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Phineas Saw Game

InkaGames - Phineas Saw Game is another free online point and click adventure game from Inka Games. Pigsaw has kidnapped Ferb, Isabella and Perry, and Phineas will be forced to pass through the tests the evil puppet has prepared, if he wants to see them again. Good luck and have fun!

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These are so difficult for me but I'll give it a try.

agreed ...but will try it ...

hav banana,2 metal bars ,credit card,recipe for shark .& i round thing ...

there is secret room behind book shelf in house ..

ok hav all the things for shark repellent but dont kno how to make it ?how to get 3 drops & 2 drops ..

I can't play, I've a black screen

formula worked ..yeah //looks like im playing alone ...

now stuck dont kno how to get key in building ..also need code for credit card

ok scared girl with dog ..she giv hint for credit card code

ok im stuck now. was able to get the code for the credit card but cannot figure out how to use it in the bank. also was able to go to prehistory and get the key from the trex. that opened the crate in the abandoned building but have no idea what to do with gorilla. also when i talked to the dude at mount rushmore he spoke in spanish so i have no idea what he wants.....

how you get key ?@ Jamie

how you go to prehistory ?

raasti you have to use the strange rock and metal bar to make a catapult by the pterodactyl and another one by the trex. place a rock on the trex one and use the amplifying gun on it. then place a fruit on the pterodactyl one and fling it on the ramp. get on the dinos back and fly up the ramp. set the small rock next to you up there and amplify it and send it down.

took me longer to write that then to figure it out lol

i found a code somewhere for the teleporter. i think it was on the island after i used shark repellent.

idk ..im on boat ..its not moving

raasti you need oar. i think it was in phinneas' room

thank you ..

ok now wht ..i hav code ,werid rock from island ..

ok code for that machine :)

im not there where you are Jamie ..but may be for gorilla you can try banana

tried it. still stuck. i think i need to get the money from the bank right now but its impossible atm

yep ..my gorilla is also not interested in banana

ok hav to go ...good luck with gorilla

My amplified rock keeps missing the mark...

I only have 1 metal bar, got it by the bank, where's the other one??

place the banana in front of the crate...gorilla moves and then crate moves easy. grab door key :)

Other metal bar in the bedroom.

thanks, it was pretty well hidden!

thanks CArrie k ..i came back & your hint is there

wht to do with num# & block puzzle on the wall?

raasti make steps for window...

happy to help i was very stuck for a while but i am now out!

what to do when you cross in the room after one you need to make stairs ? only have samo two levitating "floors"?

are u stuck in a grassy room with 2 grassy levels above... if so use robo dog around the middle of the room

@pamarina87 by grassy levels i mean the levitating floors

I do NOT like mini games inside game!Last dart mini game took 5-6 tries and i dont even remember how i finally made it to open the door lol

Some codes i note down while playing..dont know if its the same for everyone..
for credit card:2231 after use dog robot in girl talking to the phone
for portal:6219 (found it in small island)
for making a lader to look through small window order for me was:4213

Carriek you mean use dog on darks areas but i dont get it ...

Mine too, Nina

How do you get a number from the mirror?

help somebody??

smarties just go very close to mirror

@Smarties use the option talk to the mirror,if i do remember corect

i'm sorry u use the dog after you get to the other side. i cant remember now exactly how i got across

Carriek we use that little red ship,i think :D ,but where??? please do remember

oh,got it,put little ship on window to get in the room

the little red ship is used used in the window and then maybe again in the black room. try placing it in the middle of the room or on the other side. I think thats what i did.

Thanks. Just accidentally closed the game so got to start again...

sorry... i gotta run now. good luck your almost there! Keep in mind you will get shot at soon. miss 3 shots and your good!

The numbers have changed - 6 blue shoes now when only 1 before and the date on the picture is different.

thx Carriek and by :D

the amounts for the shark repellent have changed too.

finally out :D

Wow - thanks Jamie Lane for the dinosaur/catapult help.

What is Buford's problem? It came out in Spanish and no hablo espanol...

Black screen of death for me :( Anyone else playing in Chrome successfully?

He wants his statue painted but he's fussy about which colour it should be.

I am stuck in the room right of room where we used the little boat in round window. What to do in this black room ? None of my items works.

I'm guessing the holographic projector is used to scare the bear but I can't place it.

I put all 3 paints into the gun and could paint the statue.

Zazie, you gotta scare the bear to get the piece of stone for the square. You need to buy the hologram thinie from the Hatter.

Smarties, just put it by the line.

I haven't worked out that room yet either. Someone above said to use the small ship again but I can't place that either.

Really not liking this dart game...

Where is the hatter ?

The jumping thing wasn't very fun either.

Thanks Stella - will keep trying.

The Hatter's in the scene to the right of the abandoned building. You need $50 on your credit card.

Oh My God - this projector is driving me crazy - why can't I put it down!!!

Thx smarties, i missed this scene completely.

Going for a fag.

Just click the bear with projector.

smarties- bufords problem is he does not like the color of his sculpture...

how to get in secret room?

Completed the game yea :)

Secret room : click the nose of statue to the left of cb.


Ha! Thanks Zazie - feeling calmer after nicotine!

This jumping game is driving me nuts grr i hate these.

Even with the instructions I'm not getting the dinosaur catapult thing. I always miss something really obvious and can't figure out what it may be this time. :(

amp gun works with neither catapults built or dinos.

took a break and came back. finally out. the dark game was a pain

gayle you have to place the rocks before you use the amp gun

LOL Smarties! My turn for a smoke!

Still trying to jump right, close to give up, this is no fun anymore.

Same place as you Zazie.

Gayle, are you jumping on the back of the pterodactyl? I missed that bit of the clue first time round.

How do you get money on your credit card. And what to do in the dark room, next to elevating stairs.

Made it!

Spanish guy gives you $50 for painting his sculpture. Take it to bank combined with credit card.

Now i am stuck at the darts game, forgot how many points i need.....

Well i am considering myself out, i made until the room with my friends and won´t bother with these stupid darts anylonger. GL everybody !

LOL - I missed the instructions for the darts game by typing on here. Will give it a couple of mins then consider myself out.


ok i came back again ..how to make steps .near window ?

OK got it its 4123

This game was no fun at all !!!

wht to do ?i hav 50 dollars but cant buy projector ...where too put red boat in dark room ?i used it once on window

oh my god i had to combine$ with card ...

wht to do in grassy room ?

Put the robot under right platform and jump.....have fun with thisone, i hadn´t lol.

ok im posting question for myself i think LOL

but still how to survive from that black ball at grassy field ?

damn at the end of that grass i jumped back ..

now i consider myself out ..without playing that dart game ;DDD

When the ball becomes visible, jump !

Thanks Smarties! That was it!

Okay, where is this small rock that you put on the wall after you are flown up?

Can you see I'm way behind? Trying to clean house and neither is going well! LOL

I used to like a lot inkagames, but on last 2 games I found bugs that forced me to give up. I did exactly the same procedure as in video wt, but my amplified rock never triggers the catapult. It passes through the lever, hits the ground and I am caught by tiranossaurius.

Where the rock that I'm supposed to amplify?

one in front of bank, one in the island.

I don't leap more than 4 times.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Dart game hint. Use full power and see where it goes. Adjust up or down as needed.

also der 4 stellige code für dame mit projekto geht nicht,wenn ich richtig lese müßte das sein 1. ziffer tag hawaitanz,ist bei mir ne 1,a 1 10 1990,2.ziffer ist ja blaue schuhe sind ja 5,3 ist uhr die zeigt auf 6 und in spiegel ist auch ne 6,also 1566 code,geht aber nicht komscih

That was a good game. The escape quotients of it were fine, and also more logical than usual (catapults, credit card etc), which was nice! Didn't like how much of it was dedicated to mini-games, though (I hate mini-games! I just want to use items to escape! Why do Inkagames not understand this!? Lol). Luckily, though, most of the minigames were doable... except for the grassy jumping... Jesus Christ. o.O The darts were actually OK! Only took me two tries.

Walkthrough Part 1

One of the worser games, do not expect to have much fun.

After the intro go south, pickup paper and banana from table, go north. In Phineas room pick oar just left from the door where you are and then a metal bar from the lower bed (which looks like a rubber boat) from the upper right corner. Press nose of the statue in the upper background. Grab robodog and something from the desk (gives dropper, mixer and three bottles). "Use" paper from then inventory and remember how many drops from each liquid is needed for the "shark repelent formula". Eg. 2 drops boric acid, 3 drops hydrofluoric acid and 1 drop of ammonia means "pick dropper, use it with first bottle, 'grab' filled dropper, use it with mixer flask three times". When its done in the right way, Phineas will tell you.

Teleport to dock. Use repellent on shark, pickup boad behind the dock, use boat on the water right, step on boat, use oar on water. Leave boat, pickup an unnamed stone, a light blue paper, a stone of wired shape, an amplifier.

Teleport to bank, pickup another metal bar and unnamed stone from the left.

Teleport to your house, use light blue paper to get portal code (eg. 6293). Use portal, enter number, enter portal. Pickup one of the red berries from the bush on the right, go east. Place "stone of weird shape" where the red cross is, put one of the metal bars on it. Put red berry on the left side. Go right, use other metal bar on the stone behind the red line. Put one of the stones on the left side of the bar, then use "amplifying gun" on the stone (stone grows). Go west again, touch right side of the metal bar. When the dino moves, click on him to get closer. When he spreads his wings, click again to be transported on top of the skater thing. Use stone near your feets, use "amplifying gun" on stone to enlarge him, click enlarged stone to knock out the dino. Click on the sledge, grab key, go west twice and use portal.

Teleport to abadoned building, go north. Use key on crate, place banana in front of the gorilla. Gorilla leaves crate, click crate to move it. Grab paint gun, then step up, pick key, step down, use key on door to the right. Go east, pick white and red bottle. Go east, pick little red ship, go west.

The stair puzzle: you have to create steps to reach the window above (means a step with height 1, then height 2 and so on). First all floor switches are blue, so look on the drawing which number has 1 blue circle (usually 4). Switches turning red, so check which number has 2 red circles (usually 2) and so on. Go up the "stairs". Use little ship on window.

Walkthrough Part 2

The ship puzzle: move your ship with cursor keys. When ship stops, wait for enemy ship comes near and press "ctrl" key to fire. Don't touch the walls! Move to green bottle on the end of the tubes.

Teleport to Danvilles mine. Talk to Buford (he responds in spanish unfortunately). Put all the color bottles into the paint gun and use paint gun on the right stone face. Get 50 Dollars.

Teleport back to house. Go west, east and then east again inth moms sleeping room. Pick credit card from below the desk. Go south and south again, put robodog on red cross, talk to Candace, then answer "(3) Tell her I need her credit card pass code". Go south then east back to the sleeping room. Follow instructions on the clue sheet. Unfortunately Inkagames didn't mentioned the date format, it is DD-MM-YYYY. For the last number you have to "speak" with the mirror.

Teleport to bank, go north, combine credit card with 50 Dollars, give both to bank teller.

Teleport to abadoned building, leave bulding (west 2 times) and go east. Talk to mad hatter, ask "3 what are you selling", give credit card to mad hatter, enter secure code, get projector.

Teleport to Danville Park, go north, use projector on "a bear", grab the rectangle thing from the floor next to the bear.

Teleport back to the abadoned house, enter building and go east 2 times. Use rectangle stone on the hole on the right plate. The next puzzle is easy. After this, go right. Place robodog on floor below the right platform (you have to click a little bit below the center of the light green floor). Use robodog. Cursor-Up means "Jump up", Ctrl+Cursor left/right means "jump to the left/right". Its a little bit tricky but makeable even for Grandpas :-) To avoid the black bullet just hit "up" when the bullet is near the head of robodog.

In the next room, bear the talking of the puppet, grab the dart and use dart on the color table on the right.

Unfortunately I never managed the dart game, its up to the player to have enough frustration tolerance here.

hmm code geht imemr noch nicht,hab neu angefangen und der müßte nun 1266 sein,1 für tag,2 für 2 blaue schuhe,6 für uhrzeit und 6 im spiegel,aber geht nicht,hiilf mal einer bitte

finde kein ruder fürs boot wo soll das sein

nice walk thru & Bernd esp the last 2 lines ...(i can easily relate myself with these lines):)

Well I have the same bug others had... at the dinosaur bit. My ball misses the lever so can't knock the dino out :( How annoying!! But it sounds I would have got stressed at some dart game anyway lol..

Lol I hate giving up on games... so restarted and this time it worked... Moving on :)

I rated 4 just because I didn't like the platform-type end. The rest was awesome as always :)

Phew... finally out!! Looks like it will be a Marge Simpson one next then lol. Thanks to all for the hints, and the walkthrough :)

I also rated it a 4... because of the bug I had at first which meant I had to restart. But enjoyed the rest of it

The way I did the dart game is to click on the keyboard up-arrow and then click twice on the pointing-left arrow. Press control and the dart should go into the 300. Do this 5 times.

It was not as frustrating as other games that rely on amazing reflexes. I managed to do the mini games despite being slow. True, I tried about 10 times each... but I did it! Hurray!

Thanks to your hints and walkthrough I finallymade it out, and I did pass the dart game and won it. I'm sorry to say that it was a stupid game and I didn't have fun at all.

for the dart game, hit 3000 all the time. wat I did full power, then raise dart 2 clicks up.

how to get the key in the building

just tell me

whats the credit card #

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