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Hooda Escape Water Park Walkthrough

Hooda Escape Water Park

Hooda Escape Water Park is another point and click type room escape game by HoodaMath. You were playing all day at the water park. Now you want to go home, but the gate is locked. Find items and solve puzzles to unlock it. Good luck and have fun!

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How fun! Am I first in a SD game?

Thanks SD and Hooda! fun game

Lol i am out :-) This was fun...

very pleasant and fun! Thanks!

ok after taking several rounds ..i noticed you can go up from rest room scene ...

You KNOW you need goggles to see under water....lol.
Thanks SD, love these.

You KNOW you need goggles to see under water....lol.
Thanks SD, love these.


I love these, SD!

Can't find the red lifesaver got nothing left of any use in inventory

FUN!!! Thanx SD!!!

all ive manage to do is find 3 coins got a hot dog,and a wet cloth,

would have been nice if people left actual clues rather than say fun and out

there is down arrow from the first scene ......@ shaz

ive seen clues in bog no idea wat it means, need to put some thing on hooks near swimming pool,need a code,key and not one comment above to help others,will come bk when there are some hints cause im just going round in circles cant do nowt.it easy for people to say easy and out but wat might be easy for u can be hard for others and vice verses,yrs ago on here people would leave decent comments saying wat they picked up where to use ect these days it more a case of saying that easy and out hardly helps others who get stuck.thats my rant over lolololol

i been there rasti i have a hot dog,wet cloth no idea wat to do

omg got the number clue,geeezneed more coffee lololol

In the men's loos - there are two clues in the cubicles - the first has different-sided coloured shapes, the second has colours in a certain order. Look for the lock with the 3-number clue and go from there!

You'll find a dirty place for the wet cloth as you move around - also, click on people you meet and they'll tell you what they need (just like real life!).

ok go to men rest rooms ...click third or 4th green locker ...by seeing hints inside toilets ....

Hope those clues helped, Shaz.

OK, if no more help needed, I'm off now. Fun game!

i walked away had a iced coffee came bk and didnt see the up arrow in swimming pool area that helped few things i needed there.ty rasti and clodagh

put the live savers on the hooks...

I have two life savers but I can't find the red one.

to get the code number you need to observe the shapes in the bathroom, triangle, square...hope everybody gets it.

give the hotdog to the lady with the baby

Help i got a black key, but lost it while clicking on places oh boy :(

Ah just seen that i needed it to get into the employees only door ;)

Got to down arrow at first scene.
Search for 3 coins, give it to hotdog seller, get a hotdog.2 hints in the boys restroom, dont know yet what to do with it. Need 3 number code for locker.

Got black key from one of the boxes,
need silver key and red lifesaver.

and need gold key too

Gave suntan bottle to tower watcher and got the blue lifesaver :)

The codes/ hints in the toilet are for the three dig code (number of sides, and order is the colours in next cubicle)

krmen ... i dont get it for the 3 number code ??

Yes got it, thanks Jo.C
Count the corners of each color then look at the colors in the next restroom to see the order ;)

Get Silver key from locker with 3-number code

Open the bag at the first scene and get the red lifesaver

Hang the 3 lifesavers on the hooks and get the golden key, go to employees only door unlock the panel, flip the switch, and out ;)

when I use a down arrow to go down into an area, I expect to use an up arrow to get back.. Right off the bat in this game, I see it's messed up.

I love Hooda Math Games!!!


Can't find the black key.

Ok, this is my first walkthrough, so I hope t's clear enough. This is what I did:

1º from the first scene, go right and take coin from the fountain. Go back to 1st scene and click the arrow down.

2º pick up second coin by the bushes and enter the ladies room. Take wet towell and second coin (in the right WC).

3º Enter the men's room and note the 2 codes in the WC. One is the shapes, the other is the order. enter those numbers in the third lock to get a silver key. Exit the men's room and click arrow up.

4º You'll find yourself in a scene with a pool and the coloured hooks. Nothing to do there for now, so click arrow up again.

5º There's a girl by the Mega Slide. She wants you to clean the dirty steps. Use the wet towell to do that. She gives u green life preserver. Go right.

6º You see a sunscreen bottle falling from a blue tube to a pool. Nothing to do here for now as you need googles to get it. Go left once and then up.

7º There's a woman by the lazy river. She wants a hot dog. Go back to the first screen and then right. Notice the colors in the umbrella's and give the guy there the 3 coins to get the hot dog. Also, in the first screen now, click in the green bag and use the silver key. You get the red life preserver. Now go back to the woman and give her the hot dog. She gives you a paper with a code.

8º Go back one screen and then right one scene too. There'a a box in a table. Use the code from the umbrellas to get googles.

9º Go right again. The guy there wants sunscreen. Also in the table there'a a box. Use the code that the woman gave you to get a black key. Go left 3 times and use googles to get the sunscreen that fell in the pool, then go back to the guy and give it to him to get the blue life preserver.

10º Go back to the screen with the coloured hooks. The guy there "looks busy so he won't tell you anything, but put the life preservers in the hooks and he gives you a gold key. By now you should have a black key, a gold key, a paper with a code and the googles. Go back to the scene with the employees room and use the black key in the lock. Enter the room and use the gold lock in the little door there. Click the switch, go back to the first scene and TA-DA! You're out.

Sorry, in number 5 I meant go left, but I sayed right.

It's LEFT.

Your first walkthrough looks perfect @Sabaal, well done :)

Thank you, @Truus. I hope I can make more soon ^_^

Thank you, @Truus. I hope I can make more soon ^_^

the arrowbox don´t work, i can´t turn the arrows around

What is the code on the umbrellas?

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