and you need 2, you're missing one.

I think I understand the last puzzle, but getting it isn't that easy. Click the locked square to unlock the final door. I clicked it and and I didn't think I was done the puzzle, but it opened...

Came back to find the answer to the last puzzle and saw a comment about a paper clue in the top cabinet with rice balls. SO I re-opened the game. That was NOT there last night!

That clue certainly helped clarify what the numbers and boxes meant. Maybe they read how confused we were last night and added it to help. :)

Yes, the clue from paper in drawer with missing handle explains the logic in solving the remote and last puzzle. This is actually quite close to a variation of nonograms.

Explanation in text: From a row with two different colors, group the blocks with same color adjacently together into one, then count the number of groups.

Visual explanation:
BBWWB --> (BB)(WW)(B) <-- 3 (parenthesis)
BWWWW --> (B)(WWWW) <-- 2
WBWWB --> (W)(B)(WW)(B) <-- 4

Thus all the clues found the the room are just examples, not the actual answer.

now it makes sense... thank you !

The "drawer" was the interior of a cupboard, however you're fully right, this COULDN'T EVER work when taking the patterns literally.

Whilst you could easily build up the pattern if you remembered to write down the patterns BEFORE unscrewing the plate, you would instantly be stuck once trying to get the numbers right that are written in a 90-degree angle.

THanks Shunko...


Think Tic-Tac-Toe, O and X : )

Guru set a '1' when there is a red square to be put; and he set a '0' when the field must be empty. That's about it.

I guess the paper wasn't in the cupboard before? I managed to get out on my own so I upvoted the game, since it is now challenging without being near-impossible. I rather liked the grid puzzles, of course the last one I thought there was more than one solution so I figured I would cycle through until the puzzle worked, but now I see that it would have accepted multiple solutions. It was really quite fun to solve.

I was also curious if there was a second ending, since the creator usually throws those in and we do get left a screwdriver at the end. HRM.

I got out without help on the last puzzle (which I enjoyed), but then I'd seen the paper with explanation in cupboard. I did wonder what the point of the hidden clues around the room was--maybe that was originally to be our only clue for the last puzzle. In the version I played, the many little clues turned out to be useless. Great game.

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