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Scientist's Secret Walkthrough

Scientist's Secret

[REPLAY] Scientist's Secret Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Abroy. You don't have much to time to escape this crazy scientist's room. Good luck and have fun!

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In and out. For those who do not like sudoku, first line is: 1423

And to think that there was actually a time when Abroy's motto meant something!

in and out :)
will do a spoiler for sudoku if needed

hmmm, I must be getting smarter, lol...easy out after I found the grey/black clue

i still can't find it:(

.... nor can I :(

It's under the front edge of the zoomed in wheelbarrow !

Look carefully at the wheelbarrow.

Closely look at the bottomof the barrow.

stuck on grey/black clue & height clue......

didn't refresh - thanks for the grey/black clue!!

I'm missing something to open the bellows camera

I don't see anything to do down by the tv. I think I need something other than a hammer to break the other thing with. Help please...

it was the blue bottles

Thx Souless the bottles clue is for the bars puzzle, it gives a sword.

got it thnx for the help :)

Out. Thanks!

I would like announce that today, on January 10, 2013 I solved a Sudoku puzzle by myself with no help. Champagne for everyone!

congrats JR .. :)

Where to use the crowbar please?

POP worked!
I usually go right to it when I ask in a dead game! LOL
It is used under the blue pot!

Anyone needs help?

I can't find the circle for upper left.

Puzzles are in desk
top to bottom, left to right:
- 4 rectangles clue is suitcases rt of door -- gives CROWBAR
- 4 white/gray/black lines clue under wheelbarrow for SQUARE
- 4 blue lines hint is flasks right of desk for SWORD
- kenken gives TRIANGLE
- 4 arrows clue is rocking horses for HAMMER
- spinner picture for TRIANGLE

Other pieces
- Sword on camera for CIRCLE
- Crowbar on base of flasks for HEXAGON
- Hammer on phone for SQUARE
- HEXAGON in barrels
- CIRCLE under flour sack

Anyone found where you put the pieces?

Nm, I'm out.

Hurrah! Abroy have lowered the bar on qualifying as a Smart Person for me to get out on my own *g*.
(Went back to play an old Tomatea game I thought I'd missed yesterday .. when I peeped back at the walk-through for help I found myself looking for the exact same help - sigh - )

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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