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Folds - Origami Game Walkthrough

Folds - Origami Game

Folds -- Origami Game is a puzzle game with a relaxing theme. Try to fold the paper into the right shape without going over the fold limit! Click and drag to fold the paper, try to get it to match the outlined shape without going over the fold limit on the bottom of the screen. At any time you can click on a fold number on the bottom of the screen to undo to that fold, or click reset to reset the level entirely. Good luck and have fun!

Play Folds - Origami Game
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there should be a video walkthrough for this game....

That's a neat little game, but yes, it would be nice to see solutions!

I can't fold the stealth bomber!

STEALTH BOMBER - Step 1 - fold corner bottom left towards top right until the fold-line is on the little inner diagonal. Step 2 - teke top edge and fold partway down until it fits the shape. Step 3 - fold right edge in to fit shape and Hey Presto! 100%! Hope I explained that in way that made sense.

Now, can anyone help me with 'Cornered'?

CORNERED - Step 1 - Fold left side over to right so that the fold is on the inner line. Step 2 - fold right side over towards left so that right edge in also on inner line. Step 3 - fold right edge to also meet the inner line. Step 4 - take bottom edge and fold across to the left to make the shape.

I'm stick on a Jet...

I meant stuck...

Got cornered at "cornered"!

A great game, thank you!

clodagh? which line is the inner line, your instructions are confusing

nevermind i got it

I cant get past the Precise reduction...anyone?

@ nokra
if i remememberes right I doubled the paper several times, always using the left and bottom edges of the square.

@nokra. left to right. bottom to top. top to bottom, top to bottom, right to left, right to left

stuck on letter T if anyone can help

Stuck on letter T, too.

i keep getting 68% by doing:
R2L, R2L,L2R,R2L, top down to either side and then back across.

One problem is that everything folds back when I try to form a right angle

@ John Munro
I always tried it diagonally. This works much better.

im stuck on Letter T any help anyone

i got it wooooooooo ermahgerd :P
B2T, T2B, T2B, B2T,R in and down til end is level with bottom of T. then from right to left fold on top right line of T

i should probably state that only in the first 4 steps of that instruction am I using T to mean top. bottom of T and Line of T mean the T's outline on letter T

got it! Thanks John

i dont get it john. can't figure it out

Stuck on chinese finger trap.

nvm, solved by folding right side twice, after left side once.

Hi michael..that one had me for a long time...but here it is
Move bottom right corner until right lines match up
Move top left to make corner touch right line
Then fold left to right

I still cant get it, sorry john

You're making the long leg of the T outside of the outline on step 5, and then folding it right to left over the outline for the last step.

AH Ha! Thanks John the letter T!

For those who need the Letter T..

Step 1 Take the bottom edge and fold it up to the top edge.

Step 2 Take the Top edge and fold it down to the bottom edge

Step 3 Repeat step 2.

Step 4. Take the bottom edge to the top edge. This should be in the top of the T.

Step 5. Bring the right side right and down until the edge of the right side has become parallel with the bottom of the T.

Step 6. Bring the right side into the T (slide it to the left) and VOILA! You have made the letter T with 100%!

any help with the number 4 please

Any help with Flower and Liftoff?

On number four:
Fold left to right
Right to left x 3
Now the paper should fit inside the four's perpendicular line.
Fold the bottom bit flush with the bottom of the four.
Fold the top of the paper following the rest of the four: The angle, and then across.

So, I keep coming back to this game...and now I have no idea how to do the jet...anyone?

Ha ...POPped it!
Fold bottom up twice, then make the angle on right side and top to bottom makes the tail....something like that...did in 5 moves!

video walkthrough

level 1- 7


level 8-14


level 15-21


I don't have liftoff and swan

John Munro - sorry you were confused.

screen to liftoff


ok for t, step 1-4 is easy, read up... you should end up with a straight horizontal..
now step 5 is: bring the right end and pull it down until it is level with the bottom of the t, this will be OUTSIDE of the border. then step 6 is simply drag the whole right side with the bend, right into the border... making a t!

I'm stuck on Short Shorts and Ribbon....

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@clodagh no problem.
@pamarine87 short shorts is annoying. but ribbon is easy just fold bottom right up to top left and then half it down from top left til it fits within lines and fold the ends in to make the shape

@John Munro, thanks... got ribbon solved...

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Complete walkthrough

yay finished the whole game :-D

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check out the solution here:
Folds Origami Game Walkthrough

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I'm stuck on Stealth Bomber. Can anyone help? :/

Ah never mind - solved it!

its a bird,it a plane in three folds and 100%
step 1) take lower up join with upper half
step 2)make a right triangle
step 3)take the upper half to join with the dotted line at the lower

if anyone is stuck at cup level
your first five steps is to make a thin straight line to fit the dotted line. then you use your last two folds to do the left and right facing up thingys

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