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🖳 3 Cats Little Red Riding Hood Escape Walkthrough

🖳 3 Cats Little Red Riding Hood Escape

[REPLAY] Chokochai - 3 Cats Little red Riding Hood Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Choko-Chai, who is the creator of Operation Escape of Three Cats and Concert game series. In this game, you try to search the around to find some useful things and solve puzzles in order to finish the game. Good luck and have fun!

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3 Cats - Little Red Riding Hood Escape Video Walkthrough

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Stuck. I have pie, ladle of water, matches, dish & broom. Something under clock I can't retrieve, dust under bed and something in the ceiling I can't reach. Red and blue cupboard handles I don't have clue for yet. What am I missing?

Peggy - click on the cat to help you move and reach items.

Use broom and look behind the pots.

how to set up a fire with only 1 match?

To light fire, you need to add crumpled paper and have pot with water and flour on top of the stove.

that was sweet as always... loved it...
@VOL... 1 match is enough, but you need smth else... (look under bed)

Very cute, love these!

so cute, but those cats are not willing to get that paper for me ^^"

@VOL: if I remember right you have to click the cat in non-zoomed view...

Now what am I missing? I've made glue and applied it to the black paper. I can't seem to get anything to stick to it.

OUT! thanks for you all!

@Peggy: did you found all three papers? green star, blue circle and the red shape? you have to put the glue also there and then stick it together

and have you read all three books? there are the manuals for doing all these things...

TY! I haven't found any green paper. Can I have a hint?

Oh my Gosh!!! I didn't go around the room with the cats once I was told they could help. I didn't know they could get crammed books off the shelf!!! DOH!

have you found the green shape?
(hint: look closer at the green book)

hmm... my last comment vanished...
(hint for green shape: look close at green book)

hint for cabnet. on shelf behind red jars.
add up 8+5+6x 865 = dont work

@gamer: rules of math =)

Quit smiling at me :p and explain the rules of math.

first multiplicate, than add =)

my math is wrong? hint please

@gamer: meanwhile I gave 2 hints !

O. U. T. ^_^

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have to go now... so I will leave a spoiler for the "doh-effect" ;-)


ich bekomme schrank mit roten und blauen knopf nicht auf,wie geht das

mir fehlt kochtopf für leim,ist der im schrank? und wozu diese rechnung im buch?

Hm... can't find spoon to stir.

sarahB.. wooden spatula on the locked box

Ha, POP. :)

Thanks, iamnealtuazon. Just figured it out. ;)

I pot-seeking can not kindle fire, how to cabinet? find no clue to

@marita key behind the clock.. the small box inside the clue is the 4 frying pan

I dont understand how open cabinet (with blue and red button)

pierpor clue is behind the red pots

TY iamnealtuazon !!

pierpor clue for the blue and red handle.. is the behind red pots

I meant the left cabinet, with de colorful buttons, because I really missing the big bowl, right cabinet I have to


thank door and got to bowl, but nothing can kombienieren and enter the 4 digit number that's missing for?

@iamnealtuazon TY, I'm out !

have everything done so far, but now? and still have to pay the cake, but now?

Marita, have you looked at the books from the bookcase? They should tell you what you need to do.

Sabine, no need to be so cocky.

fantastic game x thanks for all the hints

where do i put the code number and what to do with the pie???? anyone help please i have been round and round ..

       Anonymous  3/12/13, 3:16 AM  

Is there just one ending?

tfloss you out yet?

       Anonymous  3/12/13, 3:23 AM  

tfloss, the number is used for the box in the cupboard, one with red/blue knobs.

Four digit code goes in the cabinet on the far left of the stove. Open doors and it's on the inside of the right door. Then you get knife to cut pie.

luin and amber thanks never saw the box lol

who are you that you call me cocky??? I don't know you, but the others, which whom I'm playing here since years are knowing me and that I never gave only ONE cocky answer!!!!

I second that, Sabine. Never seen you 'cocky' but rather sometimes the 'knight in shining armor' when a whole crowd was stuck.

Let's say you, Amber, are having a bad day today and due to these, people are known to become more touchy than average.

I dont understand what to do before entering the 4 digit code can someone help please

That was a lovely and very logical game. Cats cute as always, but I also liked the surrounding story. Yes, and I'm proud of myself as I did it on my own. :-)

BTW here's one (on-topic in some way! ;)) to cheer you guys up...


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL... thank you @arbeitslooser ;-) I'm only a little cane that helps sometimes a few steps further... its more you, from whom we can talk about a knight with the shining armor, you saved me several times xD
and you are right, we all are having some days a bad day, don't ask how often I clapped myself at my hands to not to write what I am thinking... ROFL...

Can't find the red paper

Red paper is in clock

POP, When did the damn clock open?

That silly cat keeps telling me I don't have a clue for the 4 digit box, but clearly I do!

Thanks for the funny pic, @arbeitslooser!
And don't forget to look at the author's own cat pics at the end of the credits!
Love these...thanks for the help...especially @sabine, my very UN-cocky friend! LOL

Thanks for the help with the math, Sabine....I still don't get the hang of the "new" math rules lol

No,no,no...Sabine is never cocky!!!
Very helpful ALWAYS!!!!!

as usual Im probably the last one, I love this game, of course thanks to all above for the hints, you know I needed it thank you

Very nice game.

any body still here? from where i fill the ladle with water???

the pot wont go inside the stove.....did it become suddenly buggy? i got every thing the water the spoon & the flour...

oops. it goes on the stove not inside :D i was following the picture instructions

Can't get the paper ball under the bed and my broom is used :(

@Andrea: ask the cats for help :)

Tried that, they don't line up. ??? bug??

Opened another copy of the game and they still won't get the paper....

no Andrea, don't zoom in under the bed... click the cat in the non-zoomed view

@Andrea - call the cats in the zoomed out view, then click under the bed.

Can't find blue paper
Not sure where to use broom
Don't understand how you find the values for Blue, Red & Green

Sunshine... it's the broom you use for the blue paper... look in kitchen view left side up

Ahh thank you Sabine!!!! and Sunshine!!

       Anonymous  3/12/13, 9:37 AM  

where are the matches?

@Blom: the matches are in one of the red jars ...

and I'm out! Love the 3 cats

How could I have missed that before Sabine? It was so obvious - well obvious once you told me. lol. (For the record - your answer was not cocky at all!) Thanks

Awesome game would love to play some more like this. Thanks.

and why I was coming back: thanks my escape-family for your lovely words <3
and especially to the real knight in the shining armor ;-) I'm only a little cane that gives sometimes the possibility for the next step xD
what would I be without you all in my very blonde moments? a poor cane stuck in the puzzle-sump xD

thank you Sunshine and YW =)

Still can't find the clue that says Red = 5, etc. and cannot input number because it says I don't have all the clues.

Have read all the books, and have all the papers and glue and candle.

@Sunhine: you've read all three books? and you made the glue? and you glued the 3 papers at the black paper and lit the candle and... wait... I'll first wait for you answer... =)

POP - finshed my candle.

Thanks Sabine - again, I missed the obvious. I thought you needed something out of the cupboard to finish the candle - but needed to finish candle first, then open cupboard. I'm out - at last!

OMG... I haven't read you whole comment... ok... forget what I said first... you put the black round cylinder thing with the glued colored shapes around the candle?

ah... congrats!!! I wasn't reading your last comment... LOL.. maybe bedtime for me?

       Anonymous  3/12/13, 10:53 AM  

My glue is cooked, I have the 3 coloured and the black papers, but I can't use the glue.

       Anonymous  3/12/13, 10:55 AM  

LOL cute! I loved the kitty pics, but what is up with the funny square hats? thanks for all the hints!

       Anonymous  3/12/13, 10:55 AM  

Ah, let's put some glue into the dish...

       Anonymous  3/12/13, 11:04 AM  

My problem is that I need a 4 digit code and that the hint gives a 5 digit code (8 + 6 + 5) x 865 = 16435.

Still stuck @pdgph? As mentioned in earlier comments, you have to do the math in the correct order. 8 + 6 + (5 x 865).

Have you glued the coloured papers first?


You got me a little bit confused with your 'cane'! :) (walking cane??! how can that make sense) But at the second look I got it, it's also sometimes called 'reedbed'!

Thanks for the spoiler.It is frustrating when you are not very good with math but it was a nice game.

I don't understand where to get the numbers for the star, circle, and other shape. Do you count the sides?

Also, how do you open the box with the different size circles?

@holly - you need to finish and light your candle, then zoom back in on it to get the numbers for the 3 color shapes

- different size circles - frying pans are the clue

nice game ..just needed help with math as usual ..

And the Best Best of all - winning to see three winning kitties!!!!!!!


I was really LOL after reading your post... ;-) translating phrases from other languages into english is often hilarious... yes... I meant the walking cane (nono, not the candy cane)
and now I'm so stuck with your word "reedbed" xD

@Sabine Really?

Now *I* am surprised!
Because the cane (in botany) is really the same as reedbed. This is no kidding.

In French it would be "les roseaux".

And cane (in botanical sense) actually DOES grow in a swamp...

Look, this is what Americans call "cane break"


And (chiefly) in Britain it's "reedbed".
So I was not trying to be funny at all, just pointing out that a "cane in a swamp" can mean two completely different things! And the nature freak in me at first thought of a cane BREAK in a swamp, not a walking cane! ;)

ehem... I had to read back, cause meanwhile I'm getting confused... wait... I meant (shshsh...I have to repeat it for myself)...uhm... I meant, I'm only a little cane (in the sense of "crook") instead of the knight in the shining armor, that's actually you...
meanwhile we are passing the metamorphosis from cane to reedbed (what's the same, I've learned now) and I'm wondering where we will be in a few hours... ROFL xD
hey... I only wanted to say: YOU ARE GREAT!
but we can continue ;-)

oh wait... now I found your other post... (I had a phone-call with granny...that's always good for dusting meanwhile)
yes... that's what I know as reed... I really thought about a walking cane in my very first post and I wrote the cane stuck in the swamp ;-) ...but I also love the cane at your pic, because I'm a nature-freak, too xD
I know you meant this serious and I'm not laughing at you... it's only funny how different languages came out, even if it's written in the same language

I'm only a little cane (in the sense of "crook")

Wheee, let's better stop that!! :) Because when we remember that "crook" is also a hoodlum, a racketeer...then we're back to the beginning with our "multitude of meanings" thing ;-)

But I know that a crook can also be a cane, used by shepherds, for instance...

P.S. That ought to explain why Google Translate always outputs us so much gibberish!

What about ...

"The shepherd goes along with his crook."

in French probably

"Le berger va dans la rue avec son truand"
(instead of "avec sa houlette" !)

How to lighten the stove? i ca't get the match on the pot?

@jhen nehj: to lighten the stove you need the match from one of the red jars on the shelf AND the crumbled paper from under the bed (click the cat in the non-zoomed view and then click under the bed)

I think it's a lot of fun with the different meanings... =)
what's your native language?

where is my post for jhen nehj??? I wrote it before!!!

ok... once again: for lighten the stove you need the match from one of the red jars at the shelf AND the crumbled paper from under the bed (click at the cat in the non-zoomed view and then under the bed)

The pot goes on top of the stove, not on the fire like the clue unfortunately shows. Light fire after pot is filled.

Yeah, fantastic game!

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