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Obama Hellboy Walkthrough

Obama Hellboy

InkaGames - Obama Hellboy is another free online point and click adventure game from Inka Games. The evil Rasputin is planning to open a dimentional portal to set free the 7 'Ogdru Jahad' demons, so they can destroy the Earth. Help Obama stop him. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Game is completed now!

Play Obama Hellboy

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might need help with this one

So this is just a introduction? I played it for like 1 second then it says Coming Soon"

only a demo/preview ripped off!!!

that's disappointing - just a commercial for the game

       Anonymous  3/24/13, 10:26 PM  

Oh GAWD! How did that sneak in? LOL Inka has been a busy bee lately!

       Anonymous  3/24/13, 10:29 PM  


Not even gonna click. *sad face*

This should be removed from here until it's an actual game.

You are right gmm.


This is cruel, thought "yeh another nice Inka game" :-)))

       Anonymous  3/25/13, 8:03 AM  

Why in hell would i ever help obungler do anything other than die?

If you're gonna let trolls post vile and offensive messages in here, I might have to find another site to play games.

While The comment by t is unpleasant...and should be removed for the die comment...I also do not play these inka game with the obama character....that is my choice! maybe another character would be more fun...

Hi! I am playing the game at Inkagames site http://www.inkagames.com/juegos_flash/obama_hellboy.html, but without your help I don't know if I'll be able to finish it!

you are right! it's just the introduction!

Will not play any games with the communist in chief

Inka Games?

Probably more like 'Stinka Games', recently ;)

Get over it already everyone. Sometimes the comments on this site are really annoying. It's a freaking gaming site. Have fun. No need to bring your political views into this. Have fun and shut the hell up.

^^^ what Jorge said.
Christ, people, it's a game.

I am no fan of Obamassiah but as others have said this is a game site not a political one. I enjoy these games regardless of characters in them. I also wouldn't leave this site just because of one comment. Nor request that person to be removed.
Have fun! Leave the negative politics to MSNBC etc.

       Anonymous  3/27/13, 1:27 AM  

Is anyone stuck on how to prove your obama I've just figgerd it out And by the way I am JOSHY! obama's card is under the rug ask if you can go in then you have 4 meadium seconds to show him your card. Everyone knows one enemy don't they? gargamel on the map at gargamels castle. Pity you can't go to gargamels castle huh

Anyone else around? I'm playing at the moment, maybe we can help each other like the good 'ol days?

I'm stuck. No idea about turning on the light at history museum ?

is this game going live right now?

@Marco, do you have the camera? If you take a picture of it, Abraham will translate it for you.

got dragon, camera, screwdriver, tombviewer, magnet and gun from the treasure chest, Any idea what's tombviewer for???

thx witi

where to get alice in wonderland?? any idea??

@Sidharth Alice in Wonderland is in the bookshelf in the Paranormal place and the tombviewer allows you to see who worked in the cemetery, when you get to it.

@Wity thanks buddy....

Ok... How can I get to the cemetery?

@AC Dig where the footprints in the snow end, just a little to the left of them.

Or what am I supposed to do with that dragon in museum? I took a photo but that's all...

thank you WITY

Use the photo on the dragon so you don't get burned :)

@Wity.. what to do with the gargoyle?

POP... got through it

got stuck at samael.... any idea how to deal with him?

meh... what should I do with these graves...?

shot bullet at samael, it splits into two and attacks again....
need fire to kill it... but dragon can't be selected..

@AC: use tombviewer to find the keeper's gate and then talk to him....
then find his friend's grave and use the code on the door to open rasputin's house

With Samuel there's a room heading up just before him. Go into the room after that with two crosses and place dragon on second cross and robot hand on first cross. Pop open the window with the screw driver. Go back into Samuel's room and wait til he's on the cross to activate the hand and burn that puppy to the ground :)

burned.... hehehehe :P :P

finally... out!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

video walkthrough of the full version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxj4BWfBPGQ

I`m stuck in room with dragon and robotic hand. There´s no arrow to leave the room and go to the the room where "el malvado Samuel" like in VWT. Any idea?

After you put dragon and hand on floor, if you enter Samael´s room and die you restart in dragon´s room but get stuck forever cause the only thing you can do is looking through the round window. There´s no arrow anymore to leave the room you are.

Pfff... what should I do in room with skulls?

read the book you found in cemetery.

cant get the passcode to rasputins masoleum

ok my game is glitched i the cemetery gate keeper isnt conversing with me after i dig him up and use voodoo on him and give him a cat. one sided convo. fugg it. 1/5

done with it :) thanks for the help :)

       Anonymous  4/14/13, 11:14 AM  

Anyone still playing? I can´t make the keeper talk either, even with spell.

       Anonymous  4/14/13, 11:21 AM  

A necklace to make the dead talk, of course. A kit to make the dead talk.

whats the code?

Where's the tombviewer?

what is the code for the door at the museum

hey! roberto could u please help me with my previous message

how to open the door in the museum :take a photo of the untranslated language in the museum,take the photo to abraham then give the rotten egg and alice in wonderland to abraham then scramble the puzzle to "turn dark to light" you`ll found a magnifying glass then turn the light off at the other room at the museum (the room with door locked)
use the magnifying glass find the hidden numbers then press numbers at the keypad from the direction at the wall when the light is on

stuck at bridge with gargoyle... i used my rope but it didnt reach the gargoyle

finally got it!!! just combine nail with slingshot then shot it to the small wooden lever beside the gargoyle then just throw the rope to the gargoyle mouth

finally finish the game !!!

could anyone tell the walkthrough

or how to get the camera?

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