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August 7, 2013

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Applewood Asylum Walkthrough

Applewood Asylum

Applewood Asylum is a new point and click adventure created by Selfdefiant for Your past has haunted you for years. It's time to find some answers, the answers are located somewhere in the Applewood Asylum. Good luck and have fun.

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We've waited so long! Hooray!


Huge map - this could be a while - love it!!

Access to B from C on the map but don't seem to be able to get there yet.

I'm joining... :-)

Same with access to R from J.

Erm... Make that: 'I would be joining if the game would load'...

Red key in O in box, anagram

found a few clues a lot of locked doors. map seems buggy to me.

Clue for anagram box in Q.

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 7:38 AM  

This is sowhat I need today after working extreme hours last 2 weeks. Finally have a day off, a hot cup of coffee, and a new SD game to take me away for awhile. Thanks SD!

Knife in F

Room Q has a clue: PREPI on TV's, as well as a green piece. Also, in first room, click on picture for another green piece.

Finally it loaded but now I'm surely way behind... :-(

Cut green key with knife in AD

Hammer in K

SD in M

@escapism leave me crumbs and I'll follow you

Anyone escape yet?

Blue key in F, use hammer.

Muddle with map around PW and X.

Strange - you get to AD from Y. Is it a bug, or is SD being REALLY sneaky???

Yellow gem in G, use SD

Oops - I mean you get to AD from X....

Crowbar and disk in N

Navigation too much of a muddle - coming back when bug is fixed!

anagram gives red key - think music

Silver key in J, use crowbar.

I can't see where to use the hammer in F

Flashlight in Z

POP..found it. On the machine with the round poster on the side of it

On a screen in the back, a flipper screen.

Zazie you're a wonder! I need you to come over and help me find all my tools

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gold key in AB

I'm so lucky I 'm in a Selfdefiant's live, and so unlucky that I have to go to work... I wish to all of you to enjoy the game (which I'm sure you will)!

LOL just1, i am coming over...

Hm, I also think of coming back when the map bug is fixed (can go from Y to AD when I go up, the whole X/Y area seems messy).

In W you can go up for a purple door, but it's not on the map..

Lighter in V

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 7:55 AM  

Nice music.

Oooh. Late but it's live.

Green tile and nacklace for gems in U

I guess I'm with Clodagh - or else I might have to make my own map.

Joining you all :)

What's the clue for anagram?

Purple key in T behind flag.

Clue for anagram is the letters on the Tvs in Q.

(Yes, I know I said I was leaving but I couldn't resist hanging around!).

@magfira ashila: in Q look on tvs

I just love it when we have a flashlight!

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 8:01 AM  

google perpi anagram get answer.

Pipewrench in AC

Candle is in D

Green gem is in S after pushing the buttons in the book, hint in U

Now we're starting on the gems! Orange gem in D...

Clue on kabinet in U for book in T

Hint got gems in AE

T leads to S!

Marc Habers - how did you get to AC??

I can't get there from AB.

wow, this game just popped up on my system and there are tons on comments already. I am sooo far behind!

@Zoe Purple key door in de bottom left corner, sneaky find

Ow! Don't sit on the tricycle

Zoe i can´t find orange gem in D ?

POP lit candle.

Any clue on number box in L?

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 8:09 AM  

tried hidiebi as numbers both as cell phone and alphabet. Can't get it.

Does the HIDIEBI clue in J have anything to do with the number box in L?

Ok, use purple key above W, and then you get to room AC for pipe wrench..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Red gem in M under sofa, use flashlight/torch

No, I'm wrong. AC up leads to AE.

I updated the map, the game was ok and wasn't bugged, only the map. Thanks.

Hmmm, when I put the 4 green pieces into the disc, nothing happened.

Hmm i put all 4 tiles on the disk in N but nothing happens.

LOL Zoe...i am your echo.

Anyone solve the number thing in L?

Thanks selfdefiant, somehow I knew that you would read the comments and fix the bug. ;-) Great game, even with the weird map!

Same here

Blue gem in R, use hint from book in T


Someone discovered the anagram "L"room?

I don´t get the #box....maybe the letters are an anagram too ? But which word ?

Try Pink Floyd - "..... at the gates of dawn" for the anagram Evandro.

What about wrench? Where to use it, or is it a red herring

And what to do with the star in C ?

Oh my, this is going to get chaotic. The new updated map has totally different numbers!!

Clodagh... LOL LOL LOL

Very very inteligent...

Yellow gem is in G -use the SD

... or better make my last comment '...has totally different letters!' ;-)

Evandro - non-Pink Floyd fans might not agree with you! :)

Got yellow, orange, red and blue jewel, need green and purple.

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 8:31 AM  

I am stuck. need purple gold silver keys, hint for dial box,
whats with the star clue, any help would be great. Thanks

I tried: H I D I E B I = 8 9 4 9 5 2 9

But nothing happened...

Also, i tried 9 2 5 9 4 9 8.... OMG!

adivawoman, i wrote above where all the keys are.

escapism read my comment at 8:03 for green gem.

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 8:34 AM  

Going back to lookn at your comments. Thought I had read all posts. Thanks.

On new map, you still can't get to B from C.

Thanks Zazie!!

I didn´t reload for a new map, i am fine with the old one lol.

I'm officially stuck. Missing purple jewel. Haven't used the pipewrench and haven't opened the number box.

anyone on the numbers yet?

hmmm... are we all stuck with the number box in L? The pipe wrench?? where to use it? Why is there a star on the floor? And I still can't seem to locate the purple gem (which I assume is in the number box in L)???

Zazie: in my game there was the blue gem in the clock (read my comment from 8:17). Weird!

I am stuck with you all...

Guess star is for the grand finale. Pipe wrench probably a red herring that's selfdefianty

Oh dear. I think EG24 should wipe out ALL the comments and have us start all over. Earlier comments don't match the revised map...very confusing.

I can´t find an anagram for the 7 letters

I am with you all - what is with the picture in H? Red herring?

And why we cannot take the full disk ?

I even tried using the lighter on the original note provided thinking maybe there was hidden ink.. but nope

I fixed the amulet, I made a change at the last minute not knowing it would do this. You should be able to refresh and have it saved. Sorry folks!

Graham there is a disk part on the frame.

The Shazz. You can use the lighter in D on a candle in the window.

Selfdefiant could you please provide us with a clue?

And nothing happened when I placed the 4 triangle pieces...weird.

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 8:43 AM  

Ok, read your posts Zazie but they were not helpful for keys. It seems that I can't get into rooms f t n ac, to ger gold, silver purple and blue keys with out doing something first . I need pipe wrench which I can't get as I am locked out of that room. Going around in circles, going to wait for more comments and hope some kind soul posts a walk through .

Ok thx Selfdefiant, refreshing now.

If you click on the completed round amulet it tells you to place something on it. Probably the gem necklace once all the jewels are set in????

Zazie - I must of forgot I got that there earlier.

Graham - the picture in H has part of the disc lower right corner...

Ok, I'm going to refresh...

This map is driving me a little crazy. There are rooms I know I've been in but I can't remember how to get to them!

adivawoman i never used the pipewrench until now...

Haha only for the crystal ball....

Zoe, thanks, I did that a long time ago. I'm just searching for anything we might've missed to help make some progress.

Ok disk gives you a travel cristal

Put crystal on star.

I refreshed and lost my game!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Seen it was corrected and have refreshed. Thanks SD.

Pink gem in B and use also pipewrench there.

Oh no Graham!!! It should auto-save. Did you hit new instead of play??

Ow wait! Crystal ball goes on star find purple gem!

No - I hit play - uggh!

Oh, great, the save worked, can go to B now too!

Place gems, get bracelet, put in water in a and your'e out

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 8:49 AM  

Had to leave game for a few, watching a mama bear and 3 clubs playing in my back yard. About 10 feet away from where I am sitting on my porch. Thank goodness its glassed in. the baby bears are all wrestling with each other. So sweet.

so wait... what happened to the number box in L????

Doh! All my notes on the map have gone...

FUCK! I tried a full possibilities and nothing happened..... i dont know i try for the number in "L" room. PLZ, somebody, help-us!

Marc Habers: did you solve the 7 letter box? How?

Out -but never opened the number box either.

Number box was left untouched....

I am out !!

Marc... what was the order of the crystals?? I saw the colors on the spiral roof but for some reason my brain is having a glitch trying to sort out the clue

Me too, i never opened number box.

I can't get the clock puzzle to work. Is it the pills from the book, or the dots from the ceiling view in (possibly) AE?

Tabby, count the number of pills of each color from the book

I don't understand the coloured dials in R. Is it something to do with the picture of the pills in the book? I don't get it.

Can someone tell me the combination for the book - i just dont get the clue/hint...

Ha - should have refreshed...

The pills !! Don´t forget to pull the little lever right of dials, i did not see it the first time i tried.

Book clue :

Argh! I miscounted the pills! *Sigh*

The colours of the pills aren't the same as the colours on the dials.
I still don't get it.

Ask nicely Evandro...

Still don't have the green gem, got the blue gem from the clock, so maybe I have to look where you did find the blue one??

Smarties - I had the same problem - the stripey ones count as purple, and the red and white are just red.

::: resorting to whining ::: gem order pleeeeeeeez??

now have jade bracelet but what to do with it? and still can't solve #code

Oh no! I was playing behind everyone, read that there was a problem with the amulet and should be able to refresh. I refreshed but no saved game!!! :(

Starting again

@smarties - green 5, red 4, orange 8, purple 10, blue 5. Set them like the numbers on a clock and flip switch on the right.

Gem order in AE

Get green gem from pressing the dots in the book in order - see Zazie at 8:57 for the clue.

Okay I got out as well...
Where does that book clue come from?

Follow the gems on the ceiling from left to right for placement on the necklace.

I'm missing red gem still :(

Use the jade bracelet in where "the room feels odd" (hint - the newest area you went to)

Hm, gotta go, without getting out. :-(

Maybe I'll try later when someone wrote a wt, or at least where the gems can be found.

escapism... I'm pretty sure I got the green gem from the book in the room with the typewriter. If you turn the pages to the very end there are four "buttons" to press. I think Zazie just gave the spoiler above, but the clue is on the dresser just one room over.

Evans - bracelet goes in the black heart in the rafters of the strange swimming pool - see the note in your inventory.

Two room further to the right there were arrows on the table.

Thanks, must have mis-clicked before because it finally worked with the same numbers,

@lemon - the book clue was shown as arrows on the fireplace in U.

so did not need letters HIDIEBI or # box to get out.
Thanks for fixing map SD and thanks for another great game! We have missed these a LOT!

Can anyone give me a hint for the dials in R? I read the hint in the book, but I'm not getting it...thanks!

Yep cool game ! Thx a lot SD !!

GOT it! I suddenly remembered someone said it could be found with the torch :)

Zoe look at gmm s post at 9:01

TheShazz: thanks, but that doesn't work for me, definitely got the blue gem from the clock and missing the green one, maybe a bug because I did get it so early (see my comment from 8:17) and switched between the old and new version, who knows...

And out. So much fun, even with the bugs :)

FuchsiaTabby, that was me... :-)

... at 8:12... ;-)

All the jewel locations are listed throughout the comments, except for the purple, but here's a list:
blue - R
orange - D
purple - B
red - M
yellow - G
green - S

Well i have to make supper, good luck for the people who are still trapped.

Oh thanks Zazie - I missed that one. I'm going back and forth between the old map and the new one and all the back comments to figure out where is what in the new game.

@Zazie omg insane facepalm - i just restarted the game just to see that... cant believe i missed it -_-

AND I had the dials all correct, but just didn't know to flip the switch - silly!!!

gmm says above that the purple gem is in B, but I can't get to B. I re-started 4 times - even after selfdefiant said he fixed things twice, and I still can't get to room B.

@Zoe - do you have the crystal ball? You have to place it on the star before you can get to A and B.

where is the crystal to get into room B?? had a good look around and looked at all the comments but no joy!!

gmm - no. I thought you had to have all the gems to get the crystal?

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 9:26 AM  

I can't find a place where to use the hammer or the screwdriver.

Excuse me jumping in with that question -- but is that new that SelfDefiant has an admin account on EG24?

I could have sworn that in the earlier days, his games were usually submitted by jon or by Escaper (Yalçin).

       Anonymous  8/6/13, 9:28 AM  

POP for the screwdriver : it's used in G, for a yellow jewel. I found the red and green keys, but where are the other ones ?

is it something to do with the jade dish? not sure what has to go on top!

You get the crystal ball after placing the 4 green tiles onto the disk in N. It wasn't working earlier, but it's been fixed. You might have to refresh your game if you placed the tiles before the fix.

Nah. I believe all of you. I just don't want to re-start a fourth time. I can't "refresh" my game, I have to start over every time. I play in Chrome, that may be why.

Maybe I'll play it later when I'm not so frustrated.

aah! thought it only needed refreshing for the map...refreshing now

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