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Ambulance Escape Walkthrough

Ambulance Escape

Escape from the Ambulance is another point and click type room escape games by Imacvery. In this game, you try escape from the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a problem. There are two endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


Good luck and have fun all...

Going in....

Looks like a huge language problem :(
Haven't found any code at all.

Hi Zazie! I seem to be collecting blue things and medical instruments. Found a pen with a red/black clue for the switches on the wall and opened something, but I don't know what.

and hello small-tool!

I think you opened the roof with that, zoz

Found a lot of stuff. Used the hint on pencil for switches. Used one the second right item on the man and getting numbers, have now 6 blue pieces

bit of a language barrier. collected many items and opened the roof hatch.

aha! opened the roof for a view of some hot air balloons. In all the time I've been playing these games, you would think i could have learned Japanese by now.

Numbers are for the "heart-up" and "heart-down" boxes.

Big language barrier for me, i don´t understand any of the hints and i have lots of stuff. The red/black button hint doesn´t work, i tried both directions, so stuck !

What numbers Anja ?

Zazie, did you flip the switches on the wall and then click on open? I think it was BRRBBRB

@zazie: use black/red buttons hint from right to left.
Use the second right item on the man in front and you got 2 numbers (look in textbox)

zazie wake up the driver with the defibrillator and then use the blood pressure gauge on him. it will tell you the numbers.

Zazie, nothing visual hapens when you got the swtches correct. In the up view the roof is open.

i have a feeling the password for the tv is inside the mask however its in japanese

Now stuck. Need 3-digit and 6-digit number and password for PC - no clue about that

Gave the orange box to the driver than clicked ring behind him for another blue pen.

Im too late i think ..but plz someone tell me how you get that hint for car roof ?

the blue "pens" must go together to form the medical 8 sided cross thing somewhere but i cant figure out where. my guess is two of the pieces and the key to get out are locked behind those passwords.

It's on the pen Raasti.

Hm. you can coy the text in the text bar and translate, but it just says things like; mask.

I don't get it. I used the defibrillator/orange box and woke up the driver, but using the blood pressure cuff and/or stethoscope does nothing.

oh ok its from pen or torch whtever it is ..giv you hint

POP, when in doubt, read the notes at the bottom of the screen.

i'm gonna give up for now. needs an english version for me to complete.

ok i have pen (used),defibrillator used),5 blue thing /BP apparatus ,stethoscope ,& hint paper ...stuck

the hint on the mask appears to be an equation - 1,300 something something.
That helps a lot, doesnt' it?

Stuck with you raasti.
Anja did you get the 2 heart boxes open ?

ok zazzie i opened heart boxes

when orange thing used on man it give you code ..use them on heart boxes

Zazie, to open those heart boxes read the text below when you use the AED kit on the guy.

Well, translated all the things that I could copy from the text bar and it's only naming the things you click on.
Btw. there's something strange with the password box, some letters won't go there adn the ones that go there are sometimes caps and sometimes lowercase.

Yes Zazie - but doesn't help

there is something written behind mask ...

Thx all, i missed the numbers...

does anyone have a clue as to where we must assemble the blue pieces? Or what to do with the open roof?

My guess is that there is a password on the banner of the hot air balloon, but we need something to read it.

I guess behind the 3# cb is a spyglass and we have to use it on big balloon.

Translated the text when looking at the open roof. It says something like: too far to see.
So we need the binoculairs from the 3-digit cde to probably see another hint there.

For the 3 digit code I think it's a sound like thing. I think mask is Ma su ku, but no idea how to make that numbers.

Saw the 3 digit code on a Japenese forum, it's 119

Using the binoculairs on the balloons it says:
Autumn, winter, spring summer.

Autumn and winter spring summer?

Thx s-t i tried already 119 but i didn´t click the left door grrr...

yay @s-t!!!

Now what ?

lol @Zazie! Now we hope for a SSSG game to come along and save us all.

By the way: 119 in Japan is a direct-dial free emergency number

Giving up. Good luck guys :)

Btw. here's the Japanese forum where they are playing it as well:


We need emergency help - can we dial it now?

I will give up to for the moment, i let the game open, maybe someone comes along to rescue us lol....cu later.

ZOZ I am with you. We need you SD! where are you???

Hi all,have u noticed that some letters can be writen in monitor and some are caps?

Top heart is 128, Bottom heart is 86...

wow, 56 commends, nobody out yet! Join(t)ing in, that looks pretty dope...!

No Commend ;)...

What's the word in the red bag? Medunline?

for the monitor


for the hints on the monitor you have to understand the Month of Japanese Festival Day

autumn , spring, winter, summer

10 4 12 7

Thanx Shuchun...

Thank you for rescuing us Shuchun!

Off to play ainars now - hooray!

And out...

What did I write commen'd' with a 'd'? Preddy embarrasing ;-)

Seriously though can anybody please tell me where the blood pressure gauge is? I was right the black thing is the stetho` but I need the BPG...(or an RPG to blow everything sky high)

@evans, sorry I couldn't get you that SD! My server had some "issues".

I think the blood pressure thingy was in the roof hatch.

Thx Shuchun, out too !!!

thanks s-t!!

Anybody found the second ending ?

key for the driver
key to the locker

No, but I should be able to hack my way thru it :P

Since this will obviously involve finding out the three-digit code for the cupboard, which in "our" ending is still closed...

Ah thanks Shuchun :)
Missed using the key to drive.

The 3-digit cupboard is 119 (emergency code in Japan) and with that you get the binoculairs).

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Well, the second ending is TRICKY.

First of all, what I had thought proved completely wrong. The cupboard has nothing to do with the second ending; it is simply THE legit way to figure out the code for the overhead compartment! (the seasons thing)

And that is by "reading" the Japanese from afar using the binoculars found there.

However, that does not give us the second ending yet!
Shuchun murmured something enigmatic from "key to the locker". WHAT locker, please?

For me the game doesn't open anymore :(
I think that locker that needed a key was somewhere above (don't mean roof hatch) and/or maybe behind a curtain.

YES! Never thought I'd find a keyhole there, thanks again s-t.

Second ending is ... well ... strange. Dude limping around, though he should keep on getting medically treated...(almost thought he's facing death)

the game is also not there for me now ..but 1 key lock is behind curtain ..

I can't get into the game. Maintenance?

Indeed, game has been taken down temporarily. Probably to get something fixed (though I gladly didn't run into any bugs so far)

Did I get that right? The author demands no walkthrough to be written for 1 WEEK?!

※脱出ゲーム攻略サイト様へ 完全攻略は、7月17日までお控下さい。

Come on...

Only if you can read Japanese, Arbeitslooser...are you game?

Great.. when I have time to play, the game is under maintenance.. \o/

I can't see any man in my ambulance...

Oh that was a ridiculous POP moment. I've been clicking round the driver's seat for ages!

Out with your help but I am seriously craving a super sneaky spy guy...

@Clodagh WHAT?
Well, I have Google Translate, which takes the task of "reading" the Japanese for me ;-)

Note: Game is back up!

It was a joke, Arbeitslooser.

Sorry. The -gh in your nickname refers to somebody British or Irish I guess? Well, I've always had trouble with British humo(u)r. 'He' and I just don't match ;)

That's OK Arbeitslooser - sorry for the misunderstanding!

well, so 'herewith' I return the thanks for the 'sympathy' ;)

second ending-use key to exit window-gives message:
I escaped from ambulance limping to hurt.
But it hurts leg, and emergency personnel also be worried about.
Those who went back to the ambulance might be good ....

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