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Dr. Fisshu's Room Escape Walkthrough

Dr. Fisshu's Room Escape

Dr. Fisshu's Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Dr. Fisshu's Room Escape

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


A blank piece of paper and a 3 digit code needed...anyone here?

A "VI" on the bookend.

Hi caroline
found a white piece of paper, a bit of brown wood?,
a code, number for triangle and star
the painting shakes but not falling

Hi SwissMiss. Not very click friendly, but otherwise looks like a good game.

dont find any more - need diamond and circle code, or a key, or a hint for the chest!

very pixely - but there is a key on/under the table

Stuck with box cutter.

key gives knive, cut the wood, eat the fish and got the circle number

Where is the bit of brown wood?

mmh - not sure anymore - have you looked under the bed?

got it - thanks

bruteforced the 3 digit code



       Anonymous  3/25/13, 3:51 AM  

Diamond # in bottom drawer....towards front

light the paper for hint for painting - got now a clue which I have problems with

not understanding that clue either

thanks wvd - now I need help with last code :)

the clue is for the box with directions but how to translate it ???

Word at top is Japan. Was thinking maybe cities with the first being Edo, but no idea what the others would be.

LOL here we go again

well - if it is a japanese clue I wont have a chance :) time for a bite to eat

Which pixel for key? And how does painting clue work? LOL I tried following maze for corners...

the key under table can be found in scene with orange box... there's also a paper under the rug in same scene...

TY Key under fish table I assume LOL

Finally found the pixels LOL TY again

Hi, anyone opened the arrow box ? I have the clue, but nothing works.

Shape numbers give code for 3 digit FYI

I still cant figure the pic clue

Picture clue : RULURDL

Hi guys!

Picture clue doesn't work on the arrow box, and neither on the wall picture.

And i was thinking corners LOL TY Zazie

number for star on the black thing on the table which keeps the books together.....

OK So pic clue has 1-8.... and isnt that character for day or month?

book support is that what you call it??? not sure but anyway....

anyone found out how the arrows work on top of the brown box?

What picture clue are you talking about, Leroy? I can read some Japanese, perhaps I could help with that one... I must say I'm stuck right now with the labyrinth clue.

or is the pic clue also a clue for the brown box? see an image on the pic clue that looks like the brown box.....

Labyrinth clue is to remove picture.

Thanks Zaxie but I tried that and it didn't work. How did you do it? Could you share a spoiler?

Zazie* sorry :)

triangel number on right side of fire place

Read my comment at 4:33 :-)

Yes Zazie, thanks, but it doesn't work!

And just when I said it doesn't work... Grrrr! It worked.

Anyway, now I can see the hint Leroy was talking about. The Japanese word on top means: "Japan"

Valerie not corners

LOL Valerie

So what's this 1DO - M2 etc stuff?

Would 2 be E from Meiji with 1 being E from Edo?

lol indeed...

So ok, perhaps that clue refers to the 5 books. Here are the colors name in Japanese, but I'm not sure it's relevant:
red = akai
blue = aoi
brown = chairo
purple = murasaki
green = midori

Also, perhaps the word "Japan" on top means that we should spell it... In Japanese, Japan is called "Nihon". But I don't see any N in those letters.

So... I'm stuck again.

Japanese history periods?

Just came back and you are still stuck ? Well i keep waiting for a superbrain lol...

4 shape numbers..... what do they have to do with anything.... or is it the code for the door in the end...

I don't think so, Leroy, because can't speel either Edo nor Meiji.

spell* wow I need another coffee!

duhhhhh the outcome of that was the code for the box on top of the fire place

Leroy: Historical periods - promising from edo, but none of the others seem to work

First two columns...
Gives east east twice for 1,2

I have to go to work. Good luck with that!

But Edo is not only a historical period, it's also the old name for Tokyo. So maybe the others are also (old) Japanese city names?

LOL I know so I been googling...

These are indeed Japanese periods starting with Edo and ending with Heisei. Leroy is right with the letters being directions.

where square, triangle, circle and star clues is used? Leroy said shapes are used for 3 digit code?
4 shapes for 3 numbers?

thanks Leroy!! out now...

5x6x13 : 2 for the shapes, gives 195

So what are the directions ?

Yep Kudos to my huge ego LOL JK


Thanks Zazie but thought circle was 2 not 1

Yes divided by 2

Roberto it was LOL Read Zazie post again...

Thx OOGGRR, finally out :-)

I think I`m still sleeping. Sorry for such a dumb moment. Hope it doesn´t last long.

Where do I enter the 195 shape code?

POP! On top of the chimney!

Wow, these Japanese games are sometimes like a textbook about Japanese culture! :)

In the intro, you will often read the word


This is TSUKKOMI, the Japanese way of doing comedy! Frankly, only in a second life I would find this funny. But I'm not Japanese, so...;)


Crazy Japs. LOL.

Yes, the game is definitely very humoristic.
Only we don't get most of it.

Example: at the blue thing on the floor, it says


"This is a pet dog or a liver." :))


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