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The Lost Temple Escape Walkthrough

The Lost Temple Escape

Flash512 - The Lost Temple Escape is another point and click room escape game from Flash 512.  Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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%stars without playing, always very good.!

Finally a new flash game

yeeaahhh! I love these...! (Btw, i just played caila raven and had to give up, cause i never could find the "plant"! So may be, someone still could help me..?:))))

so far a number from vase and an ornament and scroll

Loading, hi everybody.

The plant in the other game was down right corner in portal view...

LOL lets go..

block stone and then semicircle object

playing 5 minutes and found nothing but a scroll and some hints...

got a wing by using semicircle object and a key of the angel

@Zazie, thank you so much...:)))))

used hammer left from green angel got another object

Nice game, but I found nothing except a useless 4 digit number.

POP! I should have looked at the map...

Click click click, nothing + nothing = nothing. There is also a hint with arrows on a frame, but it's useless too.

turning circles with arrwos all to left got a chisel

I am out, for the final puzzle make all squares black.

after using hammer and verious objects I have now a chisel where I dont know how to use

The arrows are for the bird statue but you need a handle first.

Chisel is used in corner on a stone behind big left vase.

Then use stone to stop fan.

out, too. short but nice

the scroll is over the door, there you find the hint for using the 4digit code

where to put diamond block

What diamond block ?

Finally, I found something : some kind of stone on the left of a vase... and I can't even pick it up ! I'm giving up.
Usually these games are not this kind of stupid pixel hunt.

thank you zazie

the stone block found by the 4 digit clue

to remove the stone you ned an axe

Easy, even for me

please help

they are still good but much easier lately, which is a shame

where to put the green tile?

where to put the green tile?

The arrows don't work for me:
right, right, down, left - not working...???

samar - if you mean the square one it goes onto the wall

The stoneblock goes into the big diamond shape at the wall.

Don´t forget that you have to drag the objects in this game !!!

I forgot to drag... Maybe samar too.

POP- right, up, right, down, left...

Great game - always like these a lot!

lol zoe - the hint was on a painting on top frame

Out ! Very nice game.

Having the same trouble as Pdgph. Found the scroll and the number in vase and can look at the stone beside the vase. Can see lots of things that need doing but can find nothing to use...

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For the final puzzle to make all the squares black:


Where the first number is the row, counting from top to bottom, and the second number is the column, counting from left to right, the sequence is: 1-1, 2-4, 2-3, 3-4, 3-3, 4-1
(1-1 means 1st row-column 1, 2-4 is 2nd row, column 4, etc.)

So much Fun I lovee Flash 512 games. I wish they were more of them! Thanks

When I remembered to DRAG the items, it was so much easier...I was click, click, clicking on the other game .... and I forgot!

video walkthrough

video walkthrough

Finally figured out how to get anywhere in this game - the scroll isn't quite accurate, you have to click on the steps under the pedestal thing, then you can enter the number. After that everything follows smoothly, in fact too easy, if you remember to drag items into place.

Oh - thanks Gaby66. Came back to this game in the hope of a walkthrough. Once I'd seen where to put the code, I was on my way! Thanks - had clicked that thing lots of times but obviously not low enough!

Thanks TooCule for the nice grid-puzzle solution

Hope Pdgph returns to find the same. It's good!

Curious, you can open the door and not leave - anyone find a second ending? It seems the fountain was never used.

Can not enlarge game, so for those with large screens: there is a clue by the green cherub and one on the picture frame, use your screen grabber there.

This is an interesting and logical game - no problems until I come to the lever in the NSEW arrow puzzle. Looking for a hint now...

Oh, arrows on the frame!

Got the squares puzzle by randomly clicking until they all turned black, but not sure why.

thank you for your help i didn't drag it thats why

and out love these games :)

Out with no help!

Thanks for another great game!

Great game! Only needed help figuring out where to use the chisel, and finally got all black squares by random clicking.

Great game! Only needed help figuring out where to use the chisel, and finally got all black squares by random clicking.

Though I normally love Flash 512 games (escpecially those in ancient tombs and such), this one was actually a bit boring.

Wait...I'll explain.
Simple items were just obscured by a chain that makes things artificially complicated:

metal stick is attached - (drawer opens) . get key - open cabinet


metal stick is attached - gets you stone object/plate/whatever - stone object put elsewhere - gets you simple combination - combination used with handle elsewhere - (drawer opens) . get key - open cabinet

It's just a longer chain, but your brain is not challenged since there are no actual puzles to solve.

(Except for the black-square one)

"POP! I should have looked at the map..."
"POP- right, up, right, down, left..."

What does POP stand for?

POP is 'power of posting' mst3kr - as soon as you have posted a request for help, you go back to the game and find it yourself LOL.
Now - anyone still around to tell me what to do with the brown knob??

and POP - on the big chest behind the fountain - kept forgetting to look at the top of it.

And I'm out. Good flash game

Thanks MaryD!! I kept thinking, are all these revelations coming to people after they drank some soda pop?! :D Surely it must mean something else... Now I know! Thanks again! :)

Easy as pie until the final step -- is there no hint or clue within the game as to how to turn all the squares dark, short of wasting two hours clicking at random? The "1-1, 2-4..." steps mentioned in the post above didn't work at all...

Can someone help Me with The arrow puzzle???!

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