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DaCapo Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Indice. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Got the screws out, got 3 balls, but can't reach the 4th on top of cabinet and can't find 4 number code for cabinet. Not sure what the + and - are on the picture. Stuck.

I put the jar with white ball into the hole of box on shelf and got a key.

Used boths SDs on both sides of desk for a letter hint.And 4 screws.

Ok, got key - thanks Zazie. Now where to use it...

I thought the + and - might mean different screwdrivers, but I'm not far enough to test it.

I am stuck in the same place as you guys. Don't know where to use the key, don't know how to reach the ball on top of the cabinet, can't find the clue for the 4-digit code, and tried using the screwdrivers on the painting but no luck.

+ and - must be for screws behind door, missing two.
Where to put chair ?

Blue screwdriver opens for code paper. Tried all the codes on cabinet - doesn't work. Haven't found a use for them yet.

Use key on door.

Put chair on right side of tall cabinet for color code.

Chair goes right of cb.

...and do not know where to place the 2 screws.

Zazie - the key worked on the door for you? I can't get it to do anything.

Tarisa - you should have 4 screws. Check other side of desk.

Yes the key from box on shelf, zoom on doorknob.

can't reach the 4th on top of cabinet. Anybody?

Opened the colour drawer with code from chair. Got yellow ball.

I zoomed on doorknob, doesn't do anything.

Whoa, I backed out of zoom on the door and clicked above the door and it opened.

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use key on keyhole, click the doorknob then click the door

I am stuck now, i think we need a stick or something to get the 4rth ball.

Thanks Jessica for the hint on the screws and the code. I looked at the yellow screwdriver and nothing. Never tried the blue screwdriver.

The door didn't open for me either, until after I read the posts. Try it now - it should open!

Still stuck on number code. I've added the numbers on code paper, subtracted them, I've used the + and - 's from the picture on them, none work on cabinet.

Maybe the 4#s have to do with NESW ?

Still stuck on 4-digit code. Tried adding & subtracting according to symbols on painting but no luck. Cant place code anywhere to get a hint of which numbers to use.

Or NESW could be the sequence for balls...

       Anonymous  1/13/13, 11:41 PM  

this the NESW is code for placement of balls in the drawer, but no idea for the number code. QQ

do you place the screws once the door is open ....how ?

       Anonymous  1/13/13, 11:43 PM  

GOT it! Notice the alignment of the 4 shelves on the wall.. See how they are staggered?

And obviously the thing in below drawer gives a hinge for door after putting the balls right, bit need the last one.

Thank you Luin!

OMG. The 4-digit code is easy once you know where to look!
Hint: look at the placement of the shelves on the wall that has 4 tiered shelves to know which digit to use from the screwdriver code.

Luin you are a genious ! Have hinge now but cannot put it on holes.

       Anonymous  1/13/13, 11:48 PM  

out now too. anyone need help yet?

Yes Luin please - I tried to use screws on holes behind door and couldn't put anything there, now I have a white ball in the middle hole, can't remove it, can't put bracket or screws in. Stuck.

Place the balls in the bottom drawer as stated under the desk. Insert the screws according to the + and - signs on the painting.

@Luin -- brilliant on the shelves!
And now have 3 of each type of screw, but can't place the hardware in the hole...

I am out.

When I put last ball in drawer I accidentally clicked on gray ball and it came out - now can't put it back.

First put the stick into the hole.

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       Anonymous  1/13/13, 11:52 PM  

use the pole that you used to knock down the white ball to plug the hole in the door.. use screws like design on the window

I also took the grey ball back put it into jar and back into device on shelf, no idea what it changes.

Ooh - got it. Thank you all for hints.

Great game !!!

put metal rod to big hole then rest is easy

       Anonymous  1/13/13, 11:53 PM  

sorry , picture it is. not a window

Oops! Thought the pacement of the grey ball, bracket, & screws would be easy but of course not.
Have to step away and eat dinner.
Leave hints for the ending, please.

out now great game
thanks Luin and everyone else for the hints

Thanks @Zazie
Strange ending!

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How to take the white ball form the cabinet? Do I need a stick? Where is it?

help, need 4 digit code, don't understand hint on 4 tiered shelves. :-(

Thanks everyone for the hints - especially Luin and Tarisa for the number code.

Babe - look at position of shelved on the wall, then imagine them placed on the number grid and use the four numbers that makes.


thanks Clodagh!

How to get white ball off the cabinet, please....?

Important note, Zazie had confused colors:

I put the jar with white ball into the hole of box on shelf and got a key.

This must read GRAY ball!!
Because at this stage, the white ball was still on top of tall cupboard!
Just saying...

after OUT, retry the game by clicking right down square.
we can play an extra game!

Minmin HAH!!

I was sure we could, because there were quite a lot of slots open in the inventory!
Heh heh...sneaky...

(and thanks)

For white ball, use metal rod found in cb opened with numbers code

stick on cupboard after using code number @pamarina87

HINT the "stick" was previously meant to get some clothing hung up on it ;)

Can´t see any extra game after get out and click bottom right white button. It restarts the same game.

Wonderfull game!!No extra game for me too,though...

Come to think of it, that "hint" actually must have been a hoax.

Unlike other games, once you click START after replay your saved game is AUTO-DELETED! You have been warned.

Hi there,
when you finish the game, you can see 2 buttons at the bottom right.
If you click both of them, when you return at the START/LOAD page, you can move the letter A of the word CAPO.
If you put that letter on the A of the word DA, you'll get extra button

what holes are you guys talking about?

That was a great game! Nice graphics, too.

Anyone in the mood for a WT? I keep reading spoilers that I'm not ready for when I look for clues I need!

I can't figure out the color code in the extra game. Help anyone?

I got it ....the clues were sufficient! TY @everyone!

@Rob....what extra game?

WOWW!! Thanks a million Step!

Must retry this now ...

After the main game is finished there is a bonus game. See comment by Step at 7:001 AM.


Get grey ball from bottom drawer
Grab chair from desk, get Blue SD, open it for paper clue

Get jar from shelf, remove red ball, put grey in

Put jar in thing on right shelf for a key, get ball back

Get yellow SD from DC

Open door see holes

Use SD's on both sides of desk, get screws and look under desk for a clue

Combine paper clue and shelves for 4 digit code,
get 2 screws and a pole

View right side of closet, place chair for color hint, zoom top of closet, use pole for white ball

Use color code on drawer for yellow ball,
put balls in drawer according to under desk hint
Get hardware

Put pole, hardware, screws in wall behind door
(use - + from picture as guide)

Click to activate secret door in closet!


Dang!!! I accidentally clicked start again...have to replay to get the extra! LOL

Nothing to LOL here. It's simply FRUSTRATING. That's the only downer in this awesome game: user should get warned when they overwrite a previous saved game, not just wipe it out without any warning.

For extra game unscrew rod in cupboard as before, get clue from top of cupboard
Color hints on both sides of cupboard

I need help calculating the values of the yellow (D) and grey (C) balls

Write down the 2 color clues, then the ones that "overlap" are the ones you use

Awwww...@arbeitslooser...I played it again in about 2 minutes...then save it before finishing...just in case!

Now....the thing in that drawer is another story!

Did you get anywhere, Layla?

Yes!! I did the same.

BTW I wish I knew how to get both balls out there at the same time...I think we'll have to find a substitute ball to put in there...but can't find one so far

No clues to be found in the SD's or pole! :(

You can jam the pole into one of the balls spaces to prevent the lid closing and get both balls out.

Still need help calculating values of the 2 balls

Ha ha ...Thanks, @Layla....I have both balls, but absolutely no idea what to do with the calculations!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Shouldn't there be 3 more balls?

I got out by trial and error but would love to know the reasoning for the placement of the two balls

Thanks again Layla...nope, I don't know either!

Loved this game!

Hi everybody again :)
for the last code, you have to count the lines you need to write each lettere and add together
For example
A = 3 lines (2 diagonals and 1 horizontal)
B = 3 lines (1 vertical and 2 loops), so the result is 6 (3+3)

TY Layla!! I knew for sure you could do that with the pole, but I had jammed it INTO the hole, not sideways!


No, I think not.
You have to find values for 'D' and for 'C' and then you have D(a) C(apo).

TY Step! Ah, the strokes thing again. I thought as much ;)

Thanks for the hint for the bonus game!

I love Indice games :)))

Hope you understand my post about the last code because it's not so easy to explain

You always help me, so I'm happy if I can help you :)

For 'L', I did not.

They say L has the value 27. How?

One vertical, one horizontal. Eh...?

Arbeitslooser actually I thought the same thing, so I thought K has 2 lines and not 3, 1 vertical and 1 for 2 diagonals, but I'm not sure

Looks your explanation is not quite 100% ;)

Sorry :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

OK,maybe last code contains some mistakes from developers in J,L,K...But it doesnt affect you since you need only D,C and these are right...Also for G,developers consider that you have to add +2 but it should also work by adding three(+3) lines drawing,,,Details for a good game,overall...

I got too bored and brute-forced it :P
It was simple...


Since this is an extra game, and I think I should not spoil all the fun, so "encrypted" ...

Whfg chg gur lryybj onyy va gur pragre cbfvgvba naq gur tenl onyy va gur hccre evtug cbfvgvba.

Excellent game - thanks for the hint about counting the strokes of the letters

       Anonymous  1/14/13, 12:13 PM  

Booooooo! My key does not go into keyhole. :(

       Anonymous  1/14/13, 12:16 PM  

Oh, good greif! The blasted thing stays in inventory, I had to back out and click the door and it opened. DAH!

I must be missing something because when I put the grey ball in the jar and then in the white machine I DO NOT get anything... I hear a click, but no key. Is there something else I need to do?

I tried pressing the white lever but nothing happens... HELP thanks

FINALLY, didn't realize I had to step back to get the key....

and me, fed up

brilliant - thanks, I tried it loads of times!

@ Fed up back out and click the bottom drawer. :-)

Very Nice Game! 2 in one and to be continued . Please bring it on :)

       Anonymous  1/15/13, 6:52 AM  

Ha, Lost 2 Philips head screws when I put them into the door, no where to be found. Maybe a bug, nonetheless, I'm done with this

Impressed with you lot - couldn't do it without you!

Late post, important though...
I FINALLY got the logic of the number-letter puzzle now.
Step already explained it, however, it could be slightly misunderstood:

for the last code, you have to count the lines you need to write each lettere and add together

Yes, BUT, "add together" does not just mean, "add together per letter, but AMASS the numbers like the people in finance world do it!

So yes, A is two diags + 1 vertical, result 3.

And B is 1 vertical + 2 loops, makes 3.

For the current result, you have to take the value of ALL predecessors and add them together!

So, B is (value of A) plus (value of B), that makes 6!

And C is (value of A) plus (value of B) plus (value of C).

Now it also makes sense why L is 27 in the end. Because all per-letter values before were remembered and added to the current value.

Hope this will give some insight...

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