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Modern Kitchen Escape Walkthrough

Modern Kitchen Escape

GamesNovel - Modern Kitchen Escape is another point and click hidden objects escape game developed by Games Novel. Imagine you are locked inside the modern kitchen room. You have some clues inside the room. By using the clues open the door and escape. Good luck and have fun!

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The number code is not with colors. Just from lowest to heighest.

They should have given a clue for the numbers order. It´s from lowest to highest but from top to bottom. Now I have a key stuck in my cursor and can´t use it anywhere.

Key worked after being persistent.

What do you do with the wine glass can't pick up any thing else

Why didn't I see that jug of pink stuff lol out now

are you guy kidding? I only have three #'s. can open anything else, shut off fan, find a bowl for mixer or combine anything else.

cant open not can

finally got something in fry pan but can't do anything with it. have some sort of dropper thing left too

I have a number from a glass of water and one from a cup of tea. Other than that, have some rolled out flour in a frying pan, a food mixer without a bowl, a pipette, an empty wine glass and some milk. Stuck too.

Ah, whisked the jug of milk and got another number. Just place the jug on the mixer.

A pink jug appeared on the floor between the table and the sink. Sure it wasn't there before! Added it to the wine glass for my 4th number. Is there anything I should be doing with the switches or the fan? The frying pan won't go on the hob.

I got lots of stuff....but only 2 numbers...missing some stuff apparently!

Got a cup from the glass cupboard, two glasses from the table, a teapot and a mixer from the counter, an egg from the other counter, a board and a turkey baster from next to the stove and a glass of milk from the fridge.

Combining stuff gave numbers but one short still and the egg is just sitting on the board

My egg mysteriously turned into flour ...

Now my inventory died. Can't do anything with anything in it. Really not worth re-starting!

There's a rolling pin in front of the blue bottle on the shelves. Use that on the egg-like flour then it goes in the pan. After that, couldn't do anything with it. Gonna give up shortly...

Ok, guessed the 5th number, got a key and out. Non-plussed. Do you want the number?


ha ha ha ...I am clicking and clicking away at the mixer on the counter and just noticed one in my inventory!!! Did I clone it? lol

TY @smarties! I used your spoiler... I just can't be bothered to continue this clickfest!

the dropper is a gas-lighter

the egg is a chappati, it needs rolling.

the dropper/baster is a gas-lighter

my inventory died too... not worth the bugs


the triangle next to switches is the number clue meaning small to large

Hold mouse on item and it gives you description, such as "flour" and "stove lighter".

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