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Darker Ride Escape Walkthrough

Darker Ride Escape

MouseCity - Darker Ride Escape is another point and click adventure game from Mouse City. You got locked up inside a dark ride at an abandoned amusement park. Do your best to find your way out. Good luck and have fun!

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have green key & trying to make puzzle


and out! anyone needs help?

had to go ..did pic puzzle but nothing happened & now hav broom.

5 digit code from cleaning oil on floor ..

Pic puzzle is just a hint for the stars colors at the end.

ok now again continue ...press 10 on electric box to get 3 digit code

after that use keys to get different things ..


I keep trying to use the lights code from 2 papers and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong!?



Check the shades of the colored stars :)

I did the puzzle, found a broom, cleaned the oil,
got a 5-digit code, but no place to enter it. Stuck. Need SD and 3-digit code.

@ Jef i dont remember now but there is padlock in some room where you can enter 5 digit code ...

Place for 5-digit is on padlock in 11.
Green key in 5

Where is the walkthrough.
I clicked walkthrough and this is all I got.

decent game, not as good as they usually are.

where is oil on floor ? am so lost in the darkness

pop,found oil but can't read numbers :)


Don't get it. Did a puzzle and nothing happened. Can't find the inventory with things I've collected. Keep having to restart. Not so much fun...

I cannot get the padlock code...I opened the 5-digit door, entered the star colors, and thought I would use the blinking tombstones as the dots but it just won't work.

Can't find where to use the hammer either.

@ Gina ..after using green key ..press button 10 & go to room 10 ..there is 3 digit code ..

use it on box get SD & blue key

use blue key on some cabinet & get box

break box with hammer ...

on room 11 what r the colors of stars inside the box

i got it

Not the most enjoyable of their games. Though it's easy enough once you figure out that you need to press switch 10 on the electric box and then go to room 10 to get the 3-digit code.

To avoid confusion, you press button 10 in first scene, in the fuse box because the UV light cable goes to position 10... I tried for ages to press elevator style buttons, trying to figure out whether you count to 10 from bottom to top or vice versa or down and then up, etc. LOL

I am so confused about the stars...

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