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Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough

Naughty Kids Room Escape

123Bee - Naughty Kids Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 123 Bee.  Little kids were playing Hide and Seek game, a small boy went, to hide in a house but even after long time no one came to find him. When he tried to come out, the door was locked. Help the boy to escape from this house using your keen ideas and tricks. Good luck and have fun!

Play Naughty Kids Room Escape

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going in...

so far..hammer from fireplace, key from box, code from drawer, cpu, monitor, cable and the SD

Guess we need a processor or something...

looking for a knife to cut the teddy

open cb with sd and hamer. Where is the cable?

SD + hammer for one of the drawers

I don't have a CPU, but a RAM and I put it in the PC, PC back on desk now, together with the monitor, but don't have a cable to plug in...
hint for SD: use it at the left cb in the kids room together with the hammer...

key in drawer in bedroom

Out put memory in pc and put everything back on computertable

got a chip for computer, placed on table, now i need an cd

cable in lowest drawer in bedroom without key

got a rose, made single parts, got nothing..

rose is a part of last door code

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anyone found a knife?? or cd?

found cable in bedroom, right cb
CD in a book
now iám stuck with the final code

out now...

Cable is in bedside table right

eppie: final code is on pc... hope you have the flower... count petals, and the colored shapes of the can you opened before ...

and out

thanks Sabine; it was easier then I thought (I was counting corners

Hi all which cupboard/drawer do you use hammer and sd on iv'e tried them all

escape girl: its the left cb in the rightmost kids room... first use sd, then hammer on it...

maybe I should add: use sd at the keyhole

Thanks Sabine

Yea got it now ta, glad you hung around for us slow ones

yw escape girl... I'm also glad if there is someone around, because usually I am a late player ;-)

were is the monitor

nvm found it. in the cb

I cant find CD. WHich book, where?

book is in drawer in comproom
open it with key from bedroom
key is in a black drawer

book is in drawer in comproom
open it with key from bedroom
key is in a black drawer

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