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Hoshi Saga 9 - Minnano Walkthrough

Hoshi Saga 9 - Minnano

Hoshi Saga 9 - Minnano is the ninth part of Hoshi Saga Japanese point and click puzzle game created by Yoshio Ishii from NekoGames. "Hoshi Saga" means "Search a Star" in Japanese. Point and click every places in every stage to find stars. Good luck and have fun!

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already stuck on level 2

ok level 2 on the 5 sided one and SPIN

level 3 was pure luck

I just realized that the shapes change as well as move...lol...make them all pentangles

totally stuck on next level, hmmm

ah nokra - please give me some of your brains

yes, Fudge...trial and error for 3... these are nice and relaxing so far! :)

any ideas for level 4? nothing coming so far

#4 is very odd...can't do anything but drag the line...

all i've found out is you can shoot the boy

did level 4 - no idea how, sorry
pulled line from left figure towards house, but no idea why or when as I was clicking and dragging so much

That helps....TY lol

next one simple - just drag down on "person" until tug of war complete

please help! i'm stuck on 4

Hello guys :) Mind if I join u?


but...I can't make them move... lol

can't get crabs in correct position and MUST go to bed as early start - good luck to everybody and will start again tomorrow with all your lovely hints and solutions.

gosh - suddenly found star - really cannot explain as pure coincidence

Here got lvl 6:

help with #4 please?

next level make "ghost" rise (using left arrow buttons) until see star

nokra click the left girl's ponytail

Nokra, i tried a million times qhat Fudge said until it finally worked. i don't know why

wow .. lvl 9 is pure luck

omg... TY @nini!!!!!!

stuck on planets now. any ideas?

for planets click around 1o'clock to bypass planets and find star - its all a bit random

oooohh 5 was fun!

no idea what to do with green squares

mommy u need to make the satellite travel through the planets and reach the star.. there's gravity tho

ty Fudge!

lvl 10

green stars - keep clicking randomly until find star. This is beginnig to annoy me as i cannot find a logical method!

Nini - you are obviously ahead but I cannot access your link

Really Fudge?? Working fine here

apologies Nini - now it works and found star ty

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 3:47 PM  

Kissing level very annoying. And she should stop laughing at his jokes, she is just encourging him.

GAH!!! Lvl 11 is killing me

how much are they sypposed to kiss each other?

Oh my.. gotta go.. good luck guys

i quit too. see you!!

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 4:25 PM  

So if you're like me and skipped the kiising level, the next challeging level is level 14.

You have to get all of the upgrades to complete this level.

So, I don't know how to hide this, but shoot column 2, then 4, then 2, then 5, then clear both blocks, than you can complete the star.

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 4:26 PM  

And if someone could spoil the kissing level I would appreciate it.

Kissing: Just make it until 5:00 without being caught

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 4:36 PM  

Thanks Marliyn, I was wondering of it was a time thing.

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 4:39 PM  

Sorry, Marilyn.

I don't know what level I'm on, but it's kind of like a sound generated image. I can make thing move around, but no idea how to make or find a star.

o.O I'm back.. strangely enough I passed lvl 12 without doing anything!

POP. I found it. Just had to find exactly the right spot and hold it down for a bit.

stuck on stage 2--I spin, but nothing happens?

stage 2 - they all have to be 5 sided - then spin

I'm not fast enough for the shooting things

Lsquared - spin a lot

marilyn- i'm not fast enough either. maybe there's a trick.

marilyn... u need to break some specific columns and find some colored triangles to upgrade ur ship :)

1st column is the second in the 1st set of squares

Thanks everyone! The thing I wasn't getting was that it was possible to click without spinning to change the shapes.

Thank's Nini - it's arthritis - I'm just no longer fast

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/31/13, 4:59 PM  

:( I thought I gave a hint for level 14.

Aargh. I got 2 upgrades and I'm still not fast enough. I know there are more, but I keep guessing the wrong column and then I forget which ones to try when I redo it.

What to do in level 13? I could only hang the round thing from the cord but I don't understand what they want me to do.

Lvl 18 is impossible

Can't pass the shooting level. I got upgrades in this order: column 2, 4, 2, 5. When they come down in the big blocks, i can't get them all, so I don't know if there's yet another upgrade. I'm not fast enough to shoot the yellow ones, but I get SOOOO close to make a whole star!

Prufrock.. U need to shoot doen the left big block

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 5:08 PM  

Nina, I skipped 18 bc I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing besides dying. At most I got 30% death in the big thing. I was hoping there was a trick that someone would post because a frontal assault seemed destind to fail.

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 5:09 PM  

Verito, hang the seed and the hampster will come.

I'll go back to lvl 18 later octavious99.. I'm on the flower level atm

Nini--you have to destroy BOTH. I did it once and then I STILL didn't finish the star because I am terrible at these types of things. And my hand is cramping, so I give up on this level. :( I hate giving up.

Help for level 5? I have lots of people (and animals) tugging), but then what?

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 5:16 PM  

Nina, so you made it past the treasure chest ghost level? Lv 24? I don't know what I am supposed to do.

yep octavious99... just dig and guess the right chest.. trial and error :(

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 5:18 PM  

On level 5, ( I just replayed it) you get the people and animals and then click ( I clicked on the buildings) until you get the star.

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 5:20 PM  

Thanks Nina, I got it now, I was assuming some kind of pattern.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Don't know what to do on 27

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 5:36 PM  

Nina, that is where I am . Dud in the sky, don't know what he is saying but I don't think it is good.

Volume when clicking is low on the left side, high on the right. Maybe younger ears than mine can find the sweet spot.

found the star in the top middle of the sky.. It was by accident tho

only 3 more levels to solve: 18, 31 and 36 (still locked)

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 6:03 PM  

You seem to get awfully lucky in these games. Im must not have been born under the same star. Skipping, as I have tried 50 times without luck.

I found the logic to Level 9:
-click the green squares until there are only 4
-click them until you find the ? and notice how you can "chase" it by clicking on the square it hides under
-"chase" the ? until it's in the bottom right corner, then don't click on that bottom right corner square
-click the other green squares until the ? has nowhere to go and is isolated (it can only hide under a green square that is adjacent)
-click the green square the ? is under (bottom right) Star!!

Hope that helps!

fortunately the game saves!

Level 4


What am I supposed to do on level 21? I lose before i have even figured out what's happening.

POP! I didn't realize that I was putting the arrow in position just by hovering over the girl.

Level 21

You have to follow the stressed out angel and remove it.

Some of the levels appear to need the Unity player installed.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I gave up on 27 and 31. You appear to be able to skip a few levels by using up 5 of your earned stars.

27's logic escaped me, and 31 was just too much work. :p

Can ring the bell on (30) but that's all.

I can make a star on l 25, but I don't get credit. What's the trick?

I beat level 18 by clicking to get as many people out to help before the blue guys got to them. You then get them in a big crowd and hit the ones in your direct path till the large one gets to you and you do the same thing to him. The thing that helps you survive is the number of people beating on him I think. I hope this helps! :)

Prufrock, you have to pull the petals as far as possible.

Thanks, Dave.

Haven't finished 14. I'm too slow.

Haven't finished 23. I keep missing.

Haven't finished 27. I have no idea what to do.

Working on 31. It's tedious. People who are spatially inclined will do better than me.

I want to like this game as much as I loved previous Hoshi Sagas, but there are too many levels that require speed/timing/reactions :/

Unknown, thanks for the tip on 18! I haven't played tower defense games but your hint to get a big crowd in a line by clicking totally worked. When the boss gets there hopefully he'll blow up some of his minions by accident, then you just keep clicking on him to have your people focus there.

       Anonymous  8/31/13, 11:10 PM  

Have to agree with you Andrea too much speed/timing/reaction stuff. And I might also add just plain random guessing ones too. Def not one of his best games.

Glad it helped Andrea. It is nice to be able to help out because I have had so much help from this site when I am stuck on a game. :)

#27 - If you click on the very top of the screen, it will angle upwards until you get a view of the horizon. Click at a part of the sky to attempt to uncover the star. The directions where the starfish glance should help you narrow down where you'll need to click.

I don't wanna go through the comments because they spoiler away the whole game - but what's this thing with the two girls at the beginning of each level? I cannot seem to find any logic about it, just click wildly around the screen until they decide to let me play the damn game.

No fun at all. The puzzles themselves - the ones I've played so far - are not really interesting and exciting either. Hoshi Saga seems to have peaked :(

OK, so I don't have to click, only wait for the girls to let me in the game...

And the point of it being...?


This game requires great patience for loading each level. I'm on lvl 9 and about to turn off, cause I don't have ages of time waiting...

level 4 seems to be click on the white part of the left persons hair and drag it to the house

Bought some stages and still let some...

Stage 28

I can't get anything past level 5 to load. Anyone else having this problem?

This comment has been removed by the author.

bio, you may not recall that in earlier hoshi sagas, each level loads and it can take a while. The girls are kind of cute but IMO it would be cuter to have a progress bar. ;)

I'm back to try to finish. I had to buy my way out of a couple of the levels. Now I'm stuck on 30 because I have no idea what I'm supposed to do and I can't read the hint. It's the level with a photo of a temple (?) with 3 bells hanging in the doorway. I can ring a bell which makes it a little darker, but I can only ring the bell once. And I can move the picture to see the sidewalk, but that's it. Anyone figured it out?

For those of you wondering why this seems to be different from his previous styles: it appears that he was only implementing other people's ideas. The official name for this installment is "minna no hoshi saga", and "minna no" means "everyone's". Each level is accompanied by a name, which I assume is the person behind the idea.

Anyway, I am stuck on level 25 :( I can make the petals disappear... that's about it :(
level 5 I can't figure out how to make the family pull. I tried clicking, dragging, clicking and dragging.. but they just won't move.
Level 27, do I have to restart everytime I miss the star? =/

Unknown's advice for level 18 was excellent by the way :)


25: Pull the petals the other direction (in not out) as far as they will go.

5: I'm not sure why it's not working. Make the whole family all the way to mouse appear then click and swipe right repeatedly until star appears.

27: I'm not sure if you have to restart. Use where the starfish are looking to narrow down the position of the star in the sky. Once I did that I found the star right away.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Level 30 has something to do with praying at the shrine. You have to ring the bell and I thought you just had to clap twice (by clicking) and then bow your head (by looking at the sidewalk) but I'm having a hard time getting the star a second time to confirm that's how I got it.

I'm trying to figure out 30. I've counted at least 44 hotspots that result in a clapping sound, mostly along edges, corners, and the center line. I have no idea if they should be clicked before or after ringing the bell or ?

A little google helped: This is standard procedure at a japanese shrine:
bow twice, clap your hands twice, and then bow once

Thanks, Andrea! That one was driving me crazy! I finally did almost every level. I skipped 14 because I'm just not quick enough even though I managed to get all the upgrades. I just didn't want to go through it all over again. I also skipped 31 because I am just terrible at doing that kind of spatial reasoning thing in my head. Otherwise I finally finished. Wouldn't have been able to do it without help from here though. Thanks for the tips!!

Uh oh. Just discovered the 3 extra levels. Did #37. Don't know what to do with #38 yet and am trying to roll the guys to make a star on #39, but so far I have no succeeded.

POP! Made the star on 39, back to 38...

Oh 38 was not hard. I just didn't have enough people pasted.

Heckalotta bad ends on 36...

Any help for 31? I just can't seem to find one with all its pieces. Nudge in the right direction?

level 3-tried to translate in google and only got something about "large strawberry". Actually is spoilerbananaoragegrapespoiler.

level 11-kiss spoilerdon'tkisswaittilldarkandstarscomeoutspoiler

thx, I finally realized it's simply the loading screen. It took so long to load it never occured to me...


Shoot are there ANY good ends for level 36? This is getting annoying to go down all the paths....

Any help for 31? Been trying to rule out pieces for hours. I am 34 out of 35 levels through, just have this one left to unlock lvl 36.

In the end I bought lvl 31 and 18 :(
Lvl 36 is soooo sad :((((

(Btw there are 3 extra lvls )

LOL Andrea.. I found the star in 1 try :O
Order: 2nd, 2nd,2nd, 1st, 1st..

I swear, I went through about 10 bad ends

Argh, 31! Darn you: http://i.imgur.com/O0PBsOS.jpg

Video walkthrough for levels 21-39 but it skips 31.


This comment has been removed by the author.

how to open another game with the two little girls on the right, it doesnt say ok, trying to open #4, but cant get into the scene , Where do I click, so they would say ok please

Would dearly like to finish playing this game but unfortunately the individual games don't load, or take so long that I have to get back to work.

sherry12: nekogames.jp is down right now. It's been down around this time every day. Try again between 16:00-17:00 GMT.

Thanks, will give it a go

lvl 31-six pieces are connected and fold together to make 3D box. pattern is given in game hint.

Way too much time for each level to load for me. Maybe it's my browser, but it's at least 3-4 MINUTES between them...I'm done after level 7.

       Anonymous  9/3/13, 2:11 PM  

Stuck on 25 and 34. I can barely pull the petals on 25 in any direction, and 34 I just don't know WHAT to do with...


       Anonymous  9/3/13, 2:16 PM  

Okay, never mind on 34, got that one....and wow my mouse finger hurts now.

       Anonymous  9/3/13, 2:21 PM  

P.O.P. goes the weasel! Got 25!

Should've guessed I'd have to click those stupid little white things...

Level #34 alone warrants a 1-star rating for this game. Insanely illogical and hard - and it's a 2-star difficulty level...



Om my lord... just seen the "solution" of #31...

Has ANYONE solved it by themselves???

What was the developer thinking?


Oh hey, there's a #40 too. Click the little "reprimand" button above the "ending" star after completing up to #39.

For #34, the trick is to never let any two lines of enemies overlap. This means spreading your forces out to keep each individual enemy line at bay until you start securing more bases. Once any two enemy lines converge, you'd might as well restart.

Hey i need help on 27!!!!!!!!! CAN ANYONE HELP!!!!

OMG 7 plz heeelp sirs

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