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Old West Escape Walkthrough

Old West Escape

Old West Escape is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant. You were traveling through the desert when your car broke down. You walked for miles and miles. A town is in sight, maybe you can get some help. Good luck and have fun! 

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Old West Escape Walkthrough
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Is anyone else here? Stuck already. Can't find clue for box on shelf or cupboard in the sign shop.

Got the cupboard open!

I`m with you, but also stuck.

I got the cupboard open, tild your head to the left and see where the paint buckets are located, then use that for the slider puzzle for the cupboard.
I'm stuck in the sallon, have to give a drink to the guy but I don't know where to get that from, I only have the glass

Hi all!

How do you get the cupboard?

Thanks Aridza, now in the Sallon

Hi, all. Make the math from what the till says and you get a wire brush to take the rust off from the water pump.

from top to bottom:

there's a bug, once the color code box is open, I can get coins each time I click on it, I now have 5 coins because of it, could probably take more

I'm trying to find color code for saloon or dots code for sign shop, but can´t find either...

how do you open the color code box?

I tryed everything on cupboard, according to paint buckets, but still nothing...

Get the coin then..

for color box count the colors on the bar

Found color code, count bottles on counter.

I got the code for the box in the paint shop, it's in the basement of the hotel (you go there by moving the rug, then it's on the sign

count bottles at bar.... for grey colourbox

In motel now

and I'm out, never moved the piano to get the coin underneath and I got 3 or 4 more from the bag in the basement

I thought the dots would have to do with "we make signs" (West, East et.c.) but nothing...

The till says 3/8 ... Thats the Piano-Code

Got 3 Coins, don´t know how to move piano

the dots clue is on the sign in the basement (look at the 0002)

hint for box in sign shop, in safe room of the bank

Claudia, go to the basement in the motel, you'll get more coins (otherwise, just click again on the color box in the saloon, I got a bunch of coins by opening the box again and again)

Thanks aridza, out now. It was pretty simple after that, altough I only found 4 coins, because after I gave the first coin, the guy only asked for 3 more coins. Perhaps a bug?


How to get the piano coin???

thanks Aridza, so I´m out too

Claudia, there's a loose bar in the basement of the hotel. Use it on the piano and you get the coin.

for color code start from smaller ammount of bottles and continue to the right to the biggest ammount

thanks Haillie, but now i did it Aridza´s way ;-)

Think decimal to get drink

it's the first time that I can't play a Selfdefiant's game. I got dissapointed, can't do anything on this one, so I quit

Yesss, a Selfdefiant game.

Where is Salon ?

Pop i am in sallon now

Thanks SD!

What is the piano number ?

hi Zazie.... its 3/8 in digital numbers, without the 0,
need a spoiler?

Yes I please Sabine

I also had the color-box-bug...

and I had difficulties to open the padlock of the horse... but finally I'm out =)


ok... I guess you are out now...

Thank you Sabine

I am back, thx Sabine going on now.

And out ! I had to restart because i could not highlight/use anything the first time.And i took all my coins from the same box too lol.


Enter the rightmost house, the colorshop...

ok im in room but where is hint for that box & cupboard?

color paint pots give order (think blue on top = middle and orange bottom = middle)

How do you get the key to the motel? I don't see anything else to do after the color box in the saloon.

Buggy the buggy

Never mind. The mug was almost completely invisible and I didn't see I had it.

Very buggy. Not one of SD's better efforts.

Sorry folks, this was created with the new Flash script, I'm not quite proficient at it yet. I fixed the bug with the color box. It was a helpful bug not a game stopper! Did anyone find any other bugs? Or just the one?

Bug not fixed. I just played and got 4 coins from color box - gave it to the guy for horse key - and out!

only other bug SD is you get two wire brushes from safe in piano but still works.

I never used the screw driver.

I never used the screw driver.

All Bugs Fixed

Thanks again for the game

Axend 3 ?


Competent or skilled in doing or using something

Well advanced or competent in any art, science, or subject

Accomplished, adept, apt, capable, clever, competent, consummate, conversant, effective, effectual, efficient, exercised, experienced, expert, finished, gifted, pro, qualified, sharp, skillful, talented

Selfdefiant !

This comment has been removed by the author.

Bug in the Basement of the Hotel - I got 3 coins from the money bag.

Hah, sometimes it pays off to wait a little before playing a game instead of always jumping the gun ("First! First!")

Played perfectly after the fixes. Thanks for these, SD!

"Not one of SD's better efforts."

I'd have this changed to "Not one of SD's most trivial efforts" :)

Short, but pretty tough (e. g. the till)

Ah, SD, just to let you know:

In a TRUE Western city you would now need a doctor!

If in such city, you gave a guy a water from the well instead of a drink, he would answer you:

"Wazzat buddy? Me don't wanna wash myself, me wan' a drink!! %#&$'§%&! (censored) Come here sonny..."

@SD (again)
Sorry folks, this was created with the new Flash script, I'm not quite proficient at it yet.

Well, if you happened to refer to ACTIONSCRIPT 3.0 I can really congratulate you for your courage! Because this is totally different from AS2. If we compare AS2 with C, then AS3 is _fully object-oriented_ C++. And that's really nothing for the faint of heart, so prone to errors.
Since everyone once was a beginner.

Thanks arbeitslooser, that's what I was referring to. It isn't my first game in AS3 so I should have found the bugs. I still can't figure out how anyone can get more than 1 brush from the piano. I can't make it happen.

Thank you for the fun and fast game, Self Defiant, and thank you for the color box spoiler, Babolein, tried everything but counting those bottles, lol

I got out without getting the piano coin, and without entering one of the builfdings

Brave man indeed if you are using AS3. C++ is good - but there's a pretty darned sharp learning curve. ^ <-- like that.

If it helps any, I got 2 brushes from the piano. Using Chrome, with whatever version of Flash its using (usually the latest, but I've caught it lagging a few times). Got one brush, and there was a brush still showing, so I clicked on it.

Thanks Kathy, these words feel comfortable between all those moaners.

Let me also add this rather tongue-in-cheek remark:

I hope for my sake that the majority of Japanese authors are NOT going to move over so soon to AS3. Since we would regularly stumble over language barriers and these AS3-written games are a *nightmare* to hack! (finding password strings etc.) Yes I'm serious :P

Even almost 2 weeks after the above comments, I, too, got 2 wire brushes as, like Kathy K, after clicking on the brush, there was still a brush in the piano and it appeared in my inventory.... Tried brushing off the horse (and then filing away the lock on the horse) on the street after cleaning the rusty pump outside the saloon, but no luck! Took it with me when I rode off into the sunset!

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