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Speedy Beach Escape Walkthrough

Speedy Beach Escape

Speedy Beach Escape is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yizzim and Melting-Mindz! You were hanging out on the beach watching the waves crash along the shore when you heard a strange voice. The next thing you know, you are in a strange room! Don't panic! Take a look around and find items to help you escape! Someone must be playing a trick on you! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Yay self defiant finally!


Hi Zoe

map to the right!

also purple gem to the right

Hi evans!

I've been craving for my weekly fix of SD already!


marble in first scene - bedpost top

Clue for 4-digit box is in the bathroom on the picture - black key!

Number code in Q

marble in drawer in M

Hello all, i wish you all a happy new year !!!

Oh! A Self Defiant and I' missing it!

El Hi Lo in M

This comment has been removed by the author.

marble in K

Matches in L for candle

Going in! Yeah!

Can't do the anagram in O.

and marble

Anagram in O is a girl's name.

Need anagram too

Missing a marble!!

anagram is a girl's name - think Christmas!
Gem order and sneaky in G. need shape code

where is there a candle?

I don't like snakes.

Susan did you find the marble on bedpost in first scene ? It was my last one.

pop...got it. Candle in N

shovel in E

Candle in N on table.

Still don´t get the name

Sneaky marble in L in the tree

Susan, did you get the one in P?

I cannot figure out the girls name. Help please?

Thanks Zazie - pink gem in coffee mug N

Woo Hoo! Out on my own. Can't believe it!

Finally have anagram

Name is Hollie

think Xmas decoration without the 'y'
Yellow in A
Ty for the pink gem - missed that

did you find a sneaky coin anywhere?

Anyone need help?

Thanks Evans

sneaky coin in tree to left of colored flags

hurrah - a Sneaky - just what is needed on a very cold wet & dreary afternoon!!

Thanks everyone but still missing a marble - wandering round & round gonna be hear all night at this rate

can't find the fifth marble. On in P,M,N, &L but the fifth one eludes me

Ha, I wish it was cold and wet. Here it is -30C and tons of snow on the ground.

Orange gem is well hidden under the sail in C

sd and red gem in I

sneaky coin in G

One is on floor on left in room where box is.

Thanks, evans, got that one and the one from lighting the candle and the one in the kitchen drawer and the one in the bedroom. Still missing one

Anyone find the green gem?

Finally found last marble in K - not even hidden!! Way behind you guys now

I am out too with 48 coins and sneaky coin.

There's also a vent in K that needs to be unscrewed.

And out with sneaky coin and 48 coins. Thank you SD and a happy new year to everyone!

Where is the Gem safe?

In K Philomena

I only got 48 -too. there are some well hidden where the snake was.
loved it SD - Happy new year to you and all who play with us!

There was one marble in the big plant in room with candle i believe.

would someone please clue me in on the missing marble? I found one in each of the four rooms and am still missing the fifth

room L in tree above wicker basket is a marble

does anyone have the clue for the shapes box in g or a clue on how to pass the snake?

gem safe appears after you flick the switches

Thank you Zaz! I owe you one

Minion - clout the snake with the shovel! Then you will find the shapes clue

Sorry in the room where matches were.

shovel??? which shovel?

rather use a magic flute!! not that there's one of those either!

Philomena: K

LNS, I must be missing a switch.

minion - I think it was right at the back of E - the one with a verandah on the left and water 'trough' to the right

Shovel in E behind pool.

P N M K J and maybe I - can't read my writing!!

thanks LNS - thought I had clicked all over E - shovel found and about to beat snake.......

Yellow gem was in A in sand, use shovel.

Where is the snake plse ?

Snake in H

Doh how can I miss a snake that big!

Souless Minion smack the snake with the shovel

or if you're feeling kind, just scoop him up!

missing orange gem & gem safe - flicked 6 switches - m k n i j p - are there any more??

orange in C - see Zazie post at 7.32

found the safe - it's in o. still can't find the orange gem though - will go back & check all the rooms again....

I'm still missing the purple gem

thanks LNS and Zazie - missed that one!

orange is under the sail boat thing

Purple in Q

Switches in NMKJIP
Safe in O

Hi, happy new year everyone!
Could someone tell me where the gold key is? I can't open the door that leads to J...

Gold key in Box in G i guess

Or was it the silver key ?

and out with 46 coins - and I managed to find the sneaky coin without help (miracle)

I suspect the coins I missed were in h & b -scenes too busy for my aging eyes!

missed the shampoo bottle LOL

Philomena - the purple gem is in the bathroom to the right of the start room - behind something on the back shelf - can't remember what now I am out of the game

out with 49 coins, Maybe my eyes are just getting worse, but it seems like the coins get smaller with every game...

Can't find purple gem in Q!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Please, where is gold key...? :(

Still missing blue gem, can anyone help?

Gold key is in O

Finally found my gold key!
Andrea blue gem is in F, click the wind chimes...

Finally found. Thanks Blanka!!!!

Blue gem in F

Can't sombody give my the Clue for 4-digit box please ?

Pop i have it .

Out without looking at walkthrough for the first time, did not get on leader board though. Nice house great game thanks

Just needed the orange gem, so thanks chaps!

Missed it live again - but thanks for all your games SD!!! Happy New Year!

Should switches be up or down. What room is the gem box in?

Should the switches be up or down? Also where is the gem box?

Dont know if anyone is still around but could you help me please. I am feeling very dense but cant even work out clue to get black key. thanks

ok switches all down to show safe. Does anyone know where I can find green gem?

how stupid i am. finally worked it out

Can't find purple or green gems!!!!! Please help me

Green gem must be behind vent... does anyone know where to get a screwdriver?

Hey i just stepped in again and as i remember (my game is closed) the SD was 2 or 3 rooms to the left of this vent in a drawer. Sorry to be not more helpful. Good luck anyway.

Happy New Year all Selfdefiant fans. I've been a fan of SD for years now. I am happy to finally say Thank you.

Yaaaaayyy! I've been having withdrawal's for an SD game :-D

What on earth is the clue from the bathroom?

I give up, I can't get passed the scribble in the bathroom. I must be missing something but can't be bothered to pixel hunt for it.

Bathroom... sometimes when you click on the squiggles it says something in the dialogue below. Like later on when you click on a random spot it says, "You could dig if you had something to dig with."


Marbles in P K M L N (light candle, matches in L)

- Black key in P with 1793 (hint on pic in Q, click bottom and read below)
- Blue key in K with 5 marbles
- Gold key in O with HOLLIE (hint in M)
- Silver key in G with 4 forms (hint in C)


Purple in Q behind bottle
Pink in N in a cup on table
Green in K up with sd (found in drawer I)
Red in I click in water
Orange in C under the sail
Blue in F (up)
Yellow in A in sand with shovel (found in L)

switches in P M K I N J ==> safe in O
colors order in G

PLEASE.....SD, MM, etc could you leave the snakes out. I thought I was going to have to turn on the cardiac loop monitor and take nitro. Spiders, no problem but, snakes.....my heart is still trying to leave my chest.

Out without help! Yeah! Great game, thanks SD!

I only found 48 coins -- maybe someone found ones I missed:
2 in C,F,H and 3 in rest of rooms

I only found 48 coins -- maybe someone found ones I missed:
2 in C,F,H and 3 in rest of rooms

48 coins fun game

i need help to find the screwdriver..please help me!

Thanks SD - great game!

(screwdriver in drawer in I)

I tried to find more coins, and that's it.... 48 coins

Thanks everyone for the help

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