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Obama in the Dark 2 Walkthrough

Obama in the Dark 2

Obama in the Dark 2 is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. Help Obama rescue the Scooby Doo gang from the ghosts that inhabit a haunted mansion Good luck and have fun!

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i need help!!

i cant get into either doors

First yay!!!

Hello Dawna!
I'm not a fan of these games but I'll give this one a try

Hi Nini!! Hopefully you can help me, im stuck

Where are u stuck at Dawna?

i cant get rid of the ghost in the painting and there are two doors that i need open, then i need a crown for the statue in the living room guessing thats how the door opens upstairs

I have a diamond, red rope, blanket, note, scissors, 2 chains, wire and poker

Ok Dawna I'm not inside the house yet..
Just wait a little more!

i will lol i bet its easy what im missing

Ok got key from using red blanket on bed

Opened a passage to crypt

make diamond red from the blood

Oh Missed that Dawna :D

lol red ribbon sink take it lol

still stuck

Hm.. I'm kinda stuck.. can't use hook+rope anywhere and door with yellow lock cannoy be opened..

I'm way behind, I cannot figure how to make the blanket red...?

EvillrishPixi U need to get the hands from both skeletons

take the hook and rope and throw it up to the top of the passage way


Oh wait I think I have it....I need two hands, right?

Thank you Nini! Didn't refresh yet ^_^

Dawna.. I'm trying but no go.. can u tell me where to use it exactly?

Ok...how do I get the skeleton that's too high?

EvilIrishPixi use rope from under the bed

I swear I tried that, didn't work until your comment lol you have a power Nini xD

Haha EvilIrishPixi!
But really.. I can't use that grappling hook anywhere

in the dungeon last room where the ghost took the rope

in the dungeon? The problem is.. how to open door?
And what to do with that statue on left scene?

get poker for door to get key

Oh! I didn't realize we could see through the opening!

I'm stuck with you Nini, cannot open door with yellow lock and cannot use anything anywhere

FInally inside house!

yay helps on the way

i feel soo silly that ive been here forever!!!!! lol

How do you get in the house?

Ahh figured it out lol

I need help with the candle.... I have to put it in the hook, but I don't know how I gonna tie up the candle. Anybody

AAh I have so many thing in my inventory!

what the heck goes in the moon goddess' basket?


I found out.

Why can't I use the gems on the floor!!

ok get candle and put it with the tiny green rope in inventory

oh man, what tiny green rope??

EvilIrishPixi up the stairs

up stairs left side of railing

Oh my gosh....totally missed that! I feel like such a numbskull tonight...

im still stuck anything new nini?

dont be foolish evilIrish i was first and still stuck so im the numbskull here lol

Well Dawna I'm stuck with candle+rope, 3 gems, bucket full of water (used once), voodoo doll, completed mask, tooth, beer, ribbon, bowl, grinder, diary, wrench, another diary, 2 chains, scissors, poker

Stuck on room after put the gems on the door..... totally lost.....

what door renan

Oh! Also got a pohoto album

Here is what I have:

Golden Fang
Candle with green rope
Red, Green, Blue Diamonds
Bucket of Water
Photo Album
Red Ribbon
Grinding Bowl
Butler's Diary
Gatekeeper's Diary
2 Chains

I already ground sulfer and got Sun Goddess, and put half a mask in the room with the ghost, now I'm completely lost

Nini, use the mask on the floor of the room with the statue ghost...

Oh and VooDoo doll

I'm after you Dawna.... stuck yet

Hah after seeing album I can put mask on floor!

Nini, where did you use bucket? I haven't found even one place

where did you put the gems?

fireplace evilirish

and the other half of mask? I only found the one on the Indian statue as you walk into the foyer

in a door with a crown

EvilIrishPixi scene with fireplace

Got upstairs door open!!

Aaanndd thank you!

EvilrishPixi, look for in the fireplace

How Nini???

Never mind, forgot about the wall switch

Great! Summoned wizard and now I need to solve a puzzle

I been ill LOL take pity on me and tell me how to open front doors...

Nvm LOL POP and foggy head...

is this stil live?
i am ashamed to say but i'm in front of the house for a loooong time and i don't know how to enter. :(

Got order for gems

it's ok, i found the box in the car

Heh Cerimonial chest then red ribbons traps the wizard

i must have done something early cause im stuck

starting over

LOL DOn't Dawna! Tell where are u stuck at

I'm in a bedroom with nothing to do, not the ghost one but the one on the second floor

2nd floor bedroom: look at photo album, take note of skull. Something's inside it...

OMG I'm out of the house!

Out btw, will stick around a bit if I can be of help.

Need to open compartiment below statue outside and need some sort of neckace to do so..

Help, I'm stuck in room after put the gems on the door.

Ok so now I have a triangle and a wizards hat....where is this ceremonial chest??

EvilIrishPixi use hat on magic circle in ground

I'm still in the house!

Nini, get items for that area in crypt through 2nd floor bedroom.

smokehalo I don't have a crowbar to get pass the wooden planks

LOL I still outside double frontdoors but now have 4 cards grapple and spanner and other things

Leroy use spades card on graves scene after pushing button near fountain

Nini, look at pic of bedroom in photo album. Note skull -- something inside it, open it with a tool you already have.

Aaaah TY sorry foggy head heree LOL I been ill

Renan, you need help in the room that opened with the gems? It's late and I've been drinking, refresh my memory of what's in there. LOL

WHat?! I swear I've tried that a bazillion times!

LOL stuck on wall puzzle....I've never had this much trouble with an Inka game!

do i turn out the fire the use the poker for the red button?

Finally got trident, star and necklace

Hmmm blood fountain? I read the note... just cant find button I might continue later LOL Another lie down...

Nvm POP LOL use the garden shears (me idiot..)

Ok! last scene!

yay Out!

I was stuck there a while too, Leroy. ;)

Wall puzzle help? I thought it was just what color is missing from each row/column but that's not working

how to make the blood fountain work? there is no blood there

so i did it again and still stuck, how to get rid of ghost in painting and no doors are opened!! help

Dawna do U have cerimonial dagger?
And what do u mean by doors now open? The ones blocked by planks?

EvilIrishPixi don't repeat the color and pay attention to the directions (check each column)
U need bluw, orange and yellow

You need two hands Oana

no dagger someone said they pressed button and the doors upstairs opened

Ceremonial dagger is a room inside dragon entry

Dawna u need to get crown from goddess and globe from scene with fireplace.. use mask on floor

LOL you can also walk around the carpet and get the sulfur sticks

what dragon entry? lol

I opened all rooms, it seems; but can't get out yet

thanks a lot Unknown! I wish the items were clickable!

And btw Dawna.. do u havve the photo album from kitchen?

dragon entry upstairs first room to the right

how do you get it

yes nini

Dawna it's there .. it's blue and it's on oven (?) right side check the pic and u'll be able to move on

I am stuck with an hourglass, talisman, trident, two badges and many other objects

the door upstairs is still closed

who was able to go upstairs?

Dawna did u fill bucket and extinguished fireplace?
If so use ur poker to press red button.. and btw.. one half of mask in on the "indian" statue or wathever that is

i have the statue of the godess

Unknown use badges on front door

dawna you need a crown and a globe to go upstairs, give them to the female statue and the door will open

did that

Unknown, badges are for unlocking door to get back outside. Check photo album after that.

thx nini :)

missing crown

Dawna go to ghost pic room and walk off the carpet. Get sulphur sticks and make powder out of them.
Use powder on floor clown pic scene then put statue on the floor

thx smokehalo, I missed that in photo album

tried that earlier and it didnt work but since i restarted i will try

I am out of the house
but I don't find a place to put the voodoo in.

I still can't figure out the puzzle - i just don't get it

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was mistaking the ghost carpet lol not the clown in the other room what a dumb arse!!!!

Unknown u'll only use voodoo doll on last scene

you enter from the slab with the card symbols on them

Melissa which puzzle do you mean?

I am stuck on the wizards fish puzzle.

Melissa if I remember right:
Blue pointing left, Orange pointing right, Yellow poiting down

CHange directions of blue and orange if that doesn't work

The token puzzle - positions and colours *scratches head*

you have different colors in each row and the same direction in every column. You have to figure out the missing color and the right direction in your case

Well if the code is different in every game my spoiler will work for nothing lol

Thank Unknown and Nini - I'll figure it out... eventually lol

quite long but very nice one

where do i use carmine powder

Emil after u reveal passage in bedroom upstairs

for the color, you have to choose the missing one in the same row.
for the shape, I think you should just follow the pattern in the same column

I wish this helps you

Use carmin powder on a coffin that U reach from the bedroom upstairs

where did you get the carmine to make the powder?

You get it already in powder, loool

I think from carmine powder from the room upstairs first at the right

lol, Where at?

Guys I got to leave, It's already 2 am here!
Good Luck all!

with the dragon?

Night Nina!


anybody need help

could someone please tell me where the crowbar is? i have to start doing some actual work and i can't till i finish this game!!!!!! :)

nevermind, i should have read the previous comments more carefully. :)

there is no crowbar in the game

The wizard keeps getting out of the chest.. lol

i can't find carmine powder. i read the comments, someone said first room on the right upstairs, but i can't find it

Me neither Oana. I need the Carmine powder and the red string.

i cant get into the house

i cant get into the house

plssssssssssssss help

saumya where you at? You get red rope from room next to entrance gate?

Where is red ribbon to tie up chest?

SO i have to be quick after using chest and go back to wizard room?

I am stuck there also Leroy. And need to find the Carmine powder also.

If you find it let me know. I will do the same.

actually i have 4 cards, wrench, diamond, a rope+hook, i scissors, 2 chains, wire nd poker

Red ribbon is under the sink in the kitchen.

where is the kitchen i am outside the main door

The club card goes on the tomb without a card symbol on it Saumya.

make sure you dip the diamond in the fountain to turn it red first.

You get in the house through s underground passage. Not the main entrance,

LOL TY Egger But I suggest use only yhe card that is missing from the graves (I think it changes from game to game)

*punches the air with glee* I got the colour puzzle lol

And out Finally.

Where is the Carmine powder? ...

That's the only thing I can figure is holding me back.

You get it in the wizard room after you defeat him.

ahh.. thanks, Mike.
I had read the butler's dairy wrong.. thought the ceremonial chest was for the coffin, but it's actually for the wizard.

Where is the Hook

Anyone still around?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Frank its in the fireplace

Can't find the Hook

The hook is in the drawer in the gate keepers house.

from reading the comments, it seems I am missing the magicians hat so I can get the powder to tie up the ghost. Anyone remember where the hat was?

POP :)
use the two chains on the three poles and then use the poker (handy gadget) to make the jester fall and take the hat

video walkthrough here:

Still playing RSA? Did you find both badgets? I can only find one

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