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Thank You Escape

Miyabure - Thank You Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Miyabure. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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LOL smarties...

for green drawer, I am wondering do we leave 2nd from bottom open and click green or closed and all others open, because I can't open red one either.

evans I'm guessing those clues are for arrows grid

I think when we ever find the last piece and after doing sth with the arrows under lights we´ll get a key for door in yellow room, if ever....

yellow drawer need to add 2 pictures number. -70000+1986= 71986 2+3=5 26+15= 41 number is 71986541 give gray key

Well , it was great fun catching up...and all the helpful hints were spot on! I'll have to check back later also!

And what about the morphing cat? Where'd it go this time?

unless we've missed the last triangle piece, the only thing left we can do anything with are the colored buttons on the butterfly?

Puff, pant, puff pant, just caught up lol

Searching for the final triangle part (left side).

Did anyone solve the butterfly thingy yet?

at this point - down the well too - I hope!

Bailing out Nokra? :)

LOL - hi @Rambler

I think the arrows down the bunny rabbit well will only be the ones indicated on the clues we get (such as the blue one after the clock exploded)

Incidentally, the exploding clock made made me literally laugh out loud...

We have blue hint from clock and green from between doors..
And what if red hint was carpet and yellow the door in red room?

I can´t do anything with the butterfly buttons, what are they doing ? Moving like buttons or what ?

@Zazie, they make a noise when you click on them..

Ahh ok, my sound is off :-)

OMG...i played with the 4 buttons and the bunny in hole became big.

Progress!! tell us what u did Zazie!!! :P

I don´t remember how i clicked them of course but i started with
BYPiG and clicked some more times...

ZAZIE!!!!! Tell us!!! :)

Isn't the "butterfly" like the flower to the right?

Like the shapes on the bottom are oredered.

Now i have the last shape, it is the right arrow in the bunny hole.

I would like to tell you more exactely, but i really don´t remember what i did after the first 4 clicks, sorry !!!

I even reloaded the game but it is selfsaving and i am at the same place.

BYRG, BYG, BYG (I think)

So Blue Yellow Pink Green and more?

I was clicking like mad too Zazie, 6 times I think

dont know where's the last triangle part

Now i have all arrows green and when you click the flower there is a big green arrow.


and there's the last triangle!!!

Ahh Megi did you get it too ?
Yes i clicked about 6 or 7 times.

Jippih Nini, great !

last part is on the right side of big creature

@annaby, that got it, thanks. And well done to Zazie :D

Now I got the last bit of the triangle

last triangle in hole - right side of rabbit

so the arrow we can't see is pointing UP!
Where do we use this now??????

And stuck again !


now we have all the green arrows lit, what do we do. How did you get out zazie?

I bet the arrows will give us another color code

The arrows grid still matches the dirty rug...but I don't see any way to use it!

I was clicking buttons once more, creature is smaller now

I am not out evans....

Eh.. I clicked and clicked and something happened with bunny

What were you clicking, @nini?? the bunny?

nokra the colored buttons

Ohh!! I'm trying to understand this!
I did with the green column.. :
1st arrow is up.. what color is above green? red!

And how Nini ? Repeating the same sequence does nothing.

Ha! Do that with yellow and the bunny is free!

These columns are bloody confusing!!

What order did you click the buttons to shrink the bunny?

Now the grid transformed!
Time to use those wierd clues we had

Grid completed! Talking to flower now

I don't yet understand, Nini...can you spoil it please?

YES ! Great find Nini !!!

Do one column at a time...
1st column= red!
1st arrow= down
Look at colored buttons... what color is below red? green (click it)

Code for yelow room please ?

I got the green...squished the poor bunny...have to shrink him now! lol

Green column -- RRBRY

Code for yelow room please.

My bunny is free too.

And after a long conversation I'm finally ..


wow! thanks nini

ok...He's out of hole...TY @nini!!!!!!
Now, what do we do with grid? I am lost! ...LOL

For the second grid:

Look at : Door in red room (that's for red)
Behind clock (blue)
Between doors (green)
Carpet in yellow room (yellow)

and out - thanks to @Nini!!!

don't get final grid at all. can someone spoil that please?

Still don´t get the second grid, no idea where is the mistake...

Cant sombody help me ?

evans.. what grid? arrows or the second one?

Thanks everyone!
make the grid white according to the clues Nini posted above

Aaaaggghh, I squashed my bunnie, then I made him big again, and now the buttons won't work :(

Oh, and well done @annaby for getting out.

Gonna eat dinner now and finish this later...

I never saw the green clue...between what doors please?

Ohh got it ! The blue was the other way around.

Red column, click 3 & 5th
Blue - first 3
Green - 4th down
Yellow - 1st & 2nd

FINAL GRID SPOILER (after u solved arrows)

O= lit
x= not lit


nokra between red and blue

@Nokra - in 5 door scene, click between red & blue doors

POP...found it...in the portal, between doors! LOL

@Rambler - at one point, my buttons stopped working - I came back and they started working again

lotjemar what do u need ? :D

thanks for all your hints! great game

I am out too, what a hammer game and great teamwork !! You guys rock !! Thx !

sorry @lotjemar - I didn't see your earlier question. What was the yellow room code?

Please, someone spoil the grid! I think I have it but nothing is happening!

When they are all correct, does it just do something, or do I click the top....help?

It was the carpet, turn it until the star is in the same position as the star on the bottom.

DAng!!! I missed the spoiler...TY @NINI!!!!!!

When it is correct there is a noise and the grid disappears nokra.

brilliant game! special thanks to Nini, have really enjoyed playing with you all - and having the time to do so. xxx!

That was such great fun!!!! Thanks everyone!!!!
Too bad I have no idea what the story is about, looked funny!

YAY, I'm out too!!

@annaby, you were right, I went to another room and came back and the buttons worked again :D

Thanks for some brilliant work on this one people.

       Anonymous  3/24/13, 11:53 AM  

help with the pink box.... i have tried all sorts of combinations... its just not working... plzzzzzzzzzz someone spoil it for me,... pretty plzzz...

Yelow room code please

@ayaan. just click the colours in order, start with green, and the follow the cupboard doors downwards (the colours will automatically appear when you click on the right one)

what is the code for the blue box? in yellow room.

ayaan, click the buttons like the drawers are from up to down, so first click green button, then click the blue button, then the red one etc...if i remember right, just click the colours from up to down.

       Anonymous  3/24/13, 11:59 AM  

see i have been trying that for the past 20 mins.... :(
i clicked the first button to show green again.. and then nuthing...
YPuG ????

If you are talking about the 3 letter code, look closely at the books in shelf, they are forming 3 letters.

Thanks Zazie, I see it now.

       Anonymous  3/24/13, 12:03 PM  

OOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my GGGGOooooooooooooooddddddddddddd....... sooooooooooooo silllyyyyy of meeeeeeeeeeee....

Thankyou soooooooooo much.,.... i just saw what u all meant....
thnx soooo much.... LOL... :D

@Serenza & lotjemar - I'm sorry I don't remember what the yellow room had - was this the 3 button code or the keypad in the yellow drawer?

Hopefully you get out, i have to go now, but i think all answers are in the comments. GL..

I don´t understand what do I have to click after place last triangle piece.Where to click to follow arrows? They´re not clickable.

oh thank you :P i dont see the letters xD

Roberto - you have to click the colored buttons on the butterfly

Roberto click the 4 colored buttons again. There are 4 sequences to click, one for each color...Look at the arrows under red light and click the buttons like the arrows under red are showing. (For red it starts with a down arrow, so click the button under red button.etc... Do this for all 4 colour columns.

Letters were HFL

Now i really have to go, bye all.

Out reading posts again!
Thanks all for the hints / help!

       Anonymous  3/24/13, 12:25 PM  

thankyou all.... finally out.. :D

Well done Nini, Zazie et al! Amazing determination!

That was greate game spesial thanks to zazie!!!

       Anonymous  3/24/13, 2:29 PM  

Finally «YOOOOOOOH!!!»
Caution: brain frazzle!
(i.e. brill game...!)
Thx posters above for your hints!
Where's the order hint for 1st clicking of coloured buttons (for making fat bunny)?

Just came back, premiere i took the order of the 4 bottom shapes, but no idea for the other 4 buttons after..

Right where most of you are: the last triangle piece missing and each pixels of this game clicked on at least three times :)

I also tried the black spaces between the doors on the color doors screen - in case there's some other clues other than the one between the red and blue door - but nothing.

As you can read earlier in the comments the last piece is in the bunny hole. You first have to click the buttons (4 colours butterfly buttons) in the right sequence. The bunny will blow up and you can get the last piece.

Click like this BYRGBYGB
Thx to Nini !

I cant open the yellow drawer. The 71986541 doesnt work,

sherry, first you have to open pink box. There are some more numbers. just add them (the numbers from the 2 photos)

I have to go to bed now, gl to you !

Maybe 71986541 ? Not sure....

Hmm you wrote the same number...i don´t know, normally it should work.

also got the 3 rows of arrows, didnt get the last one under the yellow, and still need one piece of triange the top left help please and with the # on the yellow drawer please

Like most well made games...you will have to look at and maybe zoom the clues before they work....did you zoom both numbers, @sherry12?

Thank you zazie, but it wont work I think Im just tired. thanks anyways

@nokra yes i did zoom the # Its the # under the pillow in the green door ,right

@nokra got it,Zazie was right, you have to open the pink box first. Thank you all for your help, now maybe I can finish the game. thanks

I still cant get the 4th row of arrows under the yellow Need help again I cant believe how tough this game is

Ohh sherry lol....i am nearly in bed already, but yes, in fact i am a nightowl. Did you click the big flower again after getting the yellow light arrows ? It is an arrow which is an UP arrow. Maybe you have to look at it before the code works.

I mean, click the flower to the right again. Maybe it helps (not sure)

If anyone is still here.. I am stuck with:

BYRGBYGB. Do you click the colored buttons or the arrows? nothing I do works

Oh pop... click the butterfly picture with the color dots on the wings. finally, I was clicking the buttons above the arrows!

@ Zazie Thank you again. I seem to have a lot of problem with this game. I clicked the big flower first, there isnt a up arrow. I think Ill wait for a WT. I just give up. Im ready for bed now. Thanks again


in yellow room it seriously looks as if someone had crapped on the rug ... :-O

The bruteforced clicks "byrgbygb" is actually only the 5 last of the clicks: gbygb.

It comes from using the arrows ONLY below the red square (down, right, low right corner, down, right). The code is only "active" after placing the full circle (3 parts) in the ground (making you see the arrows below red).

Start from red dot in the flower.
First arrow below red square points down.
Below the red dot is GREEN.

Start from red again.
Right of red is BLUE.

Start from red, and go diagonal, down right... that's YELLOW, etc.

This gives the code green, blue, yellow, green, blue.


This is so depressing...completed 2 third of the game, then Flash Player crashes...

@arbeitslooser, there IS a save button :)
Press the bunny right of the inventory, above the magnifier. You will get an option of "start" or "load" when you open a new game.

language barrier!
i don't know why nor what i did to get out, and it was more wasting time than any fun playing, sorry

THANKS Ellie! You're my savior.
(usually it's vice-versa, that we are your (girls') saviors! ;))

Save option hidden behind that doozy bunny...very sneaky.
Thanks again...

Yw @arbeitslooser, glad to help!

I want to add something to my previous comment about the flower color buttons.

Place all parts of ANY of your 3 first shapes (circle, star, or square).
Use the arrows below ANY of them to make the bunny come up in the hole, to let you take the last triangle.

You will eventually need to use the arrows below all 4 colors, in any order.

The first column you use makes it possible to take the triangle.
The second color/symbol you chose makes the bunny shrink back into the hole.
The third makes the bunny get big again, and the last makes him come out of the hole.

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