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Fay House Escape Walkthrough

Fay House Escape

EnaGames - Fay House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Assume You are inside this Fay House. It's a great challenge for you, search for the available clues and objects and try to escape from there. Lets see how good are you in this escape game. Good luck and have fun!

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Hey! I've never been first, so I'm saying it: FIRST! lol

Hmmm bit of progress...

Have lots of things LOL no idea where to use though

Pixel hunt like crazy! Used a key so far..

Yeah I got 2 keys and used odd wooden thing on a mirror

OK mirror gave code LOL which gave me weird black thing

Where is the wooden thing you used on the mirror?

In upper big house...

That's the key I'm missing. Do you remember where you found the key for that house? Thanks!

I collected a few things: a red flask, brush, clock(?), 7 stars, 2 flowers, and-how do you call it-a palette(?)

Cant remember I think in small house...

POP, spray the roses in the small house.

That was it LOL

WHere to use the damn hammer LOL

stuck with you Leroy. Have 4 leaves placed on a rock, 4 black ovals, 3 white flowers, 2 yellow flowers, 1 pink flower. 9 stars, hammer, palette and brush

Doing better than me LOL

use hammer on floor to the rightof the table in the upper house. Get a box that you put the ovals in and then get a magic wand that makes numbers on the leaves and lights candles in the middle house that gives more numbers

This is painful.. Need one more leaf, no idea where to use the paint brush. Ugh!

Another box next to the table in the bottom house, use the numbers from the leaves to get more flowers which I still have no idea where to use!

Another box next to the table in the bottom house, use the numbers from the leaves to get more flowers which I still have no idea where to use!

Pumpkin hanging from inside top house, can do nothing with it.

Box in front of the middle house. Use the candle numbers to open it. Get a seemingly useless fairy statue

box next to table in middle house for stars. You need 10 stars, so I'm 1 short.

Got a rose as well now...

Box in floor of middle house, you put the stars in there. We need 10 in all.

Use the palate on the first leaf basin in the upper house then use palate on pumpkin

Cheryl beat me to it. :)

I have no leaves. Where are they?

tried the palette there so many times. Finally worked. Where to put wreath?

And out! Fairy statue goes next to the exit door, wreath goes on head, and flowers go on wreath

Leaves are in the green aloe looking plants. Pixel hunt each plant, some will zoom in and you click to move a branch and find a leaf. I've still only got 3. Can't find the 4th.. This just sucks now. :(

have two sets of numbers where do i use them

I only have 9 stars. Can anyone help with the last star?

tim where did you find wreath?

Snowwolf use your hammer. There are spots on the floor in each house.

Nvm, found the last star. Put red flower in water basin in bottom house and get 3 color clue.

had 2 leaves and when I dragged them to screen they disappeared. can't find anymore anywhere.

have no hint for 4# box and now only have 3 leaves and can't find fourth

finally found the fourth green leaf and the extra flowers all in the foreground of the bottom house scene, before you go close up on the door. VERY PIXELLY! Out at last

The leaves are: 1 on the plant above the house that needs no key, 2 in the same view left side (near flower), 3 in the same view bau near flower from below, 4 on plant above house in the middle

where is the key for the big house?? I can't find it...please help !!!

I have a headache from clicking every pixel, not fun at all. Accidentally clicked out of game and not going back.

Out at last..last flower for fairy was hard!!!

please help with the 3 digit code

got it

Cant find 4 leaves, what is the 4 digit code for the box?

You can click through to a video walkthrough from the game now, but you can't pause it while you collect the things you missed. I gave up.

horrible game

This is one of the worst games I have ever played. I carried on to the end just to see if there would be any point to it. There wasn’t … and I couldn’t have completed without all the helpful comments. As others have indicated, just pixel hunting, totally random clicking and no logic whatsoever!
Valuable minutes out of my life completely wasted.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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