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Fear Escape 2 Walkthrough

Fear Escape 2

Games2rule - Fear Escape 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. Fear Escape-2 has two ways to Escape. Forgot Everything And Run - it means you don't think about anything like how you trapped, where you are now and which place it was. Only you have to find the exit door because it will open only for 20 sec. Face Everything And Rise - it means you can examine everything in that place and go step by step to reach the exit door. And escape from there the choice is yours. Good luck and have fun!

Play Fear Escape 2

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..new game?

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yes, but no idea, what to do with butcher knife. help please!

I've got a gas tank, a fuel nozzle, butcher knife and a piece of a leg. also found some kind of control panel in a cage. No clue what to do.

stuck in same place as all of you. Should be able to attach hose to tank to make torch to cut lock but can't

button on desk in cage presses, but nothing happens?

I guess no one figured this one out.

Just going around and around.

Found a key pad which needs a 4 digit code. Also a body with a knife in its back. Can't take knife.

There's a lot of empty rooms. Navigation is tricky too.

place first gas tank and than fuel nozzle in room with death man, who ist wearing purple shirt and green trousers - give you number for safe - gife you key for cage with maschine. where do you get piece of leg????

...navigation grotty - if you click left to enter, click right to leave.

checked every corner,wall, floor and ceiling. nothing else to do that I can see

The piece of leg is in a room where there are two pieces of leg. zoom in and pick the one on the right.

aaahhh, got leg! goes on maschine, cut it in peaces with knife and place them on the other side!

Out!Thanks babe, piece of leg is up a room or two from cage. 2pcs on floor, take one.

Oh. Another dead man with a knife in his back. This is grim...

got key for exit and out!

And out. Thanks Babe!

Bizarre! Thanks Babe.

where is the exit !!!

out! thanks for clue babe!

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