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Deeper Sleep

The Deeper Sleep is the sequel to Deep Sleep, a point and click type room escape game developed by Scriptwelder. Nightmare returns... and this time it goes even deeper! Will you be able to find a way out of this nightmare... again? Or, maybe on the contrary - you will go even deeper? Good luck and have fun!

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I enjoyed the first part and this one's good too. Don't need fancy graphics to make a great and atmospheric game.

stuck with 2 notes and some batteries. can't reach key or find flashlight

Flashlight is somewhere downstairs. I thought in the cell (behind the bars).

ok, found note 1, room explodes, go back to left pick up book, go right place book in empty slot, new room. Get candles and note. 2

In the dark room (where you use flashlight) is a pointer (for the yellow key, falls down, just go downstairs to get it) and on the blackboard the code for the elevator.

Yellow key is actually a gold key and opens the door in the room with the clown poster.

Outside another piece of paper and when you keep walking right and later up you get to a well and there a key as well (really yellow now I think).

Yellow key opens door in the hall (where the up and downstairs are and the to the right the rooms with the clown and where the gold key was on a pipe).

Pipewrench you find in that new room is used on the valve on the pipe.

Am I playing/commenting on my own?

Inside the elevator (downstairs) two pieces of paper, a needle and another valve you can use the pipe wrench on.

Oh and also a toy tiger there, next to the umbrella.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 12:51 PM  

I'm here s-t, just can't find the darn flashlight!

S-t, I am exactly where you are. I can't figure out how to keep the door open where the rotten bags & flour are...

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 12:54 PM  

I can't find torch, second piece of paper or candles...

For the flashlight go down two times and then right all the way. It's there on the floor in front of the elevator.
Sorry about my first post. It was a piece of paper in the cell behind the bars.

I think there are no candles. I think @mrtelcom meant batteries (they look a bit like candles).

I think the creators want you to believe that the darkness is atmospheric but I think it is used to simply hide the horrible graphics....

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:01 PM  

I can't see any elevator doors apart from the ones near the beginning, and there's nothing in front of them. Just a button next to, which doesn't work...

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:03 PM  

Got batteries. Nothing in front of the elevator on my game though...

From the elevator near the beginning, go right, go down (stairs at bottom of screen), go further down (stairs top left on the screen) and then 3x right to see the other elevator and the flashlight.

Haven't found the place where the rotten bags & flour are. Where is it?

I have the needle with the thread and Teddy
Teddy can be put on the beds
two valves open

Nvm found that place, it's outside. There are more paths to go outside.

Where's the thread Sisli?
I have a bag from that place outside and I think I need needle and thread to fix and then use some soil in it to keep that door outside open.

outside on a scarecrow, looking good, there are several ways

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:16 PM  

s-t, where did you find the yellow key by the fountain?

have everything open and 3 valves turned but can't get all buttons on fountain to light up.

Ah thanks Sisli, found that scarcrow (one of the first paths up outside).
Combine thread and needle and then combine it with the bag to repair it.

Now was I found the bag outside, sewed, is filled with 1/3 of salt

Tim, that key was not at the fountain, but at the well, I think that was second path up outside.

Where is the salt Sisli? Also outside?
I filled the bag 2/3, with stones and with soil.

Ah nvm. The last 1/3 part I had to fill the bag with was the flour from the place where you use the bag to open the door.

where the bag, down

Behind that door you open with the filled bag you can turn the third valve and also two pieces of paper there.

anyone figure out the fountain yet?
and can put teddy on all the beds but which one should I leave him on?

and there is the third wheel

Have all buttons on the fountain on now and the water is running. Now what?

I had 14 pcs of notes, turned on fountain, went back to elevator and went to 2nd floor, found something, then a monster came and killed me.

Click continue to start from where you died.

       Anonymous  9/13/13, 1:29 PM  

s-t, where is the soil?

Yep, just noticed that @mrtelcom, when the fountain is working the first elevator is working too.

ok, went back to two picked up screwdriver, and backed up and a race to unscrew wall panel and escape. Now off to -1 with the SD.

On one of the paths outside. I think it was one of the paths going up and then the first step up or so. The ground is more light brown there.

got rope, went down well, and OUT!

Never found last piece of note.

Out finally!. Whew, the fountain is hard to get and can't tell you how, just keep trying. after that you have to upstairs and use actual elevator to get screwdriver from floor 2. I died a couple of times but finally got the panel at elevator off and escaped to basement. go left and undo panel to get rope. after that you have to find the well again add rope and climb down.

fantastic game. Ditto the comments about not needing great graphics to have a great game.

Lol, you have to be really quick to get and use the screwdriver :)

I was laughing when I dropped it, too funny.

Lol, I wasn't laughing when it dropped, I cursed :P
But out too now. only 13 of the 15 notes.
Btw. did you guys notice the clown on the poster slowly changed when you did things? And it the end it was completely gone.

Btw. I left the toy tiger on one of the beds. Guess it doesn't matter if you do so or take it with you.

2 Stars? I loved this! I liked the first one, too, though.

Haha, that author must be a retrogaming freak! :)

Intro graphics already look like Commodore Amiga back in 1986...

Must be purpose...

2/3 valves opened, torn bag, needle, pointer, flashlight, stuffed tiger. I've been wandering looking for the thread for a while... help?

In first part there was a writing on the wall that mentioned Cody and plushie tiger. Apparently woke up Cody from coma in this game. Nice.

Oh, found it

Hehe Out with no help.. but god! what a scary game lol! I could swear something would jump out of the screen at any moment and scare me!

Lol, congrats Nini, but if scared something would jump out of the screen then please do never watch Poltergeist or that Japanese movie The Ring.

where can I find the thread?

No, you don't need great graphics to have a great game. You do need *adequate* graphics though. ENough to be able to recognize an SD, for example.

At fountain: click to middle buttons on top row, then two centre buttons on bottom row - I spent aaaages stuck there!

where is the pipe wrench?

Kinda dark, but that added to the creep factor! Interesting game with the old-fashioned graphics, but I agree, that didn't matter. The audio was not old-fashioned, though, and I liked that part!!

5 stars to be sure!

Good game! The graphics kind of reminded me of the original Duke Nukem on my 486 SX computer with its massive 4 megabyte hard drive!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Great game, the graphics were what made it darker and creepier, I wouldn't prefer them in a different way. Besides we have a lot of training with this kind of graphics, don't we?

FOR THE FOUNAIN: try pushing only the 4 buttons in the middle, I believe that works.

@MRB, all 4mB in a hard drive? Awesome!

Verito, I have no way I could think of (at the time) to ever fill that much memory. I had just come off my commodore 64 at the time. The sound was a hell of alot better on this game however! Can't wait for the next one. See you all there.

You can turn the brightness right up on the settings (top right of screen) - makes life a whole lot easier...

Have needle but can't find thread - someone said from scarecrow - but where is scarecrow ?? can anyone help please

Found thread now - there were a couple of paths outside which I hadn't noticed before

excellent game....and thanks small-tool and all for the great hints

The graphics is killing me. The "retro-feeling" doesn't make up for half the sceenery and objects being simply unrecognizable IMHO. also, I have 14 of the 15 paper parts - and there's no way on earth I'm gonna kill my eye finding the 15th next-to-impossible-to-see-small-blob... Though there may be something fishy - someone mentioned there would be 2 pf these paper slips in the "mill" back room, where the third valve is. I found only 1 there, and for the life of me I can't see a second one there...

The game itself would be very OK, but I don't like the paper-collecting part and also the graphics :(


@bio, I escaped with only 13 pieces of paper. They're like a bonus, you can ignore them and play the rest of the story. If you have 14, that's a lot, you've found more papers yourself than most of us. c:

This game is just too dark for my screen. I can't see any paths outside and I am just fumbling in the dark. It seriously reduces the level of enjoyment for me because I feel blind.

I'm quitting for now because I can't find the soil! I'll try again after work, but hopefully someone new will play and leave another hint on where to find it!

I'm back at it and finally found the soil. It's on the way to the well if that helps anyone else.

in case anyone else plays this one, the Traveler you talk to in the basement grate will give you a piece of paper when you ask for help. Can't remember exactly what questions get you to that point, but it wasn't the first time I asked (too creeped out to try again, hehe)

@Colin, change the settings! :D You can go to the menu (I don't remember now where on the screen was the icon) and increase the brightness! ;)

the last note is in the room with the wrench

If you played the first one there was a room with writing on the wall that said "Cody is lost without his stuffed tiger".. that's all I'm saying.

If you finish the game with the tiger on the correct bed you get a special Newspaper Posting :)

one is hiding in a tree trunk
and another one you have to talk to the guy in sewer

weres the neddel

Please !!
Someone can tell me how to ON the fountain ? PLEASE !

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