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A Love Story

A Love Story is another riddle based puzzle game created by the CSY team (Clio, small-tool and Yoli) for EG24. A 50 chapter love story which starts quite easily, but will blow your mind by the end :P No fancy riddle stuff; no info in hidden text, source, the exif and/or picture properties. No picture or audio manipulation, etc. Everything you need is there in plain sight on the level. All you need is your brain, perhaps some googling and a lot of help from other players. But please DO NOT POST ANSWERS. Do post lots of subtle, helpful hints though, because we want your fellow players to reach the end as well. Leave no-one behind, so everyone can see how this wicked love story unfolds :) Good luck and have a lot of fun! [Created and subbed by Clio, small-tool and Yoli]

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yes! thanks!

link broken !!

uhm, URL? or is this the riddle?

Oops. I guess Edgar will change it soon, but it's here:


going in. thanks!

Play this game link is working too now.
Good luck and have fun :)

already lost in chapter 1 :)

now at 2 .. cant believe it .. passed one by myself !! :D

goodness i dont even know where to begin ??????help

I could use a little clue for the first one, @E-Addict! TY

omg how come when you post for help you get the answer all by yourself :)

and still at 2 !! :D

Power of Posting is not helping me, @ting ting....lol

nokra ??

I don't even know what to look for. a full name? this will be a looong evening ;)

50 levels?! This must be a novel, not a story.
Let's see if I get at least as far as yesterday (8 levels)

a newborn child !!

@nokra - look at the dates

omg - 50 levels!! Hi everyone :)

OMG! Are you kidding me??? I was really overthinking that one!


Then, maybe I won't even get level 1 ...
(dates to numbers to letters isn't it)

yeah overthought it first as well !!

nokra....did you get lvl 1....?
im stuck on 2 :(

just so simple puzzledin !!

tried over than 50 words maybe !! .. n still at 2 !! :D

Nope, dates had nothing to do with it
(what's in the cradle?)

@ting ting: it's telling you to count - what's there to count?

for level 2 it is what you count that is important

level 1 - it's a 4 letter word - use the numbers

Stuck on 2 as well, and I just guessed at 1! LOL

chapter 2: I counted everything and tried to anagram the coresponding letters, but could not find anything

and POP did it again ;)

lol level 2 I spent ages counting the text until i realised the other things

Lvl 1 - the dates confirm the obvious guess at the answer

OMG another hard one.... I am on lvl 3....

Made me a sandwich, but still hungry....but ok, stomach can wait a bit lol...

Well, I did have to use anagram solver....lol

Anagram solver is too busy!

LMAO..I am having fun....#4 now!

yeah fun .. 4 as well !!

Stuck at 3

stuck at chapter 4. anagram the first letters of words doesn't help

@Zazie: again, speak it out loud ;-)

Ai yi yi...no ideas for 4!

On to lvl 5 -- unfamiliar (to me) chess notation

@zazie their favourite popstar !!

First anagram and then look at first letters without anagramming,

Casual i do have a déjà vu lol.....

Hi Miller, happy to see you !

level 3 - I don't know what to call the first pic

chapter 4: sometimes "I" is upper case and sometimes not...

at least, not that matches up with what I have for the 2 others ...

hi Zazie!

@annaby it's britn..

Hmmm Level 4 LOL I wonder (first 3 were easy peasy)

@Annaby: a short form for someone that's nation is depicted by the flag

still on 2 :( am i counting the things joy likes to draw on ?

Thx got the popstar, arggh

and Good Luck all !! :D

@puzzled wiki will help

@ miller, maybe you should be a bolder with the letters

thanks @E-addict and @Cee Bee - that should help

Stuck on lvl 5 - I knew I was doing too well - LOL!!

thanks! almost got chapter 4. I have the first f******

Cee Bee,
Just do the moves and look at your result :)

I have to go, many luck to everybody and let us some good hints !

http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/cgi-bin/nph-an?line=cbhraornlsioen&words=1&dict=antworth&doai=on try this anagram solver as the other one seems to be busy

Got it!!!! Funny stuff!!!!

Thisone is working for me

Bye bye

Dang! Chess moves are very confusing to me..I played years ago but don't get the written moves..... :)

I always use that one too, @zazie!

lvl 4 -- I was wondering what the "bucket" comment referred to. Had to draw a little chess board to see where the pieces ended up!

nokra help me on lvl 2 please

I don't think you actually have to know chess, just draw lines as shown on the right. I think they look like letters, but I'm not sure yet

Im drawing lines on Lvl 5 LOL

level 5 bucket will be relevant when you know the answer just play the moves and see where the pieces end up wiki will help with how to move and with chess notation

Oh, Tingting...sorry, A clue???? let me remember.....

Count all items, bricks, windows, etc...then apply letter to #, then anagram solver...there are 6 letters
Is that too much guys???

ah thanks mtatt bucket at the ready for when i drink too much brandy while tearing my hair out

level 8 - not sure what to do
Found the painter using google images

@mtatt100: is it a five letter word in chapter 5 (chess)?

thats ok nokra ...i hate asking .... and your having fun ...will go and get counting ..hope i get it :) thanks nokra

Look at the Italic word in the title and then focus on the last sentence.

no @ miller

This comment has been removed by the author.

level 8 quote is important

still stombed on level 4. got it almost only need the first and third letter :(

@small-tool -- thank you!
These must still be the easy levels, even though some take time!

This comment has been removed by the author.

POP got it :P

lol in level 5 edumacation XD

I'm still totally stuck on lvl 5 - I don't play chess - boohoo! Found a site that at least shows me how the board in numbered and what pieces are being referred to in the moves. I did the moves (or at least think I did :)) - I can't see anything sensible when I look at my end result - LOL I think I'll be stuck her for a while!

@ting ting: don't forget to county the chimneys

I'm not quite sure what letters I get from first 4 moves. is it one or two?

(chapter 5)

Level 5,
The answer is a 3 letter word.

@Cee Bee - same here - my drawing is simply a big mess

Level 5,
Don't draw all the moves. Just look at the end result.

Well I'm glad I'm not on my own - misery loves company - Hi Annaby! LOL

Sorry, totally messed up the levels on my help messages
lvl 2 -- count the different shapes, convert to letters and anagram
lvl 8 -- anagram the cap words into names of flowers and look at first letters

I didn't draw the moves, but my end result doesn't look like letters - is it supposed to?

Lol, you messed up again PuzzledinCA,
Your lvl 8 hint is for lvl 4 :P

Yep, 3 seperated letters.

I must be in the wrong generation for level 9!
So far, found someone's name, and an iphone game, but nothing's working

Take a good look at the keyboard on the picture!!!

level 9
use what you see compare and contrast

btw, LOVE the comments
(and see I mis-read the help text)

is L 10 working obvious answer doesn't

Level 10 is working for sure.
The obvious word you get is only the first step in finding the solution.

OK on 8 now TY by the way S-T LOL I got up early for this one

Finally got lvl 5 :)!!

Thanks for the help S-T

I'm feeling rather dumb, stuck on lvl 4 still. Sigh

Hmmm 9 obvious answer doesnt work LOL

Strega: Anagram to find the flowers then look at the first letters

I solved the math in chapter 6 (quite easy), but the words I get are not working, hmmmm...

miller numbers to letters maybe you got something wrong
level nine is two words

I don't think so. the sum of the five numbers is 50, correct?

That doesnt matter miller LOL
use the 5 numbers you got

I know, I just didn't want to spoil my 5 numbers

Yep Miller,
Although not important the sum is 50.
But the 5 seperates numbers jusy back to alphabet and you get a word. No anagram needed.

actually, there are two solutions for the 3 equation. X could also be -2 (which it is probably not)

not sum Miller individually

ok thanks. maybe I just have the wrong letters. will check again

yap, sorry! silly me...

lvl 9 -- thanks for pointing out the keyboard, but now I'm coming up with nonsense. Tried both directions.

Don't do directions.
Look down in real life and compare.

LOL I had just spotted the KB thingie and am trying it now

nvm -- did N to N, not N to F!

LOL S-T Lvl 10 first step is easy now to figure second step.....
I see the answers on the blackboard but how to use em?

finally catched up to lvl 10. funny teacher ;)

Not sure if the first step you did is the right step.
But anyway if it's about the question marks on the blackboard, well, that's not the first step :P

graanma was my first step LOL

@Leroy, I'm with you -- leave a hint if you figure it out!

maybe 1st importang thing are the words on the left and the empty spaces on the right...?!

it's an angram for "schoolmaster". any ideas?

"Grumpy" isn't the answer

Yep Miller and Leroy.
That's the first step.
Now why should there be dots next to the boxes/letters?

Btw. the first ten levels are the easy ones. The real riddle starts at level 11 and from there on hints will be given after a longer time than provide now :P

aaah, thanks s-t!

on 10 am i drawing or counting. or am i barking up the wrong tree.

actually, that didn't help much :(
looks like a drunken spider tried to make a spiderweb on my screen...
some things are crossed out, others not. don't know what to do with the remaining...


tried to granmaa remaining 3 words. no luck so far

It's not about remaining words.
It's about picking 12 letters from the blackboard.

Miller paint will help to be EXACT

I use Photoshop CS6 ;-)

oh no - I have to draw on 10?

I made straight lines from letter to letter (theclassroom to grandmaa on the right).

For those still stuck on Lvl. 5: http://www.apronus.com/chess/wbeditor.php
You can enter the start position of the pieces and move on from there

Lol Miller,
The intro said: you won't need any fancy programs (what's wrong with simple good old Paint). Lol, just joking. But yep straight lines and even a simple ruler on the screen will do.

thats right use only letters that pass in middle
should be 12

@smalltool, well, I think 10 is a hard level but I made it farther than I expected! Would like to see what cute quote comes up next but ...

aaargh, thanks again small-tool! now I can see what you meant! nice one!
you read my mail today? that's what I'm talking about: challenge! ;-)

So what do you connect?
For instance, the square root of 9 is 3, next to an O
Do I connect the O to the H or the E to the E or ???

@PuzzledinCA: first grandmaa the left side, insert the new word on the right (top to bottom) and connect the letters

I've made lines from letter to letter - but there are 2 double letters - I really don't know what I'm looking for

Read Miller comment at: 2/15/13, 12:08 PM

at least that what's I'm thinking. having trouble with some letters, since the line doesn't seem to hit any letter on the blackboard (for example "L")...

I know the trick but some letters seem hard to pick...

nope all perfect can pick numbers also you know

L to L gives me a number not a letter

do you convert the numbers to letters?

Lol PuzzledinCA,
Like you don't know how to deal with numbers after you did the previous levels :P

Yeah!! I finally found the 12 letters - onto lvl 11.
Thanks for all the help everyone!!

yes annaby

lol, thanks small-tool and PizzledinCA! actually I used the first letter of the number :)
small-tool's last post opened my eyes!
I love the title of chapter 11: "Fun With Plaque, Cavities and Stuff" :-)

phew, 10 levels in 3 hours and these were supposed the "easy ones"

Hurray!!! finally finished 10

LOL @Miller!

I got it I got it LOL (hysterically) Oh and I hate image programs LOL

OMG!!! You're right Miller - I hadn't even noticed the time - I guess it flies when you're having fun!!
I have to go - just when it's getting really interesting (: but of course I'll be back.........leave loads of breadcrumbs, I know I'll need them!!

       Anonymous  2/15/13, 1:12 PM  

Greetings L&G!

Finally caught up - thx for the hints!
Anyone passed the dentist already (lvl11)? Blind alleys here until now...
(But found some interesting stuff from the titles...!)

hi premiere!
nope, nothing. staring at teeth pictures from dentists. seems, they use different numbers, but even if they were the same, I wouldn't know how to use them.

Hi Premiere :)

also trying to grandmaa her heartthrob's name. the only thing I could come up with was "unshackled aboral", lol

It's all about the teeth.
Find the right Wiki page (the one with the same picture) And try to pick letters from the names (and like the text implies in with two different methods, 3 of them in a certain way and 3 of them in another way).

alright, finally found the correct wiki. let's see...

not going to bother solving this level, going to stop in the waiting room looking at the hot guy.

I think I found the two methods (different views). making slow progress, but progress ;-)

for a short moment I thought I had it, but then I quickly came out of my own reverie ;-)

lol Miller - I was hoping you had it - I've been staring at the names and getting nowhere

like s-t said, find the right wiki (there is the same picture of teeth on the top right of article). in that wiki you'll find the different methods.
actually there are three different methods, so I'm not quite sure which one to use.

if you have the wiki page you are half way there. the first have numbers for a reason, the second just look at their

I just remembered one of my favourite Seinfeld-scenes: The Anti-Dentite

That's a great one :)

you found the wiki yet, annaby?

yes, but the hints aren't making sense to me :(

yeah, same here.
I hope, I have the first 3 letters from left side correct (4th letter of tooth #4, 8th letter of tooth #8 and 9th letter of tooth #9), but I have no idea about the right set of teeth. at least none, that works or makes sense ;)

I think you did the trick for left.
Now for the right part of the teeth pic.
There's a method to pick letters with only using their names :)

@ miller , thats good, look at the names next. what is the number one tooth called,

Clio, Small-tool and Yoli!! Thanks for the riddle, just getting started!


Central Incisor.
But maybe it's easier to foucus on the other two to see the method.

lol, thanks guys. still don't get it. but enough with the hints, seriously! ;)
well, one last question grandmaa involved?

After you picked 6 letters, you need Granmaa indeed.

for the 2nd set, teeth 1,4,5: take the letter the first word of the tooth name tells you to

12 - there's a rapper named slick rick and a song called just killing time. But so what?

NO GOOGLE needed on level 12

do I feel ashamed? a little bit.
a great side effect playing this game, reading various articles like:
-Palmer notation
-FDI World Dental Federation notation
-Universal numbering system

thanks again small-tool, bigtank & annaby!

LOL Miller - I tried to go that route too :)

Almost 200 comments so next comments will be on a new page

any idea for 12 @Miller? I'm not getting anywhere

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