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Must Escape the Museum Walkthrough

Must Escape the Museum

Must Escape The Museum is another point and click room escape game series developed by Selfdefiant.Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Debra]

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Must Escape the Museum Walkthrough
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Another day, another SD

It says on two doors that they are black, but i think one must be gold

Looking for a coin for the telephone ......

I love SD games!

get number from cleaning mirror

I am missing the red gem....anyone found the clue for the phone?

lol turns out I didnt need them after all

       Anonymous  3/19/13, 7:20 AM  

We're spoiled!

@suelnspain.....The coins go in paper dispenser...what is the clue for phone, please?

I think all I am missing is coin for telephone and place for gems

1 yellow gem so far

POP, place for gems on cleaning tray, you don't need coin for telephone

you dont need a coin for the telephone Urban, just remove handset and press button...

got the green gem from breaking an artefact

nokra, on the bench next to the restrooms

Hello! Is anyone there?????

swissmiss, what did you break it with please?

Key in cash register
It is a lantern from the Gold Mine LOL

Crud! That just gave me a dime....does anyone remember where the red gem is??? TY, @sueinSpain!

@nokra, think we're commenting at the same time. I'm stuck! Cant find anything to break with and missing black and blue keys .............

yellow diamond from ancient egypt hall

lol nokra, i still only have the yellow gem

sue - with an ancient hammer from one of the halls

use the hammer again next to restroom on wall behind picture for blue diamond

out. nice game

one of the green lockers opens with the code in small writing left of plant in locker-view

astronaut has the red gem

matas - this is a VERY helpful comment to players

       Anonymous  3/19/13, 7:34 AM  

red gem in secret pocket of the spaceman on arm

Just missing red gem now.............

TY TY TY @richard!!!!!
very small pixel...and the satellite had nothing! LOL

TY for your help everyone ...............

@SueinSpain....check the astronaut... :)

That was fun! The phone was a red herring and the fourth dime was, also.

I got red gem from space suit :)

I guess the phone would have been useful with it's dime if I hadn't found the other 3 first....just sayin' LOL
Thanks for all the help, everyone!

Well I ruined a fossil, and stole a few artifacts... but I made it out lol. Great game :)

Out! didn't do anything with the phone...

I'm missing the red gem too...

doris - the astronaut - click low on his arm.

LOL, from satellite, I got a bone half wrapped in paper or cloth pretending to be a dime (& clicking on bone makes the metamorphosis)...!

It doesn't say selfdefiant anywhere...just Flonga. But it sure FEELS like a selfdefiant one!!

no credit button this time, but see bottom of title start screen.

Oh...yup there it is! Thanks!

Pour water from kettle into Egyptian pot for number clue.

ok, it was so easy, that I feel stupid for not finding the red key all this time...

doris - I think every single player has felt stupid at some point(my word is usually "silly") so you are amongst friends!!!

excellent game as usual

arghh - I covered that astronaut everywhere except where the gem was!
Thanks SD - another fun game :)

       Anonymous  3/19/13, 10:31 AM  

Another good game from SelfDefiant !

never used the stick or the 4th dime

Apparently, SD gave us several places to get the needed 3 dimes......
1. Putting wood piece in a wheel
2. Dialing phone # from bench into payphone
3. From vending machine
4. Behind box in room that needs lantern
5. Bottom of satellite (TY @premiere!)

Did anyone find another?

fun game, but really veeeery easy =)
The solutions were downright popping into your eyes, you just had to be attentive enough ;)

Well I ruined a fossil, and stole a few artifacts... but I made it out lol

Lara Croft would just say: So what? I ruin ancient temples so often, tell me a good reason why should still care? ;)

Never used the space foil. Liked that there were extra dimes, wish more games did that.

I am trying to open the box with the planets and I cant get it to open for anything. I matched the sizes to the poster, but nothing. Any help?

Can't find the wood for the wagon wheel, can't find the purple key. Can't open planet box. Completely stuck. I know I'm missing something obvious, but I sure can't find it.

Seriously, there is no one here to help?

Well sorry, but I have to give this one a 1-star. I've spent 30 minutes going around in circles and getting nowhere.


The planets slowed me down thinking one was the sun it's not lol
Easy game ,Thanks Self :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL thanks Lara Croft, I don't feel so bad about it now then! ;)

       Anonymous  3/20/13, 4:52 AM  

Give it up, bad game.

I was stumped by the planet box and had to watch the video walkthrough. [I hate to admit it.] Was a fun game overall. Nice and short for an early morning beginning. Thanks, SD!

The planet box was sticky. I had to look at the walkthrough for that. Otherwise a good game :-)

Only tricky thing about planet box is that there is two "blue-ish planets" in the set.
Also, it's way easier to work yourself thru the puzzle from large to small, not vice-versa.

BTW, SelfDefiant has proved himself very SelfEducated again ... :) since Pluto is no longer officially deemed a planet by astronomers...wow

The black key won't open the black door. :(

Ahh...both Ancient Egypt and Space say their keyholes are black. Ancient Egypt must be a different color.

Got it, and out. Simple enough for me to do without help. Love those!

       Anonymous  4/24/13, 9:55 AM  

how do you get the yellow gem?

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