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Shapik: The Quest Walkthrough

Shapik: The Quest

Shapik: The Quest is a mysterious point and click adventure developed by Pavel Podberezko and inspired by Samorost and Machinarium. We control a little guy who searches his lost sister. Our task is to solve all the small puzzles in this beautiful 9 level adventure. On our way we will see nice drawn graphics and a good background music which sets a perfect mood for this kind of game. Good luck and have fun!

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slow to load

This could be fun!

stuck at second level

can't get key for crane or do anything else.

I'm stuck on fourth I think - you can't go back.
there's a sinking bridge, a TV and a sign I can flip
Can't get the bridge to stay up

@evans what's on the 2nd? I'll probably remember.

Sorry, stuck on level 6

Yes, very nice! Taking my time and enjoying the artwork!

on four you need to bring the bridge down and cross it, flip the sign and change colors til you get the down arrow on tv, then click red button below.

walk over to the grass there is a sign in the grass that will help u out

Oh yeah you get the bee to bother the owl twice (after you talk to the gray guy) then you can turn on power

lvl 6, start by knocking on the door in front.

Even though I got the bridge right, and I left that level...the bridge didn't actually lower. I just walked on water, or the lily pads! LOL

@nokra have you been rescued by a giant locust yet?

Yes...and now, I am looking for a key to operate the crane...what happens when you knock? because nothing happened for me...

nokra look up ;)

how to get past the robbot

@nokra, when you knock, a guy above shows a key.

I just saw the little guy pop up with the key but how to get it? my bee won't do anything! LOL

nikki, splash it!

Finally! I was clicking the bee first...but you only click the key, he gets it! :)

got it

finally got into factory and past robot. Now stuck with elevator and puzzle in middle. got the colors one but can't get the dials

splash the robot with water and then do it again and its visor will give you the clue to open the door down below.

Same for me, evans...can anyone help?

now looking for code for the door

Really stuck now

Still stuck at the damn bridge.

thanks evans :)

now I did the dials...but I don't know how, just trial and error

got it somehow, just playing with the buttons. I think it was blue to right 3 times and then red to right Not sure though. sorry.

I have been back and forth and up and down!!! Where are those dang runes??????

For dials:
red left, red right, red left, red down.

and out...what a cute game

and out! That was a good game. Nice graphics and soothing, is somewhat boring, music.

Is there a clue please to get the door code(runes) to leave the robot room?

Nokra are you talking about where the robot is?

nokra, splash the robot more than once!

and out too!! :D

Nokra, go back up and push the water button again and look at the robots visor for the clue.

i don't understand the level 4... Please, someone, help...

It is very tiny...I see on the robot face now! LOL

remind me what level 4 was?

JR did you past the bridge?

Nice game. Liked the 'spaceship' at the end(to boldly go where no man has gone before).

It's the one with the basket to go down

Need to do the middle puzzle with the room above and the elevator... any help?

lvl 4, jump on the elevator twice to make a worm fall from it. Then you will be able to use the down button.

level four, use bee to scare the owl a couple of times. then push arrow to bring basket up, get in and use bee to push down arrow.

@Alyx, you should have 2 sets of numbers? Click the buttons as many times the papers say.

Thanks a lot 2Solo!

for the colors above elevator use #signs from left bulletin board. I clicked the colors that #of times and then red button.
Next puzzle there with four dials is explained above somewhere.

in room with elevator stuck with 2 papers 425 and 314

OK...I am stuck again! LOL How to apply the 6 digits(314425) to the 3 colored buttons? What did I miss this time? LOL

and im out
nice game

click buttons 4, 2, 5 times and second code same way

The 425 first, reset then 314...panel opens!

not many new games today.


Is there a hint for dials please?

No, I quit the game. If a three button code was going to be that impossible, then i wasn't interested in continuing with it.

Jr if i remember well for bridge it's yellow green and purple

I need a spaceship like that

looks like it runs on coal though

Here I am ...at home, got in bed, the bee woke the mom(?)...I cant find another thing to do! Silly me!

And.....found a pixel under the flag somewhere! Spaceship came....very cute!!!!!

It was fine until the scene at the furnace. Having no clues for the red/blue lines made the game a disappointment.

no more hint for the end :(

stuck with 4 arrows green an white ??

found for arrows, clik on the 2 arrows froom bottom (I don't know why)

for last scene, go upstairs, go into bed, click on light fixture left of door, and again on creature who wakes up....key is under blanket on creature's bed, you can just barely see it

cute game, love the art

Lovely - I replayed 3 times, though, looking for a clue to those danged dials. (thanks to 2Solo I already had the answer but...).

I hope to see more from this bunch - WITH clues. The graphics were lovely - the sound effects were fun (but maybe too samarost), most of the puzzles were quite doable with a bit of thought. All in all, a beautiful game.

OK. Can make the bridge go up and down, but can't get past the one-eyed dude. What to do after he has his vision of the attacking octopus?

Very cute game. More from this artist/developer: http://paulp.ws/flash.html

I can't pass scene 4! How do I scare the owl with the bee here?! I can't click the bee or the owl and nothing else is working!

       Anonymous  1/4/13, 7:37 PM  

What an awesome little game. Ya can't beat this with two sticks and I wish and pray that the folks over at 123Bee and the like see what REAL talent is!

Now, how do I get the crane to move? Looks like I need a key, but where is it?

What is the color combo to lower the bridge?

       Anonymous  1/4/13, 7:39 PM  

And wouldn't ya know it! *POP* Knock on the door and let the bee get it! LOL

clue for the dials on furnace is th the right,put blue dials in those positions.


How do you get down with the basket?

This comment has been removed by the author.

So...no hints for the dials at the end? I don't understand the only clue from margaret: "clue for the dials on furnace is th the right,put blue dials in those positions"

What does that mean?

Zoe, if I understand well, look at 4 dials drawn on wall on the right
hint is 4 dials bottom right
put blue right , blue left , blue right, blue up

Not sure why nobody would give me a hint about the bridge scene, but you need to click the frog.

seb: Thanks so much!

Zeeoedj: You're right. I don't remember anything being mentioned about the frog.

Now I'm out and saw the ending - very nice!

How do I get past the basket scene? All I seem to be able to do is get in and out of the basket and walk about :(

Terry - I don't know exactly what I did. It seems like I got in and out of the basket and then a worm came crawling along. Some bird went after it and then I could click the down arrow so the bee went over and pushed it.

If you have patience, you're well rewarded!! What a really nice game! The graphics are wonderful!

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