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Fast Food Escape Walkthrough

Fast Food Escape

Fast Food Escape is another point and click room escape game created by Dina Gjertsen from shattered Games and sponsored by Addicting Games. Good luck and have fun!

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Addicting games?! WOOT!

bleh going to be making one nasty burger! onions from the floor!

lol cheese from napkin dispenser!

I'll try

missing the tomatoes....

ok, maybe it is the ketchup I am missing not tomatoes

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anyone find the spatula to flip the burger?

Tomato was in the condiment dispenser. Use the mess on the table as a clue to open it.

jo-ann, the tomato is inside the condiment thing, clue is on counter to open it

Spatula is on drinks machine.

Tomato in sauce dispencer Push the same colors on the counter

Ahhhh, thank you! off to check the mess again!

Try to put your hand on hot burger stove...!

AND OUT! thank you puffin for spatula location

k, found a bug in the game. I made the burger without the tomato and now I can't add it. I guess I have to restart :(

Put incorrect burger in the trash and you can take the ingredients back separately.

Ahhh thanks again Puffin! hadn't restarted yet

and out too.

Thanks for the hints!

White screen in middle of game.

Can't put soda in the cup

@nernst click and drag the cup to the furthest left dispenser part of the drinks machine.

POP got it

The dispenser does not open after clicking colors on counter???

OK guess I needed purple and NOT blue.

TY Eliking I had tried that so many times and it finally worked

oh my god ..onions ring from floor ..& soda lid from trash can ..eew

Anyone find the key yet to get ice cream come?

you hav to used badge pin on that cabinet ...

Ah, thanks. First time a pressed it the game reset.

where is spatula ?

ok im out ..found spatula at the side of drinking machine ...

Hint for tomato ---- blue is purple ---

       Anonymous  5/3/13, 1:20 PM  

Ha! I only got stumped with the breaker box. I should know by now that coins can substitute as a screw driver by now!

Stay in school kids so you don't have to work in a place like this ;)

       Anonymous  5/3/13, 6:18 PM  

Clee, T__T In today's economy, working in a place like that might look mighty good to quite a few.

Fun game. Messed up the first burger. Took me a bit to figure out to trash it.
Then when I missed a number on the door code, it was crazy trying to erase than put the number in again.

I couldn't find anywhere to turn the sound off...or down. Otherwise a good game. I enjoyed it.

Nice game... once I realized blue is not blue but purple! :)

Thanks for the clue on where to find the spatula!

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the pin wont let me open the cabinet

never mind i got it but i still have no idea how to turn the stove on

I cant find the ice cream cone or the tomatoes

Gayle how do you get the cone and key

How do you fill up the cone?
It isn't letting me!


All in all, it was a good one. Shame navigation is mediocre and the handling of the inventory items is buggy.


Where do I get the oil for the fries?

how do i turn stove on?

idk how 2 put the lid on the cup :(

u need to read the sign on the pig then the color of the arroe is the way the colors on the stove need 2 be

code isnt working

wht is the code? i tried 2346

the stove wont turn on help someone please:(

the stove aint turning on with color code

the stove wont turn on help someone please:(

@Austin Thomas, have you turned on the power yet?

cant put lid on the soda

i cant seem to be able to put the bottom of the burger bun on the tray

put the bun on the target by the stove thats were u make the patty

put the bun on the target by the stove thats were u make the patty

This comment has been removed by the author.

where is the cheese


the code is 2985

how do you open the oil

how do I put the drink on the tray?? it wont let me

How do I use the badge on the cabinet, it won't work?

how do you open the condiment draw

how do you open the condiment draw

How do you get the fries after they've been in the fryer??

How do you turn on the stove????

How do you open the oil?

how do you turn on the stove and how do i take off the lid


Sorry for caps guys

Hu Christine,
Sometimes I'm checking the comment button up right on this page, and there is a desperate cry. I don't remember this game.
I will try.

Did you check all the comments? There are more than 70. It's not in there?

No, not really. I don't know if I can do this. Check in later Christine.
Anyone reading the comments care to help?

A don't know if I can finish this through.

A button on the pig at the door, ?-it and turn it around - becomes a pin.
Standing in front of the counter, click the red box, take a quarter.
Turning right again, in the trashban you get a soda lid.
Get a tray.
At yummy drinks get a spatula.
in cupboard get oil.
Click napkin after napkin after napkin .... get cheese.
Box next to it gives a straw.
I'm spilling colored sauce right now, hmmm. turning right.
Pick up onion slices from the floor.
Get a (used?) cup.
Place cup at left yummy drinks machine for a soda, put the sodalid on it and the straw in it. Fixed I think !! Mooooving on.

Go behind the counter.

Take the lid of the oil bottle, pour oil in the fryer. (There's no electricity).
Click the poster, take lettice and read the working order.
Get a box with frozen fries.
Click the basket, get your hamburger-to-be.
Turn the water on in the sink, get a fries-container.
On the icecream-machine you get a burger bottom.
(Yes, that's where I keep them too! Nothing strange here)

Your opened button from the piggy now opens the cupboard under the icecream-machine.
Is that what you were looking for Christine?
Then perhaps you didn't loosen the pin?

Continuing through ...

In that cupboard you find a cone for the icecream.
......... I couldn't resist, I made me one.
Turn around at the cashregister, take top of the burger.
Take the receipt. We have the soda and the ice, now the rest.

Go to pig-sign. Note the arrows/colors for the stove.
Set the arrows on the stove (for colorblind: from left to right:
up right left, up down up).

But still no electricity .....
Ah ... I get it: use the coin to open the little grey door above the stove. Turn electricity on.

Just for fun: touch the hot stove-plates ...

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Assembling through.

Before we start, let's get everything we need. Looking at the poster we're still missing the tomato. That's in the hints above. Go to sauce dispenser. Click the colors according to the mess on the table where you found the sodacup = green yellow purple, or: numbers 3 2 5.

Now off to cook.

Cooking through.

Place the burger on the left plate. Turn it, take it.
Put fries in the oil .... drag the container to them.
Place the burger bottom on the right plate, start mounting up:

.......?! O dear, something's not right ..... No ofcourse, look at the receipt !!! No onions, no lettuce, ..... away with it, in the trashbin, again ...

Place the tray on its place, put everything on it according to the poster and the receipt.
And the register opens - there is a key !!
But ... lol .... not that easy the door says. Needing a code.
Count the number of things on the posters above the counter, i.e. 2 9 8 5.

Door opens and you're eaten by an enormous piggy ....

@Christine Reider, THANK YOU !!! Because of you I played a very enjoyable game. Bye.

i cant find the ice cream con HELP!

could someone walk me through this/

the cone is with the pin click on it in inventory open the back drag to counter under ice cream machine and click on the cone

I can't open the frier. Help!

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