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Station Escape

[REPLAY] Robamimi - Station Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Robamimi. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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       Anonymous  2/17/13, 5:34 AM  

gonna give this a try

OMG finally a Robamimi!!!

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 5:39 AM  

slow loading

removing "WT" from http will open the games site

Use book from below chair on top of the other 2 to get 3-dig code

Organize pictures then click times in order

Got all triangles in place but nothing happens

Use FLOWER clue + flower pic to get code to open door.
I'm downstairs now

Oh cool, i love these...still loading.

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 5:50 AM  

how do I organize the pictures if they don't move?

Slow loading...

Use B Y clue to get code for the second door

adivawoman .. u have to organize them by the time the pics were taken. Like 1st is the pic taken march (03 - month) then the one taken in april (04) , etc

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 5:52 AM  

have tile paper dart stuck.

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 5:53 AM  

thanks but where do i use this info as I can't move the picts.

Organize the months then click the correct hour for each picture :)

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 5:55 AM  


Missing 1 triangle and looking for a place to use dart for the second time

SPOILER for placement of triangles,

Clockwise from top.


POP got last triangle :)

and out :)

Yay Used plates in the right order and now concrete door opened!

Oh someone already gave a spoiler :P

Got ticket. Need a letter code

Nini ticket again + ?

POP! GOt magnifying glass!

How to get the numbers for door panel ? I guessed it was from flowers-o, (35937)but it doesn´t work

Out without help!
(but thx for the hints everyone :) )

MM.DD.TIME without all zero-s

Thx 88 Game !!

These games are always a nice challenge!

So now I have 3 triangles (cat, fish and knife). I have gone downstairs and placed the paper on the Blue-Yellow light thing, but it did nothing. Mmmmhmmm...

Valérie, this is the hint how to push the 3 door rings.

Valerie - click on the paper to zoom in

What is the hint exactly, Zazie? There is nothing on the paper...

Missing knife tile....

I'm stuck with the ticket code

zazie go upstairs, close the door without entering the room

You have to push the Y B buttons as shown in the window upstairs to make the light on.

Thx miles !!!

Ooooh I had missed that hint on the window upstairs! Thanks Zazie!

YW :) still stuck with the ticket code

got it - need the magnifying glass in bottom left corner

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:23 AM  

me too miles

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:26 AM  

which I understood what bottom left corner you are talking about.

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:27 AM  

got glass just not sure how to use it

I'm missing the Lion tile where id you find it ?

Can´t get the ticket machine and where to use the magnifier round part ?

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:29 AM  

cant remember where lion tile was

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:30 AM  

i used the wheel off train then replaced it with bottom of mglass in the door opener put wheel back on train... all for nothing it seems

Wheel is on train now and handle upstairs on cube.

Can anybody spoil how to put the white triangels for ticket ?

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:32 AM  

stuck on ticket machine still, going to make coffee could some one please help on placement. thanks

I'm also stuck at the ticket machine. I can see one of the white triangles (in step room), but how do I get the position of the others?

Sorry - train to figure out the wheel and train! Was the lion tile under the place you place the tiles? Use the dart. Zazie, use the magnifying glass on the back of the ticket. @adivawoman - botoom left corner of the control rum (where ticket machine is)

Zazie - if you zoom in on the diagram you can see where the doors are. In the step room, the triangle is facing the door, I can't remember the train room, but just use the doors as a reference

I don´t have any ticket yet...struggeling with triangles.

I have to go. Once you have the ticket and use the magnifying glass, take the bottom part and replace it with the wheel upstairs (make sure and turn it to open). Now you can enter the control room and enter the last code

@Zazie: in step room arrow is facing the door, in train room arrow is facing the door, and at 2 floor the arrow points away from door

Ah, you can see the white triangle in the 1f room if you look back (maybe you have to close the control room door before, at least I've done that), then I bruteforced the position of the 2f (SPOILER7oclockishSPOILER)

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:39 AM  

Im getting bored trying to figure out ticket machine.

I'm out and have already closed the game, but I try to remember as well as I can =)
great game btw...

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:41 AM  

finally got it, but just brute forced it based on above hints. thanks

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 6:43 AM  

finally out. thanks everyone. any one need help?

Yep still stuck on that danm tickets....don´t get your hints..

Great game! Loved it, thanks for the hints!

I don't get it at all! I'm allready stuck at the beginning. Can somebody explane the 3-digit code please? I've tried every combo possible.

Help with positioning triangles for the three rooms please. Cant figure it out

Zazie, the rooms are named at this ticket machine, you can also see at the right side, if you zoom in a drawing of it...
I don't remember if the doors are marked, but the step room has an arrow pointing at the door, the control room (1st floor) is also pointing at the door, so the two arrows are pointing at each other... the arrow at 2nd floor is pointing away from door (the opposite direction)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah, there was a down view in the 2f, seen that before, but forgot about it...

@Kees: under the chair you'll find a book... place this book on top of the other books on the desk, then you can read the numbers

Finally out !! Thx for all your help !

Kees and the others: put the book from under the chair on top of the others, you see three numbers then, input these in the box on the chair

Great game.....and thx again Sabine !

Bottom of the pedestral where the triangle tiles have to be placed is a panel with a little hole at the top.
Use the dart (2nd use) in the hole to open the panel, there lied the lion tile (King).

YW @Zazie... and GONGTATS =)

Thanks, Sabine. I acted very blond by looking at my phone and translate the letters into numberd. How blond can you be!

LOL... yw Kees... at least you went here (that's everything else than blonde ;-) )
and btw... I can't count my own blonde moments xD

Missing a triangle. Sounds like its the diamond? Anybody know where that was?

And what do you do with that friggin bell?

@SOX... ring the bell... don't know how often, but ring it... you'll get a triangle... I don't know which... and one was under the stairs... another one behind the door on 2nd floor...

Ha. Thanks Sabine! I guess thats what "never give up" meant. Feel like an idiot

exactly! (I mean the "never give up" comment, not how you feel xD )

TY @sox...never feel like a fool, you just helped me...I was stuck there too!

Finally out! Thanks everybody.

I am also missing a triangle...I must be the "key one"...I hate having to go through all the comments to get help on a thing that nobody mentions except in a spoiler for a later part of game!

POP! The key is already in the place to put the triangles...I was trying to place them on the floors!!! LOL

What to do with wheel? I put it upstairs and turned it to opem, but nothing opened.

POP, control room opened when retried

Hello Everyone
Going in

Always Great Games by Robamimi!!!! Thanks!
TY for the comments, @everyone, I needed them!

Where is the last code hint?

NVM, it was on the ticket

please help with ticket machine

oh dear - everybody gone - stuck with ticket and train with wheel on - feel an idiot!

me too

Annieliz/pierpor - Look at the back of the ticket. Use the magnifier and you will get a word. Type that in. Then, use the 6-digit code on the front of the ticket and key that into the ticket machine. If you do it correctly, it will trigger a cut-scene and you'll be out...

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  2/17/13, 11:05 AM  

Finally an amazing game to play. Can't thank you enough.

Where is the "play" button to start the game?

Nice and easier than most Robamimis. Beautiful and charming as always.

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 11:25 AM  

ok, alternative site :-)


If they come in this quality, Robamimi may as well take the same time to create another of these gems!
(better than some authors who create many mediocre games in a short time)

OK ... needed (almost) no help except for the fierce triangle puzzle and the "Door." in-game hint to find the last triangle piece!

Ah yes, and I missed the ticket although it was there! It's very hard to see from a distance - just a thick black line below the slot on the upper right! That *IS* your ticket, messieurs dames!
It will pop out BEFORE you solved the letter code (i. e. after solving the hexagon-triangle puzzle).

HINT for the latter (for people easily bored): check in the building where there are two lit triangles OPPOSITE to each other on the same floor. Then just brute-force the third one.

This is ridiculous - can't "organize" pictures that do not move. Read the hint here over and over - Clicking the clock in date order has done nothing. Makes me want to throw something when I read the hints and someone says "I can't do the pictures" and someone else says "organize them" and the person says "how can you organize them when you can't move them" and the reply is "organize them by date".

You dont need to move any pictures, you just organize them by date and then put the hour in the clock

@jessica....yes, sometimes the hints are confusing...
The "organizing" is to write down the pic and the date/time the comes up when you click it
then using the date , number them from earliest to most recent
then use the time of the earliest dated pic first on the clock, and continue with the next...etc.


This comment has been removed by the author.

got a bug.. placed the triangles in the plinth as told above and nothing happened.. so took them back out and think the cat ate the fish as it was showing in the inventory but greyed out and no longer usable :(

the dates are in american format jessica

       Anonymous  2/17/13, 12:41 PM  

Robamimi- A breath of fresh air amids Gamesperk, 123Bee and such games...BEE-U-TEE-FUL, as always!

And thank you all for the help. That triangle one was a little beast for me, being as simple as it was/is. Humbled, to say the least. :D

For 5 triangles (read hint) put diamond last and it works

ok i opened the window ,can see some hint ..but dont kno wht to do next ?

plates don't work as told above
what am i doing wrong?

thanks seb that worked

plz someone give me any hint ..i just hav 1 triangle ,manuscript paper ,key used ..wht to do next ?

in window you can see hint flower-0 (use hint on flower pic) => door code
use code YB later...

please a walkthrough! ticket part is confusing me :(

finally my brain start working ;D

@brin3m read com Miles 6.38
if problem after I am here ;)

ok i got 4 triangles ..now wht to do ?

raasti, you need 5 triangles
one behind door upstairs

ohh i was missing dart on the floor ......

nothing happened ..i placed tiles ..........

laptop charging is almost finished ..will play later on ....i got the magnifying glasss now ......

i give up on triangles

help me lol

need help for 5 triangles or for 3 white triangles on ticket machine?

sorry seb not having a brain day, lol

read hint behind triangle
on the right of the key put knife, lion
on the left of the key put cat and fish
and down (last) diamond

thanx seb

finally thank you lol


Station Walkthrough

Grab book from under chair and put it on top of other books, read 3 digit clue
Grab manuscript paper and the Cat Panel while you are there

Use 3 digits on box on top of chair for a dart

Notice and zoom the 5 photos , write down the date/time from each zoomed pic
Write down the Time from the earliest date to the latest for 5 clock positions

Click the clock positions for a key

Use key on window, Use dart on balloon for flower clue, notice clue on right shutter

Use date/time of the rose pic for the 5 digit code to open the door

Step through the door, close it and grab Knife Panel
Go downstairs

Zoom Stand and use Clue from shutter to turn on light
Place the paper there and zoom it to see the door knocker clue

Open Knocker Door

Go forward and ring bell until you get the Diamond Panel

Go right and find place for the Panels....you need 2 more

Go Right and grab Dart from floor

Go Through door and then left and grab Fish Panel

Go back to the Place to put the Panels and use dart in front of it for the Lion Panel

Using clues on back of panels, place them in correct order for an open door....Grab the wheel from train

Go Upstairs and place wheel in pedestal , click it to open position...Go Downstairs and see Another door has opened

Enter alcove and View the Ticket Machine, and paper
is a clue to changing the triangle positions

Click left of machine for a Magnifying Glass, click to separate handle

Zoom floor of each room and notice point of triangle

Solve these white triangles on the machine for a Ticket...
Grab it and use Magnifying Glass on back for a word clue, enter it for a "Track"

And the screen tells you we need the Wheel that is upstairs!

What do we have in inventory to replace the wheel?

Upstairs we go again, demount the wheel and replace it with the handle...Switch to OPEN

Back down to the train, place the wheel.... Nothing...lol

OK, Look at Machine..it wants a 6 digit #

Look at Ticket...enter Number

Congratulations !!!!!


Books for green box:
2 1 6

11 9 3 8 5

Door/Rose Solution:

Shutter Clue:

Panels solution:
Clockwise from top but put diamond last!

White Triangles:
The 2 bottom floor ones are pointing at each other, the 2nd floor one is pointing up

I wish to play Station... is there a password that is needed? I cannot locate the word play or see the game load... I tried the links provided, but nothing loads... :(

Grrr,watching football and missed a Robamimi live!That was a magical game!Counted myself took me 32 minutes,half of them for adjusting triangles(that was a bit confusing)...It's about time for a new Tesshie now ;)

It's about time for a new Tesshie now ;)

Forget it! Tesshi-e appears to be on a (well-deserved!) hiatus. I kid you not. On his site mildescape.com there is a link to his blog. There have been no updates since New Year's Eve 2012. Chasin' all these Japanese glyph stuff thru Google Translate revealed that the reason might be an influenza surge which apparently has invaded the whole region where he lives.
I had better not make any false assumptions, though.

lovely game, even if I needed all the clues I could get.

Great game as always

       Anonymous  2/18/13, 1:31 AM  

Thank you to all for the help - beautiful game which had me stymied at every turn LOL. Made it in the end but I would still be gazing baffled out of the upstairs window without clues on here!

Excellent, excellent game!!!!

Robamimi never ceases to please! Haven't played such an amazing game in a looong time!

Just incase anyone is confused
on the arrow placement,




Hope this helps.

Btw, I miss the Rabbit !

And thank you ROBAMIMI


This comment has been removed by the author.


Thanks so much for the update!! I kid you not, I have been checking there at least 8 times the last 2 months.

Sometimes I think that his translator idahhh occasionally reads silently on EG24 and spreads the news in Japanese to Tesshi! ;) Who knows...
Since this update came VERY soon after I posted...

I have the wheel back on the train...nothing happens. Looking at the WT above, I should put the 6 digit number in the machine....I don't have a "machine" any more. The ticket machine has disappeared (I assume its at the end of the tunnel where the tracks go). So I'm stuck as far as I can see with no way out.

Any ideas??

Soozn, remember you needed to put the wheel thing onto the box on the upper floor to open the control room? You'll need to put something into that box to turn to open after you take the wheel off. If you've found way to read the back of the ticket, you have the part!

i cannot get the door knocker hint!!

       Anonymous  7/1/18, 11:03 PM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay
a Robamimi is always worth a replay!

thx for all your creations, Rob ☺
& thx nokra for the WT

Thanks for this AO! I miss Robamimi!

LOVE all the Robamimi games! Hey, @AlphaOmega: I'm having trouble locating some of the recommended mobile games. Are they all in the store? Thanks!

My fav developer ever!
Loove Robamimi so much.. too bad it's been more than 2 years since we've heard from them.
Thx for re-posting AO :)

Yes, @NinixD, I agree! Robamimi is fabulous. Miss them very much.

What a game!

It's so good that the old Robamimi etc. games are still available, not too often new games appear that are as worthy for playing. Thanks for posting old games for replaying!

       Anonymous  7/3/18, 5:54 AM  

only now saw your question
you should get the direct download link from the links beneath game description (GooglePlay for Android, AppStore for iOS)

feel free to contact me (click my nick) if you still have any difficulties

I do miss games of this quality! Must say I wasted a lot of time hiking up and down those stairs after I'd turned the wheel to 'open' - I expected the archway to open and never thought to look at the 'Control Room' wall!

Place the diamond triangle piece last, it must be placed after the other tiles are already in.

An oldie but a greatie.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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