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Escape 3

Nyandrill - Escape 3 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Nyan Drill. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, I'm out by bf'ing one of the numbers - anyone need help?

Yes, Just1, I need help. Stuck at the safe. My brain won't interpret clue to solution.

Hi Peggy (sorry, been playing another game)

which safe? mushroom safe is click that # of times left to right. Fan safe behind hanging, clue is on the leaves.


It's persnickety I think - you have to click the mushrooms just so -


purple 2
black 2
blue 5
red 5

black clock
red eggs
rabbits purple blue

Also playing another game...
The mushrooms don't seem to work for me.
I've tried clicking them the # of times as on the note, I've tried clicking them in the order as on the note... nothing. Do I NOT click the "OK" button afterwards?

Nvm. It FINALLY worked!!!

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mushroom safe isn't working for me :(
tried spoiler above :(
please explain how you got 2,3,1

@brin3m, hint on paper gives order
1=>1 point, 2=>3 points, 3=>5 points
on safe clic 1x on right mushroom, 2x on left mushroom, 3x on middle mushroom

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This comment has been removed by the author.

What mushroom safe????? :)

Well, they look like ping pong balls to me!
I can't get it to work...and clue makes no sense .

are you guys playing another game? I just have 2 rabbits, a clock and a fan safe with no clue for anything.

Clearly , I have missed something here that is obvious to everyone else!
What do the 2 bunnies do?
I opened the safe behind the wall hanging, got a paper clue that I don't understand...that is it!

Nokra try to explain better...
on paper hint you see just 1 grey point in circle 1
in circle 2 you see 3 grey points
in circle 3 you see 5 grey points

on safe you can see 3 points on left mushroom
5 mushrooms on middle and 1 mushroom on the right

according hint paper click (order 123)

1 time on right mushroom (1 point)
2 times on left mushroom (3 points)
3 times on middle mushroom (5 points)
and Ok to open safe
is it clear ....or no?

TY @evans!!! I am NOT alone in my dilemma! LOL

The leaves on hanging are clue for the safe behind it!

under 3 rabbit, use colors to "draw" digital numbers (a blue and a purple)

evans to open fan safe, look at leaves colors on pic

I see NO points on the apparent safe...if we are talking about the same thing!
There is a box in the middle of screen wit balls/mushrooms on it? and one on top is bitten into?
Is that the safe?

is there a handle somewhere to open the door to the left?
I have only 2 bunnies....how does everyone in the comments miss any hints on the handle or the 3rd bunny?????

I appreciate your help, @seb...really I do!
My very first question was ...what mushroom safe? where is it please, and how to access it?

have you find mushrooms safe on the left under shelf? return paper hint to find handle

on safe
3 points on mushroom on the left
and count "heads" of mushrooms 1 on the right and 5 on middle

sorry, i thought you have already find mushrooms safe


I saw the back of paper hint...but did not find the hotspot , thinking it was what happened after solving the first side! lol so lost here! lol

Found the handle....tiny pixel on top right shelf
I had totally missed it!

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great nokra lol !!

OK...out from # spoiler at beginning of comments! LOL

I have played the earlier games and like them...this I did not understand at all! :)

Thanks again for hanging in there with me, @seb!!! LOL

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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