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Crazy Asylum

Crazy Asylum is a new Room Escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Your nightmares of the asylum have haunted you for years. Now it's time to face your fears! Do you have what it takes to make it through the crazy asylum? Good luck and have fun!

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The spot the differences was hard. Room is too dark, differences sometimes a little too subtle. I'm glad SD never turns off the hand pointer. Didn't care for the 6 color dials -- The windows are divided into 8 parts, but the dials are 12. Is red a 3 or 4? is blue a 1 or a 2? Purple could be 11, 12, or 1 (though obviously most likely 12). Too many varying possibilities with too many symbols turns a puzzle from fun to frustrating. That said, Fairy's clue that they were all even numbers helped me get out.

Other than those, I enjoyed the game a lot.

@Sozaan it's 8592

nevermind, got it.

Tati onde vc está agora

onde vc está Tati

This comment has been removed by the author.

onde vc está Tati

@roula need help again! what is avoid the serpents?how to solve it,cant find any comment about it

ainda está aí Tati

@PeteBarbu,press all the buttons to make them red,exsept the four with the snake heads

oh got it,all red but not the snakes :D

anyone still here

stuck in 6 dial box

candle order is from top left


im stuck too ,again :P,but im in the room with the safe and donno how to push XIX=XI=XXXI

peterbarbu...start the numbers to left than right and left

This is kind of different from the others.

Pete,it's 19 left,11 right,31 left and press level

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 9:57 AM  

Very disappointing game ! I gave up random clicking at the second scene.

I don't get the shape box..

5-4-0-3-5= star square...

i cant pass suitcase level ..i got 3 pairs of purple & 1 red eyes

The shape box is star, square, circle, triangle, star.

Don't ask how I figured it out because I don't know. The hint was "ShOES". S= star, O is a circle. Fill in the rest, idfk

raasti...hot spots are too small

What a refreshingly different game from SD!! It was a more leisurely - and almost friendlier - trip through that asylum!!

how many eyes i have to find ?game become pixel hunt for me ..

I loved this game,it's not dificult,but diferent and using the mind,it's interesting.SD was in a very good mood this time,full of surprises.Thanks.

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 10:21 AM  

Raasti- I'm right where you are. This is driving me crazy. I have four sets of eyes - 3 purple, 1 red on middle and bottom black areas. Must be more


Wtf, I'm avoiding the snake heads. Nothing is working

thx Roula but dont getit,after each nr.do i have to come back to 0 ? or just to count from the point where i am?

Okay, I got the serpent part. It was the first thing I did, but for some reason, it didn't go through the first time

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 10:32 AM  

Pete- Have red eyes left bottom, hint on other pair?

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 10:33 AM  

Opps, make that lower right!

@ laker532 : i just know there are 2 pairs of red eyes,i dont know if there is an order to push them

LOL peoples still escaping... need help?

No order for the eyes just click on em as you find em

Upper left as I recall Laker...

Other person here.. 6 dials look carefully at the coloured windows.... Think clock and also think mirrored

red eyes up left and bottom right

The room where there it kind of looks like a long hallway and a cross at the end of the room- it's a find the difference game.

Other person being MidnightMisty LOL sorry

Leroy,help with safe 19=11=31...i just dont get it even i got help from other players,im so stupid?!!

Yep Cas and very nasty one LOL

left right left not right left right LOL SD reversed it

@Leroy :after 19 left do i have to turn first on 0 or not?

Nah just follow the numbers as I recall and you will cross zero all times

Yeah, you just have to scan your mouse across the room in the spot the difference thing.

came back ..what is the answer in cross room ?

Yep Cas worst one was the very small spot on ceiling upper left....FYI for all other players...

@Leroy,im desperate :P i press left arrow for 19,then right arrow for 11 and left for 31...and nothing!:(((

No gem in the centre?

no no no :(

Maybe think anticlockwise for left??Reverse the order of the buttons you use Barbu

i reversed and same thing,,i must leave it for onother day,maybe :D

I was backing out and returning to clear info on thqat scene LOL when I was on that level I was stuck ages til I reversed the order...

1. Glad to hear SD is changing things up a little.

2. Disappointed to hear of the return of the combo safe, which is always reviled whenever it gets used.

3. Ain't no way I am sitting through two video ads on a page plastered with banner ads just to play an escape game. Page full of banner ads, yes. Video ad, maybe, if it is someone who consistently puts out good games. Two video ads, nope. Two video ads and a page full of banners, HELL no. If you need money that badly, charge for your games. They are good enough.

4. Sounds like it is too dark anyway, so I am obviously not missing anything.

what is the answer for ..cross room ?where you hav to write name ...

noone helping me ...im stuck where i hav to write the name of emperor

@raasti for the word in the cross room, think capital letters

raasti, look at the sentence and note CLEANSE

Self-defiant, LOVED this game! Thank you for the change!

I do have to say that I have always found the dials hard in your games, and this one in particular. I can never tell if the dial is on a 7 or 8, a 1 or 2, etc. Someone gave a hint that all the dials were even numbers and then I was out. Are they always even numbers? Will have to try that in the next game.

5 stars from me!

othank you ...i got it ..not using all capital letters ...

This was a refreshing change - I really liked most of the puzzles. The one finding the eyes was kind of brainless and the "spot the differences" was really just a pixel hunt that gave me a terrific headache (thanks to escapism for the hint that saved me!).
I say,
1. Thank you SD!
2. Keep up the good work, with maybe a bit more thinking and a bit less pixel-hunting

i dont kno where to look for difference ...i cant find any hotspot now ..

finally managed to get out ..but that difference level ...gave me headache ..

Usually like SD but too many pixel hunts... :(

Usually like SD but too many pixel hunts... :(

5 stars from me

Thanks! Have to try new things, now I know what people hate! :)

SD, nice change of pace. I had a hard time with the "spot the differences" and the position of the stained glass for the dials. Otherwise, I rated good.

Definitely stuck at "he who falls asleep will rise to the west. She who is right will always be left up"

Spoiler would be appreciated... thanks

I can't even get out of room 3...Outside of the hint paper I can't find anything...

@fedup, use all references to direction there ex falls is down rise is up




fed up:

Down up left right left up


It's the line above the title

Which way is right?


I'm going to do a walkthrough and home it works. so just hold tight. lol

Definitely stuck with the colored frames... I see the posts saying to click the 6 colors of the rainbow...and finally click the dolls face when the door opens... NOT working for me... so frustrating

How does one know to click in the order of the rainbow? Maybe I have to uncover something first???

PLEASE HELP I am sooo frustrated NOT FUN SD!

Thanks Jo-Ann and Alexander for the help with the triangle directions.

@fed up the colors are ROY G BIV

so click red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo then click the creepy doll head violet

Yep, that's what I'm doing... but how to know to click in that order... is there a clue I first have to uncover?

FINALLY... OMG that was not pleasant...

Okay, Walk through with SPOILERS!!!
R1= Room 1.

R1, 2 Crosses on top of arches, click.

R2, 4 dots on floor, 2 on right side, 1 on left side and 1 in the middle, uncover and click them green.

R3, VI, IX, IV, VII = 6947

R4, Click book on chair, above the word ARGOSY you will find 6 x 1432 = 8592 click wall on left side and find code box enter 8592.

R5, Note "He who falls" arrow code. down, up, left, right, left, up.

R6, Shape box, wall says 53045, flip it around. 54035 Star, Square, Circle, Triangle, Star.

R7, Note direction code. R,L,R,R,L,R,L,R,R,L. click each side of the hall way in that order.

R8, Frame room. think rainbow and add VIOLET!! R,O,Y,G,B,I,Violet.

R9, Click on the bottle of holy water and click around the room until the room is lit up.

R10, Pick up crowbar and remove tiles (note you can not drop crowbar until all lights are green) 1 tile on the right, 3 tiles on the left, turn lights green.

R11, Click on heater and read note (ASH NUTS) click box on bed and enter HAUNTS.

R12, Click in the black areas around the cases to find the eyes (3 purple and 2 red) eyes are located, Top left, Middle left, Middle right, Bottom Center and Bottom right.

R13, Look around the room to find the codes, blue 6, red 10, green 9. box on back wall.

R14,Click large window to find a "Riddle" each word that has a cap is the code, CLEANSE.

R15, "Avoid the serpents" click circle on right side, and light up each dot (be sure to avoid the dots in front of the snakes heads.

16, Click left wall to find combo lock, 19 left, 11 Right, 31 Left.

R17, Grab lighter from chair, (note you can not let go of the lighter until all are lit) Start 1, middle top right, 2, far top right, 3, far top left, 4, meddle bottom left, 5, middle bottom right, 6, middle top left. (sorry i know crazy asylum)

R18, Pick up 10 ORBS!!! SO EASY!!!

R19, (SPOT THE DIFFERENCE) Candle on right side, Green box in window, Blue spot above green box by arch, spot on ceiling top left close to you, closest window to you on the right, railing on ceiling 3rd from right close to you, railing on ceiling second from last middle of room, left door up front, top left window in front, curtain on right side by arch, (I WISH YOU THE BEST WITH THAT ROOM)

R20, Use S.D. to remove panel on pool, code on top right side, 5. 20. 10. move the wheels to the right to go up and left to go down.

ROOM 21!!! LAST ROOM. (note the arrow on the wall) and look up at the stained glass. enter in the box
G-2, B-8, R-10, Y-4, Pu-6, Pi-12.


and i hope my walk through helped.

SD: Great fun and challenging (but a bit too dark ;-) - 5 stars!

ASH NUT = Haunts

I still have no idea where to put 6947 in room three...

Loved the game SD - there is a traditional english acronym for the rainbow colours which has served me well in many a game - Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain - red orange yellow etc.

Out :)

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 3:52 PM  

When clicking on walkthrough you get directed to page that says “doesn’t exist” I thought I was the only one here had try other ways to get here

I'm a big fan of SD's games, but not this one. Quitting at 4th room.

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 4:00 PM  

The creator of this game has a very devious mind they must be a Politician.

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 4:10 PM  

Crawling around on the floor don’t half play your knees up !

Fallingangel ty for the walkthrough, especially help to get past the spot the difference room..
Great game but hated the pixel hunt. If it hadn't been for other people putting the clues up I would have quit long ago.

I like the idea of this game, but it's too dark. I can't see where to click things so it ends up being half pixel hunt. Still fun and different though. Just brighten up the next one, SD!

Not a fan of this type of SD...

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 5:53 PM  

Room Five, All them arrows and not an Red Indian insight I’m off its 2:00 am where I am far to late for this game.

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 6:02 PM  

Selfdefiant - I really enjoyed the game, as I do all your games. Congrats on "thinking out of the box" to put this one together. The genre needs more of that.

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 7:05 PM  

I really wanted to take the time to say thanks, Selfdefiant, for a nice change! :) I must confess that I wasn't playing as much as I used to your games, as it seemed always the same, just changing the "decor".. I do hope you'll keep on with challenging games like this one, sharing with the "old style" too, cause they are so popular! :)

Great WT @fallingangel88! I think you saved a lot of people's sanity, especially with room 19 (spot the difference).

@SD, I think we all really appreciate that you keep changing things up (even if you can't please all of us all the time, lol). I, for one, still love the Crystals and the Road Trips. Pixelly, yes, but I always know what I'm in for from the very start. The Beach/Mountain luxury getaways always make me feel like I've had a vacation, and the Creepy Asylum games are Fun-Creepy, not Disgusting-Creepy.

So please keep doing what you're doing! You are a big part of the attraction here at EG24!

Wow SD, you have exceeded yourself!!!! thanks!!! Nice change:) its a real challenge:)

       Anonymous  5/8/13, 12:54 AM  

The pixel hunt of the 2nd room is totally desperating, even with the walkthrough. Clicking randomly is not interesting.
I usually love SD's game but not this one.

I liked this. It was a bit different and fun! I got all but the last coloured dials puzzle and I was just too tired to figure it out. Thanks for the WT :-)

I really need clues for spot the difference chapel. I have candle, front bench, front door, front and back window, peeled paint above window and on ceiling, green thing in front of a window. What else?

Thanks fallingangel...kept missing the railing...so did my son. Didn't realise there was a 2nd page when I posted. :)

Thank you fallingangel; my screen was too dark to see the clue for the shapes box.

And thanks for the clue to switch on the light in the safe combo room - safe wouldn't open till I'd seen those numbers.

LOL! Room 19 - didn't know I was playing spot the difference - just waggled cursor around and clicked on hotspots.

Enjoyed the idea of the game - good bit of variety - and enjoyed the puzzles. Too dark for some things though - I had to get two of the number codes from the spoilers even though I could see where they were in the game. And for the spot the difference - see above.

More please - just brighter!

i replayed this game for few times and no way to go further then r16...i got help from others,i read WT,i did like they said (even tried more combinations)but no results...so i must leave it even im so sorry im not able to finish it....anyway 5 STARS from me :D

or maybe someone will makes a VIDEO WT and ...am i asking too much??? :D :P :P

I like it. I'm using an ordinary notebook and had no difficulties to see the clues (I needed help with the Argosy room and the clocks in the last room). In fact, it was dark, but all those asylum games by SD are dark too. Indeed I have to admit that my screen is always set quite bright.

Everyone should know by now I'm a big fan of every SD game. Sometimes they are criticized to be always the same, now this was definitively a change.

Thank you Selfdefiant!

I wrote my comment after playing the game, so I just had read the posts up to the hint for the last room. Now I have read the second page and saw that complaint about the advertisements which annoyed me, sorry.

1. On my private notebook, I use Firefox with an adblocker. No advertisements. On my official notebook, I can't block the ads. So what? We are talking about a time less than two minutes. I can get a drink or a snack, I can go outside and have a smoke, I can flit to the restroom, I can read some news, or just wait.

2. I do not know if game designing is SD's hobby or his profession, if he has a family to feed (which does not concern us). But it's fact that he spends a lot of time to please us with above-average games. I know he appreciates our feedbacks, but who wouldn't accept cash? If he can make some money with those ads, I grant him that.

3. Of course he could charge his games. But I doubt that everyone claiming would actually pay. And for sure there are people who don't have money left for games as they have to pay a rent and spread butter on their children's bread.

Sorry for that sermon, but I had to let it out.

@fallingange188 thanks for the great WT, havent seen these in a while. I sure needed it Well done

@Selfdefiant love this new way This is so much nicer , and I dont get cross eye. Thanks so much and of course the WT was a great help. Thanks

Good post mertineith. A lot of work will go into making these games and I for one appreciate it as do other folk going by the amount of players.

Thanks meritneith, I do make games for a living. I don't want to charge for them. I have spent a lot of my years making games with hardly any profit, if I didn't earn something I wouldn't be able to keep making them. I appreciate those who realize that I do it for fun, the money isn't what motivates me but it helps me keep making games!

I don't get it. I have been stuck in teh rlrrlrlrrl room and have tried that combo numerous times with no luck. What am I missing?

hi everyboy
I'm stuck in opening the lock'safe.
xix xi xxxi means nothing to me, please hepl :(

ellen Im out now , but it I remember I had the same problem, when I picked up the crowbar, I clicked the dots over to the left and then I went back to where you got the crowbar and clicked over there and then the door appeared. Hope that helps you

meritneath: You said it perfectly!! Really appreciate your "sermon" because I TOTALLY agree with what you say!!!

Thanks SD for letting us know that our comments motivate you! Whether it's your "old" style or this type of "different" one - your games are SUPERB and always fun and entertaining! I would not visit EG24 as much if it were not for your games!!!

       Anonymous  5/8/13, 9:22 AM  

what the anagram for ashnut

can some one please give me the safe numbers

anagram for ashnut is haunts.

in room with note that says"he who falls asleep....."and in the above posts someone said there is a triangle box, where is it?

omg! finally found it!

help with argosy,please??!!

still cant figure out room 3

Usually love SD games but have to say didn't enjoy this one at all, only giving 2 stars. Mostly a pixel hunt and just moving my mouse around a dark room looking for hot spots. In several rooms the clues were too dark to see. How are you supposed to pick out the differences in the sides of the room when you can't even see the room? Hope this was a one-time deal and SD gets back to their amazing puzzle games next time around.

       Anonymous  5/9/13, 2:50 AM  

I usually really enjoy the Selfdefiant games but had to give up on this one. The puzzles seem nice but it is way too much pixelhunting in the dark to find anything. Looking forward to a brighter future!

@ Deondria Johnson, don't know if you're still stuck in room 3, but use the numbers from the paper on the box which is on the left wall.
If you need help on finding the box just click here

@Selfdefiant, I can only speak for myself, but I thought this was a nice change and I hope you'll also make more of these in the future. Thanks for so many hours of fun :)

ARGOSY room 6 x 1432 = 8592 put this into box in the wall


milman/1 if you click the arrows, you'll hear a sound, arrows won't move though. Did you also click the button, right of the arrow-buttons, after entering the code ?

Thanks SD for an interesting game - and the change. I enjoyed it although I had some problems with finding things in the dark, too.


I wish I could help you milman/1.
Just to be sure, if you would number the buttons 1-5 this would be the order to click them :


what do you mean 5 numbers there is only 4 arrows
you cant put 5 numbers in 4 arrows i done what you put dont work

the fifth would be the button next to the arrows ;)
you can click here to see what I mean. Then just click them in the order I wrote above. That should work.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Nice puzzles. I think the spot the difference hall was the most troublesome for most of us. There is a walkthrough posted By fallenangel 5/7 2:52pm.

thanks truus
number 5 was the buton on the right side,
now im stuck in room 7 i think its r,l,r,r,l,r,l,r,r,l.and that dont work i am doing something rong.

Thanks for the new format SD, although making some of the clues less dark (I don't mean that metaphorically!) would be helpful, and also ones like the stained-glass windows could be a bit less ambiguous. Still, I enjoyed the challenge!

Can`t figure out the shapes?

       Anonymous  5/18/13, 2:31 PM  

too hard for me, too much time tx anyway

I'm stuck in the room "he who falls asleep....."for 15 minutes now. I'm about to give up. Cannot find the right answer in the walkthrough. Please help anyone?

That last room is killer!

Can someone help me out with the ASHNUT level?

I need help with the room where i have the box on the bed and the clue ASH NUT please help!!

I am not able to resolve the room of two paths, can someone help me?

This comment has been removed by the author.

In the room triangle my arrows do not change direction. What do I do?

how do I pass the stage after the'' Argosy'' that arrow?

staff know how guys step that phase 3 of the arrows after argosy can not pass?

need help with the later phase of the argosy the arrows help me pff?

Next to the chair , in what order do I put the shapes to open the safe ? star triangle circle square ? Confused not knowing the order even with the letters on the wall.. Help please ?

Ok , in the room where the cross is , I still can't figure it out even when typing in the initial letters so can some one please help me with the correct word / words ?

estou preso na sala de "quem adormece vai subir para o oeste. Ela que é certo sempre será deixada", alguém pode me dizer o código? é que eu clico nas setas mas ñ dá nenhuma diferença!

We cannot pass the room with the safe!! We click 19 left, 11 right and 31 left and nothing happens!!!

Seguruenik, partida zaharra da diferença!

omg i cant even get in the front door, i found 1 x need 2 x's

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