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Tony Castle Escape

InkaGames - Tony Castle Escape is another free online point and click adventure game from Inka Games. Help Tony escape from the castle he's trapped. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm in. Anyone else here?

Follow the red ones .... not getting it.

POP...Obama, Bart, other red guy, then red button.

I have a doll now stuck

put doll on on off buttons

I'm two rooms ahead and stuck now. Come help

Thanks Philomena, now in room with skull on wall

ve hookshot and rock and sand and gun powder and don't know what to do

Put the rock in the skulls mouth.

Thanks, Bobby -- I just found the right spot, finally

I'm stuck in the view with a flying skull, if anyone could help!

im stuck in the room where you plant the sticky bombs

I'm still stuck in the room with the four lights and the lift. I've opened the window, but can't get to the lift fast enough

press three of the buttons then get on the lift and throw the boomarang at the last button

hmmmm I don't have the boomerang

You need something from the room with the vases in the corners :)

to get past the room with the flying skull you need to go back and get the boomerang with the hookshot

ah, I thought I tried that but I guess I missed the spot, thanks!

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I cannot find the boomerang. I can light the 3 vases on fire , but don't know why.

how to solve the first one..with 4 entrances? dont understand the clue on the wall :(

If you throw the sand in front of it first and then you use the gunpowder all will start to burn

Bunga - the yellow note is the clue. Go through the portals in the order of the pattern.


Bunga it just wants you to go in a circle start at the right then work towards the left

Thanks Ben - had to do a little landscaping first ;)

Thank you Sunshine and Ben...*phew*

How to get past the room where u plant the bombs, I can put a bomb on the button in the lower left corner and throw the hammer, but the door only opens for a second.

what's the order of the stone to be pushed in second room? *feel so stupid*

Bunga - it's the design on the orange sign in that room. Push the first three, enter elevator, then throw boomerang at 4th button.

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a03e2aba-0869-11e2-8ada-000bcdcb2996, use a magnet first.

I can't get out of the next room Bunga, so am waiting for you patiently. ;)

In the room with the flying skull, how come you all had time to place the bomb and throw the boomerang in 2 sec? It's driving me crazy!!!!

Bunga, follow the lines on the floor, it is reverse of what you would think it would be though.

Oana, you need the boomerang there!

I only have hammer, sand and rock. No boomerang. No orange sign in this room..this is the room after the "Follow the red ones" room

Thank you Bobby! Didn't think there was anything left to throw at that stupid button!

I do have the boomerang, what I don't have it's time to throw it! Or maybe I need some more coffee... :(

Oana, you need to combine the boomerang and the bomb when you stand on the board on water. :)

Ohhhh, I see!!! So it wasn't time, it was brains I needed!
And how do I get to stand on that board?

Bunga - note the direction of the footprints. Follow the lines.
(Start with Blue line)

Ok Sunshine, wait for meee...
@ a03e2aba-0869-11e2-8ada-000bcdcb2996: i don't get it...there's no clue here :(

TY Bobby, I would never have escaped without your help.

Oana, use the boomerang on that first! :)

And no problem a03e2aba-and-so-on, happy to help!

Thanks a lot Bobby, I would have remained forever trapped in there if it hadn't been for you!!!!

Bunga, do you see the green, blue, and red lines on the floor? Start with the blue one that goes to the 2nd stone you push.

Phew ok..thank you a03e2aba-0869-11e2-8ada-000bcdcb2996 and Sunshine

in third room with the skull, i have put the tooth and push the button..but nothing happened? tried to throw the sand but nothing..what i've missed?

Anyone still present? I really dont get the order of the stones.. not even with the line hint? You follow the blue one as a start. What then.. have tried all logical combinations.. except the right one

Steen: sp2oi3l4le1r

i think everybody's out...noone answer my q. i only have sand, hammer in the room with skull and a target..dunno what to do :(

Thanks a lot Bunga. Unfortunately I still dont see the logic, not even with the sollution... normally Im quite good at these types of puzzles

lets see if i can find out Bunga :)

Do you have a hookshot Bunga? You have to use it at the target

yes there's no logic and even a clue in that room.
ok Steen, i'll follow you...:)

where did you find hookshoot?

hmmm.. I dont remember... i will try to start from the beginning again... just a sek

Ahh.. now I remember.. there are some cracks in the wall to the left in the room with the stones. Use your hammer on them and you will find the hookshot

Can't get through the room where you can plant a bomb and where I got the magnet :(

You are a head of us Rachelle. Right now im strugling with writing water for the four elements.. but obviously that is not correct?

oh ok..thanks Steen..i missed that spot

That's correct, but the blocks are in different order. It says which letter it is..

got it.. thansk Rachelle

You're welcome :)

Steen...the first 3 letters are wat and the second is the rest :)

Still don't know how to pass that room, some help please? xD

Rachelle do you have the boomerang? When throwing it at the yellow button you will miss. I guess you somehow have to use the magnet to make him hit?

Finally got it :)

Cool Rachelle. How? Did you use the magnet?

First magnet, then hammer :)

And out :)

I placed the bomb on the gray button you step on.. and then throw the boomerang on the yellow button.. but nothing happens?

You have to throw the magnet first, place another bomb, then the hammer

Ahh.. i missed that you have to aim at the nail.. im out .. thanks for the help Rachelle and Bunga!!

hanging around for some minutes if you need help Bunga

Glad I could help :)

ahhh.. and finally i got the logic in the lines and the blocks in the second room. The colours are not important. You find the beginning of the line and follow it to the end... damn.. i feel a little stupid.. I were so focused on finding a colur pattern

Hahaha :p Played again? You can see 2 footsteps..

Appeltje eitje :p (Dutch, sorry (A))

he, he.. yep.. and I got the footstep in the first place.. but were so focused on the colours that I didnt see the obvious and simpel logic :)

komisch wenn ich auf alle 4 gehe beim 1 bild die 4 bilder also oben links dnan obama dann bart,also unten links und dann oben rechts,und dann roten knopf drücke passiert ncihts

Please help!Cant`t find the boomerang :-(

was bei den buchstaben machen

marita, schreibe "water"

danke heiky

bei dem feuer allerdings komme ich nciht klar,die 4rundrum wollen nciht brennen

Marita. Du kann nur die roten figuren drucken. Guck mal an die bilderen links. Obama ist die erste. Du braucht nicht die bildern oben links. Ich hoffe dass du verstehst. Deuch ist ein bichen swerich für mich

hmm wenn ich alle 4 gelben tasten anklick geht platte hoch aber wie komme ich hoch??

danke frank,da bin ich schon durch,habs hinbekommen,hänge am feuer und an den 4 gelben tasten

Na Hallo eine deutsche Runde, ich hänge in dem Raum mit dem Aufzug, blauer Button für das Gitter ist erledigt, aber ich komm nicht auf den Aufzug

ahh Ok Marita. I bin zu langsame :) ... hast du ein bumerang? Du muss die drei ersten tasten anklicken und dann geh zu den platte. Dann braucht du die bumerang an die letzte taste.

aha und wo bitte ist der Bumerang? Habe Sandsack,Gunpower, einen Haken und eine Fackel

Gabi. Du muss hoch an die platte gehen. Denn brauch du die hookshot an die blauen button. Ich hoffe dass du verstehst. Ich bin nicht sehr gut in deuch zu sprechen

hab was gefunden, in dem Raum mit den Vasen Gunpower ausstreuen und dann die Vasen mit der Fackel entzünden, such aber noch nach der richtigen Reihenfolge, vielleicht ist da der Bumerang

Ich glaube dass die bumerang ist in die kiste in dass raum mit die vier vasen in die ecken

genau. ganz richtig Gabi

dein deutsch ist sehr gut, besser als mein englisch, danke Steen.
Ich hab den Button schon erledigt, der Bumerang fehlt und ich suche die Reihenfolge für die Vasen

ich werd verrückt, die einzige Flamme, die brennt ist die Vase in der Mitte, alle anderen gehen sofort wieder aus, Geduld ist nicht meine Stärke und ich finde keinen Hinweis

Gabi.. has du die sand an die vase in der oben recht ecke benutzt?

Cannot get out of room with sticky bomb. cant see what to do at all. Help please?

Jazzypix321: You have to use the boomerang on the flying cranium. Then you have to combine the sticky bomb and the boomerang

danke ok habe ich gemacht, wie geht es jetzt weiter??

ich hab es gefunden, einfach nochmal Gunpower streuen...

I can't get out of the room with the 4 yellow things and the lift. Throwing the boomerang at the 4th yellow thing but can't jump up to the exit. People have been talking about sticky bombs but haven't seen anywhere to plant those seeds yet.

hmm.. dass ist merkwürdig. Hst du auch die schiesspulver benutzt?

Smarties: There should be a red arrow when the lift goes up? after you enter the top use the hookshot on the blue button

ahh.. gut Gabi :)

Thanks Steen Frank. I've already pressed the blue button to open the exit but still can't get from the lift to the ledge. I'm clicking the red arrow that points to the exit but I just go back down again...

Got it! Hadn't pressed the yellow things in the order shown on poster. Thanks though.

hmm hab boomerang noch aber er will oben im raum nicht gehen,und mit hammer wand aufhauen geht auch nicht

Smarties: Maybe you have to click faster? Otherwise I dont have an explanation. For me it worked perfectly

ahh ok smarties... that explains it.. and you are velcome

Marita: Du muss die magnet benützen

was fürn magnet? den hookshot?

hmm hab ne bombe unten links raufgetan und boomerng geworfen aber ncihts passeirt,außer das bombe explodiert

And out - thanks for all the clues left behind.

Marita: Nein. du muss ein bombe ernen. Dass bobe mus du an die reissen in der wand benutzen.

you are velcome Smarties

Ich muss gehen. Viel spass mit der spiel!

ah danke aber magnet will nicht,auch nciht in cmobination mit seil

die bombe unten links raufgetan und vorher das bombe explodiert du muss die magnet an der nägel oben der gelben tasten werfen

hab ich ja versucht aber er nimmt nicht magnet nur bommerang,komisch

please help on room with green bomb ! what to do??

ah habs hinbekommen aber im anderen raum nachdem bombe plaziert wie seil oder auch bommerang

PeteBarbu, me tooo, I´m frustrated and stuck in the green bomb room.

Me three, stuck in the green bomb room. There might be a hint in this thread, but I can't read german. :(

wenn mann platte auf wasser nhat grüne bombe und bommerang kombinieren,dann auf brett gehen von dort aus auf gelben knopf werfen und dann seil benutzen und fertig

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you Marita. That is really not at all helpful, posting in German. If you read the posting rules, you'd know that's not allowed.

Rule no. 2: "Please write your comments only in English to let others understand you".

throw bumerang at the skull with wings, combine bumerang with bomb, go to the surf and throw slingshot, and now stuck, the big stone kill me

sorry for my bad english,I´m Czech

And then quickly go to the exit, I´m out.

thx ganga,im out too!

Thank you ganga. Don't worry about your english. It's fine. :)

Wow, glad you are all out. I have no idea how to get a boomerang and there are no clues in all these posts to tell me. Thanks for nothing!
Many people asked but no one answered!

Evans, fill the gap with sand, throw gunpowder and you will find a chest with the boomerang.

I put the sand....threw the gunpowder.....NOTHING!!! Anyone ever write a WT for these games??? I never finish one because the comments are all over the place or in another language....

POP! I found the torch, but have no idea the order!

@nokra: here it is :-)

Walkthrough "Tony Castle Escape"

Walk to the yellow sign to the left, it shows the direction how the portals have to be used (clock- or counterclockwise). Visit all portals in the right direction to teleport into a new room.

Look on the picture on the left, notice the persons with red suits. Let your shadow walk over the icons on the floor in the order the "red persons" are shown on the picture (the get hilighted) then press red button. Grab doll, use doll with the "IN" slot on the wall, gab token from the "OUT" slot, use token on the right eye of the mask on the wall. Grab hammer, sack of sand, weired pointy rock, walk east.

Use your hammer on the crack right to the left door and grab hookshot. Then look at the footsteps on the floor. You have to complete the trail of the colored wires so the footsteps matches (eg. from blue to red to green to red to blue, green). Use hammer on the stones there (my order was 2,3,4,1). Door opens, go east.

Use "a weird pointy rock" on the nose of the skull on the wall, then hammer on the bricks, press green button. Use hookshot on the bull's eye. Go east.

Use bag of sand on the upper right vase, then sack of gunpowder on the central vase, go north.

Klick on the cubes so they form the word "WATER" (WAT on the top row, ER on the bottom row), then click red button (central vase lowers). Pick 100kg weight, go south and south again.

Grab torch, go north and use torch on central vase. Click on chest, get letter, boomerang, bomb seed. Go south.

Use 100kg weight on the upper (already pressed) button, then jump on the lower button. Door opens, go west.

Look at the sign on the upper left. Look like the Greek letter for "Alpha". Jump on the first three buttons in the order of the alpha sign (lower right, upper left, lower left). Then enter the platform, use boomerang on the last (upper right) button. Climb up, use hookshot on boomerang then use hookshot on blue button. Go west.

Use bomb seed on brown soil on the upper left. Get bomb, use bomb on crack. Get magnet and a bomb again. Use bomb on hexagonal button in the lower left, then the magnet on the small hook above the yellow button. Get bomb again, use on button again then use hammer on yellow button. Door opens, go north.

Use boomerang on flying platform. Plant bombseed in soil. Get bomb, combine bomb with boomerang, enter platform. Grab bomb with boomerang. Then quickly: throw bomb on button, use hookshot on bull's eye, jump over then click the exit arrow - finish.

hmm im so late for the game that Bernad already did the alkthru ..

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks for the walkthru ..in the end i sed bomb without boomerang now its not giving me another bomb ..im short of bombs ..LOL

not sed its used ..

now i got the bomb ..may be its taking time to grow properly ...

Thanks so much for the WT, @Bernd!!!!
I don't know why, but I had tried to light the recessed vase many times but only the corner ones would respond...I had the right idea...just wasn't working! I needed you WT for some of the rest as well...Thanks again!

Must be stupid. I have entered portals in every combination possible and I'm still in the same place??

@ sunshine666....Walk to the yellow sign to the left, it shows the direction how the portals have to be used (copying from Brend walk thru )

then first go in..purple ..green .yellow ..light blue (cyan )

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