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Find HQ the Mall Walkthrough

Find HQ the Mall

Find HQ the Mall is another point and click type room escape games created by Selfdefiant. You are a member of a secret club. The headquarters is somewhere in the mall. Look around and find clues to help you find HQ. Good luck and have fun!

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Find HQ the Mall Walkthrough

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yay a live game , going in .looks like we need quite a few quarters

Key in water too far to reach

Hello guys, I'm joining you

Gem from brick under jewelers goes into junction box left of gumballs

only found an orange gem so far

Got orange gem from behind loose brick

Click green red blue on coke machine and get drink

green red and blue letters in restroom sign mean something, and there is something in the trees near the pool,.HI NINI

grab drink from machine using code there... telephone scene

Gave coke to biy in the arcade and got dollar bill, trade dollar and got only 3 quarters, gave 1 to boy in phone and got SD

Use SD on restroom for a clothes hanger

Used the other 2 quarters and got gumball and silver key

Gum + Hanger and u can grab key in the fountain

Combine gum and hanger to get key in water. use that to open closet for sponge

Wet spomge revealed a number clue, but ? not sure

5/8 clue after cleaning dirt

Calculate then use number in green box for gem!

convert to decimal LOL


cool game! Check the shelves of shirts carefully!

WOOT, used silver key in clothing store and OUT

After placing the 3 gems, trapdoor opens revealing the mall's HQ. I clicked the paper on the table and escaped

out too fun little game

Good game. Looks like Selfdefiant creation.

Indeed Sara,
check credits.

5/8 is 625

5/8 is 625

Well, despite good design and all, I'd say someone has managed to rip off "our" SelfDefiant real bad!!

I think "HoodaMath" should find their own style instead of copying others' ones!

Everything looks so 'stolen' ... excuse me that I can't post a rave review here, I'm "biased" ;) :-/

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL, arbeitslooser,
it IS a Selfdefiant game...!

**SIGH **

Now that I read the credits, I've just gotten aware of that.

First, I had really gone like, "what's got into them"?! but gladly they have left us a CREDITS section...

Thanks Jennifer.

Selfdefiant, you are the best !

Heh - no one can imitate Self Defiant (except Self Defiant).

lol, thanks SD - thought this had your touch :)

@Kathy YES!

And in the double meaning of "no one can" even! (in the sense of "being allowed to" as well as in the sense of "being able to")

Ha, in the first scene I also thought it should be a Selfdefiant game. At the latest I found the screwdriver I was sure - I hope it is patented.

Thanks a lot SD for sd and the rest of the game! :-)

A rare 5 star game. What was the "something" up and to right of pool?

A Self Defiant game set in the mall, my dream come true!!! Department store, amusement park, beach, forest, seedy carnival, oh please!!

good blog site.

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Got a BUG using orange gem in phone and get screwdriver

where is the clue for the 3 digit box?

@ Lori, under the spilling on the floor

nice game... easy and out

for some reason i didnt need to coin to get the screwdriver from the boy

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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